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Documentation for Confluence Cloud and earlier versions of Confluence is available too.

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Confluence provides several ways in which you can watch for changes to single pages, entire spaces, and all spaces on the site. You can also follow the updates made by specific people. You can only track updates to content that you have permission to see.

Making yourself a watcher of pages or spaces

You can watch a page, blog post or space that you have permission to view. Confluence will then send you an email notification whenever someone adds or updates content on, or adds a comment to, that page or space. See Watching Pages, Spaces and Blogs.

If you have space administrator permissions, you can manage watchers of pages and spaces.

Requesting other notifications

You can configure Confluence to send you various digest reports via email. See Subscribing to Email Notifications of Updates to Confluence Content.

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Tracking updates by specific people

You can also follow the activity of people who interest you (see Network Overview) and receive a notification when someone follows you (see Subscribing to Email Notifications of Updates to Confluence Content).

Managing your notifications

There are two ways to manage notifications in Confluence:

Using Confluence RSS feeds

You can build RSS feeds to monitor content changes in Confluence.

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  1. The Autowatch Plugin link under Related Plugins takes you to a login page for It should probably be redirected to

  2. Anonymous

    Hi, is it possible to manage the configurations for email notifications by administrator? Or does every user have to configure it by himself?

  3. I have a user request on notifications about labels. He wants to have his team notified when he labels a page. Anyone have a way of doing this? I don´t think adding labels will trigger a normal notification.

    1. I'd like notifications on adding and removing labels too. Is that possible?

      1. Hi Jim and Patrick, feel free to raise a feature request about this. 

        There is a request in  to be able to watch labels CONF-6810 - Watch Labels Open , but I think what you want is for the current edit page notification to be extended to include when a label is added or removed to a page? 

        1. CONF-33272 - Notification on adding/removing labels New

          1. +1 from me. We have a user who wants to publish his blog post with a label i.e. 'releasenotesblog' where only the watchers of label releasenotesblog are notified.

            Their team blogs a lot and they want to be able to manage who receives notifications for all blogs (manage watchers > Watch for new blog posts in this space) AND ALSO particular blogs as above

  4. Hi ,

    In JIRA , Is it possible to set notification only when assignee is changed ? or when issue is created and closed ? 

    but not receiving any notification when any one is commenting on issue ?

    1. I could find the answer ! that was silly question . 

  5. Hi everybody, 

    I work in an IT company, we have the Atlassian suit and i want to know if it is possible to send automatically some internal documents to any new user, i mean the access is guaranteed the first thing he/she gets are those documents to read.

    Thank you.