Documentation for Confluence 5.4.
Documentation for Confluence OnDemand and earlier versions of Confluence is available too.

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Labels are key words or tags that you can add to pages, blog posts, attachments and spaces. You can define your own labels and use them to categorise, identify or bookmark content.

Labelling a page or blog post

Any user with permission to edit a page can add a label to a page.

To add a label to a page or blog post:

  1. Go to the page. If the page already has labels, these will be listed at the bottom of the page, below the page content.
  2. Choose the edit icon  beside the list of labels, or press L on your keyboard.
  3. Type in a new label. Existing labels are suggested as you type.
  4. Choose Add.

On this page:

Related pages:

Screenshot: Labels as they are displayed on a page

Screenshot: Adding a label to a page or blog post

Labelling an attachment

If you have permission to view or edit the page that contains the attachment, you can add a label to the attachment.

To add a label to an attachment:

  1. Go to the page that contains the attachment. Choose Tools > Attachments.
  2. Alternatively, go to the attachments view of the space:
    • Go to the space and choose Space tools > Content Tools on the sidebar. 
    • Choose Attachments.
  3. You will see a list of attachments, with columns for attachment name and other details. If the attachment already has labels, these will be listed in the Labels column.
  4. Choose the edit icon  beside the list of labels.
  5. Type in a new label. Existing labels are suggested as you type.
  6. Choose Add.

You can also add labels in a list of attachments displayed by the Attachments macro, by choosing the edit icon  beside each label.

Screenshot 2: Adding a label to an attachment


  • Note: Personal labels are deprecated. Earlier versions of Confluence recognised a special type of label called a 'personal' label. A personal label starts with 'my:' and is only visible to the user who created it. We are removing personal labels from Confluence, as announced in the Confluence 4.1 Upgrade Notes. The functionality for personal labels is still in Confluence, but we recommend that you stop using them. In a future release, we plan to remove the functionality altogether.
  • If you add a label to a template, that label will be copied to the page when someone adds a page based on that template. See Adding a Template.


  1. Anonymous

    I haven't found a way to add a label like "InfoMan dialog box". Do I add it like this: "infoman_dialog_box"?

    Paul Weir

    Technical Writer

    Bob Jones University

    1. Hi Bob,

      Indeed, Confluence does not allow multiple word labels yet. You will need to replace the spaces with other characters such as dashes or undesrscores.

      If the labels are quoted, such as "InfoMan dialog box", it will be tokenized into "InfoMan, dialog and box". Hope that helps.


  2. Is there a way to embed the Label editor into the body of a page? I was thinking that for certain pages it might be nice to make labels more a part of the page that the user is editing. Now it is kindof tucked in down at the bottom, and it becomes a bit of an afterthought to the user.



    1. Hi Brian,

      As far as I can think of, there is one way of relocating the label editor to somewhere else on your page. You can try going to Space Admin->Layout->Content Layouts->Page Layout and create a custom layout for that. Then, look for the code shown below:

      You can move the code anywhere you want, for instance, this will move it to the top of the page:

      Please note that this may require some knowledge on Velocity and Sitemesh.

      Best rgds,

  3. Anonymous


    Is there anyway to add a label to multiple pages at once cause that would make life easier.


    1. Hi Mike,

      If your requirement is to add labels to child pages of a parent page, you might be interested in Label Management Plugin especially the sticky label.

      Hope this helps.


      1. Anonymous


        This is a great help just what I wanted. Just to see if it will install now.



        1. Glad to know this is what you wanted, Mike.

          Hope it will serve your purpose.


          1. Anonymous

            Hi Sashidaran,

            apparently the Label Management Plugin is not working with Confluence 3.1 anymore.


            Do you know, if this will be fixed or if there is an alternative?



            1. Anonymous

              Hello all,

              For anyone who might be reading these comments (as I was): My company tried to install Label Management Plugin (version 1.3) in Confluence 4.3. As this didn't work, I contacted Atlassian support, whether there is a GUI tool or another plugin to add lavels to severals pages. I was kindly referred to issue - "Select multiple pages and mass add/remove/change labels". So far there is no information when this issue will be resolved.

              I would urge anybody looking for this feature in Confluence to add himself/herself as watcher and vote for CONF-17373 (registration is necessary).


  4. Where can I input a bunch of labels, so that they pop up as options for users creating and labeling pages?

  5. Hi, we are testing Confluence 3.5 in our development environment and the new icon for editing labels (hte little pencil) doesn't appear in IE7. It shows up in IE8, Chrome 10.0 and Firefox 3.6.

    At first we thought it was because of the labeling manager plugin, but even with that disabled there is no icon. It's just not there in IE. This will prevent upgrade for the moment!

    I've put this into JIRA as CONF-22086

  6. Anonymous

    Should passing the URL parameters for createblogpost.action work with Confluence 4.0 as well?

    It seems that the labels parameters are not passed on for the blog post at all.

    Is there any way to get this working with Confluence 4.0?

  7. I would love to see a faster way to add labels. The "Add" button seems unnecessary, especially when I'm using the keyboard to select an existing label from the context menu. I'd love to be able to type my labels and close out of the dialog without using my mouse.

    1. Anonymous


      well, with the move away from wiki-wiki markup to multiple-mouse-move, multi-step pop-up UI, tedious "RTE" editing, pretty much no chance of that...


      (sorry, couldn't resist...)

    2. Actually you can do both with the keyboard. Hit 'L' to open the add label dialog, hit 'Esc' to close the dialog.

  8. Anonymous

    Our previous confluence admin setup a form (that turned into a page once submitted), such that if you add the label 'new-repo' to the page,  it will send out an email with customized information.  We cannot figure out how he set this up and need to alter the recipients list.  I didn't see any obvious plug-in installed.  Any suggestions on how he may have set this up?  I can also add the label after the page creation and it will still send out the email.  thx.

  9. Anonymous

    Is there a way to control a list of Global labels for the user to choose from as opposed to free-form text as the default?



    1. Anonymous

  10. Anonymous

    Is there any possibility to add label to a single comment?

    1. No, that's not possible. 

      How would this functionality help you?

      1. Anonymous

        We have a lot of information pieces (like FAQ) wich needs to be organised for quick searching. Tags ot labels would be usefool. For now we are using "pseudo labels" - words inside each piece starting with period so it can be used as a keyword for searching.

    2. If a comment contains information important enough to be labeled, why not move the content of that comment into the page content? That way it can be labeled. Comments should be transitory in nature and eventually be either archived (removed) or incorporated into the page. After all, Confluence is not a forum.

      Of course there are exceptions to this rule. But still, I don't think comments should need labeling because important comments should be instead incorporated into the page.

      Can you give me an example where this is not a satisfactory solution?

  11. Anonymous

    Where within Confluence admin are you able to turn off labels system wide? Or at least at a space level? Are there permissions around them in public spaces? Thanks

  12. Anonymous

    Is there a new way that the 'My Labels' functionality can be used or a replacement method that is expected to be used?  Marking everything as Favorite is not fine grained enough.

  13. Anonymous

    Is there any way to label pages or attachments and have them searchable in a search box?