Documentation for Confluence 5.8 (Server).
Documentation for Confluence Cloud and earlier versions of Confluence is available too.

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You can create a page based on a global template (available to all spaces) or a space template (available only to that space). Before reading this page, make sure that someone has already created a template on your Confluence site.

Information copied from the template to the page

When you create a page based on a template, Confluence will copy the following content and information from the template to the new page:

If the template author included variables in the template, Confluence will display a form prompting you to supply values for the variables when you add the page.

Using a template to create a page

To create a page based on a template:

  1. Choose Create on the header
  2. Select a space and the template you want to use and choose Next
  3. If the template contains variables, you will now see a form. Type the relevant information into the form fields, and choose Next.
  4. Now you will see a new page based on the template. If you added information in the form fields, the page content will include that information.
  5. Type a name for the page where you see 'New Page'.
  6. Add more content or make any other changes required.
  7. Choose Save.

Screenshot: Form showing template variables when creating a page from a template


Page templates are used only when adding a page. It is not possible to apply a template to an already-existing page. Once a page has been added using a template, the template is no longer linked to the page. All further editing is performed as if the template was never used. Some plugins provide enhanced template functionality. You can search the Atlassian Marketplace for template add-ons.


  1. Question - is there any way to make a direct link that would create a page using a template if the page doesn't already exist, but take you to the page if it does? We have a system we want to set up to use Confluence as a KB and take the user to the KB page for the subject if it exists, else prompt them to create it if it doesn't.


    Thank you.

      1. Anonymous

        Install the CustomWare plugin and use the add-page macro.

    1. Hi Peter

      I just asked a similar question here -

      It's working well, however we are no looking to apply a template when creating a new page - I'll let you know how it goes (smile)



  2. Anonymous


    I have an issue. I'm creating a template with special form markup. This template allows them to enter the data in and then it puts that text they entered in the appropriate place and format. My problem is that when attempting to create a page using this template all is well until you attempt to preview or save the page. An error occurs stating that the space specified does not exist. This error only occurs when using the special markup. Also, there is no area to specify the location of the template. I would assume it would become a child of the space I'm adding it to but it is not. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.



  3. Hi all,

    Could I ask you for some advice please?

    Is there a way to create a new page using the link-page macro and in the process transfer the values of a number of Scaffolding data fields as input to parameters defined on the template?

    Thank you in advance for your much appreciated help!

    Cheers, Edgard

  4. Is there a way in Confluence OnDemand to require a variable field be entered before saving a page created from a template?  

    1. There's not a way to make variable fields mandatory..

  5. Is there a way to pass a variable to a user macro (i.e. use it as a parameter)?

    1. No - there's an open request for this CONF-3324 - Support replacement of page template variables in wiki links and macro parameters Open

  6. Anonymous

    Is there a way in confluence to create/use a template for blog posts?

    1. Anonymous

      I have the same question. Can someone answer?

      1. Hallo both (smile)

        The answer is no. There isn't a template for blog posts.

        Cheers, Sarah

  7. Anonymous

    Is there a way to set the page title programatically. eg. use a variable as a prefix and append the page id.


    TitleVar is set to "Service-Request" 

    Page Title is set to TitleVar+PageId

    1. Anonymous

      There is a way to do this using the Add Page or Add Page from Form macro from Customware. This will let you use a pre or post fix in the title, but it's static. 

  8. Anonymous

    I'm totally new in the field of confluence and i have a problem i obviously can not solve on my own.

    Building up my wiki i created a live-template so i can make sure every page has got the same structure. Within this live-template i use text-data to make it more comfortable for the end user to edit the text. One of these text-data fields is only used to link to other pages. The links work so far. But if i change the name of a linked page, the link does not update. If i do the same without using a text-data field, the link updates no matter how often i change the name of the linked page.

    Is there anyone who can help me on that one?!

    Have a nice week, Michael

  9. Hi!

    Is it possible to make custom template a default one? Or remove "blank" template whatsoever?

    Thanks, Pawel 

    1. Hi, Pawel. That's an interesting idea. What kind of template would you make the default? You're saying that you only create one type of page and it's never a blank page?

      1. Hello! Indeed, we are never creating a blank page - each page has got it's short summary box with few important pieces of information like a person responsible for page updates (that not necessarily is the same person who created / recently updated the page). Currently we have exactly 2 templates - "Basic" (described above) and "Meeting" - just nice, coloured boxes for meeting minutes.


        It would be really helpful if I could set "Basic" template as the one highlighted by default in the "Create" Menu.

        1. Thanks, Pawel. We're tracking this one here.. CONF-3697

          Possibly something we can do as we add more features to the templating experience going forward.

      2. Great idea, and - while you are at it. What about making it possible to assign a different default page to be created dependent on where you are when hitting Create? That would be so cool. We have different pages that are to be added at different places in the hierarchy, but we have to add these by inserting a button on all these pages. If this was instead default that would be great (smile).

    2. YES! We have custom requirements for EVERY page we create and would love to be able to edit the 'Blank Page' template in Confluence!

      1. KS

        Create a template and then "Promote" it. This hides the Blank template. Not sure if that's what you want, but worked for me.

  10. Anonymous

    If you enter wiki markup, for example ( / ) (without the spaces) into a template field, and hit next, the entered text does not get transformed to a check mark.  This worked in older versions of Confluence.

  11. Anonymous

    Is it possible to limit templates to create pages in specific locations within a space, not just the space itself?


    1. Hi anonymous, I'm not aware of a way to force a template to be created as a child of a specific page, but you are able to get an approximation of this functionality using the Create from Template Macro. This macro is used on some of our blueprint index pages, and the pages that are created by clicking the macro button are created as a child of the page containing the macro. Using the macro will not prevent users from choosing Create and selecting a template, but might assist more users to create pages from your template in the desired location. 

  12. Anonymous


    I didn't see anyone having the same problem than me, and I didn't find anything about it, so I ask it here.

    I created a template, called "suggestions", with a table and four fields (suggestion, category, author and date).

    So I made a four variables using "$", and then clicked to make the first one a multiline text, the second one a list (with differents elements in the list), I put the third one as instructional text (and mention user), as I didn't find a variable to autocomplete names, and the last one simply with text.

    So here are my problems : When creating a template, I fill the text fields and chose a category in the category list, then I click, and all what I wrote is gone. Moreover, the category I have chosen is no more, with the first element of the list instead.

    Only things written is the small text field still there.

    I'm quite sure I'm not making things the bad way, so that must be a problem in Confluence (question) (though I didn't see anyone else complaining about that).

    Can you help me please ?

    Thank you,


  13. I don't seem to be able to use variables inside the page properties macro in my template. Creating a new page using the template does not show the wizard.

    The wizard works as expected if the table with variables is outside the Page Properties.

    1. I have discovered that adding a label to the Page Properties macro in the template causes the issue above. This really breaks what I am trying to do (sad). Will file a bug report.

    2. Hi John

      I can confirm as I face the same issue. Did you receive any patch for this bug?

      KR - Wolfgang

    3. Hi, John!

      I have the same problem. Have you solved this?

  14. Hi John, Wolfgang, & aarakelov,

    I think using any variables or labels in the Page Properties of a Space Template or Global Template breaks the Page Template Wizard from this the same issue you all are facing?

    I created a template with several variable list in the page properties but upon creating the page, the Page Template Wizard is never displayed and i cannot do anything more than edit the fields as if there were never any list created. I also noticed that my page label is not being kept by the new page.

    Any help or guidance on a work around or fix would be helpful