In this space you will find information about how Atlassian schedules new features for its products and how you can influence this process. You can also find out how Atlassian products are versioned, and what these version numbers mean, by reading this document.

    This space also describes tricks and tips that Atlassian developers come up with in the course of developing and supporting JIRA, Confluence, or whatever else we happen to be working on in the course of the day.

    Atlassian ShipIt Days

    We've wrapped up Atlassian's first external ShipIt Day campaign. Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter!

    Atlassian's "ShipIt Day" is time set aside for developers to work on whatever they want with a skew towards our products.We tend to run "ShipIt" with a fairly open format where you can do whatever you want as long as you can somehow relate it to our products. We have expanded it such that we set aside 1 1/2 days for the developers to complete their ideas. We start after lunch on a Thursday and work until 4pm Friday when we present what we have to everyone.

    The goals of "ShipIt" are:

    • Foster creativity. Atlassian is good at hiring smart people and we'd be mad to keep all that brain-power locked up.
    • Scratch itches. Every developer has something that bugs them about our products, or something they'd like to see them do.
    • Spike. Often, radical ideas don't get traction because we don't understand how they'd work or what benefit they'd provide.
    • Have fun. Institutions like ShipIt make Atlassian a fun place to work.

    Being the competitive individuals we are we also have a trophy plus bragging rights for the winner.

    How it works

    Want to run your own ShipIt? Then read Robert's conversational guide to running ShipIt.

    (The old ShipIt Guide can be found at: ShipIt Day FAQ)

    Past ShipIt Days