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In the past you have indicated to me that you wish to be kept informed of the progress of Atlassian User. This email contains a brief explanation of the project's status.

I have recently uploaded to the DEV space on our public Confluence instance 1. Some of the more prominent features we've added this time include:

  • SSL connectivity, via simple authentication, using a trusted certificate in the LDAP server and a JVM keystore in the local server.
  • a more powerful querying system, which will allow for substring based searching on specific systems in a repository delegation.
  • explicit use of LDAP connection pooling, to optimize performance.
  • pagination of search results, to ensure product usability when dealing with massive lists of users and groups.
  • and the ability to add a user from one system to a group held in the primary repository within Confluence or JIRA.

Confluence has been running on an 'alpha' port of the Atlassian User system for some time now. We've been isolating scalability issues by testing with a delegation consisting of an LDAP server, a local OSUser installation, and a memory installation. The LDAP server has held 100,000 users and 1000 groups. Running Confluence with such numbers has helped us identify the areas in Confluence which will require change. We're about to begin the 'beta' port.

This will lead us to releasing a version of Confluence, which includes Atlassian User, in the Confluence development series, immediately after Confluence 1.5 (Yarra) has been released. We will be working on introducing Atlassian User to JIRA immediately after the Confluence port has been finished.

Lastly, we're about to begin an implementation of a new database structure for users and groups, to replace the default OSUser layout, for both products. This will improve issues such as normalization and running speeds which we've been able to identify within the previous user system.

Thanks again for your interest in this project. If you have any specific questions or ideas, please let me know. It's been really helpful to have your feedback, from tests and general conversation.



Sent to the 'early adopters' list on the 27th of September, 2005

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