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Below are some ideas on how you can display a presentation on a Confluence page.

Option 1 - Office Connector for Confluence

The Office Connector provides the most straightforward way to display PowerPoint slides.

  1. Attach your PowerPoint file to a Confluence page - see Attaching Files to a Page.
  2. Use the Office PowerPoint View File macro to display the presentation on the page.

Alternatively you can drag your PowerPoint file directly into the editor, and Confluence will attach the file and display it in the Office PowerPoint View File Macro for you.

On this page:

Related pages:

Option 2 - PDF View File macro

  1. Convert your presentation to PDF, using 'Save as > PDF' in PowerPoint (PowerPoint 2007 and later).
  2. Attach the PDF file to your Confluence page.
  3. Use the PDF View File macro to display the presentation on the page. The PDF View File macro contains Next Slide, Previous Slide and Full Screen Mode buttons for controlling your presentation. 

Alternatively you can drag your PDF file directly into the editor, and Confluence will attach the file and display it in the PDF View File Macro for you.

This method is also useful for presentations created in other packages such as Keynote. 

Option 3 - Gallery or Slide Show of JPEG or PNG Images

  1. Convert your PowerPoint presentation into JPEG or PNG images, using 'save as' from PowerPoint (slide1.jpg, slide2.jpg...).
  2. Upload the image files as attachments to your Confluence page. 
  3. Use the Gallery macro to display the images as a slide show in Confluence.


  1. Hmm. Two observations:

       1 PowerPoint is the staple communication format in most organisations, used by executives, sales people and consultants alike.

       2 They will hate your solution as it is a) involves more than one step, b) is too complicated c) demands technical knowledge d) demands external tools.

     It needs confluence to be able to designate a topic to be exclusive to a single attachment, and have the topic attachment placeholder updated whenever the attachment is updated.



    1. Anonymous

      I totally agree with this comment.

      1. Update: The first option on this page addresses your concern - technical knowledge, simplicity, etc. You can now use a straightforward way to display PPT on Confluence pages using the Office Connector.

        It involves 1) attaching the PPT, and 2) write {viewfile:ExampleFileName.ppt}.


  2. I seem to be able to link to a powerpoint presentation that is saved as an attachment?  Is there a way, without installing a plugin, to return to the confluence page after a slideshow has finished?

    1. Hi Iain,

      Unfortunately, I am not aware of any way to perform the above action. Hence, I would suggest you to raise a feature request at the issue tracker at:


      1. OK thanks MG I will raise this, in the interim I'll just add a hyperlink to the ppt.  Thanks.

    2. Iain, maybe I'm missing something.  But I'm routinely linking .ppt attachments.  At the end of the presentation, I hit the browser back arrow and I'm in the page I launched the presentation from.  Does that not work for you?  Also, when I'm in the presentation, I can right click and enter normal powerpoint with full edit functions.  I can't save changes directly back to the attachment, but I can save them to a normal windows folder. 

  3. Anonymous

    Which option is easiest(question)

    1. Hi there,

      I believe this is a debatable question and it really depends on your own preference. Some users might think option 1 is easy and safe. There might be other users prefer option 2 instead. The reason being is, it only involves a few steps and a plugin. However, please be aware that some plugins suggested in the documentation are not supported by Atlassian and it is developed by third party. Hence:

      Please weigh up your options carefully before deciding which way to go.


  4. Anonymous

    what's the safest way?

    1. Hi there,

      This seems to be a debatable question too.
      Some users might prefer option 1 as it does not involve using unsupported/external plugin in Confluence. Where some users would choose option 2 or 3 as they might have tried it in their local instance without any issue.
      Perhaps, some feedback from other participants could be helpful here.


  5. I have been trying in vain to apply automatic grading to my tests in PowerPoint. What I wnat to accomplish is when the presentation is completed and the person interacting with the PPT has satisfactorily completed the test then the test will automatically send me an email that the person who just completed the training has passed or failed. Do I need to set everything up in Excel first or can I do everything I want within the PPT environment?

  6. Anonymous

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  10. Anonymous

    If it was easier to work with multiple pages in Confluence - compare the task of creating new pages and editing different pages in Confluence versus Powerpoint - I wouldn't use Powerpoint at all. Now I have this huge Powerpoint (100+ slides) that I would really like to be in Confluence where each slide was a separate wiki page. A daunting task.

  11. Anonymous

    Hi, i just used this and i have a ppt which automatically goes to the next sheet after five seconds. The viewer only displays the first page and not the animation. It is a office 2003 ppt presentation.

    Any idea?

    1. Unfortunately, the macro does not support animation in PowerPoint slides yet. You may wish to vote for CONF-15546. Also, learn about our Implementation of New Features Policy.

  12. Anonymous

    I have embedded several 2007 PowerPoint presentations within our Confluence 3.3.3. Although it "works" it appears that any sort of drawings that were created in PowerPoint do not render properly in confluence. The arrows don't match up with boxes, some arrows don't show at all, text boxes are not in the correct position, etc...Is this a known issue? Is there anything else I can do besides creating JPEGs of the slides?

  13. Anonymous

    We have been unable to successfully embed a PowerPoint presentation. We can attach it to a page and insert a link to open the presentation separate. When we embed the presentation it never displays. We are running Confluence 5.1.3. At Atlassian's suggestion, I saved the presentation to .ppt from its original .pptx. That didn't work either.

  14. We write our PPTs in a proprietary font but it doesn´t render in embedded PPTs in Confluence. I can´t figure out why not. All PCs have the font loaded, but still no joy. Anyone have any ideas? Even someone to tell me it´s a known limitation would be good, so I could move on. Thanks.d

  15. Anonymous

    Does anybody else have the problem, that formats are displayed wrong in ppts in Confluence?

    I uploaded a PPT and the same document as PDF and in PPT the formats were that wrong that whole pages couldn't be read because f.ex. the letters are too big or pictures are on the wrong place.

    The PDF-document doesn't have problems.


    Answer and help would be very great!

  16. Anonymous

    We're facing an extremely long rendering time when trying to show a ppt of about 50 slides (550kb filesize) using the "office powerpoint macro".
    Is there a limit to how many slides a ppt/pptx can have?
    (Win7, IE9, Confluence 5.1.2)


  17. i tried to embed a ppt and also converted it to pdf format.when i embed them on a page,it is missing some slides and also some parts are missing from the displayed slides too...can anyone update me whats happening here??? this some kind of bug???

    1. Hi Shamil, sounds like it might be a bug, particularly if it is happening with the PDF as well as powerpoint. Could you raise an issue with all the details (including the size of the file, and any other info about the presentation that might be usefu)

  18. KB

    This plugin simply doesn't work for us - with .pptx or .ppt. 

    It only displays the message "Please refresh after some time". 

    It seems this bug has been around for years, but I guess there is no progress?

    CONF-15721 - Some Powerpoint files with images will not convert properly Open

  19. Anonymous

    How can I make Powerpoint and a PDF function at the same time?  My goal is to have both doc's open at the same time on separate monitors. I would like the PDF to navigate slides at the same time as the Powerpoint.

    1. Hi there, I'm not sure this is possible (with or without Confluence). 

  20. What is the sans-serif font being used in a PowerPoint preview when the original font from the document is not used?