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Has someone written a good blog post or page on Confluence? Or made a comment you agree with? Click the Like button to them know. 

When you like a page, blog post or comment, the author of the content receives a notification. If enough people like the content, it'll appear on the Popular tab of the dashboard.

Disabling the 'like' feature

The like functionality is provided by a plugin called the 'Confluence Like Plugin'. To remove the like functionality from your site, disable the plugin.

Disabling notifications when your content is 'liked'

There are two ways to turn the 'someone likes your page' notifications off.

Do either of the following:

  • Open an email notification of a like, and click Manage Notifications
  • Go to <your confluence URL>/plugins/likes/view-notifications.action
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  1. Great new feature. Is there a macro that would create a list of pages sorted by the number of "likes"? This would make it quite easy to create a scoring system for ideas (reminiscent of the broken "rate" macro).

  2. I'm curious to see if the "Like" ability can be moved to the top of the page; which would make it more useful.

    1. Anonymous

      Here is my shameless plug.  You can move / hide on a page-by-page basis or move them all globally.

      1. I went ahead and made this free:

        I don't anticipate its core functionality (hiding and moving the likes / favorites buttons) changing significantly, so get while the getting is good.  

        The macro displaying what is liked is pretty rudimentary and may updated later, however.

        1. Released a version that is officially free (1.0.2) (likes plugin).   There was a bug in it before that was requiring licensing.   Apologies to the anonymous user who bumped into it and the list for spamming it.   I'll try not to do so in the future. 

  3. Anonymous

    please vote for this feature

    to add parameters so we can change the location of the Like plugin

  4. Is there a way to disable the LIKE button only for a specific page (and not entirely)? E.g. it doesn't look very nice if we have LIKE button on a page were we have list of people who are leaving the company.

    1. There is no built in way of doing this.

      One fairly straightforward approach would be for you to write a custom plugin. The basic approach would be to serve a small Javascript to the 'viewcontent' context. This Javascript would check the page title and hide/remove the like stuff if the page title matched a list you have provided.

      You would access the page title using AJS.Meta.get("page-title").

      Tutorials are available.

      1. What about a macro for those who aren't up to writing plugins?

        1. I was thinking of writing one and delivering it on the marketplace (i.e., it would cost some money) with these features (custom / multiple placement, appears on some pages and only some types of pages, and summary / rollup display similar to metafilter).    I'm not sure if I could use the current likes infrastructure.  Probably you will have to disable it yourself, though it might be possible to import the older version.  

          1 - any interest (i.e., worth paying for?)

          2 - what do you think would be the most important

  5. Anonymous

    I suddenly lost of the LIKE recorded  on all the pages edited on a particular space. What could be the reason that behaviour?

    1. Definitely worth contacting if you need help with this.

  6. Anonymous

    "Confluence has like buttons on every page, blog post and comment. " Effective which release?

    Is the Confluence Like plugin available for earlier versions?

  7. Anonymous

    In which version of Confluence is the 'Confluence Like Plugin' available? I searched for it in the Marketplace, but was not able to find it, so that I can check the supported version by myself.


  8. Anonymous

    Please provide an option to disable the "Like" and Comments on pages.  Some pages need a "Professional" appearance without this feature.

  9. As an admin, is there some way to see a rolled-up view of how people are using Like's (similar to the KBSurvey plugin results)

  10. In which version of Confluence is the 'Confluence Like Plugin' available?

    The Like button was released in Confluence 4.2, see Confluence 4.2 Release Notes.

    Please provide an option to disable the "Like" and Comments on pages.

    We don't have any plans to add options to this functionality. As per Paul's comment above you could write a plugin to manage this.

    is there some way to see a rolled-up view of how people are using Like's

    Unfortunately no, there's no way to see this from the front end. Likes are stored in the DB so you could write a script to do this if you have access. It's an interesting idea though, I've raised a ticket here, would be great if you could comment with any more details on what you're looking for:  CONF-27231 - Report on Likes usage Open

  11. Anonymous

    Maybe this will be helpful:

  12. Could these "likes" affect the page's popularity for search results?

    1. Anonymous

      Its a pretty easy feature to add.  I'm going to add it to the next version of this plugin:

      There are a few things that you can do with it:

      1 - filter in or out based on number of likes

      2 - show # of likes for each piece of content

      3 - sort by # of likes first

      I'm not sure if I can do #3 and keep good performance, but the first 2 should be trivial.  






      1. Thanks but that's another plugin we'd have to purchase and we're looking to limit plugin dependencies.

        Also, we use a third-party search engine. Wouldn't help us much there. But good luck with your instantsearch

      2. Anonymous

        FYI . . these have been added as of March 3rd.   I apologize if you were looking for these features before hand.  Let me know if there is something lacking.  

        1. I apologize . . replied to the wrong comment.  

          The plugin works with Confluence's native search based on Lucene, which allows it be very fast as well as work on non-public wiki's.  Anyway, there are versions for  for 3.5-4.3.7 (and soon 5), but that won't help with 3rd-party engine.  

        2. I like some of the ideas this plugin brings but it still doesn't answer my question. Let me rephrase it this way: Can likes influence the page rankings in a search result?

          1. It does not appear that they do:  Ranking of Search Results   

            Looks like it a content search, only.  It would be good to add it as a feature request (not sure if it will get implemented, but it makes sense).  

            My plugin can be easily made to sort by likes first, and then by the confluence ranking, second.  In theory, I could use any back-end search engine, but I that would be a conversation more appropriate off of this forum.  


          2. I came across this and felt that it might be interesting.  Using a plugin you can alter the boosting strategy for lucene.  But again, that won't help you for a 3rd-party search.   


            Looks like AppFusion has something else well.  This thread might be relevant to you. 



  13. hi, I lost all my Likes on a page.

    Can you please let me know how can someone remove all likes of a certain page? and how I can restore them?

    thank you.

    1. Do you mean you lost the view of the likes / unlikes disappeared or that all of the previously "liked" things are now "unliked"?  

      If its the latter, I don't think that like has any history so you would have to go to a previous version, collect the likes and re-apply them programmatically using the REST api (not fun).  

      If its the former, you may want to check the page for javascript errors and post those.    Hopefully someone just put something in the global header file that messed it up.  

    2. Hi Elie, I can't think of anything that would do this off the top of my head, so I'd recommend raising a support request at, and our Support team can go through the logs and help you figure out what happened.

  14. removed by author


    Is there any way where we have two icons 'Likes(Thumbs Up) and Unlike(Thumbs Down), so that user can like or dislike.

    what is happening now is, User can't unlike until unless he likes it before which is kind of weird one. As a User I can like or dislike at any poin tof time.


    1. No.  You can only up vote.  

      There are various ranking plugins you could use, though, that would achieve the same result.  

  16. Anonymous

    Can somebody make plugin with 'Dislike' button? It's more helpful instead of just 'Like'

    1. Are you wanting the ability to upvote / downvote material like stackoverflow or Atlassian Answers?  Is this something you would pay for? 




    2. In fact I developed this. But It's not altogether new plugin. I updated the confluence-likes plugin. and added couple of unlikes related java classes in confluence source.

    3. In fact I developed this. But It's not altogether new plugin. I updated the confluence-likes plugin. and added couple of unlikes related java classes in confluence source.

  17. Is there any way to see a list of pages that I've liked?

    1. Hi Greg,

      Unfortunately, there's no way to see a list of pages you've liked. Feel free to raise a feature request though –

      1. Done!  CONF-35131 - Show pages and comments I've liked New

  18. Does anybody know whether restricted (but popular) pages will show up in the Popular tab and summary email of people who don't have access to those pages?

    1. Hi there! I can confirm the Popular tab will only show content that you have permission to view. I realised our docs weren't explicitly clear on this so I updated them. See Dashboard for more details.

  19. To remove thelike functionality from your site, disable the plugin.

    I did that and the like links are gone, besides of the Tasks popup. So if you click on the Workbox icon on the top right in the header and there are entries, there will still be a like/unlike button. I would consider this a bug actually.

    1. Hi Felix,

      Sounds like this issue:

      CONF-27509 - Like link within workbox notifications, even though Confluence Like Plugin is disabled Open

      It'd be great if you can comment on the issue to add your voice to it. You can also watch it to get updates, if you like.

      1. Hi Giles, thanks for the hint - it's exactly my issue. I voted and posted a comment there!

      2. Hi Giles - I just found that there is also a like button in the comment screen within an attachment (the new Confluence 5.7 feature). So when you upload e.g. a Powerpoint file and comment within that file, you'll see a like button there. Has this issue appeared to you before as well?

        1. Hi Felix,

          It's not one that I'd noticed (but then I haven't extensively tested disabling the like plugin). I've made a comment on the same issue to point out that the like button is visible in file comments.

          1. Hi Giles - yeah, I thought so (wink). The issue is just that we promised one of our customers a Confluence system where the Like feature is completely disabled. After reading this doc, we said that it would be as easy as disabling the plugin. But now, we're actually developing JS and CSS in our theme to get rid of these remaining Like functionalities. Not so cool...