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Using multimedia files you can display movies, animations and videos, and embed audio files on your Confluence page.
There are several methods for attaching files to a page. Once you have attached the multimedia file to a Confluence page, you then edit the page to set where the multimedia content should appear.

In the example below, we display a Flash file that is attached to this page.

Confluence supports the following multimedia formats:

  • Adobe Flash (.swf)
  • Apple QuickTime (.mov)
  • Windows Media (.wma, .wmv)
  • Real Media (.rm, .ram)
  • MP3 and MP4 files (.mp3, .mp4)
  • MPEG files (.mpeg, .mpg)
  • AVI files (.avi) You may need to enable an avi decoder within your browser.

On this page:

Related pages:

Quick guide to displaying multimedia content on a page


Choose one of these methods:

  • Add the macro yourself: Attach the multimedia file to the page in the usual way. Add the Multimedia macro using the macro browser.
  • Autocomplete: Attach the multimedia file to the page in the usual way. Type '!' in the editor and choose the multimedia file from the list that appears.
  • Drag and drop: Drop the video or other file into the editor. Confluence will attach the file and insert the Multimedia macro for you.
  • Adjust parameters if necessary: Click on the Multimedia macro placeholder to set options for the macro, such as adjusting the width or height of the display, or setting autoplay on.

Displaying a multimedia file attached to the page

Once you have attached a multimedia file to a page, there are different methods for choosing where on the page the multimedia content should appear:

Inserting the Multimedia macro yourself

You can add the Multimedia macro to the page yourself using the Macro Browser. This allows you to display a multimedia file that is attached to either the current page or to another page in the Confluence site.

To insert the Multimedia macro on the page at the current cursor position:

  1. In the Confluence editor, choose Insert > Other Macros.
  2. Find and select the required macro.

Speeding up macro entry with autocomplete: Type { and the beginning of the macro name, to see a list of suggested macros. Details are in Using Autocomplete.

To edit an existing macro: Click the macro placeholder and choose Edit. A macro dialog window will open, where you can edit the parameters of the macro.

Using autocomplete

Once a multimedia file is attached to the page, you can use autocomplete, while editing the page, to choose where the multimedia content should appear.

To position an attached multimedia file on the page using autocomplete:

  1. While editing the page, position the cursor where you want to place the multimedia content.
  2. Trigger the autocomplete function by typing '!'.
  3. Choose the multimedia file from the list that appears.
  4. If necessary, click on the Multimedia macro placeholder and choose Edit to set various options such as the width, height or autoplay.

Using drag-and-drop

Depending on the browser you are using, you can attach and position a multimedia file in one step using drag-and-drop.

To attach and position multimedia content using drag-and-drop:

  1. While you are editing a page, simply drag-and-drop the multimedia file on to the page. Confluence will attach the file to the page and insert the Multimedia macro at the current cursor position for you.
  2. If necessary, click on the Multimedia macro placeholder and choose Edit to set various options such as the width, height or autoplay.

Multimedia macro parameters

Parameters are options that you can set to control the content or format of the macro output. Where the parameter name used in Confluence storage format or wikimarkup is different to the label used in the macro browser, it will be listed below in brackets (example).




Page Name

Current page

Name of the page to which the multimedia file is attached. If you are using the Macro Browser, just start typing the name of the page and then select it from the dropdown list that appears. The page can be in the same space or another space.



File name of the multimedia file.


If not specified, the browser will determine the width based on the file type.

Width of the movie window to be displayed on the page. By default, this value is specified in pixels. You can also choose to specify a percentage of the window's width, or any other value accepted by HTML.


If not specified, the browser will determine the height based on the file type.

Height of the movie window to be displayed on the page. By default, this value is specified in pixels. You can also choose to specify a percentage of the window's height, or any other value accepted by HTML.



If this option is checked (that is, if the parameter is set to 'true') then the video or audio file will start playing as soon as the page is loaded. If this option is not checked (set to 'false') then the file will not play until the user clicks the icon or image on the page. See the note about autoplay below.


  • The multimedia file must be attached to a Confluence page. For security reasons, files located on remote servers are not permitted. See the Widget Connector for displaying live content from external sites.
  • You will need the relevant multimedia plugin for your browser. Your browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and others) needs a plugin to play the video or audio file on a Confluence page. For example, to play a Flash movie you need the Flash plugin. Many plugins are shipped with the major browsers by default. If a user does not have the required plugin installed and enabled in their browser, they will not be able to view the multimedia files on the page.
  • Autoplay may not always work as expected. You can set autoplay on, so that your video or audio file should start playing as soon as the page is loaded into the browser. (See parameters.) However, this setting may not always work as expected. Confluence will send an instruction to the browser plugin that plays the multimedia file. Different browsers and different media plugins behave in different ways, and not all of them respect such instructions.
  • Use the Office Connector to display Office documents. Take a look at the Office Connector for embedding Word documents, presentations and other Office documents onto your Confluence page.
  • If you get the error, 'Unable to embed content of type application/octet-stream', this means the MIME type is not recognised.
  •  Advanced users can try styling via CSS. By default, each embedded object is wrapped in a div tag. If you wish to style the div and its contents, override the embeddedObject CSS class. Specifying an ID as a property also allows you to style different embedded objects differently. CSS class names in the format embeddedObject-ID are used.


  1. Our confluence is on https. When we embed a flash file, we get the message "This page contains both secure and nonsecure items. Do you want to display the nonsecure items."

    I uploaded the files trough attachments. They are in the same location as the images. The images don't give the problem, only the flash files.

     Any ideas?

    1. I found this on the macromedia site:

      Unfortunately I can't change the codebase since I use the !testfile.swf! annotation...

    2. just passing... The solution to this is store all referenced media (images, css) that are loaded in the page, over ssl. in non-ssl mode, there will be no complaint over mixed source content (page from http, resources from https).

      use a packet capture tool like Wireshark to pull out trick resources, or load the page from https and check the source for http:// references...

  2. When I embed a real media file on my page using this notation:


    The movie window AND the playback toolbar is the listed size. How can I get around this as it looks goofy.

    1. Jeff, it looks like you'll have to ask Real about this.
      I've been looking over their documentation for a support request on this very issue, and the only parameters available for controlling the playback window are the simple height and width.

      I agree that it looks goofy, but unfortunately this is one thing over which we've no control. I'll be happy to stand corrected, but for now that's the best of my knowledge.


    2. Jeff, have you tried altering the sizing attributes? I had to guess at a video I had embedded, and with some fiddling around, it played just fine and looked good too.

      1. I actually have not played with this since. I have been using the Flash Macro and embedding Flash instead of Real Content. Thanks for the reply though!

        1. Do you have problems adding text to a page that has embedded media? For some reason I can embed a QT Movie, but the editor won't show text without skewing the video into some tiny little pink, static square in the upper left corner of the page.


          1. Anonymous

            Hi David, Have you figured this issue out? If so, how do I set video sizes so they quit defaulting.

  3. FYI, I have opened CONF-8345 requesting the removal of the restriction that "files located on remote servers are not permitted". Please vote for the issue if you agree.

  4. Is there any way to Embed, Display, or even Convert a PDF file for viewing on confluence?

    1. Yes — you can attach a PDF file to any Confluence page, and create a link to it. Please see Working with Attachments Overview

      1. How about to view the PDF directly on the Confluence page, without needing to open an external instance of a pdf viewer.  I have tried embedding it like other multimedia content, but it firefox tells me I need to install additional plugins (IE does nothing with it). I have Adobe Reader installed on my system.

        1. This is just a note to update this comment thread.

          Embedding a PDF directly on a Confluence page is now possible in Confluence (smile)

          Details are available here.

          1. See AppFusions' SharpView - including video and live demo of a displaying PDFs in high resolution in Confluence, among other features.


  5. Any progress regarding the Mind Manager plugin? I've seen a couple of comments from users, but not sure if this went any further. Thanks!

    1. Yes, mind manager maps very important for projects and for documentation

      1. Checkout the Freemind plugin which does a great job of loading freemind attachments and rendering in an applet. It works a treat - but no editing ability, think excel...

        1. See AppFusions' MindMapIt - including video and live demo for building MindMaps inside Confluence, among other features.

        2. freemind plugin doesn't work for confluence 4.2 - is there an alternative for that plugin?

  6. I have added an mp3 file - !song1.mp3! - but I do not want it to auto play so I changed it to - !song1.mp3|autostart=false! - but this did nothing. Any ideas on how or if I can get this to not autostart?

    1. I'll second that. I'm trying exactly the same with wmv files and the autostart=false instruction just does not work

    2. Hi Corey,

      I'm not aware of any workaround that could fulfill your requirement. However, if you are keen on this improvement, please raise an improvement request at our JIRA issue tracker:

      Choy Li

      1. I've taken the liberty of raising an issue as you suggested Choy. Find it here

    3. Ditto - did the same thing on a Quick Time movie, using QT attributes and it did not stop.

  7. Anonymous

    Has anyone been able to add a flash file and not have it play automatically?  I've also tried the autostart=false with no luck.  Is there a way to display the play controls as well?

    1. Hi,

      Unfortunately, Confluence does not provide this feature currently. However, there is an improvement request pertaining to manage multimedia content in Confluence page being tracked at the following:

      If you are keen on this improvement, feel free to cast a vote to increase its popularity and add yourself as a watcher for future updates.

      Choy Li

      1. Anonymous

        That bug is almost 4 months old and remains unassigned. Any idea if it's going to get looked at?

        1. Hi,

          I can't possibly tell you the schedule on when our developer will fix the reported issues due to our commitment in getting the bugs fixed and other new implementations. However, you may check on the following link on the work in progress for:

          I would suggest you to add yourself as the watcher of the improvement request as updates will be posted there and feel free to add any comments of your concern to the improvement request to truly reflect the importance of this improvement.

          Choy Li

  8. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but I can't get my flashfile to resize.  It's coming up quite small and I'd like it to be at least 80% of the available screen size.  Any tips ?

    1. Hi Mel,

      It would be appreciated that if you could raise a support request at here pertaining to the problem that you are having. We will follow up and further investigate the problem from there.

      Choy Li

      1. Anonymous

        I raised this issue a few versions before and nothing was done. It really makes it tough to place a flash file. Each time I edit the page it resizes to the default that you guys set. I really want to have control on the flash file because sometimes I edit the page - the flash resizes and I forget to resize it back to my preferences.

        1. I found that this problem occurs only if you edit your page in the rich text editor.

          For some reason Flash Files default to a 32x32 pixel size

          If you edit your page in Wiki markup instead I find it is perfect.

  9. Anonymous

    How do you attach an mp3 file so that it doesn't automatically play? because I have a number of mp3's attached and when you first get to my page the simple cacophony is enough to drive away most people

    1. Hi there,

      We have a discussion regarding this at:

      Feel free to participate in the improvement request.
      Additionally, an mp3 file embedded in my local instance are played via the Quicktime player. Right clicking on the player enable you to choose the option "Plug-in Settings". From there, you are able to configure the autoplay option under the "Browser" tab. You might want to give a try with the configuration suggested there if your Confluence's page is using Quicktime player too.


  10. Hi !!

    So nobody can help me to know how to activate the autoplay function to false ?

    1. Hi Pierre,

      I would suggest you to take a look at a user macro, written by Ruben Miranda at:

      Hope that helps.


      1. Hi !

        Many thanks for the tip.

        Unfortunatly, the video macro is not recognize by Confluence.

        Anybody else has an answer to my autoplay issue ?

        1. Hi Pierre,

          The video macro is a form of user macros, which you have to create in the Administration Console, before you can use them in the wiki markup. In other words, you do not have to install a full plugin to utilise the macro. To learn more about user macros, please refer to this page. Hope that helps.


  11. Anonymous

    Hi- Anyone know how to load a DVD to a wiki?  The file extensions are of type, BUP, IFO and VOB.  The DVD starts automatically in CyberLink Power DVD.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!

    1. Hi,

      I am not aware of any plugins that can load a DVD into a wiki. However, if it is something embeddable or displayable using HTML tags, you can use the HTML macro that is bundled in Confluence.


  12. Anonymous

    Is there any way to make the size of an embedded pdf viewer variable, as in it scales with the size of the broswer window?

    1. Hi there,

      If you are using {viewfile} macro, you might want to use the width and height variable to adjust the size. However we don't have the feature to auto adjust the size according to windows browser. Meanwhile, if you are keen with this feature feel free to raise a feature request on our JIRA Issue Tracker here. Thanks


  13. Are there any performance hits when streaming video from Confluence? Say an 18MB WMV file?

    1. I think the situation depends on the streaming method (although I am not aware of any plugins that can provide streaming service). Otherwise, it can be regarded as downloading a normal 18MB attachment off Confluence.

  14. I have attached an MP4 video file to a page but when I click on it, it opens as full screen in the same page in Firefox using Quicktime (which I have installed).  I would like embed the video and have it play minimized within the Confluence page so people realise they are still within the Wiki.  Changing the height & width make absolutely no difference.  Any ideas how?

    1. Thanks to Zed Yap(Atlassian)

      Using the html macro to limit the size worked.  As long as your height and width are larger than the video, it shows the controls. 

      Only problem is our "systems" guys are not happy about enabling the  html macro - life goes on!

    2. Hi Bronwyn,

      I have attached an MP4 video file to a page but when I click on it, it opens as full screen in the same page in Firefox using Quicktime (which I have installed). I would like embed the video and have it play minimized within the Confluence page so people realise they are still within the Wiki. Changing the height & width make absolutely no difference. Any ideas how?

      You might want to use CSS style syntax to limit the size of the video. To do so you will need the html macro plugin. I have created an example below hopefully this might give
      you more understanding on it:

      Hope that helps.
      Best rgds,

  15. Happy 2010 Atlassian!  Any news on fixing the issue for disabling autoplay for embedding multimedia content?  This is a critical component that threatens to kill my upsell for Confluence within our Marketing department which needs to host hundreds of mp3's and .mov files.  Every time we reload the page or edit, it launches every file simultaneously.  This was something I was looking forward to seeing prioritized for the release of 3.1 but sadly it has not been.  I'm waiting to open up to over 300+ users but cannot until this issue is resolved. Major bummer. Surprised you are not giving this more importance given the core business use for entertainment and media companies that need this functionality.

  16. Anonymous

    I agree!  This problem needs a major fix as there's nothing more nerve wracking then having a page with multiple mp3's which are stuck in an 'auto-play' mode.  Any chance on including this in your next release?  This really is a big needed fix!

    1. Hi guys,

      Perhaps the workaround provided by Ruben Miranda could help for the time being. Basically, the workaround is to create a user macro that will stop the auto play, In order to create a new user macro:

      1. Go to Dashboard > Administration > User Macros
      2. Click Create a User Macro.
      3. Name your user macro anything that you want. eg: video
      4. Untick "Macro has a body"
      5. Change Output to "Macro generates HTML markup"
      6. In the Template, copy and paste the following:
      7. Once you are done with that, you can simply use this macro anywhere in your page by specifying the following in your wiki markup:

      Hope this helps.


  17. I've figured this out for Adobe Captivate .swf movies.  Please see my post on the Confluence user forum: Managing multimedia content in a Confluence page.

  18. Anonymous

    Info: Setting autoplay to false works for me with mov and wmv files like this:

    wmv: !small.wmv|,align=center,width=320,height=240,autostart=0,id=media!

    mov: !|,align=center,width=320,height=240,AUTOPLAY="false",id=media!

  19. I am trying to embed an SWF video into a JIRA task description like that:


    but it doesn't work. The area is just white.

  20. Anonymous

    I created a little macro for embedding freemind mindmaps into a conlfuence page (everything on this page regarding mindmaps seems to be outdated).

    You can get the macro and the instruction here:


    1. Stefan - thanks a lot for your effort. After having spend a long time searching for a "mind mapping solution" for Confluence, you made my day! Very much appreciated!! (smile)

      And for everyone looking for some mind mapping data (.mm) to get a demonstration page running: check out

      Best regards,

  21. The new multimedia macro will not find attached swf (flash) files if the filename has a ' in it.
    We have files already embedded using the !filename.swf! notation and they work fine (autoplay and all) but when I changed them to use the new {multimedia} notation there was an error message: "multimedia: Cannot find attachment 'ninja's.swf'"

    I've tried in our test 3.5 environment, by attaching the test swf file from this page with an apostrophe ' character in the filename.

    I've logged a JIRA issue (with attachments for test) at CONF-22044

  22. I am wanting to center .mov videos. They play ok but do not center. This is what I've tried:

    Any suggestions?

  23. Anonymous


    Which Plugin have i to install for using multimedia macro?


    1. Hallo there
      The Multimedia macro is bundled with Confluence 3.5 and later. No additional plugin installation required. (smile)
      Cheers, Sarah

  24. Anonymous

    I'm using Firefox 4.0 and I have some problems with multimedia files (avi and wmv). Browser says that it needs a plugin, but I have all plugin installed. And browser can't find any "good" plugin to be installed. So maybe the problem is in Firefox 4.0.  For example there are no Google Gears and Web DAV Launcher for this version of  FF

  25. Anonymous

    The list of acceptable movie file formats (containers) should be the same in the Dialog box as it is in the Documentation link. In the dialog box, it lists swf, mov, wma, wmv, mpeg, mpg, ram, rm, mp3, and avi. In the documentation, it lists all these PLUS mp4. mp4 is pretty common, so it's a pain for the User to not be able to know that it's allowable unless he clicks on the Documentation hyperlink. m4v (which is not listed) is pretty common, too, so I think it would be helpful for not only the allowable formats to be listed, but also for the "definitely not allowed" formats to be listed.

  26. Anonymous

    Has anyone found a format and code that lets them embed a video that can be viewed by iphones?

  27. Anonymous

    Tip: If you can output a .flv flash video file and a .swf flash controller file (Camtasia, for example, spits these out when you produce a flash video) you can attach both of these to the page, and then use the multimedia macro with the .swf. It will play the .flv fine.

  28. Anybody know how to stop auto-playing?

  29. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, I don't think there is a way to stop the autostart.  I haven't found one, and no one else seems to know of one.  Adding "autostart='false'" does not work, at least not in IE or Firefox.

    What I've done to get around it is to place an image of the player window on the page, and when a user clicks on it, a pop-up window launches with the video in it, which auto-plays, of course.  This way you don't have the video auto-starting when the page is loaded.  They must click on it to start it.

  30. Anonymous

    mp4 should be supported. I was also able to add the mp4 as an attachment.

    Nevertheless, as soon as I click on "add macro > media > multimedia", in order to add the file, the mp4 does not appear and on the list of supported files, mp4 does not appear!

    1. Anonymous

      I am also having a problem with the video size. My video is 480x272. Even if I choose this size,only a small part of my video is visible! The original video was 1280x720 but I exported it in 480x272 in iMovie.

  31. I have problem embeddeing swf files. I am making swf files myself and all my browsers always have the most up-to-date plug-in. I can see all the other macro, ironically the only macro I cannot see is the embedded swf files. In stead, I see "no plug-in available to display this content.". It's non-sense, because if I just drag the swf file to the browser, it works. Is there a security setting? B.t.w. I've tested with Chrome, Safari and Firefox. It works on Firefox and not the other two.

    Any idea what exactly the problem is?

    1. Anonymous

  32. Anonymous

    I'm having exactly the same problems embeding .swf works fine in Internet explorer (Struff!!) but not Chrome....any ideas how to resolve? 

  33. Anonymous

    update confluence (big grin)

  34. I'm having trouble adding video media. I followed the steps above - Insert >  Other Macros > Media > Multimedia. The "insert 'multimedia' macro" window appears; however, under the area "Attachments", it displays "No appropriate attachments." How can I attach multimedia if I do not have the ability to search for it? I also attempted to load the video through attachments with no success.

  35. This page clearly tell me that "MP4 files are supported".

    However - in Firefox, IE9 and Opera (latest versions) I am unable to play the files, even though I have Quicktime installed locally. And some googling clearly tell me that I am not the only one with the problem.

    When will Atlassian step up to the challenge and actually support the functionality they claim to support?

    (Yes, I have raised a support issue - I just needed to rant a bit; I've had several issues with Office plugin, JIRA and Crowd over the last years)

  36. Hi, how do I enable the video playback with the ability to switch between full screen and minimized screen etc.? Currently my Firefox display quick time player and the video. But it doesn't have any option to go full screen etc.

  37. Anonymous

    Is it possible to embed a Prezi file? It's basically an SWF, but it expects to find some data files in ./data. The SWF seems to embed without any problem, but then won't actually play because it can't locate the data files. Is there a way to save a number of attachments with a specific relative path?

    To be clear, I need to attach "movie.swf", which Confluence puts in /download/attachments/12345678/movie.swf. I then need to save out a handful of other files and put them in a specific location. For example, logo.png needs to be saved as /download/attachments/12345678/data/logo.png. Any way to do it?

  38. Anonymous

    I'm able to embed an .mp4 video, but it does not display a play < icon or any other controls on the thumbnail and plays only when double clicked.  Does anyone know how to format the video file so that the play icon and/or controls are displayed to the end user viewing the page? 

    BTW, I've tried formatting height and width at 25%, 50% and 100% and the controls don't appear in any of those cases.

  39. Any plans to add .ogg support?

  40. Hi,

    When I embed an mp4 movie of 1280x800 quality i have todo the settings 1280x800 in the macro in order to be able to see the play button. When i set 720x400 in the macro i see the movie is not scaled and i also don't see my play button. Is there a work-around for this or a payed tool to make this work. I don't want to stream movies from youtube or vimeo. I want to add it local to the confluence page.

    Look i attached an image to show what I mean, here i set lower dimensions as the movie and therefor i don't see the play button. I want to see the play button in lower dimensions and be able to go to full-screen if wanted.


    PS: i asked the same question on atlassian answers:

  41. This widget is of no use in environments where the default company browser has no video plugins. A server-embeddable video player like JPlayer or JWplayer is necessary.  I got JPlayer to work, but it doesn't support many formats and I haven't figured out how to turn it into a reusable User Macro on Confluence. This is an enormous obstacle to non-programmers.

  42. Disabling quicktime in chrome allows mp4's to play properly as of chrome 29

    1. I'm at Chrome 31 and disabling quicktime did not help resolve playback issues for .mp4s.

      Sometimes I can see the playback button, sometimes I can't; sometimes the play button doesn't do anything.

      We're at 5.3.4 and on Macs.

  43. We encode in 720 m4v so it works on all our devices (mac, ios, windows, android), but Confluence doesnt support the format. We are on hosted. Any plans to support m4v?

    1. I did a test, converted a video to mp4, which is supported by the Confluence Multimedia macro.  I then attached it to a Confluence page, and loaded it into the Multimedia plugin. 

      The result was the video has to be fully downloaded before it begins to play. 

      My expectation was that it starts playing the video as soon as there is enough data downloaded and enough in the buffer to offer continuous playback. No one is going to sit around and wait for the entire video file to download before they can begin watching.

  44. Hi everyone, 

    Has anyone ever experimented with embedding a Graphite (or any other type of Live Monitoring) graph in your Confluence page? If so, how did you manage? 

    Thanks kindly,


  45. Hey,

    How does one reduce the white space around this macro? I am trying to use a .swf as a banner with a horizontal rule underneath, but the white space above and below this macro makes it look very out of place. I am also using Zen Intranet, if anyone knows of a macro or adjustment in there. 


  46. Multimedia isn't supported in Chrome.

    Even if I disable the quicktime plugin, the Chrome browser's visibility and functionality of the video playback buttons is hit or miss. (.mp4)

    I've discovered on Safari and Firefox, if I Zoom into the page enough, I can get the playback to show up. But I really don't have such bad eyesight as my mom's ... yet.

    Macro pop ups also don't show up nicely; it's cropped; I can't scroll further.


    .mov auto plays when quicktime is enabled, but the playback buttons are not visible.

    (On the mac. Atlassian 5.3.4.)


    1. Many browsers now restrict mixed content.  If your instance of Confluence uses https, then http media will not be shown on the page by the browser.  The simplest workaround for this is to specify a https link (for example if you are linking to a YouTube video in the Widget Connector Macro, you should use a https URL). 

      1. These are videos we uploaded directly to the page so this wouldn't help us :-/

      2. Is there any chance or plan to change this behaviour in the plugin. When I attach a file there is no chance to load the media via https.

        1. Sorry, my comment above was referring to a known issue with embedding online videos using the Widget connector. I misread the original comment. 

          There are a number of open issues about the multimedia macro.  If the behaviour you are seeing is not covered in one of these issues, please raise a bug so the team can investigate. 

          1. Hi Rachel. I am having a similar issue. I am trying to embed a 12MB QuickTime movie into a Confluence page. When the macro loads, I get the QuickTime logo with a "?" and it won't play. Same thing happens when I do it as a link. In short, no matter how I try to get this video file on my Confluence page, I can't.

            I am using Safari 7.0.3 which is one of the browsers of choice at our company.

            Is there a solution to this ... other than not being able to use this video in Confluence?

            1. Hi Brian, Support should be able to help you troubleshoot your video issues.

  47. Hi there,

    I want to insert an swf file onto a confluence page. I often have to export my page to pdf. When I export, I loose the video.

    Is there any way/workaround for keeping the first frame of the video in the export or to make an image clickable and a video is played afterwards?


    1. Hi Rose Marie, 

      The Multimedia macro does not appear in PDF exports I'm afraid. I'm not aware of a way you would be able to make your video clickable in the PDF export. 

      Might be worth posting your question in Answers to see if someone from the community has found a way to do this.