This documentation relates to Crucible 2.2.x
If you are using an earlier version, please view the previous versions of the Crucible documentation and select the relevant version.

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This page contains an overview of the Crucible interface and the actions that can be carried out in the application.

On this page:

Tour of the Crucible Interface

When you first log in to Crucible, the Dashboard Screen opens, as shown in the screenshot below. This view shows recent general activity in Crucible.

Screenshot: The Dashboard Screen in Crucible

The table below explain the top-level tabs in the Crucible User Interface. Click on the name of a tab for more information.

Element name



Dashboard Tab

Displays reviews and system activity related to you.

All screens.

Source Tab

Displays contents of connected source repositories.

Only when FishEye is used with Crucible.

Projects Tab

Displays reviews and content from specific projects.

All screens.

People Tab

Displays metrics on the users of the Crucible instance.

All screens.

Reviews Tab

Allows you to search and report on reviews.

All screens.

Left Navigation Sidebar

The navigation bar at the left of the screen applies specific filters to what is shown in the centre pane. See the page on Browsing Your Reviews for more information.

(info) The left navigation sidebar can be hidden or displayed by clicking the blue 'information' icon at the top left of the sidebar.

Browsing Your Reviews
Browsing Source Files
Browsing Projects
Viewing People's Statistics
Viewing Reports
Searching in Crucible
Using RSS Feeds in Crucible
Changing your User Profile

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