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Patch Policy

Atlassian will only provide software patches in extremely unusual circumstances. If a problem has been fixed in a newer release of the product, Atlassian will request that you upgrade your instance to fix the issue.  If it is deemed necessary to provide a patch, a patch will be provided for the current release and the last maintenance release of the last major version only.

Patches are issued under the following conditions:

  • The bug is critical (production application down or major malfunction causing business revenue loss or high numbers of staff unable to perform their normal functions) AND a patch is technically feasible (i.e., it doesn't require a major architectural change)
  • The issue is a security issue, and falls under our Security Patch Policy.

Atlassian does not provide patches for non-critical bugs. 

Provided that a patch does not impact the quality or integrity of a product, Atlassian will ensure that patches supplied to customers are added to the next maintenance release. Customers should watch a filed bug in order to receive e-mail notification when a "Fix Version" is scheduled for release.

Patches are generally attached to the relevant issue.

Further reading

See Atlassian Support Offerings for more support-related information.

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