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There are a number of ways you can get existing content, such as text, images and other content into Confluence. 

Importing content from other Confluence sites

To import content from another Confluence site you can:

  • Import a backup of the entire Confluence site
  • Import an XML export of an individual space. Page history, attachments, and page content will be preserved. 

On this page:

See Restoring a Site and Restoring a Space for more information.

Importing content from a Microsoft Word document

The Office Connector allows you to create pages by importing Word documents. The document content is copied onto one or more Confluence pages. See Importing a Word Document into Confluence.

Importing web content

To displaying web content on a page:

  • Use the Widget Connector Macro to display videos, slide shows, twitter chats, documents and more, sourced from other web sites and displayed on your Confluence page.

Importing other content

Importing non-wiki markup into Confluence requires a conversion process:

  • Text with basic formatting can be pasted directly into the editor. This includes simple Word documents or web pages.

  • Confluence pages saved to disk can be imported from disk

  • Files can be uploaded in bulk using the Confluence WebDav Plugin

  • Full featured customisation is available using the Confluence APIs.
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  1. Hi,

    Is there a way to import / retrieve a backed up space? Essentially we have a QA space that we want to move to prod and while there's export functionality we don't see an import button. Thanks!

    1. You re-import through the admin console backup/restore section for both space backups and site backups.

  2. Anonymous


    I was just curious to know if there is a plan to include importing non-wiki content (e.g. .xls, .pdf, .doc) as an out of the box function of enterprise wiki.

    1. Hi there,

      As far as I am concerned, there is an ongoing feature request at CONF-928 to import Word documents into Confluence. There is also a feature request to allow PDF files to be displayed in Confluence.

      Meanwhile, please take a look at how the new features and improvements are being implemented in the future versions of Confluence:


  3. Hi
    I have been looking for a way to import all existing content from a customer - e.g. from databases and shared drives - into Confluence.
    Is there anyway to do that? How?
    Keep up the great work! (smile)
    Thank you!

    1. Hi,

      I am sorry that I am not sure what type of content that you want to import from the database and shared drive. As for my suggestion, try using the Importing Page from disk method, WebDAV plugin or Content converter plugins. Feel free to clarify if I have misinterpreted your question.(smile)


  4. When importing content from other Confluence sites, how are userIDs mapped to existing (or non-existing) IDs in the destination instance?

    We have several Confluence instances, some using External User management (JIRA), others with their own userbase.

    Some folks have IDs in both Confluence instances. We want to move content between instances and preserve the user-to-content associations.

    1. Hi Roy,

      The mapping of the content and user ID (ownership) is solely based on the username, be it from local or external (e.g. LDAP, JIRA). Confluence will not alter the author of the contents during an import; any existing user in the target isntance with the same username will automatically own the imported contents. If there is no existing user, Confluence will keep the author as it is.

      Hope that helps,

  5. Is there a way to update pages in my space at one go, regularly? We have our product documentation in confluence, we want to keep the modified content in confluence, on a regular basis. Our pages are in htm format. Thanks!

    1. Do you mean that you want to have an application or process which update your space regularly? If so, I would suggest you to develop a soap/xmlrpc client to update Confluence regularly. Currently, Confluence does not have such application bundled. The following may be useful for you to shed an idea on how to update Confluence's space:


  6. Anonymous

    Any chance of getting the functionality of the old mydashboard.eng built into the Wiki ??? It was a great way to track tasks and indicate status. 

    1. Hi, there. I am sorry that I could not understand your requirement. Would you mind to clarify?

  7. I created a sandbox for anonymous users on our trial site.  How can I prevent them from importing Word docs, as there's not an option in the permissions for the space.  Thanks.

    1. Hi Gina

      I created a sandbox for anonymous users on our trial site. How can I prevent them from importing Word docs, as there's not an option in the permissions for the space. Thanks.

      As far as I know, the Doc Import option will only display to user if the user has the Create page permission in the space.

      Please let me know if I have misinterpreted your question.

      Best rgds,

      1. Zed,

        Yes, I changed the space permission so that Anonymous Users could not add pages, they can only add comments. 

        Thanks very much.


  8. i have a set of wiki pages (> 100 pages, so manual copy wont work) that i need to move or copy from a confluence 2.10.x wiki site to a confluence 3.0.x site, what are my options?  Note:  i am not moving or copying the whole wiki space, so importing a space wont work.  Thanks!!

    1. As a space import only compatible with backups created within the same major releases, your option is to upgrade the Confluence 2.10.x instance to 3.0.x instance separately. Then, export/import the spaces into the main 3.0.x instance and start moving the pages around. I understand that this process is not trivial, but it seems to be the best option.

      Alternatively, if you are willing to indulge in development work, create a remote client that copies the wiki markup (and attachments) of the pages from 2.10.x into 3.0.x.

      Additionally, if you are on 3.0.x, please be aware of this known issue.

      Hope this helps!

  9. Is there a way (macro) to dynamically import external content residing on another confluence? Many can specify importing content from another space on same confluence, it would be very useful to have a way to collaborate across multiple confluence.

    1. Have you tried the Confluence page gadget? Let us know if it does what you're looking for. (smile)

  10. Anonymous

    Hi there,

    Is there anyway to import all the contents from a WordPress 3.0 blog and Wiki into Confluence?


    1. I wrote a little script in php to import my content from a WordPress 3.3 XML-export into Confluence 4.2. Maybe it helps.

  11. Anonymous

    In 3.2, in the Conf Admin, the statement "Restoring space backups are incremental, meaning that restoring them will not wipe out everything that currently exists." but in the docs for restoring it says "Confluence will only allow you to restore a space if there is not already a space by that name on the site. If you already have a space with the identical name, you will need to delete or rename the existing space before restoring the new one."

    If I have to delete the space, how is that incremental suppose to work?

  12. Anonymous

    How do you copy a single page from one server to another?

    On download site:

    • Export Space (stupidly needs space admin), select the one page, download the XML.

    On upload site:

    • Confluence Admin (stupidly needs confluence admin), select the space, upload the XML? 
      • this feels really heavy weight for a one off page move

     Thanks, M.

  13. Anonymous


    I use Confluence 3.5, and have 5000 pages of FrameMaker documents to export to Confluence. We have nearly finished writing our own conversion system which ultimately converts to WIKI Markup format. I have some questions about Confluence 4:

    1. Is it possible to have the tag guide for the new XML format, like we have for WIKI Markup? I have a load of tables with merged cells, and it might be worth scrapping my WIKI Markup convertor in favour of a straight XHTML conversion. Also it's one level of indirection less! (smile)
    2. How long will WIKI Markup be supported as an "intermediate" import format?

    We've tried the third-party solution (outputting to WIKI Markup) and prefer to write our own.



  14. Here's a contribution I made a while back for converting HTML to Confluence. This will actually take a whole site directory, convert, and upload the content. There's a post in the forums covering H2C here:

    Project page:

    1. Hi Jason, thanks very much for your reply. As far as I can tell from looking at the python, this still converts to WIKI Markup. I was hoping to cut out the intermediate stage and convert directly to the new Confluence 4 format.

      1. What is the existing format of the data you're trying to import? You could just turn the actual markup conversion off. I believe there is an option for that. If your content is in HTML, you probably won't have much problems importing and using as is. There may still be a few tags that confluence doesn't recognize, but I believe most the basic tags are supported in the confluence 4 format. I'm not sure how code savvy you are, but you may also easily an option to convert to Conf4 xml markup.

        1. The data starts life as a proprietary binary format native to FrameMaker. FrameMaker outputs to HMTL. I admit that I haven't tried importing the HTML into Confluence 4 yet - because I don't dare upgrade our 3.5 installation! And as far as I'm aware, there's no "sandbox" version of Confluence 4 yet. I would feel far more comfortable upgrading to 4 if I had a Tag Guide for Confluence 4, just as I had a Tag Guide forConfluence 3 (i.e. Wiki Markup).

  15. Since there is no more the option to email the entire post content, can we do it the opposite way?

    Some blogging platforms allow you to make posts via email.

    I was thinking, if I made the post via email, I could include the group of people I wanted to include, about 37 people, plus the email address for the post via email function. That way everyone would get the content in the email AND the post would be made for documentation purposes.

    Can we post via email to Confluence?

  16. Do you plan to update the Import Pages from Disk feature to handle the storage format? I've got MIF2Go exporting my FrameMaker source to XHTML. It seems ridiculous that I have to import it page by page or write my own tool to import a whole set of pages.

    I've never adopted a tool that was as limited in its import options as Confluence 4.2 currently is. The Word import has serious bugs and apparently Atlassian has no plans to fix them.


  17. Does a method exist to import pages from Mindtouch directly to confluence 4.2.3 ?

    1. Not last time I checked. The Universal Wiki Converter converts MindTouch to Confluence 3.x wiki markup.

  18. Are attachments supposed to come along for the ride in an import from installed version to OnDemand?  The imports of wiki pages are working, but all attachments are missing after the import.  (images, Gliffy's, etc)  Is this the expected result after an import?

    1. Hi Nicole Hushka, attachments should be imported. Please file a support ticket for this.

  19. Anonymous

    Is there a way to merge various Confluence installation into a single Install?  I have a 4.3.X instance as well as a 3.X instance (backed by MySQL).  I would like to merge these 2 into a single install. 

    I am thinking of bringing them both to a common 4.3.X version first.  Then export one space at a time and import into the other. 

    The issue I think I will run into will be the export to XML.  The spaces are fairly large and definitely will not work as XML export.   Is there a way to merge Confluence via MySQL Export/Import ?

  20. Is there any way for a space admin who is not a system admin to import content? The "Import pages from disk" option is only available to system admins.

  21. I can't find much on converting unstructured FrameMaker files to Confluence. We're hoping to move the FM user guide content to wiki for user access. I tried converting FM files to PDF, then convert PDF to Word, but the imported content needs so much reformatting that it's almost futile. Any other ideas or thoughts on how I can achieve our goal?

    1. I got MIF2Go to the point of being able to export XHTML that I could paste into the Confluence editor in source mode page by page:

      The next step would be to find a way to export a set of pages with links:

      Re: Feedback on Confluence Storage Format

      There's some stuff about that on the MIF2Go forum, which seems to have forgotten my login:

      You'd also need to find some way to do a bulk import. Here's my failed attempt:

      I think there are links to another attempt or two in the pages I linked to above.

      It's incredible how hard it is to migrate content into Confluence, isn't it? I wonder if the powers that be at the company understand how much business they're losing by having such limited import capabilities. Or maybe they don't realize the extent to which the switch from wiki markup to XHTML broke the old import options.

  22. Hi,

    Can this work to with Confluence 3.5.3? Or there is a different procedure of importing/exporting Confluence 3.5.3 pages to another (different) Confluence site?

    If so, what are the file formats for these?

    Hope you can help me on this!

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Ryan, you might want to have a look at the documentation for your version of Confluence (3.5) here -  Importing Content Into Confluence.   Note that if you are wanting to export pages from one Confluence instance and import them into another instance, both instances will need to be running the same major version of Confluence. 

  23. Anonymous

    Hi, can you tell me whether there exists a maximum how big pdfs or other documents may be to import them? Yesterday a staff tried to import a pdf with 180 pages and killed the system for a while.

    Would be nice to get a answer so that we know how to handle this problem.

  24. Anonymous

    Hi, Can you tell me whether there exists a way to import pdf files into confluence?

    1. Anonymous

      f.e. via drag&drop (wink)

    2. Hi anonymous,  the answer depends on what you are trying to do.  If you want to display the contents of a PDF in a Confluence page, you can drag it straight onto the page (this attaches the PDF to the page and then use the PDF macro to display it). 

      If you want to populate your page with content from a PDF that is then editable in your Confluence page - that is not possible. You could however experiment with converting your PDF to Word format and then importing that - see more information here Importing a Word Document into Confluence

      Hope this helps.  Rachel

  25. Anonymous

    I am trying to copy and paste a HTML source content from ZenDesk editor to Confluence Wiki Markup, it seems it does not work Do I need to install the UWC to function

    1. Hi there, the UWC is used to convert data exported from a wiki into a format that can be imported into Confluence. It sounds like what you are trying to do is to paste a single piece of HTML content into the Confluence editor?  

      If so, you could use this Rich Text wikifier which supports HTML and Rich Text inputs and turns them into wikiMarkup that can then be inserted into the Confluence editor (Insert > Wikimarkup) (please note this is an external site and not supported by Atlassian).  This might give you what you are looking for. If not, I suggest that you ask your question at Answers

  26. Hi Rachael,

    Thanks for the post. Appreciate ir. I was told by one of the support representatives (Housin Toussi) to follow this:

    Hi - enable HTML macro from: conf admin > manage add-ons - insert HTML macro inside your page - paste the codes there. I do not have admin access, but I tried in the editor -Insert/Edit Macro>External Content>HTML - paste the source content into it. But I only the content with HTML tags appearing. Not the structured tree, I was looking for  - auto-create number lists, etc.

    Hope you can help or provide a solution. I will look into the RTW and see if it works.

    Also do you need admin rights to create your own macros?



    1. Hi Rahul, the HTML macro should also work, but many System Administrators leave this macro disabled for security reasons.  Chances are this is the case on your instance as well.   

      Yes, you need Confluence Administrator permissions to create user macros. 

  27. "Import a space from one Confluence site into another. Page history, attachments, and page content will be preserved and you will be able to do multiple pages at once."

    Is there a best method for importing one space into another on the same instance of confluence? From what I've read it is hit or miss (that sometimes not all pages are brought over in the "Copy Page Tree" method).

    The version of Confluence I'm using is Version 4.2.11.

    1. Hi Nick, I'm not sure what you mean by importing one space into another. If you are trying to move pages from Space A to and existing Space B I would recommend using the Move Pages function - you can move a whole tree at a time.  There is info on how to do this in Confluence 4.2 here - Moving a Page.  If you want to create a copy of Space A, you could use the Copy Space plugin - which supports Confluence 4.2

      Export and Import works between different instances, but it does not provide the facility to change the space key - so often not useful when importing back into the same instance. 

  28. Anonymous

    Can Confluence import content from Author-it?

    1. I don't know about Author-it specifically, but it may be possible, depending on the output formats that Author-it supports. If you can export your content to Word or to HTML it may be possible to import your content into Confluence.  See Importing Pages from Disk and Importing a Word Document into Confluence for more information. 

  29. When I try to enter confluence wiki markup by directly pasting it in (using Ctrl-Shift-D) and paste in the code for a table of a substantial size (generated by an external program), the server sends back a response saying that the conversion is taking too long and then aborts. I know the conversion should take a long time because the table is huge (700 rows). Is there anyway to tell the server to persevere instead of giving up?

    1. I'm afraid I don't know the answer to this one.  Support may be able to help you however. 

  30. I have submitted a bug for this, but would appreciate any feedback or suggestions from others here.

    When importing PDF files, and viewing them in the Confluence pages, I often find that there are display errors with the PDF viewer. Sometimes pages will have missing elements ... sometimes the entire page will render as blank. Other times an entire PDF document imports and displays as nothing but blank pages.

    Is anyone else experiencing this?  Are there any solutions or workarounds?

    1. Hi Eric, by importing PDF files, do you mean displaying a PDF on a page using the PDF macro?  We've made a number of improvements to this macro in Confluence 5.4.4 release (particularly around the blank pages and missing elements).  See  CONF-19819 - Incomplete PDF rendering in viewfile/viewpdf macro Resolved  and  CONF-26081 - Not all PDF content viewable with viewfile macro Resolved  for more info. 

  31. In the importing non-wiki content section, nearly everything excludes Confluence On Demand. Is importing of non-wiki content supported for Confluence On Demand?

    1. Hi Laura, I'm afraid that's correct.  You can create pages from Word documents, and import Confluence spaces, but the tools required to import content from other wikis or files are not available in OnDemand. 

  32. Hi,I have a question for web page importing. I want to copy a web content into confluence as an article. This content includes text and image. I copied all in editor,and it works. But in this way, the image is not downloaded to local storage, still link to original webstie. This will cause problem when someday the original web close down. So if somebody know, how can I also save the images to local when I copied a page.thanks.

    1. Hi Vincent, You're right, when copying from another website, the image will reference the original website (the same as if you chose Insert > Image > From the web and pasted in the URL).  The only way around this would be to save a copy of the file, and then upload the file to the page as an attachment. 

      1. ... and remove the linked image and replace by the attached image.  AND repeat these steps for every image which occurs within the imported page.


        So, quite some manual work. It would be beneficial if the application could support this better. The image(s) is/are already in the clipboard, so it could be saved using an auto-generaded filename, and then the references to the pictures could be updated during the import.


        (I removed the text regarding moving blogs, as this doesn't really relate to this page)


  33. Hello!

    I have a questions about moving content from JIRA (Jeditor specifically) into Confluence.

    Is there a way to achieve this without having to copy and paste every ticket into a new document? 

    Fingers crossed, 


    1. Hi Anna,  I'm not quite sure what you're wanting to do here.  Do you want the content from the issue description in Confluence?  Or to be able to see the issues themselves in Confluence? 

      Displaying JIRA issues in Confluence is very easy with the JIRA Issues Macro, however I'm not aware of any way to actually import then content of an issue to a Confluence page. 

      If you're copying and pasting from the editor in JIRA (and it has used markup), you can use Insert > Markup in the Confluence editor to paste it in and preserve formatting, but that's about the only thing I could suggest. 

  34. Do you have a recommendation on importing ipython notebooks into Confluence?

    I have tried different html macro's with different nbconvert and "file/save-as" combinations to no avail.   

    1. Hi Steven,  I've not used IPython Notebooks, but you might be able to export to markdown, and then in Confluence create a page, and choose Insert > Markup and then select Markdown. Confluence will convert the markdown to storage format. 

      If this doesn't work, I'd suggest asking the question at Answers, as someone in the community might have already found a solution. 

  35. I didn't know there is an 'insert > Markup/Markdown' features. I'll give it a try.

    Update: Tried a few options to no avail.  Here is the summary.

    Update: Still unresolved.  Posted to Answers.

    I am using Confluence 5.1.5.

    Excerpt includeNot applicable

    Did not format correctly

    Include PageNot appicable
    HTML Include

    Error. (Attached file to page and attempted to included file as attachment)

    Error rendering macro 'html-include' : PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

    Wiki markup without migration

    (appears to be the Insert/Markup option recommended)

    Did not format correctly.





  36. Fresh noob here,

    First ten minutes into the Confluence trial and I am disappointed to find only Word import. I thought this product had technical writers in mind so why is there only a Word import function? I keep seeing the odd reference that suggests that PDF, XML, or HTML import filters are available but I cannot find them.

    My end goal is to tie Confluence into our JIRA platform and import draft documents (prefer PDF) into Confluence in order to allow for online document collaboration (comments and full text editing). Am I correctly understanding one of the purposes of Confluence? It isn't going to be much use if Word is the only import option.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Shawn, Confluence supports exporting to PDF, HTML and XML, but you are correct the import options are limited to Word and text files.   The Atlassian Marketplace has a third party add-on for importing DocBook format, but I've not heard of one that imports PDF.  You could potentially convert your PDFs to Word and import that way. 

      Is your content already pre-existing? Rather than importing, we tend to create our new content directly in Confluence. 

      Confluence is first and foremost a tool for team collaboration. Technical writers like using it because it is very easy to create content, collaborate on it, and keep it up to date.  K15t, another third party add-on vendor produces a lot of add-ons for Confluence that are specifically geared towards using Confluence for technical communication, so you might want to check out their site.  

  37. I have a word document that I uploaded as a page, it has headings and subheadings. 


    main doc

       1xx-cat 1


    I want to import 1 more separate doc and make it a child page with heading and subheadings under it. Call it say 5xx. When I import it it just wants to add it as whole regular page and I need it as a child page.


    1. Hi Scott,  two ways to do this - when you first import the doc - do it from the page that you want your new page to be a child of (for example, go to page 115-sub, choose Tools > Import from Word and make sure you select Import as a new page in the space - the new page will be created as a child of 115-sub). 

      If your page has already been created, you can just move it to be a child of the right page.  Go to Space Tools > Reorder Pages and then drag the page to its new location (If you don't see Space Tools at the bottom of the sidebar you might be using the Documentation theme. In this case go to Browse > Pages > Tree and drag pages around there). 

  38. I am looking for a way to export a page to XML on one site and then import that page on another site. I used the backup function on the source site, selected "custom" and then selected just the page of interest from the tree of pages. However, when I attempt to import that xml zip file into the destination site it pops up an error saying "space already exists".

    BTW: I have spent quite a bit of time searching for something that documents this cycle. I find a lot of stuff for spaces and sites and for importing from word and PDF but really very little specific stuff regarding pages in the xml and/or zip format.

    1. Hi Roger, this is a tricky one, because Confluence does not allow duplicate space keys. 

      One workaround is to create a new space (with a space key that isn't in use in the destination space), move the page to your new space, export that space, and then move the page back to its original space (assuming you need to keep it in that instance).  You can then import the space into your destination instance with no clashing of space keys. 

      Hope this helps (smile)

      1. Awesome Rachel - Great Workaround!



  39. As a customer, and designer, I want to point out the handling of PDF's aren't an exact science. The reason I wanted to make the statement is I didn't want anyone to feel as if it were Atlassian's "fault" you couldn't import PDFs. Personally, I've been asked why I can't just "read and scan" any PDF that comes in our office "magically" and know exactly what it is.

    Until recently, Adobe was very strict with what information they gave out about a PDF. While you could compile many things into a PDF, it is the decomposition that has been the trivial task. While I praise Adobe for coming out with a great format to transfer to anyone around the world, despite what word processing application they were using, it's popularity has hindered a lot of companies, especially small businesses, in regards to decomposing the file.

    That said, there are many programs that attempt to convert a PDF. As many have already highlighted, they do end up throwing the "visual" aspect of the document off. As designers, and developers, we must approach the web strictly, as most of you know, which is why I believe the Atlassian is taking this one slow. When they finally do gain the ability to "pretty import" the "text-based" PDFs, your staff members (assuming most of us are IT professionals) will then pose the question, "Why isn't PDF of the scanned remittance importing?" I've had that one to. (wink)

    1. Are there any tools to migrate documents/data from our SharePoint repository to Confluence?
    1. Hi Mark, looks like something has gone wrong with our redirects.  I'll fix the link on this page. 

      All our API documentation can be found here (including about the new REST APIs, and deprecated JSON-RPC and XML-RPC APIs).

  40. I exported a site from version 5.7 and imported it into version 5.25.  It stated that the import was successful, but I cannot find the site in the 5.25 version.  I have tried to search by key words, the site key and cannot find it.

    1. Hi Dan,  I'm not sure that importing from 5.7 back to 5.2 is supported.   

      Some things to try:

      • Hit the URL of a page in the new space directly - if you're able to get to a page in the space directly, but not find it in the search, it might be an issue with the index, and a rebuild of the index may resolve the issue.
      • Check whether the space was archived - if the space had a status of Archived before it was exported, it won't appear in search.  Go to the space directory and select Archived to see if it appears with the archived spaces.  


  41. Hi Rachel,  Thaks for the reply.

    I have tried your suggestions, but they did not work.  We will soon be upgrading our production environment from 5.2 to 5.7 and will try again at that time.

    1. You should have no issues importing into Confluence 5.7, its going backwards that gets tricky. 

  42. Hi Rachel Robins [Atlassian Tech Writer] -

    We're generating some dev documentation in HTML with Sphinx. How to we import it into our Confluence wiki?

    1. Hi Maloy, I'm afraid Confluence does not have a tool to bulk import HTML into Confluence. All the import options can be found on this page. You might also ask your question at Answers, as others may have found ways (using the APIs or third party plugins) to do this. 

  43. Hello,

    We are trying to migrate from XWiki (version 4.1.2)  to Confluences (version 5.7.4). Right now, there are thousands of files in our Xwiki that we need to move into our recently created Confluence. Therefore, we wonder if there is any way we could do this at once, without exporting and importing file by file from Xwiki into Confluence? And, in case this is not possible, is there any way we could import *.xml or *.html files into Confluences preserving styles?

    Thank you very much for your help! (:


    1. Hi Cecilia,

      I'd recommend contacting our support team. They should be able to give you a good guide on the options available to you.