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Confluence can display Office files that are attached to a page. If you have an Office application installed, you will also be able to edit these Office files in your Office application.

These are two of the ways that Confluence can interact with Office files. For an overview of all Office Connector features, please refer to Working with the Office Connector.

 (info) Your System Administrator can enable or disable the Office Connector or parts of it. The Office Connector options can appear in different places on your Confluence page, depending on the themes and configuration of your Confluence site. Please refer to Configuring the Office Connector in the Confluence Administration Guide and discuss any configuration problems with your administrator.

On this page:

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If you want to use the View File macro, or to view Office files attached to a Confluence page, you need the setup described below.

Browsers and Flash Player

You can use any browser to view an Office file on a wiki page or attachment view, provided that you have installed Adobe Flash Player version 9 or later. You do not need to have an Office desktop application installed on your computer in order to view Office files in Confluence.

File Types

Confluence can display files compatible with Microsoft Office 97-2007, and PDF files, of the following types:

  • .doc and .docx
  • .xls and .xlsx
  • .ppt and .pptx
  • .pdf

Attaching and displaying Office files and PDF files

There are two ways to do this in Confluence:

To attach and display Office files in Confluence using macros:

  1. Attach the Office file(s) to a Confluence page:
    • View the Confluence page on which you want to display your document.
    • Choose Tools > Attachments.
    • Browse for your Office files and upload them to the Confluence page.
      Refer to detailed instructions in Attaching Files to a Page.
  2. Now you have two options for displaying the attached document:
    • You can embed the document into the Confluence page, using one of the Office Word, Office Excel, Office PowerPoint or View PDF macros. These macros can be found using the macro browser. Refer to the detailed instructions in the View File macro topic.
    • You can display a list of page attachments using the Attachments macro. People viewing the page will be able to click the View link to see the Office or PDF document in Confluence.

To attach and display an Office file on a Confluence page using 'drag and drop':

  • Drag the Office file from your computer and drop it into the editor window. Only one file can be dragged and dropped at a time. The appropriate View File macro placeholder will appear in the position where you dragged the file. However, the contents of the file will be rendered in full when you preview, or save and view, the page.
    (info) Older browser versions may not support drag and drop - refer to Using Drag-and-Drop in Confluence.

Viewing and Editing the Attached Office Files

If an Office document is attached to a Confluence page, you can view the attached Office document from within Confluence. View the Office document in one of the following ways:

  • View the list of attachments for a specific Confluence page, then click View next to the Office document on the Attachments page. (See Viewing Attachment Details.)
  • View a list of attachments displayed on a page via the Attachments macro, then click View next to the Office document in the list of attachments. (See Displaying a List of Attachments.)
  • View a Confluence page which has the Office document embedded in the page via the View File macro. (See View File Macro.)

Any Confluence user who has an Office application installed will also be able to launch their Office editor from within Confluence:


Problems? Please refer to our guide to the Office Connector limitations and known issues.


  1. Anonymous

    Two usability critiques:

    1. Why is it that the view macros don't allow you to select the file name, but rather I have to memorize or copy/paste the file name? 
    2. Why would you intentionally hide the ability to edit the document until someone does a mouseOver? Why does the macro not allow you to set the font/background?


    1. Hello there,

      If you haven't already done so, you can log a feature request for these at our JIRA site. You can vote on an issue to improve its chances of being included in a future release of Confluence.

      Best regards,

      Giles Gaskell
      Technical Writer

  2. Anonymous

    Is there any way we can display an MS Office document without first attaching the file?

    I have many MS Office documents located on a SharePoint site that I would like to be rendered on the Confluence wiki. Is this possible?

    1. I am afraid that this is not possible with the current feature set in Confluence. Perhaps, you might want to raise a feature request in our issue tracker, if you are keen on it. Alternatively, you may raise it in our SharePoint Connector issue tracker.

  3. Will there be support for Microsoft Project ?  I am finding no references to project with search in plugins or in docs here.

    A service called seems to be rendering project files in flash, not sure how it works but could be interesting to offer that here.

    1. Hi Mark,

      As far as I know, this feature is not currently available in Confluence. However, I have found a similar feature request. Please add yourself as a watcher, vote for this feature and add your own comments to this feature request. It would also be worth it to do the same for this feature request since they are related. For further details on how we include new features and improvements, you might want to read this page


  4. I would like to view the content of an attachment in Confluence, below is what I am using

    And it works if the file is attached to the same page.

    What if I want to add the attachment to a parent page, how can I reference it the attachment.  The ^ does not work.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Doug,

      You just need to add in the 'page' parameter, as documented here.

      So for example, try:

      {viewxls:name=Example Workbook.xls|sheet=Sheet 1|col=4|row=1000|page=PageTitle}

      If the page containing the attachment is in a different space, you would also need the 'space' parameter.


  5. Mark,  Thanks I totaly missed the page parameter works great.  The client is running Confluence 3.0.0_01, from the documentation it states the viewxls supports Office 2007 documents specifically .xlsx extension.

    When I use

    I get

    viewxls: The viewfile macro only supports pdf, doc, xls, and ppt file types

    1. Hi Doug,

      I am afraid that the Office 2007 file is only supported in Confluence version 3.1 and above.

      Hope that helps.
      Best rgds,

  6. Hi,

    I am using this line for attaching and viewing excell

    viewxls:name=example.xls|sheet=sheet 1|row=21|col=11

    When I save however it gives me error:

    Unknown macro:

  7. Hello,

    The Drag and Drop option seems to be a great feautre in Confluence Wiki. At present, we are using Confluence 3.0.2. Is the Drag and Drop option of the attachments is available in this version 3.0.2 ?

    A quick reply on this is appreciable.




    1. Hi Antony,

      Sorry, drag and drop is not available in 3.0.2. The feature was introduced in 3.1, so you'll need to upgrade.


      1. Many Thanks Mark for your quick reply.


        1. Mark,

          We are commercial customer of the Confluence Wiki version 3.0.2. At present we do not have any version upgrade plans. Is there any other ways to include this feature to our production. Can we ask for a patch to include this feautre to confluence3.0.2 in support.atlassian? This Feature would be useful to all our users.

          Thanks for your help.


          1. You're welcome to raise an issue to ask.

            I don't know how simple it would be to provide a patch - I suspect that Support will ask you to consider upgrading instead. That way you would be using a stable, tested release, and would also benefit from additional features and bug fixes that were implemented in 3.1.


  8. We're trying to integrate our document control system into Confluence and want to turn off the "Edit Document" icon in the top right of some of our office connector macros. Is this possible? I've looked through all documentation, but nothing to suggest that it is.

    I know that we can edit the permissions of the page, but this would have to be done on a page by page basis and time consuming, so not really an acceptable solution at the moment.

    1. Hi Harvey,

      You can hide the "Edit Document" button globally by going to Dashboard > Administration > Look and Feel > Custom HTML > At end of the HEAD and insert the following:

      Hope this helps.


      1. Anonymous

        Thanks Sashi!  I have been looking for a way to do this and your post was the first real solution to this problem.



  9. What will it take to get .odt, .ods and .odp support (for viewing) in Confluence? I was actually a bit surprised that an 'open minded' company like Atlassian (still) doesn't support the most open document format on the planet... Now my colleagues have yet another reason to stick with MS Office...

  10. Anonymous

    The Macro Browser works great for my powerpoint file. But how can I only display the file contents, but NOT allow the user to download the original file?  Even if I can disable the download for this macro, it appears the users can see the file as a new attachment in the All Updates tab and access it that way instead. Any help is appreciated.

    1. Anonymous

      I need this too. I have an Excel spreadsheet with a pivot table containing information relating to all users, then separate worksheets for each user with a filter showing information that relates only to that user selected from the info in the pivot table. In Confluence, I have a separate, restricted page for each user which displays only the information relating to that user using the View File macro. I don't want the users to be able to see the entire contents of the source document but I have to store the doc in Confluence otherwise I can't show them anything. Does anyone know how I can hide the source doc but still have individual worksheets displayed? Thank you!

  11. Anonymous

    How can i change the size off word documents shown in the office word macro, default settings will make pictures smaller pixeld and i need to see them without opening the .doc file using external ms word

  12. Hi, is there anyway that the spreadsheet filters would show on the confluence page? Im using the viewxls macro and it's not displaying the filters I have on my excel sheet.

  13. Anonymous

    Hello!  I am trying to upload relatively simple worksheets with the office macro.  I am certainly able to get the worksheet to display, but the problem is that the formatting is moderately off; column widths are not consistent, some borders are missing, and some text spacing appears to be "Justify" instead standard.  Is there something that can be done to make formatting and appearance 1-for-1 between the document and its display on Confluence?

  14. Anonymous

    Is there a way to make the embeded .xls sortable similar to the  

    {table-plus} {table-plus} function.





  15. Anonymous

    I wanted to introduce Confluence in our company. Everyone was enthusiastic, but Confluence not supporting the Open Document Format for Office Application (OASIS) was a showstopper. This is an widley used Office standard,which is based completley on XML, so easy to parse. In some parts in the world (outside the US) it is obligatory to use, when dealing with a government entity, e.g. in the EU.

  16. The excel macro isn't displaying the 7th column even though I have typed the number 6 in the 'last column' field. Why is this?

    1. Hi Jane, this is a bug and has been reported. You are welcome to vote on it - CONF-31741.

      1. Hi, thanks for your reply. I also posted this question on Atlassian Answers, and received the following response which is in line with your response, and which I figured out after posting my question.

        It is a bug.

        I got the same problem. We work with Confluence 5.4.1 and the OfficeConnector 3.1.4 or (

        You are wrong: The ExcelMacro works fine and be shure, it can display column No 6.

        But you have only one shot: Attach the Excel to the page, configure the ExcelMacro (rows, colums, sheet) and save the page. That works fine. But ...

        ... you can't edit the columns, even when you delete the macro on the page. No way. You must delete the attachment, rename it and attach it again with a different name.

        Since now I could not figure out where the macro configuration is cached.

        Perhaps someone here can give us some tips.

        CONF-31741 - Excel Macro Last Row, and Column is Not Working Open