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If your projects use agile methodologies, you can use JIRA Agile to manage them. JIRA Agile is a JIRA add-on that is purchased separately from JIRA Cloud.

The Rapid Board has been introduced by JIRA Agile, and over time the Rapid Board will evolve to replace the bulk of the functionality you see today on the Planning/Task/Chart/Released Boards. This is the new JIRA Agile.

(info) The use of the functionality introduced on this page depends on the purchase of JIRA Agile.

On this page:

Using the Rapid Board

To learn the basics about the Rapid Board and see how it is different from the Planning/Task/Chart/Released Boards, see Using a Board.

To start using the Rapid Board, check out the following resources:

Using the Planning/Task/Chart/Released Boards

Moving issues into a sprint

The Planning Board is where you plan your sprint and organise issues into a plan of work for a sprint.

  1. Click the 'Agile' drop-down menu in the top navigation bar and select 'Planning Board'.
  2. Select the required project.
  3. In the column at the right of the screen, click the 'Add' link. The 'Add Version' pop-up will appear.
  4. In the 'Version Name' field, type the name of your new sprint version (e.g. 'Sprint 1').
  5. In the 'Parent' field, select your major version (e.g. 'Version 1').
  6. Enter the 'Start Date', 'Release Date' and 'Description' for your new sprint version.
  7. Click the 'Create' button to create the version, then click the 'Create and Close' button to create the version and return to the Planning Board.
    Screenshot: JIRA Agile Planning Board

Relating the task board to the default workflow

The Task Board typically contains the following three columns, from left to right, which map to issue statuses.

To Do

In Progress



In Progress





For Kanban practitioners, you can set multiple constraints on each of the Task Board columns so that your team can easily visualise and monitor the progress of your workflow.

Screenshot: The Task Board displaying issue status in columns

See also:

Transitioning issues along a workflow by drag-and-drop

On task board, you can transition issues along a workflow by dragging and dropping cards between workflow statuses.

  1. Select your project, click the Agile drop-down menu in the top navigation bar and select Task Board.
  2. Select the required project. The Task Board will refresh with information for your project.
  3. In the Version dropdown, select the version which contains issues that you want to transition.
  4. Transition an issue by dragging and dropping the card between the columns on your Task Board.
  5. Complete the transition card, if it displays. Select the desired workflow action. You can also optionally add a comment for this transition.
  6. The issue status will update when you drop in into the destination column.
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