Documentation for Confluence 5.8 (Server).
Documentation for Confluence Cloud and earlier versions of Confluence is available too.

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Keyboard shortcuts are a great way for you to speed up your editing and viewing in Confluence.

(info) This page describes the keyboard shortcuts for the English language. The shortcut keys (letters of the alphabet) may be different in other languages.

View keyboard shortcuts in Confluence

To view available keyboard shortcuts in Confluence, do any of the following:

  • Choose the help icon  at top right of the screen, then choose Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • When viewing a page, press Shift+?
  • In the editor, choose the question mark icon on the editor toolbar.

The keyboard shortcuts dialog shows the following information:

  • General – global, page and blog post shortcuts.
  • Editor – text editing and formatting shortcuts.
  • Editor Autoformatting – wiki markup and autoformatting shortcuts.

On this page:

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Keyboard shortcuts

Below is a list of keyboard shortcuts available in various situations in Confluence.

Note: If you're using Chrome or Firefox on OS X, you can use 'Cmd' or 'Control' for the shortcuts below. Safari users can only use 'Control'.

All screens




Enable the quick search


  • Submit (where a form is active).
  • Editor -- save the Confluence page.
  • Outside the editor -- save the browser page.

G then D

Go to the dashboard

G then S

Browse the current space

G then GPosition cursor in the search box. See Searching Confluence.


Open the Keyboard Shortcut help


Toggle the sidebar.

In the editor




Apply the paragraph style.


Apply a heading level (of the number chosen) to the current line.


Apply the preformatted style.


Apply the block quote style.


Open the Macro Browser.


Make the selected text bold.


Format text as a bulleted list.


Insert wiki markup. (Opens the Wiki Markup dialog.)


Preview the page you are editing.

Ctrl+FOpen the Find and Replace toolbar.

(letter I, not number 1)

Make the selected text italic.


Insert a JIRA issue. (Opens the Insert JIRA Issue dialog.)


Insert a link. (Opens the Insert Link dialog.)


See a list of suggested pages or other locations to link to from your page. More about autocomplete...


Insert an image. (Opens the Insert Files and Images dialog.)


See a list of suggested images, documents and other files to embed in your page. More about autocomplete...


Format text as a numbered list.


Save the page you are editing.


Format text with a strike through.


Make the selected text underlined.


Revert an action that was undone.


Undo the most recent action.


Indent current line (only in bulleted lists and numbered lists).


'Outdent' current line (only in bulleted lists and numbered lists).

Shift+EnterForce a line break without a paragraph break. This is a line break with no extra space.
[ then ]Add a task.

Tables in the editor



Mac OS X


Copy the current table row, or the selected rows.



Insert a table. (Opens the Insert Table dialog.)



Paste the table rows from your clipboard, placing them above the current row.



Cut the current table row, or the selected rows.


Alt+Up ArrowAdd a row above the current row.Alt+Up Arrow
Alt+Down ArrowAdd a row below the current row.Alt+Down Arrow

Autocomplete in the editor

[See a list of suggested pages or other locations to link to from your page.
!See a list of suggested images, multimedia files and documents to embed in your page.
{See a list of suggestions as you begin typing a macro name.
@See a list of suggested users to mention.
//Insert a date using the date picker. The date picker can also be triggered by typing a date in the format dd/mm/yyyy or dd-mm-yyyy.

See Using Autocomplete for more information.

View screen




Create a blog post.


Create a child page of your current page.


Edit a page or blog post, or return to Edit mode when previewing.


Open the Link To dialog.


Add or edit labels.


Add a comment to a page or blog post.

SShare the current page


View attachments.


Return to page view (only if you are viewing page attachments).


Add or edit watchers.

File preview



Left arrow

View next file

Right arrowView previous file
Up arrowView previous page of this file (in full screen presentation mode)
Down arrowView next page of this file (in full screen presentation mode)
EscExit file preview or exit full screen presentation mode


g then nOpen the Confluence workbox.
jMove down to the next entry in the notification list.
kMove up to the previous entry in the notification list.
nMove down to the next notification for a particular page or blog post.
pMove up to the previous notification for a particular page or blog post.
EnterOpen the selected notification.
uReturn to the notification list after opening a particular notification.

See more about managing notifications.

Disabling and re-enabling keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are enabled by default, but you can disable general keyboard shortcuts for your personal editing sessions if you choose to. This setting won't affect other Confluence users. Editor keyboard shortcuts can't be disabled.

To disable or re-enable general keyboard shortcuts:

  1. Log in to Confluence.
  2. Open the keyboard shortcuts dialog, by doing one of the following:
    • Choose the help icon  at top right of the screen, then choose Keyboard Shortcuts.
    • When viewing a page, press Shift+?
    • In the editor, choose the question mark icon on the editor toolbar.
  3. Choose the General tab.
  4. Select or clear the Enable General Shortcuts check box as required.


  • Note about supported web browsers: Please ensure that you are using one of the web browsers supported by Confluence. If you are using an unsupported browser or browser version, some features may not work correctly. Check the Supported Platforms page to find the list of supported web browsers and browser versions on this page.

  • The keyboard shortcuts dialog also displays the trigger characters for the Confluence autocomplete feature. See Using Autocomplete.
  • Confluence keyboard shortcuts are consistent with JIRA keyboard shortcuts.


  1. Using Windowy XP with Firefox I cant generate Ctr.-AltGr-Q to get @-sign  - it always does a quote like Ctr.-Alt-Q using confluence. In all other apps it works fine.

    How do I change confluence that it does not overwrite standard keyboard settings so that users can use commands in a common way.


    1. Anonymous

      I do have the same problem. Please tell us how to change keyboard assignments.
      Right now I only can type an @ in the Wiki Markup which is very very uncomfortable. How will this resolve in Confluence 4.0 where you don't have a Wiki-Editor anymore.

      1. Hi,

        We are aware of this issue with German keyboards. It is currently being tracked as CONF-21173. Until this issue is fixed it is possible to change the keyboard shortcut for all users by following these instructions ('s+Keyboard+Shortcuts).

        1. With our french keyboards, it turns out we have problem with the macro (Alt Gr+4) and link shortcuts (Alt Gr+5).

          They automatically displays the headings 4 or 5.

          I was up to change them following this procedure but couldn't found the one for headings (ctrl+alt+1/6).

          They must be somewhere...

          Thank you so much.

          1. Hi Paul,

            The shortcuts for  ctrl+alt+1..6 are located in the file /tinymce3/tiny_mce_src.js. Please see this comment for detailed instructions on how to change them.

  2. Anonymous

    I'm experiencing the same problem. It is also not possible to enter macros in the rich text mode since Alt Gr - 7 (which produces the { character on my keyboard) is treated like CTRL-Alt 7.

    1. Anonymous

      Here too. With a german keyboard layout ALT GR-7 is interpreted as "no format". How to disable this feature for all users to enable fast macro insertation in rich text editor? this is a no-go.

  3. When I use "/" on a Belgian keyboard ("/" is situated above ":", so shift ":") I get the Quick Search + the overview of the keyboard shortcuts (which is not preferable).
    I am using Mac and the Refined Wiki Theme.

    Would be great if we could change the shortcuts manually. That would solve a lot of issues with international keyboards.

  4. Geert Peter de Oude is right.

    Also, it wasn't the best idea to put the "hide-sidebar" shortcut on the windows key, it will open the start menu as well. So it is unusable.

    1. I agree, it's an annoying usability problem especially for somebody who does not like the sidebar and enjoys navigating a page purely through the keyboard (i.e. search for text as you type).

      1. Dear Atlassian Team

        Even if there are probably many not affected mac users using confluence wiki, please remove this senseless shortcut from the windows key.

        What action requires opening the windows start-menu and show/hide the wiki sidebar at the same time?


        1. Anonymous

          +1 This is tremendously annoying.

          1. Please vote/comment on  CONF-22440 - Windows key toggle left-hand navigation bar in Documentation theme. Closed  to get this fixed faster.

  5. Anonymous

    Is there a shortcut key to get out of a macro content section?

    For example, I type {cod to bring up the code block macro, then I type the code block content and then I always have to reach over and grab the mouse to click outside the code block before I can continue typing the rest of the article.

    It would be nice to have a keystroke that jumps you out of the block without having touch the mouse but I can't find any mention of that in the help.

    1. Anonymous

      +1 Vote for this !!!!

    2. Anonymous

    3. Anonymous

      +1 really want this!!!

    4. On Mac OS X it can easily achieved with Alt+Down arrow

  6. Anonymous

    Is there a way to adding new shortcuts and changing existing shortcuts ?

    It would be nice to add shortcuts to everything that I see as a menu item. 


    1. Hi Anonymous,

      It is possible to create new shortcuts. You would need to write a plugin containing a Keyboard Shortcut Module and have it installed by an administrator.

      1. Anonymous

         Hi Matthew,

         thanks. This is exactly what I searched for.

        But how exactly can I write a plugin. I thought I could create a copy of /var/atlassian/application-data/confluence/bundled-plugins/confluence-keyboard-shortcuts-4.1.4.jar
        modify the atlassian-plugin.xml and then create a new jar file? However, if I install that as an admin it does not show up and the new and changed shortcuts don't work. Same if I disable the existing keyboard shortcut module.

        Thanks for a tip on how to do that.


        1. Hi,

          If you just want to add a new shortcut you don't need to modify the existing plugin. Instead create a new plugin with the SDK. Then just add the shortcut module to the atlassian-plugin.xml. Build and upload the plugin using the instructions in the SDK guide and your new shortcut should work. If doesn't check that your shortcut module appears in the plugin admin screen and is enabled. If not check the logs for any error messages.

    2. Anonymous

      Hello Jason, This tip is more for Outlook 2010 however Outlook 2007 also has the robibn when you open the Compose email screen. You can use CTRL+F1 to show or hide this robibn
  7. Looks like the new editor does not implement the full-screen mode (Ctrl+Shift+F)

    It makes page editing very hard on small screens or screens with small resulotions, as the headers, titles, footers and all the wrap takes 50% of the height..
    Although the new editor brings better handling of tables and sections - its hard to work like this! 

    Anybody knows if this feature will be back?

    1. +1, I also want the full screen option back. Why was it removed in the first place? Atlassian?

      1. Osher ETim, I did a quick check and couldn't see an existing request that anyone had raised for this so I've created a new one that you might like to put a watch on:  CONF-26234 - Fullscreen edit Resolved

        1. Thanks all. I have updated the documentation page (by removing the description of full-screen mode).

          Cheers, Sarah

  8. The Cmd-<number> shortcuts are useless in Safari since those are bound to bookmarks.

    1. Hi Thomas,

      You can also use ctrl+<number> to get around this problem in Safari.

      1. That'd be great if it worked, but at least in the 4.3m11 EAP, control-1 through control-4 do nothing; the first header I can apply is Heading 5.

        1. Hi Ashton,

          I'm surprised to hear this. I just tried it out with Safari 5.1 and Confluence 4.3 and ctrl+1-4 work fine for me. What happens when you try to use the shortcut? What type of keyboard are you on (US, German etc)? What OS?

          1. I'm on 4.3m11, OSX 10.7.4, Safari 5.1.7, US keyboard.

            I have to use Cmd + Control + # to get the headings to work.

  9. Anonymous

    The Windows (Start) key causes the sidebar in Confluence to toggle show hide. Is there a way to turn that off?

    • Adam
    1. Hi Adam,

      Take a look at  CONF-22440 - Windows key toggle left-hand navigation bar in Documentation theme. Closed  for some workarounds to this problem.

  10. I've noticed in version 4.2.2 if I use the Search Confluence box and I happen to have the letter m in my search query it opens a new comment rather than letting me type my search string. It doesn't happen in the version of Confluence hosted here (4.3-rc3). Does anyone know if this is a setting thing or if it was a bug which version of confluence this was fixed in?

  11. Anonymous

    Is there a way to disable certain shortcuts. I'm especially annoyed by the '/' shortcut. I'd rather have my browser search the whole page for a text but Confluence (and Jira) always steal the focus and put it into the search part. (using FF).

  12. Hi Anonymous,

    It is not possible for an individual user to disable individual shortcuts. However it is possible for an an administrator to disable a particular shortcut site-wide. The steps to do this for an admin are:

    1. Go to the administration console.
    2. Go to the plugins section.
    3. Click 'Show System Plugins'
    4. Find the 'Confluence Keyboard Shortcuts Plugin' and expand it.
    5. Click on 'Manage plugin modules'
    6. Find the shortcut you want and click the 'Disable' button to disable it (the '/' shortcut is called 'Quick Search')
  13. On OSX, when editing a text area, Confluence currently has two shortcuts that I know of (C-e, C-k) which conflict with system level keyboard actions.

    Are there any existing feature requests to allow user-level shortcut management?

    1. These shortcuts are using the wrong modifier; on OSX, shortcuts should be using the Command key (cf. all Google web applications)
    2. As an end user, I'd like to disable C-e just for myself, and I can't.
    3. C-k should be remapped to Command-k (same action as used by Google apps) (see #1)

    If there are no existing tickets filed, where and under what category should I file them? 

    1. Hallo Marc

      I've found this open issue which seems to match the problem of OS X conflicts: CONF-16081 - Application keyboard shortcuts override browser text editing shortcuts in wiki editor (e.g. Ctrl-K in Safari/Mac) Resolved Comments on the issue are very welcome.

      To file such a ticket, log in to (signup is free) and create an issue in the CONF project, under component "Keyboard Shortcuts".

      I hope this helps!

      Cheers, Sarah

    2. In Confluence 5.6.5 (similarly other versions) I fixed this directly in the source. It's a little tricky to do, but possible.


  14. Yes, I recently found these other very similar issues which do not provide me any comfort that these issues will ever be a priority for Atlassian engineering.

    Confluence: (still unresolved, filed in 2006)


    I've added myself as a watcher and voted.

  15. Anonymous

    It would be great to add a shortcut and implementation of dropcaps for the first letter of a paragraph. 

  16. Hi,

    Is there a way to escape the wiki shortcuts? I'm writing codes using sq brackets to mark them and it's interpreting them as links, and it's frustrating not being able to get rid of them.

    Cheers and keep up the good work!


    1. Hi cdeigado,

      If you go to User Menu > Settings and the select Editor on the left you should see an option to diable Autoformatting. I think this will do what you want.

    2. Anonymous

      Put a \ before the name of the macro then delete it afterward. eg. \{mymacro} then {mymacro}

      How many people are willing to sign an online petition asking Atlassian to fix their captcha software?

  17. Anonymous


    Is there a spell check function I just do not see?

    1. Anonymous

      Modern browsers have spell check built into them.
      Chrome: chrome://settings/languages

  18. Anonymous

    No shortcut for insert > attachment?
    Clicking on Insert More Content > Attachment is getting annoying.  

  19. Anonymous

    No shortcut for indent/outdent (in text not lists)

    1. Yes, I would really like this too.

      1. Anonymous

        Me too!! I searched for a way to indent Paragraphs with no success

        1. Would indeed be nice to have a shortcut for indent/outdent outside the bullet list. 

    2. Another vote for this.

      Evernote and MS Word have this bound as Ctrl-M, Ctrl-Shift-M.  But I guess that is taken by "Insert Image".

  20. Anonymous

    the new single key shortcuts don't really work well.  This happens to me ALL the time now:

    Arrive on page.

    1. type command-f to search in page
    2. enter my search term and enter
    3. WHAT? Why am I editing the page now??

    It took me weeks to figure out that I had typed 'e' in my search term and the page registered it before it landed in the browsers search focus box.

    landing on a page and searching for a keyword immediately is one of the things I do the most. 

    I am a fast typer so I type before the find box even appears on the page.

    I'm on latest Safari on latest Mac OS as of this writing.

  21. Anonymous

    If I write an abbreviation with a hyphen such as "UTF-8", Confluence turns it into a link (to a page that does not exist). Is there a way to prevent that? I have both Autocomplete and Autoformatting disabled.

    1. try to escape the - by using \-

      1. Anonymous

        Doesn't work; Confluence displays the backslash. If I remove the backslash, Confluence will turn it into a link again (it happens on preview/save, not during editing).

        1. Anonymous

          I should have perhaps made it clear that the problem concerns only the rich-text Confluence page editor, where markup is not available.

          Currently I am working around the problem by using the Unicode hyphen character (U+2010) instead of the ordinary ASCII hyphen-minus, but it is quite cumbersome.

  22. Anonymous


    I want to save my work after some time but when I strike the CTRL + S then editor gets closed.

    Is there any way that editor does not get close and I can save my work as well so that no data is lost?


    Rizwan Akbar

  23. It would be great to have a shortcut for monospaced text (c.f. Ctrl+B for bold). While you can insert {{ before and }} after the text, this doesn't work for code that includes curly brackets or that is surrounded by parentheses.

  24. I saw that there is already CONF-23966 to support a hotkey for monospaced text, but it is long open… Is is that difficult to introduce another shortcut? Is there any workaround (like editing a JSP page etc.)?

    We use Confluence to write technical documentation and use monospaced text A LOT, so this hotkey would save us HOURS or even DAYS of work...

    Thx for considering


    1. Hi Andreas, sorry I missed your comment earlier. 

      There is actually an autoconvert for monospaced text.  type {{ at the start of your text and }} at the end to convert it to monsospace like this.

      If you have entire paragraphs to make monospace, the noformat macro can be a good alternative also. 

      1. That auto-convert doesn't work if the text already has formatting on it such as Italics.

        Easy to reproduce too:


        1. Create a text block and use CTRL+I to make it italic
        2. Place cursor before and add {{ and then place cursor after for the }} and it ignores the monospace.

        I know the flippant response is to do monospace while typing, but if we deploy confluence we will be importing word document, and we've seen that it will import the italics, but not the courier font so we have to go and fix all the monospace import issues after the fact. 

    2. Add a keyboard shortcut for monospace with the Greasemonkey script that John Ribeiro posted in CONF-23966.

  25. When in the editor in Chrome, confluence seems to "eat up" shortcuts that it does not implement itself.  AFAICT, this only happen for chrome plugins - systems seems to still get shortcuts, I suspect because system gets them 1st.

    Seems like a bug in confluence editor that its not re-propagating keyboard shortcuts it does not use.

    Atlassian, pls fix this.  

  26. When in the editor in Chrome on MacOS, confluence seems to "eat up" shortcuts that it does not implement itself.  AFAICT, this only happen for chrome plugins - systems seems to still get shortcuts, I suspect because system gets them 1st.

    For example, Cmd-Opt-T for any other window launches my tab manager.  In the editor, if my cursor is in the title edit field, the tab mgr is still launched.  But if the cursor is in the editor window, I'm out of luck!!  Even though Cmd-Opt-T is not selected.

    Seems like a pretty obvious bug in confluence editor that its not re-propagating keyboard shortcuts it does not use. 

    Atlassian, pls pls fix this. 

    1. Hi Steve, there is an issue relating to conflicts with Chrome shortcuts here CONF-27586 - Confluence keyboard shortcut conflicts with Chrome Open . Feel free to add a comment about the behaviour you have experienced with shortcuts.  

  27. Hi,

    I'm using a german keyboard layout. Entering / opens the help dialog (as does ?) instead of quick search. This happens on all three browsers I'm using (Firefox 32, Chrome 38, IE 11). Using Confluence 5.5.4 & Confluence 5.6.

    Is there any setting I could change to get this working?


  28. Does an admin have the ability to change the date picker format (//) from dd-mmm-YYYY to mm/dd/yyyy?

  29. Hey, is it also possible to add a full date range ? Or am I only able to set "datepick" - "datepick".




    1. Hi Moritz,

      You would have to add the two date pickers, as there's no way to pick a date range. Feel free to make a feature suggestion if you like.