Documentation for Confluence 5.8 (Server).
Documentation for Confluence Cloud and earlier versions of Confluence is available too.

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Latest version of the Confluence SharePoint Connector

Confluence SharePoint Connector 1.9.5 has now been released. See the SharePoint Connector 1.9.5 Release Notes.

With the Confluence SharePoint Connector you can combine Confluence's free-form, easy to edit wiki with the document management and workflow strengths of SharePoint.
  • Display SharePoint document libraries, calendars, links, discussions and more on your Confluence wiki pages. Edit SharePoint's Office documents directly from Confluence and save them back to SharePoint.
  • Embed Confluence pages and Confluence page trees into a SharePoint page. Click through from SharePoint to Confluence.
  • Enjoy automatic login (single sign-on) between Confluence and SharePoint.
  • Search Confluence and SharePoint content together, retrieving a unified set of results

Please refer to the SharePoint Connector documentation for more information.

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  1. Is The Sharepoint Connector available for 3.4?  I could not find it in the new Plugins repository.

  2. Anonymous

    Is there any connection available for Livelink (OpenText), now known as Content Server 10?

  3. Anonymous

    Correction: Connection ->connecTOR.