Documentation for Confluence 5.4.
Documentation for Confluence OnDemand and earlier versions of Confluence is available too.

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Your profile picture is used as the icon for your personal space, to represent you in the People Directory, and to illustrate your comments. It also appears in various other places next to your name, such as in the list of recent updates on the dashboard.

You can upload your own profile picture or use one of the images provided by Confluence. If you upload your own profile picture, you will have an opportunity to crop (trim) the picture.

To choose a profile picture:

  1. Choose your profile picture at top right of the screen, then choose Profile.
  2. Click Picture on the left.
  3. Choose one of the following two options:
    • Upload a new picture: Click Browse to locate your picture, then click Upload to upload it from your computer or file server.
    • Or select one of the default icons provided.
  4. Click Set Profile Picture.

On this page:

Related pages:

Screenshot: Choosing a profile picture

If you upload a profile picture that is larger than 48x48 pixels, the 'Edit My Profile Picture' screen will appear. You can select part of the picture or the entire picture, to be used as the final image for your profile. Note that the size of the final image will always be scaled down to 48x48 pixels.

To edit your profile picture:

  1. Click and drag the centre of the superimposed square to select the centre of the new image.
  2. Click the corners of the square to resize the area for your new image.
  3. Click Save.
  4. The image from your selected area will be cropped, resized to 48x48 pixels and saved.

Screenshot: Trimming a profile picture


  1. I just noticed that my profile picture is not viewable by anonymous users - but only if I use an uploaded picture. I can't find any permissions that control this - any ideas? I've tried with two different uploaded pictures.

  2. OK, I figured it out. The permissions for this picture are controlled by the "View Global Permissions" admin page. One must turn on the *View User Profiles* permission for *anonymous* users in order for people to be able to see the picture. I guess this is because the picture to be used is set in one's profile - but the inconsistency is that this is only required for uploaded pictures, not the default icons provided by Atlassian. For the second I have made profiles public as they haven't really been used, but I think the user's profile picture should always be publicly available, or at least an option as it is shown on the on the user's personal space page.

  3. Does anyone have a problem uploading .PNG files? They should be transparent but the background is black once they are uploaded.



    1. Hi Yoni,

      I believe that this issue is related to this bug report:

      Please add your comments to the discussion and add yourself as a watcher for future updates. Also, please bear in mind the following document on how we schedule features for inclusion in our products: How we approach fixing bugs.

      Hope that helps.
      Best rgds

      1. Anonymous

        Over a year later and transparency is still an issue.  Simply not preserved when uploading png or gif images, unless fixed in 3.4.

  4. Anonymous

    Is there a way to add pictures to the default set of icons? I have had a number of African American women users express that they feel left out of the default set of icons. This is not the best way to start out a new users experience (it is not as welcoming as it could be. This could be solved by adding their own picture, but ideally attlassian would address this issue and add more multi-cultural icons to their default set.

  5. Is there any way we can hack it so that profile pictures are resized to a bigger size? We are custom-cssing the profile pics to be bigger but because they are shrunk at upload time they don't look so good.

  6. Could I integrate a Gravatar plugin with Confluence like I can with Bamboo?

    1. Lack of integration with Gravatar is a bit shocking. A plugin would be nice, for sure. I wonder how hard that would be to write...


  7. Anonymous

    Hi all,

    is it possible to add profile pictures for every confluence user as the confluence admin. Not every user of our confluence system added their own picture, so i want to add the pictures for every user.

    1. I need this functionality also.

      I hope Andy can make his SU-Plugin ( compatible with Confluence 4.1 then it is possible.

    2. Anonymous

      Did you find a way, as an admin, to upload photos for users?

  8. Just wondering as with the above comments, any way to upload another users picture as admin? Or alternatively, we add the user's ID photo to their AD account, since confluence can read AD can it also be made to read the photo attribute?

    1. Small disclaimer: This works great on my setup. I have not tested it outside of my setup. It should work just fine as I am using the standard API's that come with Confluence, but it is an open source project and I'm not getting paid for it, so I haven't done extensive testing in all scenarios.

      That said, here is a utility I created to upload user photos in batch. You can get the source here ...

      The compiled binary is here...

      Basically you supply the program with a folder where the user photos are. It will pull in all the .jpg,.jpeg, .tif, .tiff, .png, and .bmp files in the folder. The photos must be in this format username.png, username.jpg, etc. Since Confluence profile photos are 48x48 and most photos are not square it will do face detection and then crop the photo unless you specify otherwise(via a checkbox). It has a form mode (just click on the executable) and a headless mode (supply the command line arg /headless) for automating the process. Hope this helps you out.

  9. Anonymous

    The Save button does not display to save the photo.