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    • When will this be implemented - this ridiculous that there is no audit trail in this tool.  This is now a requirement for most large corporations.  We are going have to start looking for a new tool if this is not changed in the next 3-6 months.  This is should be very easy to do Atlassian.  Thanks you!
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    • CONF-6960
    • Audra Eng [Atlassian] added a comment  - 10/Jul/09 4:52 AM 

      We recognize that this is a highly requested feature for enterprise customers.  This feature is being considered for a longer term roadmap, probably beyond 1 year.  Enterprise customers are an important part of our business, and I have made a business case using evidence such as your comments, to acquire more development resources to address more of these enterprise issues. We are focusing on moving faster on these types of issues, and have started an enterprise customer forum to gather issues, share solutions and experiences with other enterprise customers and provide feedback and on enterprise features requested. Email me ( if you are interested in being part of our enterprise customer forum.  

      If you would like to understand how we select features for our product releases, refer to: