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You can share a Confluence page or blog post by emailing a link to recipients of your choice. The recipients can be Confluence users or any email addresses.

To share a link to a Confluence page or blog post by email:

  1. Go to the page or blog post you wish to share.
  2. Choose Share.

    Note: The Share button will only visible if your Confluence administrator has configured an outgoing mail server for your Confluence site.

  3. Enter a username, group or email address - autocomplete will suggest matching users and groups.
  4. Select the appropriate user, group or email address from the dropdown.  Repeat this process to add multiple recipients to the list.
  5. Enter an optional message into the Note box.
  6. Choose Share to send the link via email.

In addition to an email, Confluence users will also receive a notification in their Confluence workbox. See Managing Notifications in Confluence.

Screenshot: Sharing a page


To remove a recipient from the list, choose the delete icon to the right of the recipient.


  1. Hello,

    i don´t know if this is the right place here but i want to know if there is a possibility to send attachments without the need to save them first on the hard disk and than attach them to an Email.

    Can you give me an information how this can be realised?


    1. Hi Timo,

      As far as I am concerned, Confluence does not have the feature to send email with attachment. However, could you provide us with more information on which function you are using to send out mails, such as the Mail Page plugin or the [mailto] notation; perhaps, I can provide some suggestions.


      1. Anonymous


        I have the same need. I've not set up any way to send emails out yet and so am open to any suggestion.  What is the best\most flexible approach?

        Our situation is that we have 3 different apps all running (reverse proxy style) off port 443.  We therefore can not download attachments from Confluence.  But people need to be able to get attachments and I wondered if it is possible for a user to be able to send them out of Confluence via email, to themselves.

        Any advice is much appreciated.



  2. Is it possible to include the comments added to a page into the mail text.


    1. Hi Joachim,

      I am afraid that this is not currently possible. However, I have found a similar improvement request. Please add yourself as a watcher, vote for this improvement and add your own comments to this improvement request. For further details on how we include new features and improvements, you might want to read this page

      Hope that helps.


  3. Is there any way to set the reply-to header? I'm confident that upon receiving email about a page, some of my customers will reply to the email sent, and I would love it if the confluence user who sent the email could get the reply.

  4. Is there any plugin available which will allow me to email just the attachment from a page to an email address.


    I have a page with a form embedded into it and attached. I wish to send the form to an external customer who does not have access to my Intranet (confluence). How get I get the form to him, (without saving it to my desktop and using my desktop email client to send it.) as I have setup confluence to use our generic email account.

    1. Hi Julien

      I am afraid that this is not currently possible. However, I have found a similar feature request. Please add yourself as a watcher, vote for this feature and add your own comments to this feature request. For further details on how we include new features and improvements, you might want to read this page

      Hope that helps.


  5. Anonymous

    Hello Experts,

    I am facing strange issue with mailing pages. When I use mail having more characters wiki is not sending mails. The mail even doesn't exist in the mail queue.

    Is this a bug? Is there any restriction on number of mail characters?

    Appreciate your help.


    Naga Niranjan K

  6. Hi

    When a page is emailed the recipients see the sender email address as comming from the Confluence global mail server address.

    Is there anyway that the sender email address can reflect that of the users registered email address?

    I appreciate that the sender details are contained in the body of the email message but users have expressed concern that the global mail server address could be mistaken as spam.

    Thanks in advance


  7. I have a question on the share feature.

    I have confluence pulling info from Active Directory. When I try the share feature and type a users name I don't get the full listing, for instance if I have 3 johns in AD I only get my name.

    Would this be because I am the only one that has logged into confluence? is there any way to get the full listing from AD or will I just have to type the users email address until they log into confluence?

  8. Hi,

    I really like the Share feature, but I have come across one strange thing today.

    When typing a name in the "User name or email" field it behaves a little strangely.

    I have two persons named Doug in Confluence.

    • Doug Rank (douran)
    • Doug Mandell (dmandell)

    When I type "dou" in the field they are both suggested. When I type "doug", only Doug Mandell is suggested.  The only safe way to use the feature and get all matches seems to be to search only for the first three letters in the username. Searching for the whole first name or last name doesn't always give matches.

    Do you have any ideas about what is happening?

    Thanks for a great product!


  9. Anonymous


    Is there any way to remove the Share button from pages other than having an outgoing mail server for the Confluence site not configured.



    1. Hi Alex,

      The feature is implemented as a plugin called "Share Page" - if you don't want your users to see the button, just disable the plugin. For instructions on how to disable a plugin, see Disabling or Enabling a Plugin.


      1. Anonymous

        It would be better if the ability to share was controlled by permissions.

  10. It would be nice if the Share functionality could accept a group name as the Mail Page functionality does.

    1. Anonymous

      exactly! it's amazing that this functionality isn't present by default

    2. We have an outstanding ticket for this at CONF-22430 - Share pages with groups Resolved . Please share your use case there and watch the issue for updates.

  11. We have a wiki where authentication is required, but we also have public registration, so anybody can get access to the site. For the Share Page functionality is there any limit to the number of email addresses that can be entered or can the Note section be disabled? I would be worried about it being used by a malicious user to spam people.

    I also noticed if I turned on the spam prevention and did not exclude anybody (we usually exclude logged in users), that there was not a captcha for the Share Page form. So that is not even an option in this case.

  12. Anonymous


    Is it possible to share a page to a group instead of the individual users? Or is enabling the "email page" plugin the only way?


  13. Anonymous

    if I search the "email page" plugin , the results show me :

    "This functionality has been superseded by the new "Share Page" feature in Confluence 4. This plugin will not be updated by Atlassian to be compatible with Confluence 4 or later"

    So, I need to share a page to a group instead of the individual users .  can i do it?

  14. Anonymous

    I'm also interested on this functionality. How can one share a page with a group of users on Confluence 4?

  15. How can an user share a page to a group of users, if this feature isn't available in Confluence 4? (sad)

    Please answer this question!

    1. Hi Thomas, we're tracking this request at CONF-22430.

  16. You can automate it via a REST call, awesome and so simple ;-)

    Implement a rest call by using your preferred language and use the following parameters:

      "headers":["Content-Type","application/json; charset=utf-8",
                 "Accept","text/plain, */*",
                 "Authorization","Basic YYYYYY"]

    - USERIDS : List of userids defined within CITnet (comma separated)
    - EMAILS  : List of emails (comma separated)
    - MESSAGE : This message will appear within the email into a blue box
    - PAGEID  : The page id concerned by this email
    - YYYYYY  : The sender username/password hashed in Base64

  17. I notice that there is a difference between the "Share" button and the old email page plugin. The former only sends a link to the shared content. The latter sends the content itself. Personally, I find the "Share" button to be about equivalent to me pasting a URL into an email message. The only difference is that the message is now prettier (or more bloated depending on your perspective).  

    I've been told by Atlassian that they won't carry forward the "email page" plugin in 4.x, so I'm wondering if there is any way to mail a page's content in 4.x? 

    1. Anonymous

      We are used to use the functionality od E-mail page (with full page content) in Confluence 3.X and it is VERY goot for users. It's a pity that this functionality has been destroyed in 4.X. It prevents us from upgrading Confluence to 4.X version (sad)

  18. Anonymous

    I have spent 2 hours looking for an answer and I still don't know. I'm new to the team and have been tasked with figuring out if we can upgrade to the newer version. We are using Confluence 3.5.3 still because when a blog post is made, it automatically sends out an email to people on that team. We want this to happen rather than an email about every little edit to a post.

    We are still using 3.5.3 because my boss is under the impression that that functionality no longer exists in 4.2, I thought that was silly but it looks like he is right.

    Is there an auto email new blog posts feature?

    I was thinking about a work around if not. Is it possible to create a group, then when the post is done, click the Share link, enter a group name, and the email goes out to the group? There are about 40 people in the group.

    This group is a distributed team across the country, we don't share the same domain name for emails, they don't even use the wiki much, rarely have it open, we make just a couple of posts a month so RSS is not practical.

    How can I send out emails when there is a new blog post?



    1. If I'm interpreting your question correctly, nothing has changed in this area between 3.5 and 4.2. There are a couple ways for a user to watch blog posts in 4.2:

      1. You can just watch space blogs which you can read about in the Watching for New Blog Posts in a Space on this page - Watching a Space
      2. You can subscribe to all blog posts as described on this page - Subscribing to Email Notifications of Updates to Confluence Content

      However, these are off by default so each user has to enable them. It sounds like you might want #2 to be enabled for everyone by default?

      1. I was the anon from above.

        We want to email the content of a post.

        The Share function seems to only send a notification that a new blog post has been posted but not the content.

        We do a lot of editing of the posts so my group DOES NOT want to subscribe to Email Notifications of Updates because any change will trigger an email and we DO NOT want that.

        I'd use share if it gave the option of sharing the content too

        Will we ever get to email the whole post again?

        We are still using 3.5 and will not upgrade until we can do this.

        If it is not ever going to happen, BE TRANSPARENT and tell us now so we can change platforms.

        Clearly this is an issue many people want. If you cannot or will not provide it, fine, but tell us directly so we can go elsewhere.

        I have spent too much time tracking this down.

      2. Push vs Pull Bill. 

        In 3.5.x, the "email page" feature emailed the content of the page. I could choose to send someone the contents of the page. That feature is removed in 4.x, and I can no longer email the page to someone. The "Share" button is not equivalent. I explained why in my post from last year. Yes, someone who's interested in watching the page can still watch it, but that's a pull mechanism, not a push mechanism. 

        Owen, have you talked with Atlassian about this? Around the same time I commented here, I filed a help ticket, and I think they filed an associated bug/feature request ticket. They are pretty transparent about how they address feature requests (ie votes). I don't remember seeing a resolution, but I'll look through my history and see if I can find the ticket. 



        1. Here's the feature request the Atlassian support tech filed on my behalf.   CONF-22869 - when using the Share feature, add ability to send page contents New

  19. OK, now my boss says it is OK that the content is not emailed, it is fine to send the title and a link, but we have a group of about 38 people we need to send it out to. The SHARE or even MENTION would be great if it could send to groups.

    Can you share to a group?

    Can I make a Post template and include all the @mentions in it that I want as a way to share to a group?

  20. Don't quote me here, but I think the last time I tried that feature it would accept anything as input. A user, a group, an external email (which could be a company DL, etc.). Why not just sandbox it and give it a try? It''s pretty easy.  

  21. I don't have any groups set up, is there documentation on how to do it? I'd love to do an @mention for, SPA's, for example, and then all 37 people in that group will get a notification. 

  22. we also have not upgraded to 4.2, we are still using 3.5 so I cannot try it out, but it looks like we already have groups set up, I may be able to recommend the upgrade, it would be nice to know definitively that if I do @supervisors on our instance of Conlfuence, that an email will go to all 37 supervisors, that is the main thing holding up our upgrade.

  23. Anonymous

    I would argue that sending the content from a confluence page goes against the whole purpose of having it.  Confluence should be the up to date single source of the truth for it to be an effective Knowledge Management System (at least the way we are using it).

  24. Lots of interesting discussion over the "share" vs "email" functionality.  We prefer the "Share" functionality specifically because it does NOT send the page contents.  Since we have a lot of content that is not meant for all eyes to see, the nice thing about "Share" is that preserves the security of the page.  If I'm in my restricted space and try to share a page with you, you'll still get the email, but you won't see the content unless you log in to Confluence and have permission to access that restricted space.

    True it can be a bit of a PITA when it's general content, but the need for strict control over sensitive content wins the day.

    Another plus to "Share" is that it deliberately directs traffic into Confluence and away from email.  One of the main reasons for using a tool like Confluence is to get content into one location, and get away from it bouncing around in various and sundry emails ("email volleyball").  "Forcing" your recipients into Confluence then puts them in the right place for making additional comments, adding or amending content, etc.  Otherwise, people start replying to those emails, and you're back to scattered content.  Ick!


    1. Appending a quick update: 4.3's mobile UI and the productivity features (@mentions, in-line replies)—both in the browser and the mobile UI—provide great means to get the conversations out of the inbox. Thought it was only fair to bring this into the conversation, given the passion around it.

  25. Anonymous


    is there any possibility to change the e-mail text: "has just shared a page with you" ?


  26. Hi, is there any way to get a history of the page shares done, including a history of the comments made in the sharing box? If not then I think I would have to disable this feature. 

    1. Don't worry, I answered my own question. No is the answer. Here is the link to the JIRA issue. Please vote on it and comment on it to get this happening. This feature is quite useless without it. (Even Basecamp does this). 

      1. Jodie, please can  you post the link to this JIRA issue ?

        I'd like to vote this up.


        1. Sorry for the delay Jason, here is the JIRA  CONF-22396 - Track sharing page history Open

  27. Anonymous

    Not being able to share to a group is a big oversight.  I tried entering individual emails separated by commas, but again the tool complained.  It wants you to enter one name at a time, with mouse clicks in between.  Gawd Awful.  Reminds me of microsoft.

    1. Agreed.  There are times when it is necessary to share with a larger group of people, and it would be nice if this feature could also search the group directory as well as the people directory.  Maybe a quick way to indicate a group would be to put a special character in front of what you're typing.  For example, if the first character was a " ! " the share function would try to match on group names instead of user names.  Just a suggestion.

  28. BTW as of 4.3, this notification also appears in the user's "workbox".

    1. Good one, thanks James! I've added this fact to the page.

      Cheers, Sarah

  29. Hello,

    When sharing a page with someone, the email send has a blank body?


    the subjet is correct.

    what is the problem ?

    no warning in log or access log ???

    thanks for helping.



    1. Just to be clear, in your email do you get any content at all?  e.g. "John Doe has just shared a page with you" , or is the entire email message blank?

      At least in version 3.5.7, the body text is optional.  So if you just do the share and add people and click send, all you will see in the body of the email message is the box with the share message and page link.


      1. Hi Mark,

        I just receive a mail with an objet: "John Doe has just shared a page with you" and the  Page name.

        But there is no link to the page name.



        1. Odd, because normally the page name is a hyperlink.  Not sure why you wouldn't get the hyperlink.  Perhaps a configuration option in your mail program?


  30. Anonymous

    Hi all, i just created - some commenters in this case might be interested, please vote! 


    Matin Schiemann

  31. Sharing content with a group isn´t still possible?

    For us this would be a nice feature, because sometimes we need to share sites with more than 20 users, which is a lot of work when you have to enter each user separately

  32. Anonymous

    Do you have a way to share the content on any page via social networks?

  33. I miss a functionality that adds information about sharing the page between comments. Why?

    • When I share page, I usually start discussion about the content, which starts in comments, but those users, which don't get e-mail about sharing, they don't have to know a situation mentioned in the e-mail. I don't have to remember the initial situation later too.
    • It is important for me to know, whom I shared the content with

    I would appreciate adding users mentioned in sharing content to watchers automatically.

    What do you think?

  34. Anonymous

    Hello - 

    Is there a sent messages location? I'd like to see the share messages I've sent.


  35. Hi Is there a sent messages location or a log list of Shares to view what when whom I have shared the details?

  36. Anonymous

    Hi everbody,

    if I shared a page and would like to see again whether I shared it to the right people, where can I do that? Or in general, where can I see what I've sent out of Confluence?

    Thanks in advance!

  37. Hi,

    Where can I find share-page-2.2.1 source?

  38. Anonymous


    I need to use the option "share page" with the XML-RPC and SOAP methods, but I don't found one method for this action.

    I am researching in the link below:

    Where I can find this?



  39. Is there any way to restrict the usage of the Share-Button?

    Is it possible to exclude usergroups from auto-completion or to just restrict the possible recipients some users could share a page with to a special usergroup?


    We have different persons from different customers using our Confluence and don't want one to contact another customer by this way.

  40. I am trying to add Gmail SMTP server configuration  on my confluence instance for Atlassian SDK plugin development.

    I am not finding any confluence installation directory on my /opt or /usr rather it seems like confluence is under my /home/user_name/pluginfolder/target/... like this.

    Where to add JNDI in this question so that I will be able to enable Share Page feature on my confluence 5.3.

  41. Contrary to the what the manual says I can not share the page link to multiple people:

    ..4. Select the appropriate user, group or email address from the dropdown. You can add multiple recipients to the list.

    When I click on a person name or press enter, the popup disappears and if I have to share the page to 5 people, I have to do this 5 times



    1. Hi Irfan, you are correct. I've updated the instructions below to make it a little clearer. The popup is part of Confluence's autocomplete, and is based on what you typed to trigger it. This is why you cannot click multiple people in the popup. 

  42. How do I see who a page has been shared with? I'm having an issue where I'm sharing and some people on the list are receiving the email and some are not. So I want to go back and check who I shared with to make sure all the names were correct.

    1. Hi Catherine, unfortunately there is no way to see who a page has been shared with.  You can watch and vote on the issue here CONF-22396 - Track sharing page history Open .