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You manage users and groups in the cloud from a central user management portal in your site. As a site administrator, your user management tasks can include:

  • Creating and deleting users and groups - Users give people access to cloud applications, and groups make it easy to manage a large set of users by allowing you to make changes to user access and permissions in bulk.
  • Controlling which applications user have access to - Application access controls which applications users can log into (and the license use for an application).
  • Controlling what permissions users have in applications - When users (or groups of users) have access to an application, they are added to a group that controls what users can see and do in that application by default. See Default Groups and Permissions in Atlassian Cloud. Within each application, you can use additional permissions to control what users can do.

There are also a few pages that cover the extra information you need to know for managing users with Google Apps.

See these topics for information on managing users and groups in the cloud:

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  1. We set a few users in the cloud version with the wrong emails. the invitation link has now expired and there's no place to reset or resend the invitation link after we updated the users. I am sensing the only way is to delete the users and create them again. Is this really the only option?

  2.  I had similar issue. Invite went to SPAM folder and was deleted. Re-send link would be of some use.

    1. Hey Marcus,

      How did you solve it? Did you have to re-create your users?

      1. Yes. The user wasn’t active anyway. I just deleted and re-created account. They’re now in JIRA. I had already assigned user to a group so had to add them back when I created them again but that was all.

  3. The other option is resetting their password, providing it to them as a temp password and then having them reset it. 

  4. How does one resend an invitation if it expires?

    1. Hi Abby Hodge,

      Unfortunately at this time there's no way to resend the invite. The only workaround is to create a password for the user and email it to them, and request they change it themselves. We are working on adding the functionality to resend invites.



    2. As another option, if a user has never logged-in from the original invite, I find it just as easy to delete them and then Create a new user again.

  5. Hi, I am using free trial version and want to add CUSTOMER type user to test but could not find this among user types at USER MANAGEMENT page. Does anyone has any idea ? Thanks a lot.


    1. Hi Salih, 

      The customer user type can be used in JIRA Service Desk. If you have questions about setting up your service desk customers, or about the default user groups in the cloud, you can file a support ticket here. I hope that helps!