Documentation for Confluence 5.8 (Server).
Documentation for Confluence Cloud and earlier versions of Confluence is available too.

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If you are a Confluence Administrator, you can add users and groups, and assign users to groups, in order to determine their permissions.

This page tells you how to add a user to a group or remove a user from a group. For an overview of users and groups, please refer to Confluence Groups and Managing Confluence Users.

You can edit group membership in two places:

  • From the group management screen.
  • From the user management screen for a particular user.

Both methods are described below.

Adding and removing members via the group management screen

This is the recommended method. It allows you to manage the group membership for a number of users at the same time.

To add members to a group:

  1. Choose the cog icon , then choose General Configuration under Confluence Administration
  2. Choose Groups in the left-hand panel.
  3. The 'Groups' screen appears, showing a list of groups. Choose the group to which you want to add users.
  4. The 'Group Members' screen appears, showing the users who belong to the selected group. Choose Add Members.
  5. Type the username(s) of the people you want to add to the group.
    • If you want to add more than one member, separate the usernames with commas.
    • You can also search for and select users by choosing the search icon.
  6. Choose Add to add the member(s) to the group.

To remove members from a group:

  1. Choose the cog icon , then choose General Configuration under Confluence Administration
  2. Choose Groups in the left-hand panel.
  3. The 'Manage Groups' screen appears, showing a list of groups. Choose the group from which you want to remove the user.
  4. The 'Group Members' screen appears, showing the users who belong to the selected group. Choose the 'Delete user from group' icon next to the user whose group membership you want to remove.

(warning) The information on this page does not apply if you have multiple Cloud apps. If you are only using Confluence Cloud, the information does apply.

Screenshot: Adding members

Editing group membership from the user management screen

You can update a user's group membership from the user management screen. This functionality allows you to update one user at a time.

To add a user to a group or remove a user from a group:

  1. Go to the user management screen for the user concerned. There are two ways to do this:
    • Either,
      • Go to the user's Profile and choose Administer User on the user's profile screen.
    • Or, Choose the cog icon , then choose General Configuration under Confluence Administration
      • Choose Users in the left-hand panel.
      • The 'Users' screen appears. You can now choose to 'Show all users' or you can search for a specific user by entering all or part of the person's username, full name or email address. For more details about the user search, see Searching For and Administering Users.
      • Choose the username you want to edit.
  2. The 'View User' screen appears. Choose Edit Groups.
  3. Select the group(s) for this user. To remove a user from a group, remove the tick mark in the relevant check box.

Screenshot: Editing a user's groups


You may define multiple user directories in Confluence, so that Confluence looks in more than one place for its users and groups. For example, you may use the default Confluence internal directory and also connect to an LDAP directory server. In such cases, you can define the directory order to determine where Confluence looks first when processing users and groups.

Here is a summary of how the directory order affects the processing:

  • The order of the directories is the order in which they will be searched for users and groups.
  • Changes to users and groups will be made only in the first directory where the application has permission to make changes.
See Managing Multiple Directories.


  1. Anonymous


    I have a question about adding a group. As a space administrator, do I have the permission to add or manage groups? If an instructor wants to arrange his students to be several groups and set up different restrictions for them, how can they use "group" functions to do it? Thank you so much.

    1. Hi,

      As a space administrator, do I have the permission to add or manage groups?

      As a space administrator you can't add or manage groups. Unless if your administrator has given you the Confluence Administrator permission under global permission, then you are allowed to add or manage groups.

      If an instructor wants to arrange his students to be several groups and set up different restrictions for them, how can they use "group" functions to do it?

      The instructor (must have Confluence Administrator permission) can use the user and group browser in Administration Console to organise students into several groups and set up different restrictions through Global Permissions, Space Permissions or Page restrictions.


      1. Anonymous

        Hello Komathi,

        Thank you so much. It is nice to get your feedback so quickly. It is very helpful. Thank you~~

  2. Anonymous

    I have created a space for my team and i want to give read access for all my team members. The team is about 150 people and adding them individually is tough task. We have an email alias and is it possible to add the email alias and add the members of the email alias automatically.
    Thanks for any reply

    1. Hi,

      I am sorry to say that it is in improvement request to bulk add users in Confluence. You can vote and add yourself as a watcher to receive notification on the following improvement request:


  3. Anonymous


    When I am creating a group and adding users, it restricts me from adding more than 20 users. I need to add around 300 users in a group.

    How do I do that? Can anyone suggest what could be the problem?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. As far as I am concerned, there is no such a limitation. Are you using any plugin to apply the membership?

  4. I would love to see space-specific user/group management capabilities. In this scenario, the confluence-administrator would define which groups are available for use in a space. The space administrator would be allowed to create users (which the space would then "own"), but could only assign them to groups approved for their space. And space permissions could only be granted to the approved groups and to users "owned" by the space. Has Atlassian considered anything like this?

    1. Hi Mark,

      Yea, it would be lovely to see this feature in Confluence. I have found a similar feature request. Please add yourself as a watcher, vote for this feature and add your own comments to this feature request. For further details, you can read on Implementation of New Features and Improvements.

      Hope this helps.


      1. Beautiful! Thanks, JSashi. I'll have a look.

  5. Anonymous

    Is there anyway to configure confluence to allow space administrators to create groups specific to their spaces?

    1. Hi

      As far as I know, the feature requested is not available yet. However, I found a similiar improvement request in JIRA:

      Please add your comments to the discussion, vote on it and add yourself as a watcher for future updates. Also, please bear in mind the following document on how we schedule features for inclusion in our products: Implementation of New Features and Improvements.

      Hope that helps.
      Best rgds,

  6. Anonymous

    It would be nice to be prompted for confirmation before deleting a user from a group. If the delete button is clicked by accident there is no way of knowing who was just deleted. 

  7. Anonymous

    Hi. My users and groups from JIRA are automatically synced to the user database of confluence. So in confluence there are the jira-groups (jira-users, jira-developers...).

    When a confluence user creates a new space, only users in the group "confluence-users" can access that space. So it's necessary to give manually the jira-users group permissions in the space admin. Is it possible to add the jira-users group to the confluence-users group?

  8. Anonymous

    it'll be nice for space admin to, at lest, have read permission on global group members and even better to be able to create space level user group with edit permission. The benefits is it'll give space admin flexibility to manage user group in space level and reduce system admin work. System admin should only manage/maintain some critical global user group like confluence-users, confluence-administrators. Similar issur for JIRA (project admin) as well. I'd like to see this function be available on next version release, or already added in update version?



  9. Hi, I want to send a message to all members. I have to '@' them one by one. Can I '@' a group?




  10. So, I'm sort of at a loss for words. I've tried more than a million ways to bulk add users to a new group. For example, if I go to "Groups" then create a new group, and then go into that group to add users, I can only add them one by one in the add users box. There's no bulk adding mechanism that I can see anywhere. Even the "Bulk Add" button at the top right, doesn't allow you to bulk add users. 

    Am I missing something?

    1. I need the bulk adding user function too. We have hundreds of users to be added.

    2. I believe this would be a nightmare to try it manually.

      You may have a look into the CLI add-on (created by Bob Swift) and create some script.

      Then you are much faster than waiting for Atlassian to provide a solution.

  11. When I go to add users to groups, I have to remember everyone's user name. In our instance, some user names are e-mail addresses, others are not. It's very challenging to add users quickly as I need to toggle back and forth from our user list to determine their user names.

    Would it be possible to have a pop-up appear that has a list of users when you start to type a name? This feature exists in other areas of Compass, and groups seems like a really obvious place where this would be incredibly useful.

  12. When I click on the cog and select "General Configuration," I get a whole load of options in the left sidebar. "Groups" isn't one of them.

    I've successfully created groups and added users to them in the past; now, for some reason, I can't access Group membership at all - the option seems to have disappeared.

    Has Confluence changed? The information on this page is wrong step 2 "Choose Groups in the left-hand panel." is not possible as "Groups" does not exist!

    1. Hi Jim, are you managing your users in Confluence, or are you using an external user directory?  I am still seeing the Groups menu in Confluence 5.5, so I'm not sure what might be going on in your instance sorry. 

  13. The method "Editing group membership from the user management screen" doesn't seem to be possible in our environment: when I "View" a user, I can see the group membership for that user, but there is no option to Edit the user groups from there. The alternative is to go via "groups", and to edit each group separately.

    We are using Confluence 5.5.4. Our Confluence users are in an external Directory Service for authentication, but the groups are managed locally.

    1. Hi Marc, I'm afraid I don't know the answer to this, there are a lot of variables when managing users externally. I'm sure support will be able to help you troubleshoot what is going on though.

  14. When I want to add members to a group and type in the username, and click add, it says No users found, When I use the search option with the magnifying glass, I can actually find and select the user, but still when adding it says No users found.

    The users I want to add are in the confluence-users group.

    What am I doing wrong?

    1. Hi Jean-Paul,

      I haven't been able to replicate that behaviour on my local instance, so I think it's best you contact support to troubleshoot this issue.

      1. Adding the users in JIRA did the job...

  15. How do I add multiple users to a group in Confluence? Not by having to individually type all of their names, but by simply listing them and marking a checkbox (or "select all")? This is basic, 1995-level functionality, but I can't find it anywhere.

    1. Hi Brandon,

      Unfortunately, you can't add users to groups in that fashion in Confluence. If you have a comma-separated list of the users, you can paste it in the Add Members field, but I realise that's likely not what you're looking for.

      Feel free to make a suggestion so we can gauge the interest and keep you updated if there are any changes.

      1. Do you have a suggestion for how to obtain a comma-separated list of all users?

        1. Sorry, no, I'm not aware of a way to create one; there's no way to do it via the Confluence UI.

          1. You know that's ridiculous, yes?

            1. Hi Brandon,

              It's unfortunately not within my control. Your best bet is to make a suggestion so the right people can look at it.