Documentation for Confluence 5.4.
Documentation for Confluence OnDemand and earlier versions of Confluence is available too.

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When you add a mail account, you are configuring Confluence to download mail from that account and archive the mail within the space.

You need space administration permissions to add a mail account. See Space Permissions Overview.

(warning) Note: Confluence will remove email messages from an email account when it transfers them to the mail archive. You must therefore configure Confluence to poll a clone email account rather than the actual account. For example, to archive the actual account to your Confluence Sales space, you must first create a clone account such as that contains the same email content.

Step 1. Create a clone email account on the mail server

  1. Add a new email account on the mail server with the clone email address.
  2. Copy all existing email messages from the actual account to the clone account.
  3. Set up the actual account to bcc sent email messages to the clone account.
  4. Set up the actual account to forward received email messages to the clone account.

Step 2. Configure Confluence to archive the clone account

  1. Go to the 'Mail Accounts' view:

    • Go to the space and choose Space tools > Integrations on the sidebar.
      Choose Mail Accounts.
    • If your space uses the Documentation theme:
      Choose Browse > Space Admin at the top of the screen.
      Note: The 'Space Admin' option appears only if you are a space administrator for the space or you are a super user (a member of the confluence-administrators group).
      Choose Integration > Mail Accounts.
  2. Choose Add mail account.
  3. Enter configuration details for the account.
    • Account Name: Enter a name for this account by which it will be known in Confluence.
    • Description: Provide a description for this account (optional).
    • Protocol: Choose from POP, IMAP, POPS or IMAPS.
    • Hostname: Enter thehost name of the mail server on which the account resides.
    • Port: Do not edit this field. The mail server's port number will be displayed by default.
    • Username: Enter a username that has permission to retrieve mail from this account.
    • Password: Enter the account's password.
  4. Choose Test Connection to verify the details.
  5. Choose Create to add the account to Confluence.
  • Only site spaces can store mail archives. Personal spaces cannot. See Working with Spaces for an explanation of site spaces and personal spaces.
  • Confluence mail archiving is an optional feature. This means that the 'Mail' options may be disabled and will therefore not appear in the Confluence user interface. Mail archiving features are contained in a bundled plugin. To activate mail archiving features in Confluence, enable the plugin – choose Confluence Admin > Manage Add-ons > Choose System in the drop down, then enable the Confluence Mail Archiving Plugin.


  1. Any idea how to configure the system to get mails from a GMAIL or a YAHOO account?

  2. I need this info too. Gmail uses SSL over port 995 - I can specify the port but there is no options for other security elements.

    1. How did this resolve?   I'm trying to set up a fetch from a gmail account (from confluence 2.5.1) and it looks as though there is no support for SSL.   Does confluence support fetching mail from gmail?

      1. Hi there,

        Gmail uses SSL over port 995

        Try setting the protocol to use "POPS" than "POP" to enable POP with SSL. I could successfully fetch mails from my GMail inbox with the protocol being set to the appropriate over port 995.

        Give it a try and let us know how it goes.


  3. (-)Configured accounts will have their mail downloaded and removed from the server!

    Does this mean that mail will be deleted from IMAP accounts, or should it read "Configured POP accounts ..." ?

  4. I was able to connect to google via IMAP, however, whenever I fecth an email with an attachment, I don't get the attachment.

    Is it an issue with google or with Confluence?

    1. Hi Rene,

      Please raise a support ticket at here and hence we will follow up the issue from there. Thanks.

      Choy Li

  5. Hello All,

            I have created a wiki page and i would like to setup alert to be dislayed on my wiki page. This alert is send to a particular email. IS it possible to show that alert on my page which is sent to me in email. please let me know your comments and suggestion would be really ehlpful.


  6. Is this feature available for Confluence 5.1.4 or is it in the upcoming 5.2 ?