Documentation for Confluence 5.8 (Server).
Documentation for Confluence Cloud and earlier versions of Confluence is available too.

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 The Confluence Gadget macro is a specific type of macro which is used to display gadgets, including JIRA gadgets, in a Confluence page. Once you have configured external gadgets in the Confluence Administration Console, they will appear in the Macro Browser.

Before you can start adding JIRA Gadgets:

  • Your JIRA administrator will need to configure JIRA to trust Confluence via Application Links. (Not required if your JIRA site allows anonymous access)
  • Your Confluence administrator will need to add the JIRA gadget URL to the list of authorised external gadgets in Confluence.
To add a JIRA Gadget to a Confluence page:

  • Choose Insert > Other Macros.
  • Navigate to the gadget you wish to add to the page and choose Insert.

Refer to the Gadget Macro page for more information on adding the macro to your page. 

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  1. The documentation around adding a Jira gadget to Confluence needs to be revised. I've tried to follow the above 3 times now- it makes no sense and seems to be incorrect.

    What I *think* you need to do is to add your Jira gadget first to Confluence, then you can add it to your page. How you do that remains a mystery, as the link from the app help points back at this page.

  2. Hi,

    well, that is documentation around sticking in a list of jira issues, which is pretty straightforward, works well and hasn't changed for a few years. What I'm trying to do is add a gadget to a page- which I get the impression is relatively straightforward, but so far I've been unsuccessful at. This particular part of the documentation just leads in a loop back to this page.

    1. Hi Ben,

      Are you looking for these instructions?


      1. Hi Mark,

        no- I've found that page. Perhaps if I explain the circle then it might make more sense. I use Jira studio.

        1. I have some interesting data in a jira gadget, which I have on my dashboard. In my case it is a roadmap of upcoming releases. I'd like to use that on a wiki page, as some external members (read: clients) of my project team have problems understanding the difference between the wiki and jira, so they don't know where to find things. The road map is important for project management, so I'd like to have it in the wiki.
        2. I start on this page
        3. I go to the wiki, add a page, and follow the steps in [Inserting Gadgets into a Confluence Page or Blog Post. I see that all the gadgets listed there are different to my Jira gadgets, and were what was until recently called "macros" in Confluence.
        4. I choose the jira portlet, and then try to add parameters that link to my jira gadget
        5. I then click on documentation to try to work this out, which suggests for Jira 4 that I go to this page.

        I'm guessing that what I'm trying to do isn't possible (it would be great if that wasn't the case!). If it isn't, can I suggest:

        • improve this page - it is a tad light on detail
        • calling something a "gadget" in jira and in confluence when they seem to be quite different things is confusing. Perhaps explain that on this page?
        • remove the jira portlet gadget for studio users, or at least explain that. I know there is an edge case where someone could be using jira 3x as well as studio, but...



        1. Right, I see. It is possible to do what you want. The missing step seems to be that an administrator needs to manually add the JIRA gadgets to allow them to be used in the Confluence instance - they do not appear by default.

          Also, note that macros are still called macros in Confluence. The gadget macro is a specific type of macro which is used to display a gadget in a Confluence page - so once you have configured external gadgets in the Confluence Administration Console, they will appear in the Macro Browser.

          The JIRA Portlet macro is a legacy macro, which is not relevant to your use case, and will be removed altogether in a future release.

          The specific set of instructions you need to follow is here: Registering External Gadgets

          Hope that helps to clear things up. Sorry for the confusion, and I'll raise your feedback with the Tech Writing team to see if they can make the end-to-end process clearer in the documentation.


          1. Awesome- thanks so much for that info Mark! Just what I was after.

            Perhaps the easiest fix would be to add a bit of text on the insert gadget popup that links to that external gadgets doc. Thanks again

          2. Could you please help me to do that in Confluence OnDemand? 

            I have OnDemand (JIRA+Confluence).

            I need to embed Timesheet report from JIRA to my Confluence page. 

            Please point me how I can do this? 

            Thank you in advance!

            1. As an OnDemand customer, you cannot make these changes yourself. You will need to raise a support ticket to ask for this to be done on your behalf.

              1. Hi Mark, 

                Thank you for the tip. We have raised the support ticket and got it resolved siccessfully.

                As I understood - in future all cross-product gadgets in OnDepand systems will be pre-loaded automatically. Here is the appropriate ticket JST-2244


          3. Hello, 

              I am attempting to accomplish the same goal.. embedding JIRA gadgets in a confluence page. I have completed all of the instructions; 

            • set up a trusted relationship with JIRA and confluence
            • subscribe to all of the gadgets

            When I try to add the url to the Gadget feed I receive an error "invalid Gadget URL" I am copying the gadget URL from the link provided after I click on the "Gadget Subscriptions"  in the JIRA "Add Gadget" list from my JIRA dash and it displays: 

            Gadget specs published from

            I also receive the invalid error when I try to add each gadget individually. 

            My JIRA Version is: 

            My COnfluence version is:


            1. Hi Deb Kilpatrick, I suggest you raise a support request, and we can look into what's going on in your instance in more detail.

              1. Thank you , we will do that.  

  3. After migrating to version 5.4, Filter Results and Created versus Resolved gadgets stopped working.

    I am getting errors like:

    The selected filter filter-11157 has an error: A value with ID '10000' does not exist for the field 'project'.. or  The selected filter filter-10210 has an error: Field 'issuetype' does not exist or this field cannot be viewed by anonymous users..

    depending on th filter selected.

    This was working OK before migrating (previous version was 5.2). At the same time we upgraded from JIRA 6.0 to JIRA 6.1


    1. Hi Adolfo, your problems may be related to this issue.  CONF-31993 - Filter results gadget (or anything that uses a filter in JIRA) isn't working. Resolved .  If you're experiencing something different, you should contact Support who will help you troubleshoot the problem. 

      1. Yes it is. I applied the patch and it works OK now.


  4. Anonymous

    It used to be very easy and user friendly to add a simple JIRA Search filter and results into Confluence. Seems Atlassian is going backwards on this.

  5. Hello,

    I want to integrate JIRA and Confluence. I am trying to create a table on Confluence page which will contain all the issues for a project in JIRA.
    I am able to retrieve all issues from JIRA and display as table but I also want to add filter to the table so that I can view optimized data as per need using filter.

    Is there any plugin available for this or any solution to achieve this?


    Thanks in advance.
    Best Regards,