Documentation for Crucible 3.0.x. Documentation for other versions is available too.

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Crucible will automatically send reviewers a reminder email one working day before the deadline.

Review authors and moderators can also do the following:

  • Send manual reminders to reviewers whose work is still pending.
  • Configure preset reminders for reviews that have a deadline.

Reminders are only sent if Crucible's SMTP server is configured. Please see Configuring the SMTP server.

Preset Reminders

When a review has a deadline (due date), Crucible (by default) will send a preset reminder to all of the pending reviewers, one working day before the deadline.

To edit the timeframe for the reminder, firstly edit the review, then click Remove next to Send Reminder.
Now, set the day for the reminder email to be sent (a number of working days before the deadline).

(info) The Send Reminder setting is only available if the review has a due date set.

Manual Reminders

Crucible can send manually-initiated reminders to all the reviewers that have not yet completed their reviews.

To do this, click Tools > Notify Pending Reviewers. The reminder message will be sent immediately.

(info) This capability is only open to those participants who are authorised to summarize the review.

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