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If you are using Firefox as your browser, you will need to install an add-on into Firefox (the Firefox WebDAV Launcher) in order to use some features of the Office Connector. You will be prompted to install the add-on the first time you try to use a function which requires it.

For an overview of all Office Connector features, please refer to Working with the Office Connector.

Note about supported web browsers: Please ensure that you are using one of the web browsers supported by Confluence. If you are using an unsupported browser or browser version, some features may not work correctly. Check the Supported Platforms page to find the list of supported web browsers and browser versions on this page.

Installing the Firefox Add-On

You will be prompted to install the add-on the first time you try to use a function which requires it. The add-on is required for editing a wiki page in Office, or for editing an Office document which is displayed on a wiki page.

  1. When you choose an option which requires the Firefox add-on, you will see a popup window like this one:

  2. Click 'OK'. Some browsers may now ask you to confirm the download with a message bar across the top of the page, beneath the browser's address bar.

    • You may see a message like the one shown here:

      Click 'Allow'.
    • Or you may see a similar message with an 'Edit Options' button like this:

      • If you see the above message, click 'Edit Options'. You will then see an 'Allowed Sites' window like this one:

        This window lets you tell Firefox that your Confluence server is allowed to install add-ons into Firefox. The 'Address of web site' box should already contain the address of your Confluence server.
      • Click the 'Allow' button to add your Confluence server to the list.
      • Go back to your Confluence page and try to edit your Office document again, e.g. by clicking 'Edit in Word' again. Now you will see the option to install the add-on.
  3. A 'Software Installation' window will appear, asking you to confirm the installation. The window will look something like the one below, but the URL will be the address of your own Confluence server:

  4. Click 'Install Now'. The installation will happen and a window will pop up asking you to restart Firefox:

  5. Make sure you have saved all your Confluence pages and any other work in your browser, then restart Firefox.
  6. If Firefox asks you to confirm the restart, confirm it.
  7. Firefox will close all the browser windows and will then start up again. You will see a window confirming that a new add-on has been installed, like this:

Configuring the Add-On

After you have installed the add-on into Firefox, you will need to configure it. Basically, you will associate a desktop application (editor) with each relevant file type. This tells the Office Connector which application to launch when it encounters a link to an editable file. The configuration is slightly different for each operating system, as described below.

Configuring the Add-On in Windows

The add-on can will automatically configure itself on Windows via the system registry. The first time you edit a new file type, the add-on will look up the default editor for that file type and make that the permanent setting.

If you want to override the registry settings, or if for some reason the automatic configuration is not working, you can configure the Firefox add-on manually.

  1. In Firefox, go to the 'Tools menu and select 'WebDAV Launcher Options', as shown in this screenshot:

  2. A 'WebDAV Launcher Options' window will appear, allowing you to associate a specific file type (file extension) with a desktop application (editor). The window looks like this one:

  3. In the 'File Extension box, enter the extension for a particular file type. For example, you may want to associate the 'doc' file extension with Microsoft Word 2003 or earlier. To do this, you would type 'doc' in the File Extension text box.

    If you use or have recently upgraded to Office 2007


    In addition to the original Office 2003 file extensions (that is, 'doc', 'ppt' and 'xls'), you should additionally configure the WebDAV launcher to handle the new Office 2007-specific file extensions for Microsoft Word ('docx'), Microsoft Excel ('xlsx') and PowerPoint ('pptx').

    Screenshot: Configuring the WebDAV Launcher - adding the 'doc' file extension.

  4. Enter the 'Application Path — Use one of the following methods to specify the associated application for editing the given file type:

    • Click the 'Auto' button to load the associated application from the Windows registry.
    • Alternatively, you can click the 'Browse' button to find the application on your computer.
    • Or you can manually type in the path to the application's executable file.

      Screenshot: Configuring the WebDAV Launcher - adding the 'Application Path' for the 'doc' file extension.

      If you use or have recently upgraded to Office 2007


      Follow the instructions in this step to add the path to the relevant Office 2007 application for the Office 2007 file extension you configured above. For example, if you had a typical default installation of Office 2007, you would add the application path 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\WINWORD.EXE' to the 'docx' extension.

  5. Click the 'Add' button. The file extension association will be added to the list. For example, in the picture below you can see that the 'doc' extension has been associated with 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\WINWORD.EXE'. This is the path to the Microsoft Word 2003 executable on a specific Windows machine.

    Screenshot: Configuring the WebDAV Launcher - configuration of the 'doc' file extension complete.

Configuring the Add-On in Mac OS X

The configuration procedure is similar to Windows, as shown above. Note that there is no 'Auto' button in Mac OS X.

Configuring the Add-On in Linux

The only known supported Office editor for Linux is OpenOffice. (See Office Connector Prerequisites.)

There is no automatic configuration on Linux. You will need to associate each file type with your Office editor in Firefox. Note that there is no 'Auto' button in Linux.

The configuration procedure is similar to Windows, as shown above.

For both Ubuntu and OpenSUSE, the configuration will look something like this:

File Extension

Application Path

doc and docx


ppt and pptx


xls and xlsx


Security Risks


Please be aware that there are security risks in installing this add-on to Firefox. Internet Explorer is exposed to the same risks, because it can directly open Office documents. By installing the add-in into Firefox, you are exposing Firefox to the same risks.

Summary of the risks:

  • Office documents can contain macro viruses. Before opening an Office document, make sure that you trust the source of the document.
  • There are known flaws in the Office file formats and Microsoft Office that an attacker can exploit to gain control of your machine. Microsoft has fixed the known exploits in the latest Service Packs for all Microsoft Office versions. But new exploitations may arise at any time. Again, be sure that you trust the source of a document before opening it.

The add-on tries to reduce the risk by supporting the following:

  • Same origin policy — The add-on can only open documents from the same host that initiated the action.
  • Digital signature — The add-on is digitally signed. When you install the add-on please verify that it is signed by Benryan Software Inc.

  • Prompt the user for confirmation — You will always be warned before a file is opened. Please read these warnings carefully before opening a file. The warning tells you the complete URL of the file as well as the complete application path of the application opening the file.

Information about this Firefox Add-On

Add-on name:

WebDAV Launcher


Adds the ability to launch a WebDAV URL directly in a WebDAV-aware client.

Latest version:

See the WebDAV Launcher add-on page at Mozilla

Compatible with:

All versions of Firefox, up to and including the latest stable version.


Atlassian Pty Ltd

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  1. Anonymous


    When will the FF4 be supported?



    1. The official FF4 release date is tentatively scheduled in November 2010 according to:

      After checking at for a feature request, I am not able to find it yet. Could you please create an improvement request at to see when will Firefox 4 be supported in Confluence?

      Thanks and regards,

  2. Anonymous

    Is there any workaround to handle Microsoft Office on a MAC?

    Where are the restrictions/missing functionalities?

    Cheers, Holger

  3. Does anyone know how to configure Firefox or any other setting that save back to confluence does work with NeoOffice on Mac?

  4. Anonymous

    In my Confluence 3.4.2 "edit in word" func doesn't work for office 2007-2010. It opens empty document in Word. It works only in offive 2003.

      1. Anonymous

        I have the same problem, your links are not useful: it's' manual page. It's not a read only prolems, webdav plugin it's not able to run

        the path for example:

        If O use office 2003 all works fine

        Please I have 500 licensed users and I cannot works fine.

        Carlo Balducci

        1. Hi Carlo,

          We are sorry to hear you experiencing such issue on your instance.

          We highly recommend you to create a ticket on our channel so that our support engineer would be able to investigate your issue and hopefully provide you a workaround or solution if available.

          Septa Cahyadiputra

  5. Anonymous

    what about Firefox 4 support?

    1. Anonymous

      I second that motion. Even though Firefox 4 is still in beta, it would be really handy to have the WebDAV connector right now.


      1. Anonymous

        FF is now in RC2. Plz work on this plugin as we all use FF for our WIKI.

  6. Anonymous

    Strongly agreed!

  7. Firefox 4 has been released -- I'm typing this comment from it.

    The WebDAV Launcher 1.04 plugin is disabled, there are warnings about it being disabled in the upgrade process. There is an outstanding issue: Host WebDAV launcher add-on for Firefox at Mozilla and provide information for people wanting to install it

    Searching for "atlassian" or "webdav" in the add-ons doesn't turn anything up regarding WebDAV Launcher.

  8. Same here, what do we do with official gold release of FF4? It's so much faster, really need this webdav for all our wikis.

    Also, Please Update the Webdav Add-On's About this add-on link to this page and not

    It's totally confusing and misleading to go to to get information about the addon, as there is nothing there at all about it.

    1. I created a support ticket regarding the issue:  But have since closed it as a duplicate, to point to Sarah's ticket.

    2. Hallo Mark,

      About Firefox 4, please see my comment below. (smile)

      About updating the "About this add-on link": I've added a request for this update. Please feel free to add a comment too, and to watch the issue for further updates: CONF-22059.

      Cheers, Sarah

  9. Hallo to everyone asking for Firefox 4 support. (smile)

    At the moment, Atlassian does not offer support for Firefox 4 in any of the Confluence functions, and therefore also not for the Office Connector add-on. Please refer to the documentation on supported platforms.

    I've added a feature request to our issue tracker, requesting support for Firefox 4: CONF-22057. If you like, you can "watch" that issue so that you receive updates about progress. You could also comment on the issue, and vote for the issue too, to let the development team know how you feel. The dev team doesn't usually monitor the documentation, so they're unlikely to see all the comments on this page.

    I hope this helps to explain the currently-supported browsers, and gives you somewhere to add your feedback.
    Cheers, Sarah

    1. Anonymous

      Following the tracked issue, there is now an updated version of the WebDAV plugin for FF4 at

      1. Anonymous

        Bummer, it's not for Mac yet...  Anyone know when it will be?

  10. Anonymous

    I have followed these instructions and still cannot edit my documents from firefox.

  11. Anonymous

    Can't get this working on FF 4 even with the latest version of WebDAV Launcher.

  12. Anonymous

    I'm using Confluence 3.4.5, but it's too dificult to "select the relevant version" of this document.

    With "WebDAV Launcher 1.0.5" I have no problems anymore with Firefox 4.0.1.
    But now it doesn't work with FF 5.0.

    1. Anonymous

      After upgrading to Firefox 5, I had a similar experience.  I solved it by re-installing the add-on:

      1. Go to the WebDAV Launcher v1.0.5 Add-on page in Firefox v5
      2. Clicked the Add to Firefox button
      3. Clicked the Install Now button (wait three seconds for it to enable)
      4. Restarted Firefox when prompted for changes to take effect

      There's a note about an expired certificate that was fixed – wonder if we just had an old version of the Add-on?

  13. Can't get it to work in FF 5.0 on Mac :(

  14. Anonymous

    Not working with Firefox 5.0.1 - tried the above resolution

    Any other ideas?

  15. Anonymous

    What about Firefox 5 ? I have installed and configured WebDAV, but when i click EDIT DOCUMENT. Nothing happends

  16. Anonymous

    I dare to ask about FF 6.0 compatibility:)


  17. Its written that it will work Firefox 4.0 - 7.* but if you want to install, Firefox tells that it is not compatible to 6.0.2 :-(

  18. I have the same problem as Sven. I am on FF 6.0.2 and want to edit documents. I don't have easy access to IE (on a mac and don't want to have to bring up virtual machine). Any workarounds for this problem? 

  19. @Mark O'Callaghan: You can the the updated Version from here

  20. Anonymous

    Be careful. Not avalaible with the latest version 7 of FF.

  21. Anonymous

    Any update on compatibility with Firefox 7.0.1?

  22. Is there any place I can look for previous versions of the webdav plugin? I need 1.0.4 and Mozilla only lists as early as 1.0.5.


    1. Me too. We are still using Firefox 3.6.

  23. I'm using WebDAV Launcher 1.0.6 with Firefox 10.0.

    Does anybody know how to enable Edit in Office for .odt (OpenOffice Document) or other OpenOffice Document formats?

  24. Is there any way to automate the plugin installation and configuration?

  25. What registry keys are used - can they be set with a script?

  26. What are the application paths for OpenOffie on the Mac?

    I can't just select, it will open this folder and I don't know what binary to select now for the connector to work.

    The documentation is very limited on this issue, especially since everyone at Atlassian is using a mac...

    Please help!


    1. Anonymous

      I'm having the same issues.  It does not seem that this is really supported for Macs despite the mention above.  The way that macs store the applications means they cannot be selected in the plugin.  It just shows them as folders and for some reason won't let me select the executable file that launches the application in those folders.


    2. Hi! I read your message, because i've had the same problem. My workaround was: 1) Naming the Extension without the leading point at the beginning. 2) Open Terminal and drag the to the Terminal window. C'nP the displayed path. (Cause of the language maning conventions you can make sure the right destination).

      Can you confirm the workaround?



      1. Hi! yes, this seems to work.

        Thanks for this solution.


  27. FYI, I use it on Fedora and Ubuntu.

    Firefox 10+ and LibreOffice.


  28. Anonymous

    Is not woring with Firefox 13.0.1 pleas help.


    1. Anonymous

      Sorry I mean not working with Firefox 13.0.


  29. Anonymous

    Witch version is it now?

  30. Above is a long list of  "it does not work for me".  There is no answer how to resolve it.


    I add one more: It does not work for me either!

    I'm on Firefox 16, WebDav Launcher 1.0.6, Confluence 3.5.16


    It looks like this feature is broken since Firefox 7, with no resolution since ???


    The Firefox Error console says:

    NS_ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND: Component returned failure code: 0x80520012 (NS_ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND)[nsIProcess.init]            Line:89



    The specified file exists.


  31. Anonymous

    Hi, I've a problem with Ubuntu 12.04, LO 3.6 and Plugin WebDAV 1.0.6

    When I'm editing the file xls, I insert my user id and pwd but I've an "Internal Error 500".

    Thank you



  32. Anonymous

    I'm trying to deploy this to 100+ PC's in my organization, I can easily deploy the add-on itself so it's available to users in Firefox, but I need to know how it can be deployed with it already configured with the Ext name and application paths.

    Where exactly are the File Extension and Application Path values stored?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  33. I'd like this information as well - we need to be able to deploy this to all staff to help get user buy-in



  34. Anonymous

    Hi Anthony, I managed to answer my own question after a few more days of searching.

    The File Extension and Application Path values are stored inside of the 'prefs.js' file inside of the Firefox profile. C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxxxxxx.default\prefs.js

    Paste into the file the following string(s) with the variables you require- An example below is for the .xlsx extension pointing to the filepath Excel is installed to

    user_pref("benryan.urlLoaderextInfo.xlsx", "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Microsoft Office\\Office14\\EXCEL.EXE");

    There are a number of ways to get this onto users machines, I already use the CCK wizard to create extensions with these kind of values defined.



    1. Anonymous

      Further to what I wrote above. This method will require an extra line listing the extensions you're including. For example if I have entries for .xls, .xlsx and .doc my line would be as below.

      user_pref("benryan.urlLoaderext", ".xls xlsx doc ");


  35. for the MAC, it would be nice to elaborate on the procedure. It seems like one have to drill down into the MAC application package. Would be nice to make it mac friendly. Also, for excel, it does not seem to work with Office 2010 and Firefox 19 on MAC OSX Mountain Lion

  36. Anonymous

    Is there any way to create a distribution of the plugin installation and configuration?  I don't seem to be able to locate the installation files.

  37. Anonymous

    Does not work properly on Mac OS 10.8.4 with Firefox 22, WebDav-Extension 1.0.7, Confluence 5.0.1, MS Office 2011 (14.3.6):

    1. I have to select the executable in the app-package - this is not the way it is supposed to be. It seams that the extension has not actually been tested on a Mac, at least not by a user who knows how Mac OS X works.
    2. Even if I do so, it does not work with Excel - trying to edit an attachment in Confluence, it only opens a blank new file in Excel, nothing more.

    This is rather disappointing (sad) at this time of history of developing a plattform that is supposed to be an enterprise solution, to say the least.

    1. Anonymous

      Especially, since these errors have been reported before here, at the very least since FF16!!!!!!!!

      But no one at Atlassian seems to read our comments (sad)

  38. Anonymous

    I am having the same issue (.xslx) with Confulence 4.3.3 Office 2011 for Mac, and FF 22 webdav 1.07.  I'm sure we are missing some trick as Excel opens but to a blank file.

  39. I have added "docm" to my WEBDav launcher in Firefox, but I still don't get the option to "Edit in Office" the attachments in confluence that end with this extension. Am I doing something wrong? Or is this not possible?