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  • Storing all revisions under review

Documentation for Crucible 3.0.x. Documentation for other versions is available too.

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When creating a project or editing a project's properties, you can set Crucible to save all files (and revisions of those) associated with a review to Crucible's database. This allows you to be able to view that file content whether or not the repository is online or accessible to Crucible. It also creates an enhanced audit trail should you require it, saving the review content regardless of whether or not it is deleted or lost from the repository.

(info) Note that the storage of files must be set per-project. Also, the storage only applies to reviews created after Revision Storage is enabled. This means that for existing projects, pre-existing reviews will not have files stored unless you look at them again after Revision Storage is enabled.

Enabling file storage

You can enable file revision storage on the 'Edit Project' page.

For an existing project:

  1. Go to the admin area and click Projects (under 'Project Settings').
  2. Click Edit (in the 'Crucible Settings' column) for an existing project.
  3. Check Store the contents of files in reviews (under 'Content').
  4. Click Save.
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