Documentation for Confluence 5.4.
Documentation for Confluence OnDemand and earlier versions of Confluence is available too.

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In Confluence, you can replace the default logo for a space with an image of your choice. The instructions below apply to site spaces. For your personal space, your profile picture is used as the space icon.

You need to be a space administrator to replace a space's logo.

To change a space's logo, in spaces using the default theme:

  1. Go to the space and choose Space tools > Configure sidebar on the sidebar.
  2. Choose the edit icon  next to the space name.
  3. Choose Choose File.
  4. Browse to find and upload an image.
  5. Adjust the size of the highlighted circle on the image, to crop the image to the required size. 
  6. Choose Save.

To change a space's logo, in spaces using the Documentation theme:

  1. Choose Browse > Space Admin at the top of the screen.
    Note: The 'Space Admin' option appears only if you are a space administrator for the space or you are a super user (a member of the confluence-administrators group).
  2. Choose Change Space Logo in the left-hand panel.
  3. Use the browse option to locate the new logo and choose Upload.

Screenshot: Changing a space logo in the default theme


  • Dimensions of image when using the Documentation theme: A space logo in the Documentation theme looks best if the height and width of the image are of the same or similar length. In other words, the area occupied by the image, including white space, should be square rather than rectangular.
  • Minimum dimensions: Space logos are set at 48 x 48px. Logos less than these dimensions will be centred with whitespace around them.
  • Space logos in the default theme are circular.


  1. This option does not appear to be available for Personal Spaces, which probably makes sense but would be useful to have noted here as well.

  2. Our company's logo is a triangle. If I size the logo to the maximum allowed height, I get this gorpy-looking triangle with the bottom cropped by the circular frame. If I use my math to size the logo so that it will fit completely inside the circle, it's not bottom-justified with the text of the page title – also gorpy.

    Any suggestions for how to change the space logo frame to a more triangle-friendly shape?

  3. Anonymous

    I'm not happy with the new logo dimension constraints. We did not have this issue in the previous release of Confluence 4.3.7

  4. Hallo all

    There's a good discussion with the product managers about the new logo format happening on this page:



  5. Anonymous

    When you customize the site logo, can you define its link destination? By default, it links to the Confluence dashboard but I would like it to link to our company's web site.

  6. Anonymous

    Is it possible to point the logo to a URL instead of having to upload a file?  We have logo assets centrally managed on another server.

  7. 5.1.3 Confluence standalone on Solaris. I have custom site Logo and have it set to show both logo and title. I update, install or uninstall add-ons and it switches to Show Logo only. I then have to go back in to Look & Feel/Site logo and re-select show Logo & title and save. I have repeated this on 2 seperate installs with 2 different plugins. I'll try windows version later.

    I just verifiied that 5.1.3 standalone for windows behaves the same way. Updating an add-on changes it to Show Logo only.

    I have reported this as a bug. (CONF-29734)

  8. Anonymous

    It would be good if you could add a link to this. Is this functionality available for space icons?

  9. I've noticed that after I add a SPACE LOGO, that actual image will show up in search results (LiveSearch) and the Recently Updated macros. Is this a bug or is there a way to fix this?

    1. Not an answer, but +1 for the Doctor Manhattan forehead tatt avatar.

  10. My Company logo is Square. When i open it in Chrome it appears circular. In IE it appears square. How can change the way it appears in Chrome?

  11. To me it's confusing why the space logo is a property of the sidebar, not of the space itself. I would have expected this setting to be in "edit space details".

    1. Thanks Martin, I'll pass your comments on to the team. 

    2. Agreed. This is rather confusing.

  12. The circular logo space is definitely a limitation which is annoying your customers including my internal project teams.  Please, please do something about it.  At the very least, increase the logo space so that the cropping does not occur.  It makes more sense for the the logo space to be square rather than circular.

    1. Hi Nick, please refer to this ticket for more information on the decision to change the space logos  CONF-28275 - Provide a way to avoid the automatic rounding of space logos Open