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An attachment is any file that is included with your page. Examples of attachments are screenshots, photographs, other images, Word documents, presentations, PDF documents, videos and sound files. Attachments are useful when you want to share information that exists in another file format. Read more in Working with Attachments.

When you attach a file to a page, Confluence makes a copy of the file and stores it on the Confluence server. Page attachments in Confluence are managed using the 'Attachments' view of the page.

To attach a file, you need the 'Create Attachments' permission. See Space Permissions.

When a page you are viewing contains attachments, a small paperclip icon appears next to the breadcrumbs. Clicking the paperclip icon will take you to the 'Attachments' view, where you will see the full list of attachments.

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Attaching files

This page describes the following ways of attaching files to a Confluence page:

  • Drag and drop files on to a Confluence page.
  • Browse to, and upload files from, your computer or network.

To attach a file to a page using drag-and-drop:

  1. View the page to which you want to attach files.
  2. Drag one or more files from your computer onto the page. The 'Attach File(s)' message box appears, indicating the upload status of the files being attached to your page.

You can drag and drop more than one file at a time onto a page. You cannot drag a folder of files onto a page.

 Expand this section to see other ways to drag-and-drop a file on to a page...

You can also drag and drop files:

  • directly onto the 'Attachments' view for the page.
  • directly onto the editor view of the page.
  • onto any tab of the 'Insert Link' or 'Insert Image' dialogs, which are available from the Insert menu while editing.

To attach a file to a page from the computer's (or network's) file system:

  1. Choose Tools > Attachments.
  2. Choose Browse and navigate to the file.
  3. Select the file and click Open.
  4. Add a descriptive comment for the file (optional).
  5. Choose Attach more files if required.
  6. Choose Attach.

You can attach than one file at a time. You cannot attach a folder of files.

 Expand this section to see other ways to upload a file to a page...

You can also browse for, and upload, a file from:

  • the 'Attachments' tab of the 'Insert Link' dialog. (While editing the page, choose Insert > Link.)
  • the 'Attached Images' tab of the 'Insert Image' dialog. (While editing the page, choose Insert > Image.)

Attachment versions

If you upload a file with the same name as an existing attachment, Confluence will rename the old file and keep it as a previous version. Read more about Attachment Versions and Viewing Attachment Details.


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  1. I posted something a few weeks ago on attaching an attachment to multiple pages. My primary goal is not to be able to show the attachment on multiple pages, but to have the attachment as, well, attachment, on both pages. I.e., I have two pages on our new IT system, and want to attach the latest Powerpoint to both pages.

    Even more, within this Powerpoint, I would like to be able to include relevant slides in both pages (i.e. slide 1 in page 1 and slide 2 in page 2). There seems to be a workaround to make this work, but unfortunately sometimes the slide is gone and it seems not to be exportable to pdf.

  2. Anonymous

    Is is possible to change the comment after an attachment has been added?

    1. Yes. Go to the Attachments View of your Confluence page and click 'Properties' for the attachment you'd like to change the comment for.

  3. I can insert an image on the page using a URL. But I want to "attach" an image file using a URL so that I can later use it in the Gallery macro. Is it possible?

  4. Anonymous

    Hi all,

    Im using confluence 3.2 and I want to attach 20 images at the same time to make a gallery macro. However, it just allows me to upload 1, can I upload several images there? I already tried the the drag and drag function but is not working. Then I read the support and it says that i might need to install Gears–> I go to install it and google says that that feature was replaced by HTML 5... I´m very confused. Do you guys have an idea about how could i do that?



  5. Anonymous

    Google Gears is not supported anymore.

  6. We want to automatically attach new versions of an already attached file to a page. Files are located on an internal webserver with consistent naming. Is there a way to achieve this?

  7. Anonymous

    I have a situation where i created a document and attached some images, these where showing until a couple of days ago, now in place of the images there is a grey box with the following text showing: "Unkown attachment", when i click on the box it says:

    "The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later."

    We tried some hours later and a couple of days later but the images still do not show.

    These images are also no longer in the attachments section.

    Does anyone have any idea what can be done for this?


    Kind regards

    Confluence Fan

    1. Anonymous

      I was receiving the same error on an .exe I was trying to attach, I thought it was the file type as I was able to attach another file. After I created the page and went to remove the attachment I had added in testing I used the Attachments page with the drag and drop box to try and upload my .exe. Here I received:

      The following error(s) occurred:

      • Total upload size is too large (35.00 MB). Reduce total filesize to below 35.00 MB
  8. Are there any filetypes that cannot be uploaded to a confluence instance?



  9. Anonymous



    I wonder if it is possible to sort attachments in different folders or something like that? And also if it is possible to search for content inside attachments?

    Best regards