Documentation for Crucible 3.0.x. Documentation for other versions is available too.

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To browse the content in a project, click the Projects tab at the top of the page. The 'Projects' view opens (see 'The Crucible Projects Index' screenshot below).

A list of projects will be shown if there is more than one. Click the name of the desired project to open it. The 'Project Activity' page opens (see 'The Crucible Project View' screenshot below). In the left navigation bar, charts showing overall project statistics are displayed.

There are a number of sub-tabs on this page, listed in the table below.

Sub-Tab Name



  • All Activity — The default view.
  • Commits — Shows commits in the project (visible when using FishEye).
  • Reviews — Shows reviews in the project.
  • Issues — Shows JIRA issues related to this project. (info) Only visible if you have set up JIRA integration in Crucible.
  • Show Revisions — Shows or hides revisions in the project (visible when using FishEye).
  • Earlier Activity (Left Arrow icon) — Loads a page of earlier project activity.
  • Later Activity (Right Arrow icon) — Loads a page of later project activity.


Shows recent reviews in the project.

(info) The Projects tab is only visible in Crucible. Read more about the definition of a project.

Screenshot: The Crucible Projects Index

Screenshot: The Crucible Project View

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