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Documentation for Confluence Cloud and earlier versions of Confluence is available too.

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Shortcut links provide a quick way of linking to resources that are frequently referenced from Confluence. When you create a shortcut link, you assign a key to an URL so that, when editing, a user can type just the key instead of the complete URL.

Example: Creating a shortcut to Google

Most Google searches look like this: If you create a shortcut for this search with the key 'google', every time a user needs to use, they can just type [searchterms@google] instead.

Here is a screenshot showing the shortcuts currently defined on

Shortcut links are added and maintained by Confluence administrators from the Administration Console.

To create a shortcut link:

  1. Choose the cog icon , then choose General Configuration under Confluence Administration

  2. Choose Shortcut Links in the left-hand panel.
  3. Enter a Key for your shortcut. This is the shortcut name a user will use to reference the URL.
  4. Enter the Expanded Value. This is the URL for the link. You can use '%s' in the URL to specify where the user's input is inserted. If there is no '%s' in the URL, the user's input will be put at the end.
  5. (Optional. Available in Confluence version 2.3 and later.) Enter a Default Alias. This is the text of the link which will be displayed on the page where the shortcut is used, with the user's text being substituted for '%s'.
  6. Choose Submit.

Enter a shortcut link on the Advanced tab of the Insert Link dialog. See Working with Links for details.

Specify in the link what should be appended to the end of the shortcut URL, followed by an at-sign (@) and the key of the shortcut. Shortcut names are case-insensitive. So, for example, using the keys shown in the above screenshot:

To link to...

Type this

Resulting URL


a JIRA issue



a Google search

Atlassian Confluence@Google

Atlassian Confluence@Google

Shortcut links are listed on the Shortcut Links tab of the Administration Console. Click Remove to delete the shortcut.


  1. Is it possible to have multiple replaceable parameters in a shortcut link.  For example, say I have a URL to (a web interface to) an LDAP database I want to query using a person's first and last name.  Can I make a "shortcut link" like: http://host/path?firstName=FIRST&lastName=LAST, where FIRST and LAST would _both_ be replacable.  If I name the above shortcut myLDAPQuery, I would like to be able to write


    and have it expanded to


    1. Unfortunately not. Basically, it just throws it on the end of the URL. If you want this kind of customisation, the best option is to create a User Macro. Let's say you create one called "my-ldap-query", it would have the following body:

      <a href="http://host/path?firstName=$param0&lastName=$param1>$body</a>

      And would be used like this:

      {my-ldap-query:John|Doe}John Doe{my-ldap-query}
      1. Just a quick clarification:

        The search term only goes on the end of the URL if there is no %s in the URL. If you specify %s in the URL, then the search term will replace it.

        In all other regards David's advice is correct.

  2. I'm unable to use shortcut links in the rich text editor (in Confluence 3.4.5).  When I press [, the "Link Suggestions" choice list appears and shortcut links aren't an option.  Simply typing the shortcut link as I would in wiki markup -- e.g., [searchterm@google] -- ends up escaping the brackets and displaying the shortcut text as I typed instead of converting it into a link.  If I bring up the "Insert Link" window, I can make links to pages, attachments or websites, but none of these support shortcut links.

    Are shortcut links now limited to wiki markup?  Or are there plans to support shortcut links again in the rich text editor in the (near) future?  Or am I missing an obvious way to enter shorcut links in the RTE?

    I was hoping that typing [searchterm@google] into the RTE would, upon typing the closing bracket, recognize the text within the brackets as a shorcut link and render it as a link using the expanded value.

    1. Anonymous

      Same thing here. It would be a very useful feature in the RTE. any hints?

    2. Hi Burke,

      Getting shortcut links working in the RTE is something we plan on doing in a future release - watch this improvement request for progress.

      In your current version, it is possible to enter shortcut links in the RTE, though it certainly isn't obvious.

      1. Open the "Insert Link" window
      2. Switch to the "Web Link" tab
      3. In the "URL" field, enter the required markup - e.g. [searchterm@google]
      4. Click the "Insert" button.

      Hope that helps,

      1. I have a mixed outcome on this, the text and the link is shown on the screen.

        Is there a way to customize the information shown when we decide to use Insert JIRA Issue icon?

        I would like to show just the name of the issue and not the whole information that is currently shown to the user (issue - subject - status)

      2. CONF-18565 seems to be only about visibility of defined shortcuts?

        Is there an existing issue related to editing an existing shortcut link using the RTE? Editing doesn't work for the predefined JIRA shortcut in 4.3.0 nor 5.1.0 which we have running


        1. There is a bug report for that, see: CONF-24812 - When using Shortcut links "edit" does not work in Confluence editor Resolved

  3. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, the base URL I want to use has a %20 in it for an encoded space.   When I try to use the short cut, the % gets translated to a %25, making my %20 a %2520, making the URL incorrect.

    Anyway around that?  I tried wrapping the base URL in quotes; no luck there.   My parameter is at the end of the base URL, and it does add my value.  It's just extra % encoding that I need to avoid somehow.

    1. I am having the same problem and would love a solution

  4. Anonymous


    I hope someone can help me.

    I´ve defined sucessful a shortcut ( but the link open in the same windows although I´ve defined that external links open in a new window. When I type the whole link the link open in a new window.



    1. Hi,

      I made workaround for this with new user macro named e.g. {issuelink} which generates HTML markup:

      The usage in wikimarkup mode is simple ...

      ... produces "shortcut" like that: JIWI-63, but opened in new window.

      1. Anonymous


        what is the template of that macro?

        Typing {<macro-name>: param-name} in edit mode does not work for me (Confluence 4.0). Always have to use macro browser.

        1. Hi, 

          New user macro has to be defined in Confluence administration.

          Go to (if you have administrator's rights)  Browse / Confluence Admin / User Macros / Create a User Macro and define it as follows (made in Confluence 3.2.1_01, don't exactly know, how to do the same in higher versions):

          Macro name: open-in-new-window (name it of your choice (wink))
          Macro has a body: true, Use unprocessed macro body
          Output: Macro generates HTML markup
          Template: <a href="http://$param0" target="_blank">$param0</a>

          Then in edit mode use it exactly as you described {<macro-name>:<param-value>} 

          Applied on your example above: {}

          1. Anonymous

            Thank you for the information.

            Tried that and ascertained that this wont work in Confluence 4.0. It works fine if using Macro Browser, but Confluence wont recognise it as a macro when just typing the string.

  5. Anonymous

    Is there a way to make the links dynamic?

    I mean the query@key links seem to be static and it'd be great, if changing the key's value automatically updated the URLs throughout the entire project.

  6. Anonymous

    Having created a link using a shortcut link, it is not then possible to edit the link once you have created it, for example typing AP-106@jira, and then editing the link, the AP-106@JIRA is not visible, but the link text is, so you have to know how to type the shortcut and what it was to edit it.

  7. It would be nice to be able to publish a dynamic documentation of the shortcuts currently configured on a Confluence instance, as they are (for what I know)

    • Defined by Administrators (in an Admin section)
    • Used by the Users - They should be aware of the shortcuts available.

    Maintaining automatically a list would be great. Doing it manually would be such a pain.

    1. There is a similar feature request: CONF-18565 - Links Browser: Should provide visibility of available shortcut links Open

      Please add comment there, and watch the issue to be informed of any progress.

  8. Ideally if a user wants to use a shortcut link whilst they are typing say [somewhere@ a list of selectable shortcut links appears from which they can then select one. I assume this could be a simple thing to achieve?

  9. Hello,

    When we had version 3.3.1 installed we found a nifty trick of having a image display alongside our shortcut link so when the user would typein [something@GoogleGroups] then the alias would be

    !wiki:Images - Global^Google Groups icon 16px.png! %s

    But in the new text editor in 4.3 the image display no longer works, it just spits out wiki markup as text. I even tried using XHTML code in the alias like this:

    <ac:image> <ri:attachment ri:filename="Google Groups icon 16px.png"> <ri:page ri:content-title="Images - Global" ri:space-key="wiki"/> </ri:attachment> </ac:image> %s

    But no luck.

    Any ideas???


  10. Anonymous


    I want to save my work after some time but when I strike the CTRL + S then editor gets closed.

    Is there any way that editor does not get close and I can save my work as well so that no data is lost?


    Rizwan Akbar