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(info) This page provides configuration notes for Microsoft Active Directory, in relation to 2.2.2 Configuring an LDAP Directory Connector.

Screenshot: 'Connector — Microsoft Active Directory'




The directory connector to use when communicating with the directory server.


The connection URL to use when connecting to the directory server, e.g.: ldap://localhost:389, or port 639 for SSL.

Secure SSL

Specifies if the connection to the directory server is a SSL connection.

Use Node Referrals

Use the JNDI lookup java.naming.referral option. Generally needed for Active Directory servers configured without proper DNS, to prevent a 'javax.naming.PartialResultException: Unprocessed Continuation Reference(s)' error.

Use Paged Results

Use the LDAP control extension for simple paged results option. Retrieves chunks of data rather than all of the results at once. This feature may be necessary when using Microsoft Active Directory if more than 999 results are returned for any given search.

Base DN

Enter the root distinguished name to use when running queries versus the directory server, e.g.: o=acmecorp,c=com.

User DN

The username that Crowd will use when connecting to the directory server.


The password that Crowd will use when connecting to the directory server.

Configuration notes for Microsoft Active Directory

Active Directory Attribute Example


Base DN


User DN

For Microsoft Active Directory, specify the Base DN in the following format: dc=domain1,dc=local. You will need to replace the domain1 and local for your specific configuration. Microsoft Server provides a tool called ldp.exe which is useful for finding out and configuring the the LDAP structure of your server.

The URL for Microsoft Active Directory should be in the following format: ldap://domainname.

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