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Documentation for Crucible 3.0.x. Documentation for other versions is available too.

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To customise the welcome message which is shown when Crucible opens, access the administration page and click 'Customize Front Page' under 'Global Settings' on the left navigation bar.

The 'Customize Front Page Messages' page opens.

On this page, you can provide your own custom text for the Cruciblee welcome message that is displayed to users when they first log in. You can also provide custom Support text, providing the contact details of your own support organisation, which also appears on the opening page.

You can enter text into the boxes provided for either message and click the small 'Save Welcome Message' or 'Save Support Message' button to save it, or enter text for both messages and click 'Save All'. The changes are made immediately.

Screenshot: Crucible Customize Welcome and Support Messages

Using HTML

The content in the welcome screen can be arranged using basic HTML tables, image references or anchor tags such as the following:

<a href="">Link to Atlassian Home Page</a>

Restoring the default messages

To revert to the default Welcome or Support messages, simply delete all text shown in the text box and click the corresponding 'Save' button.

Manually editing the opening screen

You can also directly edit the XML file that contains the welcome and support messages. This file is called config.xml, located in your installation folder.

To do this, simply add the following XML tags to config.xml:

  <front-page-message>Example welcome message here</front-page-message>
  <support-message>Example support message here</support-message>
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