Documentation for Crucible 3.0.x. Documentation for other versions is available too.

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This page contains instruction on how to use progress tracking in Crucible.

On this page:

How progress tracking works in Crucible

As you work your way through the files in a review, Crucible tracks the ones you have viewed. Whenever you open a file for review, Crucible will automatically mark it as read.

When participating in iterative reviews, progress tracking also takes lines of code and revisions into account.

Viewing the progress tracking totals

The 'Details' view shows a summary of the progress of each participant through the files in the review.

(info) If there is only one file in the review, then the progress tracked will either show 0% or 100%.

Screenshot: Viewing the Progress Tracking Totals

How to adjust progress tracking on a review

You can mark a file as unread by clicking on its name to view the file's contents. In the source view, you have an option at the top left of the screen, 'Leave Unread'. If you select that, then the file you are looking at will not be added to your progress percentage.

Screenshot: Marking a File as Unread

Adjusting settings for progress tracking

Progress tracking is a configurable user preference that can be changed in the 'User Settings' menu, in the 'Reviews' sub-section. 'Auto-mark files as read' is on by default. When 'Auto-mark files as read' is set to 'No', marking files as read or unread is left to the user to manually manage.

Screenshot: Adjusting the Progress Tracking User Settings

Further reading

You may also want to learn about Crucible's Time Tracking feature.

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