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Deleting a space permanently removes the space and all of its contents. To delete a space you must be the space administrator for the space.

Note: Deleting a space is permanent. Always create an XML backup of the space before proceeding. Once you have deleted the space, there is no way to restore it unless you have made an XML space backup.

To delete a space:

  1. Go to the space and choose Space tools > Overview on the sidebar.
  2. Choose Delete Space.
  3. Choose OK.

If your space is using the Documentation theme:

  1. Choose Browse > Space Admin at the top of the screen.
    Note: The 'Space Admin' option appears only if you are a space administrator for the space or you are a super user (a member of the confluence-administrators group).
  2. Choose Delete Space in the space administration options.
  3. Choose OK.
Note: Users with System Administrator permission can also delete spaces, including personal spaces.


  1. Is there a way to purge deleted spaces?

    I deleted two test-spaces yesterday, but they still show up on the Dashboard and if I click them I get to a page that says:

    And the restore option.

    How do I delete it completely?

    1. Hi Jonas,

      I am afraid you have mistaken in deleting the page rather than deleting the space itself.

      Deleting a space permanently removes the space and all of its contents while deleted pages are stored in the trash and can be restored by a space administrator.

      Hope that clarifies (smile)


      1. Hi Husein,

        Yes, I bumped into the same confusion with Jonas.

        I managed to delete some spaces, earlier. Yet I also made some mistakes just deleting the "Home" page.

        I think it's just not intuitive (usability issue) when you mistakenly deleted the "Home" page, the page just won't show up in the "Space Admin" and I can't find any way to delete the space unless I restore the "Home". Only then I can find the "Remove Space" button.



        1. Anonymous

          Thank your for your post.  Knowing that I had to restore the page before I could delete the space was extremely helpful!

  2. Anonymous

    If I delete a space is will the files attached to the pages also be deleated?

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

    Marion Bonleitner

    1. Yes, all the attachments in the pages of your space will be deleted as well.

      One way to save your attachments before you proceed with the space deletion is to perform a space backup -

  3. Anonymous

    Is there a way to delete a corrupted space?  I've unfortunately found myself in an awkward situation where the space is so badly foo-barred that any page in the space shows only a java exception stack trace I can't change the theme that originally caused the stack trace.

    (There is a plug-in bug that I'm working around, thus the logical "change the theme" option is not available.)

    1. Anonymous

      This little trick permits to delete a space wich was badly installed and which is impossible to remove the usual way.
      1. be sure to know the "Key" of the space you want to remove, for this exemple we will use "HRE"
      2. go to ANOTHER space (doesn' matter wich one, but for security choose a fake one), in the admin space section and click on the remove space button
      3. you should have a form with a warning saying that the changes can't be undone and two buttons(OK-Cancel)
      4. With firebug or something equivalent, edit the page to change the form action like this : (yeah, put the key from the space you wanna remove)

      <form method="post" action="doremovespace.action?key=HRE" name="removespaceform">

      and now, click ok. That should do the trick.

      1. Anonymous

        There definitely should be an official solution for deleting a corrupted space. This comment saved me!

      2. Anonymous

        This also helped me! Thank you!

      3. Anonymous

        This saved me as well. Thank you very much. I also feel there should be a concrete solution for error like this.

      4. Anonymous

        You have saved my day. Thank you.

  4. Anonymous

    I too fell for the trap of deleting the main page of a space and had to spend hours fixing it.  I was able to do this by going into the database table CONTENT and finding my space with a contenttype of "PAGE" and TITLE "Home".  I then changed the column CONTENT_STATUS from "deleted" to "current".  This allowed me to get back into the space and follow the directions above.

  5. Anonymous

    how do you delete a global space?

  6. Honestly, I think you should never delete any space, ever, unless there is a data corruption situation, other sort of technical problem or if those were created just as playground (which should rather be done in some test servers).

    You should archive spaces instead. Confluence offers the really smart archived space flag to support it, and the Archiving Plugin makes it efficient and automatic - unless you prefer maintaining the content lifecycle manually (again, you should not).



    1. There are sometimes really good reasons to delete a space. We use Confluence for user-facing documentation for our products. We changed our system so we had a version of documentation for each major version, rather than each minor version. So we've got a lot of spaces with duplicate content.

      Even if you archive a space, Google still indexes it, so our customers would be directed to the wrong help that wasn't being updated.

      1. Beth Aitman Why don't you remove the public access on the archived spaces

        If that's not publicly accessible, Google won't index it, customer will not visit it, yet internal work staff can freely browse it or restore content from it. Leaving a public entrance to outdated information will lead to problems you mentioned.

        1. We've already done that, but there are still two problems:

          1) Anyone who has saved the url and goes back to it gets sent to a login page (rather than a 404) and so our customers get confused and upset, because they think they need to log in and they can't.

          2) Google hasn't re-indexed yet and so is still pointing to those hidden spaces/pages, with the same result as #1. 

          Also, that content is completely duplicated by the live content. It's silly to keep around two copies of everything.

          1. Hmm, what if you change the space key for archived spaces?

            For example, if a page was available previously by the URL 


            and you turn the space key into "DOCARCH" for example, then the previously available URL will suddenly turn into a 404.

            Just an idea.

            1. There's no way to change space keys, as far as I know. Otherwise that would be great and that's exactly what we'd do.

                1. Yep, and those workarounds involve deleting the original space! The copy space workaround is exactly what we've done, and now it's reasonable to remove the original space, not just archive it.

                  That was exactly my point - when you've got old copies of content, there's no point keeping the duplicates archived. You may as well delete them. 

                2. Yes, and those workaround involve removing the original space!

                  That was exactly my point. We've been copying spaces, and now we're left with the originals that are archived. There's no point keeping duplicate spaces around, so it's fine to delete them.

  7. Is there anyway to prevent a Workspace Administrator from deleting a workspace? We have had this happen before, despite training. This right would be better vested with full Confluence Administrators.

    1. Hi Richard, the ability to remove a space is part of the Space Admin permissions, which all users with space administrator permissions hold, so unfortunately I am not aware of a way to prevent space admins from being able to remove spaces, without revoking their space admin rights. 

  8. I am trying to delete a space on Confluence On-Demand that has ~5K of blogs.  It seems to have been stuck on the 'Fetching pages to delete' for several hours now.

    Anyone else encountered this?

    1. If I remember well if it's really big you may have to remove it with SQL... as you'll see that Confluence is running out of memory, or that the database transaction timeouts.

      1. Thank you.  The problem is, this is an On-Demand instance (i.e. hosted by Atlassian) so I don't have access to the SQL.  I will raise a support JIRA.

        1. If they have the REST API open you could try my python-confluence library. I am not sure if it does contain all you need but it's easy to extend.

  9. I am trying to delete a space on Confluence On-Demand that has ~5K of blogs.  It seems to have been stuck on the 'Fetching pages to delete' for several hours now.

    Anyone else encountered this?