Documentation for Confluence 5.8 (Server).
Documentation for Confluence Cloud and earlier versions of Confluence is available too.

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The dashboard is the front page of your Confluence site, and provides you with an overview of the site, access to the spaces you have permission to view, and provides lists of recently updated content.

You can go to the dashboard from anywhere in Confluence by choosing the site logo at the top left of the page. This may be the Confluence logo, or a customised logo set by your Confluence Administrator.

Overview of the dashboard

The dashboard is divided into these sections:

  • Welcome message: The information that appears in the top left section of the dashboard. Confluence Administrators can customise this message.
  • Get started: A quick-start guide for administrators. This section of the dashboard is visible to Confluence administrators and system administrators only.

    It is not configurable via the web interface, but you can update or remove it by editing the site layout .

  • Spaces, Pages, Network: These tabs display your favourite content and people, displayed in the lower left section of the dashboard.
    • Spaces – displays the spaces you have marked as favourites, followed by all the spaces that you have permission to view.
    • Pages – displays the pages you have marked as favourites.
    • Network – displays the users that you are following (or who are following you).
  • Recent activity: Tabs on the right-hand side of the dashboard, displaying recently-updated content:.
    • Popular – displays content (that you have permission to view) that has been recently created, liked or commented on. See below for more details.
    • All Updates – displays updates from all spaces that you have permission to view.
    • Favourite Spaces – displays updates from your favourite spaces.
    • Network – displays updates made by the users that you are following (or who are following you).
    • Space Categories – allows you to select a space category, and view recent updates from spaces in that category.


Screenshot: The dashboard

More about popular content

The Popular tab on the dashboard displays recent activity of the following types:

  • Pages, blog posts and comments that people have recently liked.
  • Pages and blog posts that people have recently commented on, and threaded comments that people have recently replied to.
  • Pages and blog posts that have recently been created.

(info) Recent means any activity in the last seven days. A bold link means that you have not yet visited the page.

Activity is listed in order of popularity, with the most popular at the top; likes, comments and content creations are scored equally. Activity involving people in your network ranks higher, and recent activity ranks higher than earlier activity.


  • You can add a new space from the dashboard provided you have the correct permission. Choose Create Space at the top right of the dashboard, or on the Spaces tab.
  • By default, the dashboard is the home page for the Confluence site. However, you can set any other page in Confluence as your home page via your user profile settings.
  • If your site has a custom homepage, the site logo will take you to the homepage not the dashboard. You can still access the dashboard by invoking a URL like this one See Configuring the Site Home Page for more details.
  • Are you looking for a way to build an RSS feed? Choose Help Feed Builder.
  • Are you looking for a list of the people in your site? Choose People on the header.
  • Administrators can customise the global dashboard that all users see.


  1. Is there a way to remove the dashboard link from spaces.

    For example, I have a community using space "kypton" and that is all I want them to see. I do not want my users to click dashboard and get confused and end up in other spaces.

    1. Hi Tin,

      There is a way to change the default location when users log in to Confluence, by changing the Site Homepage. You might want to refer to this documentation for more details.

      However, I have a mere workaround using Redirection Plugin to redirect users from Dashboard to any desired Space or Page. In order to do that:

      1. Install Redirection Plugin
      2. Go to Dashboard > Administration > Look and Feel > Edit Site Layouts
      3. Edit Global Layout
      4. Insert the following code just after <!-- GENERAL PAGE DECORATING BEGINS -->:
        Note: You need to change SpaceKey with the Space Key of the Space you want the users to be redirected to.
      5. Now any user that goes to Dashboard will be redirected to that Space.

      You might want to read Redirection Plugin documentation for more details.

      Hope that helps (smile)


      1. Hi Husein,

        Thanks for responding.

        These options still have the dashboard link and I end up with users confused about what "dashboard" means.

        I did find a solution by reading about customizing the breadcrumbs.vm file from Sashidaran Jayaraman [Atlassian] Aug 04, 2009 post in the Breadcrumbs document and doing my own variation as follows,

        Edit the breadcrumbs.vm which is located at <confluence-install>/confluence/breadcrumbs.vm

        Add a condition before the display of the breadcrumb, as in the following code:
        #if ($velocityCount != 1)
            <span><a href="$req.contextPath$">$displayTitle</a></span>
        #end {}
        Remove the extra ">" character from your space link which is now your first entry by changing the condition of what is first, 1 to 2:
        $velocityCount == 2
        This works, but might not be a good solution for others, so here is a vote for allowing customization of the breadcrumb component to be local to it's particular space.
        Add a condition before the display of the breadcrumb, as in the following code:

        #if ($velocityCount != 1)
            <span><a href="$req.contextPath$">$displayTitle</a></span>

        Remove the extra ">" character from your space link which is now your first entry by changing the condition of what is first, 1 to 2:

        #velocityCount == 2

        This works, but might not be a good solution for others, so here is a vote for allowing customization of the breadcrumb component to be local to it's particular space.

        Now I give out different urls to different groups of users and as far as they are concerned, their space is their own website with no concept of the dashboard (which these particular communities not needing or wanting to understand).


      2. Hi Husein,

        Is there any way I can customize or display navigation buttons in dashboard like other pages?

        I would like to send a screen shot for reference, can you please let me know your mail ID?





  2. Is there any way to remove the pointless and ugly border that has been added in v4? Why would Atlassian think their customers wanted screen real-estate to be used less efficiently?

  3. Anonymous


    is there any way to use the "Space Directory" on the dashboard?


  4. Anonymous

    Hi Guys,

    Is there a way of setting the calendar date range for upcoming events on Confluence OnDemand dashboard (we have the calendar OnDemand add-on)? I would like to see events a couple of weeks in advance - the default seems to be limited to the current week.



  5. Anonymous

    Is there a way to use the new popular feature as a macro?  Is there a simple code I can use to put that feature on additional pages (other than just the dashboard)?

    1. Add me to the list of people who are interested in the macro/wiki markup code for the new popular content feature. Personally I think it's a shame, that Atlassian removed wiki markup from the editor as well as from the documentation (!!!) but expects us to build templates with wiki markup as the only input method. Where is the logic with this decision?

      Disclaimer: I'm completely aware that Atlassian seems to be working on this issue ( CONF-11744 - Creating a template using the rich text editor Resolved ). But I still find it really strange that it has become an issue in the first place. It's not that this is some kind of unknown or unexpected use case at all.

  6. Is it possible to limit the information displayed in the updates tab of the dashboard? I have been looking for a way to limit the displayed information to just content/page updates rather than all things that have been done. As we build out the site and update pages it is getting really busy and important updates to pages may get lost in the shuffle with image and attachment update notifications. 

  7. Anonymous

    Is there a way to hide certain activity

  8. Is there a way to add a tab called Blogs which only shows the blog entries/change the default stream to only show blog posts?

  9. Anonymous

    We want to publish company tweets and blogs on the dashboard. Can that be done?

    1. Hi anonymous, off the top of my head I can think of two ways to achieve this fairly easily. First you could edit the Site Welcome Message, and include the Widget Connector macro (for your twitter feed) and the Blog Post macro.  Alternatively you could set a space homepage as your site homepage, and then customise the homepage to include the above macros and anything else you might want to display on your homepage.

      Hope this helps get you started, Rachel. 

  10. How do I access the Dashboard when it is not configured to be the home page for the Confluence site?

    Thanks, Judith

    1. Hi Judith,

      You can still access the dashboard by invoking the URL directly, e.g.

      There are also some instructions here about how you can add the Dashboard to the Application Navigator if you need to access the dashboard regularly - Configuring the Site Home Page

      Hope this helps, Rachel. 

      1. Really? There is no button guaranteed to always take you to the Dashboard? That seems really strange. And also means that this page is not correct in saying "You can go to the dashboard from anywhere in your site by choosing the site logo at the top left of the page." That may not be true depending on the site and/or user profile home page settings.

        I guess I'll have to add a link to the Dashboard using the application navigator, but I think it was a bad idea not to provide an easier way. A Dashboard link in the Browse menu or something.

        1. Hi Wendy, I've added a note to this page about accessing the dashboard with a custom homepage.  There is an issue here that you might want to watch / vote on  CONF-28719 - User can no longer go to the dashboard from anywhere in Confluence site by choosing the site logo in Confluence 5.1 Resolved

  11. Anonymous

    The spaces in the space overview on the dashboard are ordered without structure. Why?? How can I change? For example to order them alphabetically?

    1. As spaces are not hierarchical there is no structure to display on the dashboard. The spaces however should display in alphabetical order.  

      1. Anonymous

        But they do not display in alphabetical order.

        But I found out why: the system distinguishes between small and big letters. In Germany we normally write the first letter of a noun in big letters, but we also have space names that begin with i.e. adjectives and are written in small letters. This is why the order is not the way we want. If I change all first letters into big, it is correctly ordered although we do not like the "force" to write all big.


        1. That definitely looks like a bug. I have raised an issue here  CONF-30909 - Spaces do not display in alphabetical order on the dashboard in lowercase Open .  Thanks for letting us know about it!

          1. Anonymous

            Thanks Rachel!

      2. Is there a way we can arrange it in an order that we want to - or use space categories on this section?

        There's a couple of spaces we want to be displayed first - and there are couple of spaces we want to hide from the dashboard - but still keep them available to all users with the use of links from our main spaces.

        Basically what I'm looking for is : 1) Way to order the list, and 2) Way to hide globally available spaces from this list.

    1. Hi Shiva,

      What you'd do here depends on the result you're trying to achieve. You can display a large number of issues using a filter and the JIRA macro, or you may be able to use an iframe.

  12. I am trying to recreate the Popular tab on another page, but using the Popular Content macro does not give me the same look. Why? This doesn't make sense that I can't recreate this same look showing likes and comments with user profile pictures. Please tell me how to add this stream to another page like you see on the system dashboard. Thank you.

    1. Hi Michelle,

      I'm not sure which macro you're using, as the popular content macro isn't one that I've heard of. If it's a user macro, then we may not be able to offer much assistance, but you can always try contacting support.

      1. Hi Giles Brunning,

        Thank you for your response. I am really asking how to recreate what is on the System Dashboard called Popular as this other macro is not what I want. I can send a screenshot if needed.


        1. Hi Michelle,

          The only way I can think to do that would be with an iframe to display the content of the dashboard.

  13. Hi Giles

    I'm helping Michelle figure out a way to display only the Popular Tab of the Recently Updated Dashboard macro. I noticed that there is an open feature requestand am hoping that you can shed some light around how you would use an iframe to display the content of the popular content tab.

    1. Hi Maggie,

      As you'll see from that open issue, there's no macro that allows you to show the popular section of the dashboard on another page. You could use an iframe to display the content of the dashboard on another page, but it would be a pretty complex task to filter out the rest of the dashboard and only get the popular feed (I think it would be possible, but I'm not completely sure as I've not done it).

      Doing something like that isn't supported, so unfortunately it's really up to your skills with HTML/CSS/Javascript.

  14. It looks like users can see all the updates on the dashboard even if a space/page is restricted. Is it possible to limit the dashboard view based on the restrictions otherwise people click on the update and get: Page restricted? (I would rather the user not to see the update if it is restricted for the group they belong to)

    1. Hi Jeremy, the dashboard should not show any pages or blogs a user has no permissions to view (either because of a page restriction or space permission).  The only exception is users with system administrator global permissions, who can see everything. 

      It would be worth checking the groups that your users are in.  Perhaps they are a member of multiple groups, one of which has permissions to see this content?  

      If you need more help figuring out what is happening in your instance, you can contact support directly for help. 

  15. User error...(As usual), there is a big difference between clicking on a space and then go to restrictions (which is the restriction of the page not the space) and going to space directory/space and then restrictions. Thank you for your help.

  16. How cam I navigate to the Dashboard if another page is configured to be the home page? (smile)

    1. Put /dashboard.action at the end of your url.

  17. If a user is working only on 3-4 spaces. I want user to see only those spaces instead of all spaces on confluence dashboard after login.

    Is there a way to implement this functionality or customize the spaces option in confluence dashboard

    1. Hi Munish,

      The best advice I can give at the moment is for the user to favourite the spaces they use most. Then those spaces will appear above the other spaces on the dash.

      They should also appear dynamically in the Spaces menu in the header, once the person has visited them a few times.

      1. Thanks Giles

        Favouriting the space is one solution but still is there any way we can implement the functionality by changing some velocity templates .


        1. Sorry, Munish, I don't know the answer to that one. You could try asking over at answers if you like.