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Documentation for Confluence Cloud and earlier versions of Confluence is available too.

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The Blog Posts macro allows you to display blog posts on a Confluence page. Clicking on a title takes you to the blog post.

Using the Blog Posts Macro

To add the Blog Posts macro to a page:

  1. In the Confluence editor, choose Insert > Other Macros
  2. Find and select the required macro

Speeding up macro entry with autocomplete: Type { and the beginning of the macro name, to see a list of suggested macros. Details are in Using Autocomplete.

To edit an existing macro: Click the macro placeholder and choose Edit. A macro dialog window will open, where you can edit the parameters of the macro.


Parameters are options that you can set to control the content or format of the macro output. Where the parameter name used in Confluence storage format or wikimarkup is different to the label used in the macro browser, it will be listed below in brackets (example).





Content Type to Display




Available values:

  • titles — Display the title, creator, space, and created date stamp for each blog post.
  • excerpts — Display a short excerpt from each blog post. If the post contains an Excerpt macro, the Blog Posts macro will display the content defined in the Excerpt macro. If the post does not contain an Excerpt macro, the Blog Posts macro will display the first few sentences of the post.
  • entire - Display the whole content of each blog post.

Time Frame


no limit

Specify how far back in time Confluence should look for the blog posts to be displayed.

Available values:

  • m — Minutes
  • h — Hours, so '12h' displays blog posts created in the last twelve hours.
  • d — Days, so '7d' displays blog posts created in the last seven days.
  • w — Weeks

Restrict to these Labels



Filter the results by label. The macro will display only the blog posts which are tagged with the label(s) you specify here.

You can specify one or more label values, separated by a comma or a space.

  • To exclude content which matches a given label, put a minus sign (-) immediately in front of that label value. For example: If you specify a label value of -badpage you will get only content which is not labelled with 'badpage'.
  • To indicate that the results must match a given label value, put a plus sign (+) immediately in front of that label value. For example: If you specify a label value of +superpage,+goodpage you will get only content which has at least two labels, being 'superpage' and 'goodpage'.

Restrict to these Authors



Filter the results by author. The macro will display only the blog posts which are written by the author(s) you specify here.

Restrict to these Spaces


@self, i.e. the space which contains the page on which the macro is coded

This parameter allows you to filter content by space. The macro will display only the pages which belong to the space(s) you specify here.

You can specify one or more space keys, separated by a comma or a space.

  • To exclude content in a specific space, put a minus sign (-) immediately in front of that space key. For example: If you specify a space key of -BADSPACE you will get only content which is not in the BADSPACE.
  • To indicate that the results must come from a specific space, put a plus sign (+) immediately in front of that space key. For example: If you specify a space key of +GOODSPACE you will get only content in GOODSPACE. (Note that this is not particularly useful, because each content item belongs to one space only. If you put a plus sign next to one space key and list other space keys too, the other space keys will be ignored.)
Special values:
  • @self — The current space.
  • @personal — All personal spaces.
  • @global — All site spaces.
  • @favorite — The spaces you have marked as favourite.
  • @favourite — The same as @favorite above.
  • @all — All spaces in your Confluence site.
  • * — The same as @all above.

When specifying a personal space, remember to use the tilde (~) sign in front of the username, such as ~jbloggs or

Maximum Number of Blog Posts



Specify the maximum number of results to be displayed. Note that the results are sorted first, and then the maximum parameter is applied.

Sort By



Specify how the results should be sorted. If this parameter is not specified, the sort order defaults to descending order (newest first) based on the creation date.


  • title — Sort alphabetically by title.
  • creation — Sort by the date on which the content was added.
  • modified — Sort by the date on which the content was last updated.

Reverse Sort



Select to change the sort from descending to ascending order (oldest first). Use this parameter in conjunction with the Sort By parameter. This parameter is ignored if the Sort By parameter is not specified.

In storage format and wikimarkup a value of true changes the sort order.

Code examples

The following examples are provided for advanced users who want to edit the underlying markup for a Confluence page. 

Macro name: blog-posts

Macro body: None.

Storage format example

Wiki markup example

  • No labels


  1. Is there any way to constrain the formating of the display for this macro? It's pretty messy if you've got it in a list. The title, for example is huge.

    1. I noticed that the HTML for the Title column's heading specifies width="70%" (Confluence 2.3). This is not appropriate when the Author and Date posted column values are about the same length as the title. Web browsers are perfectly good at table layout so I don't see the point of this.

      1. You can modify the width of that table header row in line 3 of \confluence\WEB-INF\classes\templates\macros\lastblogtitles.vm:

        Just be sure to save the file and restart your Confluence server after making the change.

    2. Anonymous

      Try it that way. E.g. change the text size to 10pt.



  2. Hi,

    This macro doesnt appear to be working correctly- it doesnt update with the latest posts, and sometimes skips some old ones too. It is very random in this behaviour. Any ideas?

    1. Thomas, that sounds like an unusual problem. Could you please raise a support request with some screenshots and details of your problem?

      1. It's over-caching - we've noticed the same sort of thing and so have our clients, eg:

        • add a new post and it doesn't show up for an hour or so
        • delete a post and it's still shown

        When the cache eventually clears down, it obviously shows the correct information, but while that cache is in place people get confused because the blog-posts macro is not accurately reflecting the actual blog posts.

        1. Can you describe the process of clearing the cache? Do you mean by flushing cache through the Administration > Cache Statistics page? If yes, which one of caches listed on the page sholud be flushed? What are the impacts on performance in case of flushing?

          1. I have found this to be an indexing issue, not a cache issue.  I tried flushing everything in the cache through the Admin Console to no avail.  What I later found was that the new blog posts were sitting in an unprocessed content indexing queue for the past 2 hrs. This queue is found by clicking the Content Indexing Link under Administration. there were all my blog posts and some other items.  By clicking the "Flush Queue" link at the bottom, everything was normal again.  This queue is supposed to be processed every minute, but for some reason it's not processing that often ( it had been over 2 hrs).  I still haven't figured out why, but at least I can give my users more immediate satisfaction.

            1. Anonymous

              Has there been a better fix for this issue other than going to the search index and flushing the queue?  Our queue will not flush for days sometimes.

              1. Our content index queue wasn’t processing correctly. An hour or more could go by before the index updated itself. Rebuilding our content index from scratch solved our problem -   

    2. I think the reason for this random behavior is that blog-post posts news in order of last edited... so if I edit a post of yesterday (to correct a minor error) it appears in the beggining of the list...

  3. Feature request: New parameter for specifying start (and stop) times, so it will be possible to list the most recent posts with excerpts and the older ones with just titles:

  4. Hi,

    is there a way to disable the link from the title of a news post when showing news with excerpts?



    1. Yes. In the following file:


      Comment out line 19, as follows:

      ## <div class="blogHeading"><a href="$req.contextPath$generalUtil.getPageUrl($blog)">$blog.title</a></div>

      and add the following line after it:

      Save the file and restart your Confluence server.

  5. Ditto on the request to be able to control formatting.  I'm trying to fit the last n blog posts in a smaller, righthand column and the title is way too large.

    1. The class of the div containing the title is "blogHeading."

      You can redefine that CSS tag in your "Custom HTML before end of Head" at Administration ("Look and Feel" section) > Custom HTML > At end of the HEAD

      For example, if you wanted the title to appear in 11pt. Arial bold, you could redefine the title style as:

      There are other ways to tinker with the CSS, but this seems to be the simplest.

      1. Hi, that custom html worked fine with ver.2.5.7 , but i just upgraded ver 2.6.2 and seems like that dont work any more, any ideas? 

        1. Hi Mika,

          I would suggest you to raise a support ticket at our support system: so that we can follow up the issue from there. Thanks.

          Choy Li

          1. I will.



            1. Anonymous

              Stumbled on this old problem and the answer. You need to define additional styles:   (Not sure which ones are absolutely required yet)

               Works for ver 2.8

              .blogpost {

              .blogHeading {

              .blogpost .blogHeading {

  6. Perhaps you might like to log your suggestions in the Confluence project at, and/or vote for the following issue?; -- Many thanks.

  7. Anonymous

    Can someone please tell me how to modify the format of news in 2.6.0?

     I see the \confluence\WEB-INF\classes\templates\macros\lastblogs.vm file in my older version of Confluence, but in the newest version, this is all that's in the \confluence\WEB-INF\classes directory:

    -rw-r-r-  1 lsnaphilly vuser 2326 Sep 26 21:04 atlassian-user.xml
    drwxr-xr-x  3 lsnaphilly vuser 4096 Sep 26 21:04 com
    -rw-r-r-  1 lsnaphilly vuser 1024 Oct 23 20:37
    -rw-r-r-  1 lsnaphilly vuser 2856 Sep 26 21:04 crowd-ehcache.xml
    -rw-r-r-  1 lsnaphilly vuser  344 Sep 26 21:04
    -rw-r-r-  1 lsnaphilly vuser 8833 Sep 26 21:04
    -rw-r-r-  1 lsnaphilly vuser 2741 Sep 26 21:04 osuser.xml
    -rw-r-r-  1 lsnaphilly vuser 1577 Sep 26 21:04 seraph-config.xml
    -rw-r-r-  1 lsnaphilly vuser  165 Sep 26 21:04 seraph-paths.xml

    I've looked everywhere and I'm completely stumped on how to do this now.


    1. With 2.6.0 a lot of stuff has been moved into a jar file. Open WEB-INF\lib\confluence-2.6.0.jar (jar is simply a zip file). You should find templates\macros\lastblogs.vm in there. If you leave the .jar file as-is but extract the one file to WEB-INF\classes\templates\macros\lastblogs.vm and make your edits it to it there it should override the copy in the jar when you restart Confluence.

      1. Anonymous


        I really appreciate your help.  You just saved my life.


  8. I am attempting to use the blog post macro to create a filtered view of posts by specific users. This way it will allow for 'departmental' blog views within our shared space.  The parameters shown allow for inclusion based on space name, or by a users personal space, but not by posts in the group space by a specific user. (or hopefully, by multiple usernames). Is there any way to filter the blog post macro by the username that created the post in the Spaces blog, not the individual's blog?


    1. Hi Andrew,

      Sorry to say that Confluence does not provide this feature currently and I cannot think of any workaround that can be used to fulfill your request. However, you may want to raise an improvement request in the following:

      Feel free to add a comment in the improvement request above to truly reflect the importance of this request.

      Choy Li

    2. You could use the Reporting Plugin to do this. Essentially, it would be a modification of this 'recipe'. You will need to modify the 'reporter' to look like this:

        {date-sort:content:modification date|order=descending}
        {user-filter:content:creator|users=j.bloe, f.bloggs}

      You can also specify a 'group=...' instead of/as well as users if you wish. let me know if you have any trouble.

      1. Thank you for the suggestion! Unfortunately I don't think we have the content-reporter plug-in implemented, and I am only the space admin, not the admin for the entire confluence installation.

         What I will do is ask my users to label/tag their entries, and create filtered views by label/tag.
        thank you both for the rapid replies!

      2. Anonymous

        Hi david

        when I did what u said. I am getting an error messge saying

        This is not currently in the context of a report.

  9. I am currently using Confluence 2.5.5.  I would consider myself a fairly 'novice' user of confluence - and I am having trouble with the blog-posts macro. 

    If I use {blog-posts:labels=label_name|match-labels=all}   the macro works fine, but the moment I change it to {blog-posts:content=titles:labels=label_name|match-labels=all} the labels and the match-labels filters do not seem to work, and it brings up all the blog posts.  What may I be doing wrong?  I need to display just a list of post titles based on labels alone. 

    any assistance is greatly appreciated,


    1. I was able to get my desired results by using the content_reporter macro.   However, I'd appreciate if someone can provide me an update as to why the blog-posts macro was showing the behavior as I expressed. 

      1. Hi Srinidhi,

        I believe there must be typo within the blog-posts declaration. I used both the samples you have listed above and true enough that the latter with the content titles displayed all blogs. Perhaps you should be using the following instead:


        Hope this helps.


      2. Anonymous

        I am having the same problem. All blog posts appear unfiltered when the macro can't find an instance of the label I have assigned- ie. if the label is "foo", and there aren't any blog posts with that label, all blog posts will appear even though they don't have that label.

        The code I am using:


        As soon as I add a blog post with that label, the filter works.

        I have no idea how to fix this - Help anyone? I am using confluence 2.8.1

  10. Anonymous

    Hi - is it possible to display only the titles of the blog-posts - hiding all the column titles, Author and Date Posted data?



    1. The official blog-posts macro is fairly limited in its display options. You can create a fully-customised output with the Reporting Plugin, however. An example of a custom blog post output is here.

  11. Anonymous

    Is there a way to make the time filter work on the published date vs. the edited date?

    1. Hi there,

      I am not aware of any parameter or feature to achieve this. If you are keen on this feature, feel free to raise an improvement request in our Issue Tracker system:


  12. Anonymous

    Is it possible to hide the author field?

    1. Hi,

      This feature is not supported in Confluence currently. However, there is a similar improvement request being raised at:

      Please add your comment, cast your vote and add yourself as a watcher to the feature request for future updates. Thanks.


  13. Is there any way to create a tabbed (deck and cards) space with different blogs for different tabs?  For example, I'm trying to create a newsletter page with four cards, and I'd like three of the cards to have a news blog format.  Unfortunately, the same posts are showing up on all three cards.


    1. Hi Matt,

      You can try looking at the third party Composition plugin.


      1. Thanks for your quick reply.  It looks like we have that pulgin (I'm a space admin, rather than a systems admin), as I'm able to build a deck of cards.  I'll play around with it a bit.


        1. @Matt - I am experiencing the same issue with a conflict between the deck/card macro and the blog-posts macro. Did you happen across a solution?

  14. Anonymous

    We are having issues getting the match-labels=all option to work as expected. Has anyone seen this behavior?

    For example I expected {blog-posts:time=30d|labels=label1,label2|match-labels=all} to output all news items modified in the last 30 days that have both label1 and label2 attached to them. If some had additional labels they would be included as long as they had both of the specified labels. It seems to work fine unless no entries match at least one of the labels. In that case it appears to include all entries that match one of the specified labels. In the case listed above if no News items match label2, but there are ones that match label1 then you appear to get all the entries that match label1 that meet the other criteria. If a single entry has label2, then the behavior appears to go back to expected and outputs "No news found" with no special formatting. Interestingly enough the message for the single label case with match-labels=all turned on is different and output "No content is labeled with label1" with a red background.

    I guess one workaround is to add additional news items with the missing label until the issue is fixed.

    Similar JIRA issue, but it is listed as resolved and unduplicatable

    1. Hi,

      May I know which Confluence version are you using? It seems like the bug issue has been fixed in Confluence version 2.8 at:

      For the different message output, I would suggest you to raise an improvement request at Alternatively, we would be happy to raise it on your behalf. Thanks.


      1. Anonymous

        2.7.3. I had found that bug report later, but I wasn't certain if we needed Confluence 2.8 or would version 1.4 of the Confluence Advanced Macros fix it. The admins haven't installed 1.4 yet so I don't have the answer yet.

        Thanks for the help

        1. Anonymous

          What is the difference between and, I submitted a report at for the blog-posts macro and it doesn't appear to have been reviewed, but there is definitely work going on with the blog-posts macro in the JIRA database at Is one system better than the other for submitting issues with the blog-posts macro?

          1. Hi,

            The is the issue tracker for plugins and tools created by members of the Atlassian Developer Network.

            The is the issue tracker for improvement request, bug report, feature request and task for Atlassian product. If you happen to have any Confluence related technical issues, please feel free to raise a support ticket via our issue tracker at


  15. Is there any way to filter a certain space out? I'd like all the news to display, expect from a certain space, because its news is listed separately on the dashboard.

    Or, is there a way to specify just the news in the 'main' or 'dashboard' space vs. all new news from all the spaces?

    1. Hi Joel,

      Do you mean you only wish to view news from some particular spaces in the dashboard? Perhaps you can try to modify the Global layout and append the blog-post macro to only display certain space news.

      If I happen to misinterpret your question, feel free to raise a support request at the following link and provide detailed explanation on your requirement:



  16. Anonymous

    We use the news function as a kind of forum with the macro {blog-posts:content=titles}. All news are in a list with title, author, date.

    Question: Is there a way to show also the amount of comments in an addionial column?

    Kind regards, Alex

    1. Hi Alex,

      As far as I am concerned, this feature is not yet available in this macro. If you are keen on this feature, feel free to raise an improvement request at Thanks.


    2. Anonymous

      Hi Alex,

      How did you display the news/blog items in that way.

      Could do with a similar overview ourselves and I cannot find any description on how this? 



      1. Anonymous


  17. Hi Raphael,

    Could you please further explain the goal you want to achieve here? It will be great if you can provide a scenario for a better understanding. Alternatively, you can raise a support ticket at for more queries.


    1. Hi Raphael,

      If you would like to filter label1 and label2 in Confluence, you can try the following example. It will returns all the news item with label1 and label2.


      Hope this helps.


  18. Anonymous

    This may be a simple question that I'm just not finding the answer to-- but is there any way to reduce the size of the headlines in this macro? The news headlines are HUGE!



    1. You can either try adding some CSS to the output of the page which makes the heading smaller. You might be able to do this with the {style} macro from the Content Formatting Plugin.

      Alternately, you might like to customise the display more directly, using something like the Reporting Plugin. An example of a blog post customisation is here.

  19. Anonymous


    is there any way to collect news (blog-posts) on a certain page and inform useres by E-Mail, that there is new news? What I try to realise is, that the news is brought to the user and not that he has to look after it . . .



    1. Hi Josef,

      You might want to look at the Mail page plugin. It allows anyone with the 'View' space permission to email a Confluence page. Please follow the detailed doc below to configure the Mail page plugin:

      Hope this helps. Thanks.


      1. Anonymous

        Hi MG,

        Thank you - I tried this - works fine! But it is not exactly what I am looking for.

        If someone makes a change on a page I have posted I recieve an E-Mail. The same behavior should appear when a page is added to a page I have posted. But that is not the case?!



        1. Hi Josef,

          Are you aware of the Watch feature in Confluence? Basically, users will be sent email notifications when changes are made to their watched pages and spaces:

          For more information, please look at:


          1. Anonymous

            Hi MG,

             I have been aware of the Watch feature. But your posting guided me to the following plugin: Descendent Notification Plugin

            I think that is what I've been looking for - thanks


  20. Anonymous


    Does somebody of you have also got major performance problems as we do?

     To run a page with 2 posts and the blogpost makro, it takes like 15 seconds to build up the page...

    Anybody got any ideas or workarounds? I am only Content Owner so I have no power to upgrade the hardware.

    Thank you

    1. Hi there,

      I would suggest you to raise a support request at and provide us the atlassian-confluence.log. Thanks.


  21. Hi,

    Is there a way to "back-date" news items.   Our group provides a lot of presentation across our organization.  Previously, we have organized these presentations in a simple table.  I would like to try to place those older presnetation items as news items based on the date given and then limit the blog-posts macro so that we don't see the last 50 presos... only the last 5 or so?

    1. Hi Brad,

      In the meantime, the backdating feature is only available when you create news items. You might want to cast your vote on the following improvement request:

      Perhaps, you can give Reporting Plugin (a third-party plugin) a try, which might be able to cater your requirements.


  22. Anonymous


    Is there a way to add navigation?  I'm using this kind of as a blog, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to access older posts without having them just all be on one page.



    1. Hi, Danielle. Perhaps, you might want to give the Flexi Blog Posts Plugin a try. Hope that helps!

  23. Anonymous

    How do you display the News Items in the list format? I´ve tried Flex Blog Posts Plugin but it does not work?

    1. Hello there,

      Does using the content=titles parameter generate the type of list you're looking for?

      For example, try using {blog-posts:content=titles} on your page.

      This generates a list of blog post titles listed in reverse chronological order of creation (by default), minus the content.


      Giles Gaskell
      Technical Writer

  24. Hi All

    I need to filter the Blog/News, But i dont want to use Label to filter. Do u have any other option to filter the same



    1. Hi Kaustubha,

      I am not sure which criteria that you want to use for your filter. But, there are other choices such as filter by spaces or combine parameters to filter as in example no.7 above. Apart from that, you might want to use the {search} macro to filter the results by content and use the lastmodified parameter to control the freshness of the contents. Refer here for more information about the {search} macro. Hope that helps!


      1. Hi Komathi,

                       I need to divide the news across pages. That is, there will be open forum where all news will be reposited by help of blog-posts and other forum will be the filter of some forums which are presently in open forum.
                       For that there is Label. But i don't want to use Label.
        Thanks & Regards,




        1. Hi Kaustubha,

          As far as I can understand, it sounds like that there is a need for forum-like feature in Confluence. If that is what you are looking for, there is a good discussion on this issue at Confluence as a Forum. Feel free to browse for more information.


          1. Anonymous

            I am working on confluence 2.2.1. Is it compatiable?

            1. Hi Kaustubha,

              As per my understanding, the second choice, Community Bubbles plugin is not compatible with your Confluence version. Hence, you might want to try out the other options.

              If possible, consider your instance for an upgrade to the latest version available as more bug fixes and features are included. As you may already know, support for Confluence 2.2.x and 2.3.x has been discontinued.


  25. I have tried to sort the blog news in title order, but I do not get the list sorted. It does not actually matter in which order I try to sort the lines. Did anyone have the same problem? We are working in Confluence 2.9.

    1. Hi Ulrika,

      Unfortunately, the sort by title parameter is only available for Confluence 2.10.x. You might want to refer to Confluence 2.9.x's documentation on the macro here:

      Hope that helps,

  26. Anonymous


    I want to list blog items from all personal spaces vs global spaces, but I also need to exclude blog items with a specific label. Following instructions, I tried this (note the minus sign in front of the label):


    But I'm still getting blog items labeled "foo". I'm on Confluence 2.8.2. What am I missing?

    1. Sorry, meant to escape the macro to just show the code:


      1. Hi,

        Please give a try to add the escape character, like the following:



  27. Hi all,

    I've seen someone already asked a navigationfeature for blog posts.

    Is there any chance to see this feature implemented? Currently this macro it's not acting like a real blog because if I shows only 5 posts, I have no way to directly access to previous posts. I have to click on a post and then I have two arrows... Why you do not add paginations?

    I saw there is another plugin (Flexi Blog Plugin) that implements many of the requests for the shipped blog macro but I really I do not understand Atlassian policy about development. Why I should get my Confluence instance bloated from thirdy party plugins to see corrections and improvements on shipped plugins?

    I found a similar request on Jiira but it seems three years old and on the road map there no improvement on this plugin so I see no utility to raise further requests.

    Again, a lot of people asks for reducing title font size since three years ago. Why was not implemented? It's seems a really trivial correction. Yes I see I could change it through css and other ways but would my modifications be retained when I upgrade Confluence?


    1. Hello Davide,

      Our development team practises internal prioritisation when it comes to bug fixes and adding new features. I hope the following page would be able to answer your questions:

      Yes I see I could change it through css and other ways but would my modifications be retained when I upgrade Confluence?

      Yes, it will be retained provided that you perform it through here.


      1. Yes I know that page.

        Actually I wish have known before buying Confluence (smile)

        Things are clear here: the blog macro is useless even for a simple blog and to get basic functionalities as a simple pagination I need another plugin (unsupported) and for a decent title font size I need to tweak Confluence.


  28. Is it possible to remove the top 'date' bar from the post?

    1. Hi Dan,

      Yes, but there isn't any direct way to do it. You can;

      1. Go to Administration > Look and Feel > Layouts > Edit Site Layout > Space Layout.
      2. Remove the following line:
        <span class="blogDate">$blog.datePath</span>
      3. Save the layout

      You should be able to remove the date from showing in the blogpost. You can always reset back the default layout if you want to.


      1. MG,

        The suggestion doesn't appear to work in my tests.

        Is there anything else that I have to do other than remove that line?

        Would this work across the site.....or would it be specific to a space?


        1. Hi Dan,

          The steps that Ming Giet mentioned were for the news tab in the space that you can access from Browse > News.

          However, I think your query is related to the {blog-posts} macro. In order to achieve your requirement, you have to edit the vm file responsible for the blog-posts macro. There is no direct way of doing it. Here are the steps if you are really keen to achieve this:

          1. Unzip the <confluence-install>/WEB-INF/classes/com/atlassian/confluence/setup/
          2. Unjar the confluence-advanced-macros-X.X.X.X.jar in the unzipped
          3. Once unjarred, edit the /com/atlassian/confluence/plugins/macros/advanced/blog-posts.vm file.
          4. Comment the following lines in the file by adding #* and *#:
          5. Once you have done this, save the file.
          6. Jar the file back to confluence-advanced-macros-X.X.X.X.jar
          7. Zip the back
          8. Restart your confluence.
          9. Your changes would be reflected after this

          If you need a guide to help with the editing files within JAR archives, you can refer to this documentation. However, please keep in mind that the confluence advanced macro is a part of bundled plugins. Hence they are stored in a special place, which is located at <confluence-install>/classes/com/atlassian/confluence/setup/ Therefore, if you are following the guide, please make sure the paths are correct.

          As a precaution, you might want to backup your before changing anything. Hope this will help you.


  29. When using blog posts and designating content equal to title, I am getting three columns (title, author and date).  Is there a way to omit author?

    1. Hi Meredith,

      As far as I know, there is no direct way of doing it. However, you can probably do the following:

      1. Unzip the <confluence-install>/WEB-INF/classes/com/atlassian/confluence/setup/
      2. Unjar the confluence-advanced-macros-X.X.X.X.jar in the unzipped
      3. Once unjarred, edit the /com/atlassian/confluence/plugins/macros/advanced/blog-posts-titles.vm file.
      4. Remove the following two lines in the file:
      5. Once you have done this, save the file.
      6. Jar the file back to confluence-advanced-macros-X.X.X.X.jar
      7. Zip the back
      8. Restart your confluence.
      9. Your changes would be reflected after this

      If you need a guide to help with the editing files within JAR archives, you can refer to this documentation. However, please keep in mind that the confluence advanced macro is a part of bundled plugins. Hence they are stored in a special place, which is located at <confluence-install>/classes/com/atlassian/confluence/setup/ Therefore, if you are following the guide, please make sure the paths are correct.

      As a precaution, you might want to backup your before changing anything. Hope this will help you.


  30. I'd actually like to remove the top gray bar that includes "Title, Author, and Date Posted" altogether - how can that be done?  I ONLY want the list information, not the header row.

    1. Hi Corey,

      Basically it is the same as the above suggestion. In order to remove the whole header row, kindly follow the following steps:

      1. Unzip the <confluence-install>/WEB-INF/classes/com/atlassian/confluence/setup/
      2. Unjar the confluence-advanced-macros-X.X.X.X.jar in the unzipped
      3. Once unjarred, edit the /com/atlassian/confluence/plugins/macros/advanced/blog-posts-titles.vm file.
      4. Remove the following lines in the file:
      5. Once you have done this, save the file.
      6. Jar the file back to confluence-advanced-macros-X.X.X.X.jar
      7. Zip the back
      8. Restart your confluence.
      9. Your changes would be reflected after this

      If you need a guide to help with the editing files within JAR archives, you can refer to this documentation. However, please keep in mind that the confluence advanced macro is a part of bundled plugins. Thus, they are stored in a different location, which is at <confluence-install>/classes/com/atlassian/confluence/setup/ Therefore, if you are following the guide, please make sure the paths are correct.

      You also might want to keep a backup of your before doing any changes. Hope this helps.


      1. Thank you - that's really great and much cleaner.  Is it equally easy to tell the layout of this macro to ONLY wrap the title content, and not the author and date?  This macro works very well, but becomes less effective when all three columns break...

        1. Hi Corey,

          Yes, it is equally easy to wrap only the title content. In the blog-posts-titles.vm file that you have edited previously, just add the style for nowrap for the particular column. The following code will only wrap the title content:


      2. Anonymous

        In the documentation which describes how to unjar, there is a note providing a shortcut.  It says you can drop the modified file in a particular path without recreating the JAR as long as you get the full path correct.

        Is this shortcut applicable to mods to the blog-posts.vm file?  Or is it different because the JAR is contained within

  31. When I try to use the following markup, it fails:

    It says:

    blog-posts: Multiple values found: [user2, user1, user3]. Only one value supported.

    The documentation supports the author field, but no examples cite its usage. I tried using spaces (instead of commas) with no success as well as removing the parameter name "author=" from the macro (and just inserting the values after the macro name). It works when I specify a SINGLE user. An alternatively acceptable solution would be if it would accept a group, which it does not.

    1. Hi Michi,

      I have tried this out in Confluence 3.0 with Advanced Macros version, and I am getting the same result.
      This does not happen in Confluence 2.10.3 with Advanced Macros version, though.

      I have raised a bug report on this issue. I would suggest you to add yourself as a watcher for the aforementioned bug report and feel free to comment or address your concerns through them.


  32. Hi,

    Is it possible to use this macro BUT in the results I don't want to display the date of the posting-
    Tuesday, September 20, 2005.

    We use it for upcoming events- to give a list of them and I want to display title and the date of the scheduled event (some date in future).



    1. I didn't believe you could set the posting date for news items for dates in the future, has this functionality changed recently?

      On your first point, when I looked at it before the blog-posts macro wasn't to flexible on display options. The Reporting Plugin is the option we used, but I believe there is another option from Customware called the Flexi Blog Posts Plugin.

    2. Hi Patrick,

      This question has been asked by Dan Collins above and I have answered it here. If you think I have misunderstood your question, feel free clarify more on your requirements.

      Hope this helps.


  33. We really like this macro, but would like to find a way that the icon shown to the left of each item (currently a default system news icon) could be a custom icon, derived from the space that the news is from (presumably the space logo).  We have a main intranet-like page that pulls news from throughout our wiki, but it's not obvious enough which news items are from which spaces.  Is this something we can modify the macro to do?

  34. Is there a way to post news in the Confluence Welcome Screen? Am looking for something like that... Nothing found so far :-(.

    1. Hi Michael,
      This is possible by including the {blog-posts} macro in Site Welcome Message. You can bring up Confluence Admin page > General Configuration > Click 'Edit' button > Customize the Site Welcome Message. For example, to display news from my personal space where the space key is CON, I would use {blog-posts:space=CON}. After that just save it and view the effect from Dashboard.

      Hope it helps.


      1. Anonymous

        Thanks, worked great (big grin) !

  35. Is it possible to schedule a blog post in Confluence 3.0.1? We see the post date selection when creating a news article, but we aren't able to select a date beyond the current day of the post (dates after the current date are greyed out). I don't see the calendar view in news postings in Confluence 3.0.1, and we'd like to be able to create news and post at a later date. Thanks.

    1. Hi Jamie,

      I am afraid that this is not currently possible. However, I have found a similar feature request. Please add yourself as a watcher, vote for this feature and add your own comments to this feature request. For further details on how we include new features and improvements, you might want to read this page


  36. Is there any way to get comments appearing underneath the blog posts? (Not when you're viewing the post individually after clicking it, but when you're viewing the list of them.)

    Even if you have to edit a .vm file or something, I'm interested.

    1. Anonymous

      I too would like to know if there are any options for displaying comments inline (ie threaded). Not sure if it will need to be a change to the .vm file or not... 

  37. Anonymous

    The macro does not seem to be rendering anything past 12/31/2009. At this point, I think it may be because of the new year. 

    1. We're using Confluence 2.7.1 and haven't experienced this issue. Posts from 2010 seem to appear just fine. We are using BloggingRPC plugin version 1.2.2 (wasn't sure if this was related to the blog-posts macro or not).

      So, all's well on our end.

      1. Anonymous

        I'm the same anon.

        I believe you are right (that everything is ok on your end). My recently-updated and recently-updated-dashboard are also doing this, so it looks like it affects macros system wide. 

        My edited pages and blog posts have the correct timestamp: they just don't show up in the macros. 

        I've made a bug report at:

  38. hello,

    how is it possible to format the date/time output of blog-posts macro from english format into e.g. german date format ?

    Is it a server side setting?

    Thanxs for help

    I just found out: its dependent on the JVM locale settings, which u can change with the following JAVA_OPTS

    did it for me.

  39. Anonymous

    Is it possible to list only the posts between certain dates? For example, it would be great if I could just show posts made between 31Jan2010 and 6Feb2010.

    1. Maybe this would relate to CONF-12325, CONF-9160, and/or CONF-4683?

  40. Hello,

    is there a way to restrict the number of characters in „content=excerpts“-view?

    1. Hello Ganna,

      Unfortunately, this is not possible unless you modify the source code of the Confluence Advanced Macros. The class that you will need to modify is com.atlassian.confluence.plugins.macros.advanced.BlogPostsMacro. If you need assistance, feel free to ask in Atlassian Answers.


      1. Anonymous


        is it possible to reduce the number of characters in "contect=excerpts"-view? for example

        500 -> 200 chars

        Ganna: u mean i can modify the class of plugin confluence advanced. Is it possible with plugin

        Version (Confluence v3.0.0*) I dont found the class* com.atlassian.confluence.plugins.macros.advanced.BlogPostsMacro. Where can i edit it??



  41. Hello,

    Are there  „Back to the List“- Function in single view?

    1. Hi Ganna,

      No, there is no such a feature yet. If you are keen on it, feel free to raise a feature request in our issue tracker. On a side note, you might be interested in a similar macro, the Flexi Blog Posts Plugin.


  42. Cant get -BADSPACE to work, it seems that default is the current space and it is not possible to combine this parameter with the @all-parameter. Please correct me if my test went wrong!

    So you have to specify every single space, e.g. you have 200 spaces and all but 2 (e.g. test and private) are interesting for news. Thats just one scenario which seems to be a blocker for the usage of this macro. Actually i just wanted to have some simple lists, but it seems i have to install the reporting plugin or modify another/this plugin for that.

    Some other scenarios this macro nees some enhancements: presentation (e.g. without border), custom columns (e.g. add space, labels, ..), comments

  43. Hello,

    Is there any way to change the author of a blog post?

    I've imported a number of blog post from a blog on a different application and have published them myself but I'm not the original author.


    1. Hi James,

      I found an improvement request which has similiar requirement you have mentioned in JIRA:

      Please add your comments to the discussion, vote on it and add yourself as a watcher for future updates. Also, please bear in mind the following document on how we schedule features for inclusion in our products: Implementation of New Features and Improvements.

      Hope that helps.
      Best rgds,

  44. Hi,

    how can I change table-layout in a div-layout in view "content=titles". HTML and CSS is not a problem. I don't understand the algorithm.

    Thanks for all Help. A link would be enough too.


    1. Hi,

      i took a advice from Sashidaran Jayaramanon(03.08.09)on this page.

      I find the file "confluence-advanced-macros-X.X.X.X.jar/blog-posts-titles.vm" and change the table

      to a div-layout

      i jared the file and upload them to the server.
      bud now i have biger Problem=> the blog und recently updated macros a not available any more. Please help!

  45. Hello all,  Novice confluence user here, but loving it wholeheartedly! (thumbs up)

    I would love to show news messages in excerpts, but the problem is that when I do, the blog titles are hideously huge AND the excerpts themselves are too big to be called that... 

    Is there any way to further specify the look and feel of blog posts themselves (getting rid of those huge titles would be great) and is there a way to define the length of an excerpt?

    Many thanks for any help the experts can provide.


    1. Anonymous

      Hi you all,

      i search for other possibility like Peter.. is it possible to define the length or lines of an excerpt?



  46. Anonymous


    does anybody know if it is possible to interlace the blog-post macro ??

    1. Hi,

      By interlacing, do you mean to have a {blog-posts} macro within a blogpost? If this is true, then I believe this is not possible as you will get the following error message:

      blog-posts: Already included page another ones, stopping.

      The reason for this is to avoid recursive problem as mentioned in this bug report. Hope this helps.


  47. Anonymous


    We experienced an issue with the excepts parameters. One of our users used column tags in the blog post and and since one of these was within the first 400 chars it really messed up the blog post page.

    Maybe you should consider stripping such input in the excerpt characters.

    Also it would be cool with an option to include or exclude images?



  48. Anonymous

    Try it that way. E.g. change the text size to 10pt.



  49. Hi,

    Trying to achieve a typical blog view (of a certain label), l'm using {blog-posts:labels=my_label|content=excerpts|max=5} macro.

    What's not typical, is that it doesn't provide a link to view older posts, so a page with this macro gives access only to the latest five items.

    What's the best way to provide a link to older items? e.g. "watch the previous 5 items" in the same excerpts view?



  50. Hi,

    By default blog-posts macro is not displaying authors picture, can somebody help achieving this. I have seen in most of the places picture is being displayed with blog entry, even in the top of this article "what you type" and "what you will get" image of Matt is displayed but i am not able to show picture. Is there any parameter i have to use, as of now i have modified the blog-posts.vm to achieve this



    1. Hi Deepak,

      This improvement has been introduced in Confluence 3.3. Specifically, this is introduced in Advanced Macros plugin version 1.9, which is not compatible with Confluence 3.2.x. You might want to consider upgrading your Confluence to enjoy this feature.


      1. Anonymous

        I have the opposite question. Our company just upgraded to 3.5 and now my picture is all over a project team space because I happen to be the one who posts public status updates. I don't want this. It's a *team* site, not my personal one. So how can I suppress the pictures?

  51. Anonymous


    I'm using the blog-post macro with the content:titles option. In FireFox it looks fine, however in IE and Chrome, each blog posts seems to have a bullet point at the end or begining. Any idea's why this might be happening?


  52. I'm having trouble with the CSS on this one. I've tried adding .blogpost, .blogheading and .blogpost .blogheading to my global CSS yet seem unable to style the titles?

  53. Anonymous

    I am using this macro, however I'd like for it to ONLY show the title, not the author and date also.

    Is this possible? If so, how would I go about doing this?


  54. Anonymous


    Meant to use noformat before, sorry.

  55. Anonymous

    Has anyone run into problems in the last few days where the time constraints aren't working? I had it set for only showing posts in the last week and it was working perfectly fine until a few days ago when it started to show the last month or so. I didn't change any of the coding for the macro.

    Anyone know whats up with this? Thanks.

  56. Hi,

    Is see that the issue I want to address is displayed three posts up, that is, when I use the blog-posts macro and specify that it should display posts with a certain label (and no posts with that label has been added), Confluence displays the text "blog-posts:'label" is not an existing label" in a sort of pinkish colour. I would have expected Confluence to display the text "No blog posts found." instead. Am I missing something in the usage of the macro?



  57. Anonymous

    According to the table above, the default for Content Type to Display is entire - which I interpret to mean the complete blog contents will be included, but it looks like the default is really title.  Is there some way to include the complete contents of a set blog posts based on a set of labels?

    Also if I have multiple labels that I want to show, it seems that all of them must be present before anything is shown - I'd like to be able to define the set of labels and treat them as ANY semantics, is there anyway to do this?

    NOTE: Using version v4.0, but would really like to do this in v3.5 (wink)




    1. Hi Gary,

      Yes, you are correct about the default for the Content Type to Display parameter. I've amended the relevant description. Thanks!

      It sounds like you would like something like the Operator parameter that is available for the Content by Label macro. Please consider adding a feature request to our JIRA issue tracker.

      I hope this helps.



      1. Paul,

        the default for the parameter should be "entire" and was "entire" up through Confluence 3.5.13.  This functionality was either broken or removed in Confluence 4.0 and it is filed a critical bug: CONF-23273

        I've updated that issue to reflect that the Confluence 4.0 documentation no longer shows "entire" as the default.  It now links to the previous version of this documentation which shows the originally intended functionality.

        There are multiple customers commenting on CONF-23273 who are impacted by this bug.  Please take the time to vote for this bug so that Atlassian might choose to fix it.

  58. Anonymous

    The table above mentions the ability to set the Content Type for the Blog Post macro. In Confluence 4.0 I no longer see a field in the Edit Macro popup for Content Type. Is there a way to edit the parameters of the Blog Post Macro manually?

    1. Anonymous

      Any update on this? My old blog macros still display excerpts and if I copy the macro from one page to another I can get them. But if I edit the macro it immediately changes back to the default titles.

  59. Anonymous


    we just updated our Confluence 3.5 to Version 4 and have no problems with the "blog-posts"-macro using the space "@all".
    All "old" blog-posts (made with version 3.5) are displayed using this space-identifier, but not the newest blogposts made with version 4.

    How can I display ALL blog-posts?

  60. Anonymous

    The time-stamp of all new blog-posts written with confluence 4 is set to 00:00, so the sorting order and timeframe-setting doesn't work correctly.

    1. Anonymous

      Perhaps this is causing my problem: I want blog posts to sort with newest post at top. This worked in our previous version of Confluence, but now it is somewhat broken. It seems to be top posting by date, but then ordering by creation time. If multiple blog posts are made in the same day, you get this...

      11/18 Today's first post
      11/18 Today's second post
      11/18 Today's third post
      11/17 Yesterday's post
      11/15 Older post
      11/14 Older post

      But what we want is:

      11/18 Today's third post
      11/18 Today's second post
      11/18 Today's first post
      11/17 Yesterday's post
      11/15 Older post
      11/14 Older post

      1. We have the same problem!

      2. Atlassian's engineers created a bug  CONF-24622 - Reverse Sort by creation on 'Blog Posts' Macro doesn't work if the post created on same day Resolved

        1. I have the same problem - it is not resolved, all the posts created in one day are not ordered properly by their creation time. Please help.

  61. Anonymous

    Version 4.0

    I didn't like the size of the blog heading in my page so I added the following to the Custom HTML in the Admin page "End of Head"

    <style type="text/css">
    font:bold 30px arial,sans-serif;



  62. Anonymous

    There seems to be a bug with blog posts in "Advanced Macros 2.0.34". After upgrading to this plugin version today the macro displays the full blog even if I choose "titles" as content type. All other content types working correctly.

    After viewing the blog content in storage format I noticed that the parameter "content" does not exists if I choose "titles" als content type.

    1. Same here - blog posts macro (Content Type: titles) was displaying fine until I modified the macro properties. now when I select 'title' for Content type, it displays the full blog post. even deleting and adding macro again gives same problem

      1. Darragh, are you based in Ireland? I'm keen to get in touch with some Atlassian users who might be based there.

        1. Hi David, Yes - send me an email off list if you wish - you should be able to lookup my email on your system.

          1. This seems like a bug in version 2.0.34 of the Advanced Macros Plugin.

            A workaround could be: Edit Page => Insert => Wiki Markup

            Then insert the following markup:


            Hope this helps

            1. Hello Remo,

              Excellent - this is a great workaround. Thanks!

  63. Anonymous

    Since upgrading the error :

    Error rendering macro 'blog-posts' : com.atlassian.renderer.v2.macro.MacroException: com.atlassian.confluence.pages.Page cannot be cast to com.atlassian.confluence.pages.BlogPost

    is returned on multiple instances


    1. Anonymous

      Same to me. On the Blog-posts-overview page everything is rendered fine.

      But with the blog-post-macro I got the following error:

    2. We are on 4.1.6, and are now getting this error when referring to the local space ether by name or using @self. @personal renders fine.

  64. Hi,

    I'm a space admin, so I only have control over my spaces and not confluence-wide.  I'm trying to alter the size of the Blog heading that I'm using the blog post macro to display on my wiki's homepage.  From the above there are several references to style-sheet modifications, but they seem to have to be applied at a higher level than space admin.  Is there a way for me to customize this font size with my permission level or do I have to go up the chain?  If the latter, will a change there effect other wikis, or just my own?


    Thanks -Greg

  65. I have a problem with Blog Posts macro, check that link below, check the source of Blog Posts section and you will see missing opening and closing <ul/> tag

    is it a bug ?

  66. In Confluence 4.1.7, I've noticed that the blog-posts macro with the excerpts option doesn't preserve the formatting of the original blog post. This seems like a regression from the behavior I was used to in Confluence 3.5, where an excerpt preserved the formatting of the blog posts.

    Is this an issue that anyone is aware of? If so, has it been addressed in a later version? I didn't see anything like this in the resolved issues lists for later releases.

    1. Anonymous

      I have the same problem. I've created


  67. Hi

    does anyone know of a way to auto-generate a blog post every day?

    I auto create a blog with some default task-list. So users can login and check them off when certain tasks are done.

    Would prefer to have this automated, instead of me creating the blank page for them every day.


    (I'm using Confluence 4.1.9)



  68. Any suggestions on how I could prevent the display of a blog authors image/avatar to the left of the blog heading when using the blog-posts macro?  Thanks


  69. Anonymous

    It would be helpful in the doc, to indicate the specific parameter or provide an example of all parameters being used.  We had to guess at how to actually use them (e.g. use time instead of time frame, use content instead of display content, contentdisplay, etc.)

  70. Has anyone found a way to create a similar table format as the old wiki markup?

    A workaround could be: Edit Page => Insert => Wiki Markup

    Then insert the following markup:


    We prefer this rendering much better as it consumers much less space that is currently being taken up just by the title.  We are an OnDemand user and don't have access to make css modifications or user macros and really want to be able to post blog entries on the dashboard, in the announcements section.




  71. Anonymous

    Can we expect an update to the Blog Posts Macro where the number of likes (v4.2 functionality) will be (optionally) displayed?

    Would it even be possible to 'like' an update directly from the macro listing?

    1. Would be much better than displaying edit on an excerpt (smile)

    2. I am surprised this is not already available, along with comments. Particularly as blogs are such 'social' types of content it would be great if Atlassian could provide this really soon. It would be a great engagement tool.

      1. Hi Helen,

        Feel free to comment and watch this improvement suggestion so we can capture your interest.

        CONF-29385 - As a user, I would like to add comments to a blog post or like it as it appears in a blog listing generated from the blog post macro. Open

    3. I am surprised this is not already available, along with comments. Particularly as blogs are such 'social' types of content it would be great if Atlassian could provide this really soon. It would be a great engagement tool.

  72. Anonymous

    Is it possible to use the "Language " macro in a blog?

  73. Anonymous

    When I try to restrict by author, it doesn't show the posts by that author. Is it because our authors are as follows: LastName, FirstName?

  74. Anonymous

    Is there anyway to use "excerpt" as the content type and still have images display on the page it is included on?

    This blog is posted on this page and previous to upgrading to Confluence 4 the images displayed.  Since the upgrade only when the content type "entire" is chosen do the pictures display.



    1. Hi if you wrap the section you want to display in an excerpt macro, everything works as expected.  The one thing i miss is an indication if the entire post wasn't shown, so we manually type in a link to the entire post)


  75. Why was the support for "read more" suspended?


    1. steve - What version of Confluence are you running?

  76. Is there any way to restrict to a group of authors? If not, what is the format for restricting to only certain authors - I can't seem to get this right... thx!

    1. Hallo Corey

      It's not possible to enter a group name. To restrict the listing to one or more authors, enter their usernames separated by commas.

      For example: jsmith,jbrown

      I've added the above example to the page. Thanks for commenting and thus letting me know there was no useful example! (star)

      Cheers, Sarah

      1. thx sarah, and quite a quick reply !

  77. Anonymous

    Has anyone found a way to create a similar table format as the old wiki markup?

    A workaround could be: Edit Page => Insert => Wiki Markup

    Then insert the following markup:


    We prefer this rendering much better as it consumers much less space that is currently being taken up just by the title.  We are an OnDemand user and don't have access to make css modifications or user macros and really want to be able to post blog entries on the dashboard, in the announcements section.


  78. Anonymous

    Is there any way to get also date and time in the blog-posts-macro instead saying ".... xxxx time ago"?


  79. Anonymous

    is it possible to hide the author and date posted fields, i tried author=false but it didn't work?




    1. I too was looking for this option. It gets real messy when you have a limited area for the blog posts to be displayed.

  80. Hi, all

    I tried to receive a notification if a page with the blog posts macro is watched but it did not work. Is this a bug?

    The idea is to receive email notifications only for blogs with specific labels.

    Cheers, Tihomir.

  81. The blog post macro page seams to attract spammers.

    Atlassian should block write-access to this space for anonymous users.

    No login - no comment !!!!

  82. It's not clear should the "Read more" appear or not. Is this feature removed ?

  83. Hello.

    When i have got a HTML macro include on the post, the macro Blog Post renderize the javascript code as a text in the excerpt. 

    Example: On the new. I've included the html macro, (this code hide a head menu) when i show all news.


    <script type="text/javascript">
    	  var version = AJS.$('meta[name=ajs-page-title]').attr('content');


    and the excerpt page with the BlogPost macro i show this text:

    <script type="text/javascript"> AJS.toInit(function(){ var version = AJS.$('meta[name=ajs-page-title]').attr('content'); if(version==null) { AJS.$('#HeadMenu').hide(); } }); </script>  Cuentanos que te pasa   Lorem ipsum ad his scripta blandit partiendo, eum fastidii accumsan euripidis in, eum liber hendrerit an. Qui ut wisi vocibus suscipiantur, quo dicit ridens inciderint id. Quo mundi lobortis reformidans eu, legimus senserit definiebas an eos. Eu sit tincidunt incorrupte definitionem, vis mutat affert percipit cu,…

    Editar  ·  Etiquetas: cuentanostitle

    Any idea!!.

    1. Hi Guillermo, you may be able to find an answer on this knowledge base page - How to Use JavaScript in Confluence, or on Atlassian Answers - Javascript inclusion


  84. Documentation is incorrect: "titles — Display only the title of each blog post."

    "titles" displays title, author, space name and "xxx time ago" stamp, none of which can be disabled. This is highly annoying and honestly, quite ugly as well.

    1. Hi Tom,

      You're absolutely right about what's displayed; I've updated our documentation master, so the changes will be visible here when next we publish, early next week.

      If you think those items should be configurable, feel free to make a suggestion so the team can take a look.