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Documentation for Confluence Cloud and earlier versions of Confluence is available too.

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Please refer to the guide to Installing Confluence and JIRA Together.

JIRA and Confluence complement each other. Collect your team's thoughts, plans and knowledge in Confluence, track your issues in JIRA, and let the two applications work together to help you get your job done.

Below are some ways you can get JIRA and Confluence working together.

Setting Up Trusted Communication between JIRA and Confluence

An administrator can configure JIRA (3.12.0 or later) and Confluence to communicate in a trusted way, so that Confluence can request information from JIRA on behalf of the currently logged-in user. JIRA will not ask the user to log in again or to supply a password.

Trusted communication is used when embedding information from one application (for example, a list of JIRA issues) into another application (for example, a Confluence page).

Read more about trusted communication.

Viewing Confluence Content in JIRA or JIRA Content in Confluence

Using Gadgets

You can embed a Confluence activity stream or a Confluence page in JIRA's dashboard. Likewise, JIRA gadgets can be rendered on a Confluence page. See Adding a Confluence Gadget to a JIRA Dashboard and Gadget Macro for information on how to set up gadgets.

Using macros

For versions earlier than Confluence 3.1 and JIRA 4.0, use the {jiraissues} macros to embed JIRA reports and portlets into your Confluence site

Any JIRA search result or filter can be embedded in a Confluence page using the JIRA Issues macro with your choice of included fields and field ordering.  You can also show data from JIRA visually on your page using the JIRA Chart Macro.

Creating issues from Confluence

You can create issues from highlighted text in a Confluence page. See Use JIRA and Confluence together to find out more. 

Integrating JIRA and Confluence User Management

To save you having to enter users into both JIRA and Confluence, you may benefit from using Atlassian Crowd as the user repository for both applications. Alternatively you can configure Confluence to use JIRA's user database. See Connecting to Crowd or JIRA for User Management.

Having trouble integrating your Atlassian products with Application Links?

We've developed a guide to troubleshooting Application Links, to help you out. Take a look at it if you need help getting around any errors or roadblocks.


  1. Is there any news on JIRA and Confluence being able to 'log-in' to one another so that they can trackback and automatically create links to each other yet? We're evaluating the latest version of JIRA Enterprise and Confluence.

  2. Anonymous

    I'd like to see trackback working for protected pages as well. Please update us! (smile)

  3. Anonymous

    Is there any way to utilize the project categories and projects in JIRA to produce spaces and pages in Confluence? Can Confluence and JIRA use the same project database? It would be nice to set up a project in JIRA, and have a project space set up in Confluence automatically.

    1. There's no way of doing this at the moment.

      1. Seven years have passed: any news on this subject? I really don't understand the sentence "...and let the two applications work together to help you get your job done"

        1. Anonymous

          Manuel, I agree with you! I would like to get answer on this too.

    2. Anonymous

      I have just spent an hour trying to figure out how to do this... and then if it was even possible.

      It would be nice if JIRA would auto-generate pages or at least templates based on the creation of projects, components, and issues.

      1. Anonymous

        I've been searching fruitlessly for the same solution.  I want a way to auto-magically create Confluence pages from Jira in order to store completion criteria for the Jira item.

    3. Anonymous

      We have a system that helps do this.  Although this involves a hybrid Atlassian / Drupal setup, whereby confluence spaces and user groups are created by the atlassian-CLI tool, using a set of scripts triggered by Drupal's Rules module.  Basically, when a Drupal organic group is created, the script creates a corresponding wiki space and user/admin group, as well as assigning the new space permissions to those groups.  New users that join the drupal group are automatically added to the atlassian user groups as well.   

      So it is possible, although a bit of a hack at the moment.  We're still figuring out how to apply this to Jira, but it works pretty flawlessly for Confluence at the moment.  

  4. I would really like to see you add trackback for authenticated installations. We have to have people login for various reasons. Is this currently slated for development?

  5. Is there an easy way of combining Confluence and Jira together? I.e. I'm looking for "feature A" and get:

    Confluence matches:





    Jira matches:







    1. There are two outstanding feature requests that cover this functionality: CONF-2689, CONF-1436.

  6. when I written a shortcut like:

    [PRJNAME+open+Tasks@jira], I got a link: , so I can't get any result .

    I think the correct link should be:

    Could you tell me how to write the shortcut to get a right link,


    Matt Chen

    1. Hi Chenmin,

      Please try the following parameter:

      PRJNAME open Tasks

      Note that the additional '+' sign is substituted by a 'space' as the browser will interpret it for you. I have tried it both with Firefox and IE and they work perfectly. Please give that a go and let me know how it goes. Thanks.


      1. A clearer parameter (the above is 'macroed') (smile)

        [PRJNAME open Tasks@jira]


        1. It really works~!

          Thank you very much~

        2. How would I define a link to a "free text" search with e.g. two words both appearing in a text box? For example, writing "web+integration" in the jira quick search box works fine, but I cannot find a way to define a corresponding link in Confluence.

          I have tried [PRJNAME web+integration@jira], [PRJNAME web integration@jira] etc with no luck.

          1. Found it! Underscore appears to work: [PRJNAME web_integration@jira]

  7. Is there a way to link from Jira to a specific version (historic) of a page in confluence? I noticed that confluence creates new pageids for older pages, which are stable once they have been made historic.

    1. Hi Jacy,

      Could you please elaborate more on how you want to link a Confluence page from Jira? As I know, there is a Jira Linker Plugin for Jira custom field to link with Confluence page. Would that plugin be of help?



  8. It should be noted that to use the Jira Linker Plugin, you currently have to grant anonymous access to the spaces on confluence that you want the plugin to be able to search. For organizations that are using confluence to store proprietary information, this requirements is unacceptable.

    Please add a note to this effect so that administrators don't spend hours trying to figure out how to get the plugin to work only to find out at the end that the plugin has unacceptable requirements. 

  9. The Linker Plugin's need for Anonymous RPC access has made it untenable. 

    our developers would like to link to confluence pages more simply in the comment section of issues/subtasks:


    It would be cool to have a list of external wikis (confluence1, confluence2) in the admin section so that something like this would work.

    1. Hi Ki,

      Thanks for your suggestion. I would advise you to create an issue ticket at our issue tracking system:

      Feel free to get back to me if you need further assistance. Thank you.


  10. Embedding the password is a huge no-no in most environments.

    Looking forward to in 3.12!

    1. Hi Joshua
      With Confluence 2.7 and JIRA 3.12, this should be good to go (smile)
      Cheers – Sarah

  11. I've enabled trackback in both jira and confluence. I added the JiraLinker plugin and created a custom field. When I choose a page in confluence to link to my jira task, that works great. But when I go to my confluence page, I see nothing saying that a link from jira exists. Do I need to put any wiki formatting in to see this in the page? I don't see it listed in the Page Info either.

    1. Hi, Jay. I am afraid that the plugin itself does not send out a trackback to Confluence. You might be interested in the following feature request, however.


  12. Anonymous

    When we make the links via the shortcuts, it is rendered as an ugly hyperlink to 'CONF-1000@JIRA'.

    Does pretty printing so the link reads just 'CONF-1000' come with only newer versions of Confluence?

    We have Jira 4.0.1 and Confluence 2.10.2 (yes, very old, an upgrade is planned).


    1. Hi, there. I have confirmed that this behaviour is unchanged in Confluence 3.1 (latest release). If you are keen on it, feel free to raise an improvement request in our issue tracker. Also, learn how we approach new implementation in our products.

      1. Anonymous

        I would like to know how this page does it then.

        Looking at the wiki source for this page above given the example

        "Link directly to JIRA issues: CONF-1000"

        wiki source:

        Link directly to JIRA issues: \[CONF-1000@JIRA\]

        How can I get this functionality in Confluence 3.1? Can I run 3.2-rc1?

  13. Anonymous

    I think it a huge misnomer to talk about any "Integration" between JIRA and Confluence.  Why?  I've been evaluating using the two products together and have been very disappointed, especially after years of great JIRA usage.

    Here are the points that are listed under the 'integration' documentation:

    • Use Trackback for easy two-way linking - does not work according to documenation.
    • View Confluence content in JIRA or JIRA content in Confluence - jiraportlet macro does not work with most recent versions.  jiraissues macro only works sometimes: we have trust issues, need to enable anonymous access?, some users see the list of issues, some don't, list does not update in a timely fashion, cannot be used to show a single issue, absurdly difficult to set up.  For a key feature for 'integrated' products, this is half baked at best.
    • Link to Confluence pages from JIRA issues - have to install a plugin.  Does not work with hosted versions that I am evaluating. 
    • Integrate JIRA and Confluence user-management - does not work with hosted versions.  Installed versions require an external database or another Atlassian product..

    The two products can be used together in the sense that you can enter links in one that lead to the other.  That's it.

    I love JIRA and it makes my life much easier.  I think Confluence is a nice wiki.  But the do not integrate. I apologize if this is not the place to post non-constructive criticism. However, I would have appreciated a clearer view of the 'integration' features a week ago.

    1. Anonymous

      I spent many days trying all types of integration. I am using trial hosted versions of Jira and Confluence. I could not get a simple list of Jira issues to display on a Confluence page. Nothing seemed to work. The documentation is very sporadic and inconsistent. I am getting disappointed. I guess I will submit another support ticket for that.

  14. Anonymous


     Does anybody here know of successful integration between Shibbolized Confluence and JIRA?


    1. Hi,
      The shibboleth Authenticator can be integrated directly with JIRA, but Atlassian do not support it, nor have we written any connectors for it.

      Personally I've limited knowledge about it, sorry to say that we can't be of further help.

      Hopefully someone who has done it before can share with you here.

      Thanks & regards,

  15. Anonymous


    Is there a way we can display the admin page from jira (list of all the project and their administrator in jira) in confluence page?

    We've a requirement where few users need to see the Admin of all the jira project without giving them the actual admin rights on jira.

    CAn you please suggest if there is a way to do that?


    1. Hi Himanshu,

      Is there a way we can display the admin page from jira (list of all the project and their administrator in jira) in confluence page?

      Do you mean "list all the project and their Project Lead"? If so, this is possible by using the HTML Include Macro to display the Browse Project page from JIRA. For example:


      Please replace these values - <yourJIRAHost>, <yourJIRAPort>, <yourUsername>, and <yourPasssword> accordinglly.

      Please note the user can only see those project(s) that (s)he is granted with "Browse Project" permission.

      If you would like to list all JIRA administrator(s), you can use:


      Please ensure the HTML macros is enabled before trying the suggestions above.

      Hope it helps. Please give it a try and feel free to ask a again if you need further assistance.

      Thanks & regards,

  16. Anonymous

    Is there a way of having a link in confluence to export Jira issues in excel?



  17. Anonymous

    Is there any way to display an entire JIRA dashboard in Confluence?

  18. When I use the context [TEST-1@JIRA] I get a mailto: instead of the shortcut I am suppose to get.  Is there anyway around this? I am using internet explorer 8.

  19. Anonymous

    This info is outdated.

  20. Is it possible for the Jira link to display the issue Summary text in Confluence automatically?

    Instead of CONF-1000, display CONF-1000 Get Confluence working on Resin 3.x

    1. Anonymous

      Seconded. This would be great!

    2. The summary text will be displayed automatically, along with the issue type and status, if you enter the link using the 'Insert JIRA Issues' dialog introduced in 3.5.

      For more information, see the release notes


      1. It has gone in Confluence in 5.2+ ?!!

  21. How do you set up search for Confluence via the JIRA dashboard? (Atlassian does this on in the Information gadget.)

    1. Hi there ahoffman, uses a very specific customisation, involving inserting custom HTML into the Confluence Admin screens (Confluence Admin > General Configuration > Edit). The custom HTML is inserted into the "Site Welcome Message" section.

      If you would like more details, drop me an email at edawson at atlassian dot com.

      1. Is it possible to do the reverse?  i.e. Search my JIRA instance from Confluence?


  22. Anonymous

    So do I have to install a plug-in (JIRA Linker) if I want to reference Confluence pages within a JIRA issue?  That seems a pretty standard operation so surprised it requires a plug-in.  

    1. Thanks for your comment!

      JIRA Linker provides a way to search for pages on a Confluence site, so you can easily add a page link to a JIRA issue. Of course, you can always just add the link manually...

  23. Probably a really stupid question, but...

    I've installed the Jira Linker Plugin and set up trusted communication between Jira and Confluence.

    When I click the Search Confluence link next to the Confluence Link custom field, the confluence site to search is

    How do I change it to search my confluence site??

  24. Some new users not familiar to JIRA abort the process of opening an issue because of the new environment, they don't know  the meaning of the fields etc.

    Is it possible to provide a form in confluence, that will open a JIRA issue directly in a transparent, means in a hidden way directly in the post request so the user is not redirected to the JIRA form?

  25. Hello. I was wondering if it could be possible to integrate Confluence with Jira in a level that you can create a Jira project, grant access to some Jira users and associate this project with a Confluence space, thereby only this Jira users that have acces to the Jira project can access to this space automatically (and no others, I mean when I create a new space, noone have acces to this space by default). I have configured a trusted connection, an application link and linked the Jira users directory between Jira and Confluence, but I can't find a way to grant user access to a single Jira project in order to they can acces to the Confluence space automatically. Is this possible? May be using Crowd?

    Thank you very much
    Best regards.

  26. If you would like to see Confluence search results in JIRA, see Atla-Search plugin.

  27. Anonymous

    Is there a way to link each Project from JIRA to a space in Confluence?

  28. Is there a way to bring the content of a Confluence page and view in a JIRA Issue?  (Like an excerpt but across the two products)  We have a lot of technical documentation that users compose in Confluence pages and having a link to the page in JIRA is workable, but not as intuitive as seeing the content.

  29. Hi. Is is possible to show an Issue's Work Log on a Confluence page?

  30. Anonymous

    Hi! Any possibility to insert JIRA ticket description field into Confluence article the same way it's done for Excel/PDF/HTML etc pages?

  31. Hi Bruce,


    We are looking for the same functionalitiy; we have a confluence space page for each JIRA project containing the technical information about handling a ticket for this project.

    1 confluence space for one JIRA project. Each space has a page with the name NoteInfo. This page contains 'How To''s' to keep in mind while handling a ticket for this JIRA project (Customer).




  32. Anonymous


    we are looking for the same functionality. Actually, we'd love it to go a bit further. Our interest is that Confluence can read all the JIRA issues assigned to a version (Fix Version) and list them as well as the release notes once release with all the description fields in it.

    It would be great if it could build a table of JIRA issues where you chose the columns to be filled from the JIRA fields. For instance you say:

    Build a table with al JIRA issues for "ProjectA", "Version 1.3" and fill in the following columns: "Title", "Status", "Assignee", "Description".



    1. Hi Anonymous, you might want to have a look at the JIRA Issues Macro, which should allow you to do what you describe. If you are an OnDemand customer, you will have access to the newest version of the JIRA Issues Macro (see OnDemand documentation here), which adds more functionality (this will be available to download / installed customers in Confluence 5.2).

      Hope this helps, Rachel.

  33. Anonymous

    Hi Rachel,


    it looks exactly like what we want. I will give it a try. Thanks a lot!

    we have a self-hosted Confluence and JIRA installation, so we should have access to this, right?


    1. Yes, the JIRA Issues Macro is available in self-hosted / installable Confluence. Refer to the documentation here JIRA Issues Macro

  34. Anonymous

    Hello -

    I love using your meeting notes feature and tracking action items through the built in widget.  Is it possible that those action items become backlog items within our JIRA account?  That would help us track things and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.



  35. The JIRA linker plugin is not supported in JIRA 6 and has caused me a lot of pain (had to  roll back  a production upgrade)  as we use it heavily. We now need to move away from it 

  36. Anonymous

  37. Anonymous

    Is there any way of displaying a list of JIRA Versions (as configured for JIRA Projects) on a Confluence page? It would be preferable to maintaining the list twice and would allow regular users to more easily see archived versions for release schedule purposes.

  38. Anonymous

    What is Connection Address in JIRA and What Host Server Name 

  39. Im having a really weird issue here.

    We had Confluence and JIRA installed on the same server. Last week we moved Confluence to a new server and changed the link to Confluence. All seemed fine. But now the following has happened. Two people in the company can not reach the confluence server when clicking on a link made before the move. They end up on the old server which isnt there anymore.

    They have already re-logged in, cleared cache, etc. If i log in as me on their browser then all works as expected and i end up on the correct server. If then the other user logs in the problem occurs again. If he logs in on my pc, same problem.

    Are links stored per user or something? And how do i fix this?

    1. Hi Marcel, you should contact Support on this one. They will be able to help you troubleshoot the issue. 

  40. Can a Downloaded version of Confluence link seamlessly with an OnDemand version of JIRA? 

  41. I have one question. Our JIRA and Confluence are integrated with Corporate Ldap for authentication. Though the User base for authentication is same but there is a difference in configuration for JIRA and Confluence. Confluence is fully integrated with Ldap so all users in Ldap have access to Confluence but few users are restricted for JIRA. I configured application links selected with applications fully trust each other but it is resulting in some warning messages in JIRA and Confluence logs. Is this not correct?

    1. Hi Srinivas,  could you contact support with your question.  They will be able to get some more detail from you, and help you to check that everything is set up correctly. 

  42. Question can confluence link to more than one JIRA instance?

    1. Yes it can.  The process is the same, add another application link to your second JIRA instance.  When using things like the JIRA Issues macro and JIRA Chart Macro you'll see a Server drop down that you can use to choose which JIRA instance you want to pull issues from.  (Note that you can't display issues from two different JIRA instances in the same macro).