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If you're an administrator of a space, you can manage the watchers for all pages and blog posts in that space. This means that you can:

  • View a list of the watchers of a page or blog post.
  • View a list of the watchers of the space that contains the page or blog post.
  • Add users as watchers of the page or blog post.
  • Remove existing watchers of the page or blog post.

You cannot remove watchers of the space.

To manage the watchers of a page or blog post:

  1. Go to the page or blog post for which you want to manage the watchers
  2. Choose Watch > Manage Watchers.
  3. The 'Manage Watchers' screen will appear
    The left-hand column shows the users watching the page or blog post. The right-hand column shows the users watching the space.
    • To remove an existing page watcher, choose the icon (trash can) next to the user's name.
    • To add a user as a watcher of the page, type their username and choose Add.

Screenshot: Managing watchers

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  1. Anonymous

    Please make be available to add a group in this functionality.

    1. Yes adding groups as watchers would be great.

      Use Case:

      We want to set up a page which lists the service issues for Confluence (alerts about service interruptions, notifications of upgrades, restarts, or new plug-ins, training dates, etc.). If we add users to the watch list, when these announcements are posted, users will get an email. Ideally we would add the group "confluence-users" so that all users would be notified.


      1. watch option for groups is a must!

        we have problem with plenty of watchers folowing a site or a space - wenn we want to save the site it takes several minutes to save:

        the confluence simply rolls through the watch list and sends emails one-by-one till it finish saving the page, witch is a really really awful solution

        1. Wouldn't it be better to solve the root cause of the save-time problem?

          Save the document and an automatic event-agent should send the notification to the watchers!

  2. Anonymous

    Adding group functionality would be great, also adding watch descendant pages as an option would be great for blogs or forums.  

  3. Hi Guys,
    Your feedback, comments and votes are better placed on the issue: CONF-20118

    1. Added, thanks Sherif.

    2. Sorry, needs a jairo account.

      I want to add as well, that we want this feature. I thought it was already available and space admins constantly ask me for it.

  4. Anonymous

    Hi Sherif, - Could you let me know if there is a possibility for a non-space administrator to manage watchers of a particular page in order that any user can add watchers to any page? Feedback would be really appreciated.

    1. Hi,

      Sorry to inform you that currently the mentioned ability is not available.

      However, we welcome you to create an improvement request for it. We have a document that describes how we determine which features to implement, and how you can influence the process: Implementation of New Features and Improvements.

      Septa Cahyadiputra

  5. Is there a way to manage watchers without being a space admin?

    1. Hi Troy. That's not possible. You need to be a Space Admin in order to be able to see the Manage Watchers icon from the Tools drop-down and apply the function.

      1. Anonymous

        But i think it should be like  what Troy Underwood asked:One can manage watchers without being a space admin

  6. "It is not possible to remove watchers of the space"

    Is it in the plan to allow that to be possible?  Is there a backend option to be able to remove a watcher?


    1. You can remove space watchers once you have community bubbles plugin installed.

    2. Indeed, why it is not possible for Space Admin to remove the watchers of the space by default?

      1. Anonymous

        I agree, I am not sure why Atlassian would not deliver the ability to remove Space Watchers as part of its product.

    3. Agree.  I don't see the reason why this situation has persisted throughout the entire 3.5 series, and remains in 4.1.

      Frankly, it looks like incomplete implementation: privileged users can remove watchers from individual pages, but are powerless to prevent watches against the entire space:  why one and not the other?

      Does anyone know if it's possible to disable the {startwatchingall} macro so that users cannot watch an entire space, while leaving the rest of the watch capability intact?  (I'm thinking of confluence-3.5.13's "Space Advanced Sections" plugin here, but am also interested in v4.1 as well...)


      1. The Community Bubbles plugin no longer supports removing space watchers (I do not know why!!) see Adaptavist's response.

        So now there is 100% no way to manage space watchers. In our organisation, people are moving around a lot and leave space watches active, when it's not appropriate. I would like to see Atlassian (or Adaptavist) either remove the ability to watch a space all together, or re-enable the space admin's ability to manage space watchers.

        If you agree please vote and comment on issue CONF-23313

      2. Anonymous

        You can delete following users under the FOLLOW_CONNECTIONS table in the Confluence database. The the follow will be cached until cache expires.

        Probably not recommended but it worked for me.

  7. Anonymous

    I would like to "force" some users of the space to be notified about new blog posts. Can I add them as I'm space administrator, or the only way is to kindly ask them to subscribe to new blog posts ?

    1. You can subscribe whole groups of Confluence users to news updates using the Descendant notification plugin.

      However we are currently facing an issue connected with this plugin (

      I do not know if it can be done without the installation of this plugin.

  8. Anonymous

    Is it possible to manage blog post watchers? Or simply to wee who is watching a blog post?

    1. To manage watchers on blog posts, go to tools (located in the upper right corner of the page), then when the pop up opens, scroll down to "Manage Watchers." When the Manage Watchers dialog box opens, you should be able to both see who is currently watching the page and also add watchers. Obviously, as only those with accounts can watch, so you will only see those (that is others may be viewing the page).FO mre information, see: _Manage Watchers

      You can also use {viewtracker} (see: According to the site: "Have you ever wondered, not only how many people visited a Confluence page or blog post you wrote, but also who read it when and how many times? The viewtracker plugin gives you the answers to exactly those questions, because it is more than just a simple visit-counter."

      You can also "Share" a blog (or any Confluence page). If you want to make another person aware of you blog post, click the :Share" button (again upper right) and can enter the account name of the person you want to make aware of the post.


      1. Anonymous

        Ok, under "Manage watchers" it is possible to see who is watching the page or the whole space. But what about Space Blog watchers (if they selected Browse -> Advanced -> "Only watch Space Blogs") ? They do not appear under "Manage Watchers". How to see who has subscribed as blog post watcher?

        1. Anonymous

          I am actually facing the same issue. I have just tested and if you just watch only the space blogs nothing shows up on the Manage Watchers list. Can you please provide the instructions to do this?


        2. I agree that this functionality would be great and would help to see who is actually watching blogs and who receives the information which is published in blogs. Is there any way to see the space blog watchers?

        3. I would like to know this too. I just added this question, hopefully it gets an answer: 

  9. Anonymous



    I'm trying to find a way to allow common users, not space administrators, to view the list of users watching that page. Currently, only administrators can view the Manage watchers... Users would like to see who is actually receiving emails when they 'notify watchers'. The contributors macro can do this but is impractical to put on every single page and some pages do not require this. If you are not an administrator the 'Manage Watchers' should turn to 'List Watchers'. Or something of that sort. Also, when editing a page it would be nice to maybe have a pop up next to the check box 'Notify Watchers'. To know from there who is currently watching the page/space.




  10. Why do we get bothered with such stupid advertising here?

  11. Nice to see even the pros can't keep everything out. Makes me feel less incompetent if spam makes it through even Atlassian's defenses (both the technology and the practice).

  12. Anonymous

    I would like to accomplish the following, but are unable to find how to do that:

    • manage watchers of the blogposts of a space

    As confluence administrator I would like to 'subscribe' a number of users to watch only the blogposts of a space, not the whole space. Users can manage that themselves, but I would like to do that for them as administrator. How can I reach that?

    1. Anonymous

    2. Anonymous

  13. Since I am the leader of a project, I want to create a space to hold the project's work. I also want to use the space's blog to announce things to the project team. Unfortunately, I can't sign up the team members to watch the blog. I can send them email to announce the creation of the project space and request that they watch the blog (or consume it in a feed reader). Alternatively, I can share the page with them which pretty much amounts to the same thing. Unfortunately, I can't even see if the entire team has followed my instructions and signed up for the blog.

    I understand that public blogs allow one to read the blogs in many ways. They can visit the blog's website. They can use feed reader. And, on most blogs, one can sign up to receive its posts by email. Anonymous consumption of the blog is the default. However, in a corporate situation where intranets and wikis are used, I want to be able to control the situation a little more tightly. Confluence really doesn't seem to allow me to do this.

    1. Anonymous

    2. Yes, this is exactly what I want. 

  14. Anonymous

    I think a user should be able to see who is watching a page without having to be a space admin

    1. That means, this is not satisfying you:, eventually your application owner could help you.

    2. Anonymous

    3. Anonymous

      +15 (in the name of whole team)

  15. Also need the abilty to find out who watches a BLOG in Confluence 4.3.7.

    How do I get that information?

    1. I really need this too...

  16. Anonymous

    Being able to see who is watching a space blog (not only a specific blog post) would be very helpful for us, too.


    1. If you are not a space admin, or if you want to display a list of watchers on a page you can use the Contributors Macro to list users watching a page (in the Content Type field specify watches). 

      Depending on what you want to do, you can use the Spaces, Pages and Labels parameters to refine what the macro is displaying, right down to a single page, or all pages in a space, or all spaces. 

      The content type parameter allows you to further refine what the macro is displaying, to show only pages or only blog posts or both.

      Hope this helps!


      1. Hi Rachel,

        I can't get it to show me the watchers of the blog (not an individual post – but the entire blog).  Can you provide more specific instructions? 



        1. Sorry, I misunderstood your original question. Its not possible to see who is watching all blog posts in a space - only individual blog posts, or watching the entire space. 

          1. That product feature is really needed.

  17. Anonymous

    Hello all!

    Is there a way that for every change in a space, all members of teh space will be "Watchers" and will get mail for each page that was updated or created?...


  18. Anonymous

  19. I want to be able to add email addresses as watchers (non confluence/JIRA users).
    Is this something atlassian is considering?
    if not, Is there a plugin which offers this capability?

    1. Hi Taber, just want to be sure I understand your question. You want to be able to notify non-Confluence users of changes to pages. Those users would see the notification email, but not be able to log in to Confluence to access the page?  Or are you wanting to be able to notify anonymous users of changes to pages that they are able to view? 

      I don't know if there is an add-on for this functionality sorry. 

      1. I want anonymous uses to be able to watch pages they have access to and be notified of updates to those pages.

        1. Sorry that is not possible.  One workaround might be to provide an RSS feed for anonymous users - see Using the RSS Feed Builder.  

  20. Can administrator set watchers in space?? (not page)

    1. No sorry, users must set their own watch preferences. 

      1. For starting up more interaction the setting of space watcher by an administrator is very important to our company. Is there any work around?

        1. HI Ralph, not that I am aware of. You could try asking your question at Answers - you may be able to do this programatically using the APIs. 

  21. Is there any way to see all pages a user might be listed as a watcher on? We've had some users leave after working on Confluence so due to the autowatch feature, they are listed as watchers on a number of pages. Is there a way to see a full list so I can remove them as watchers?

    1. Sorry, a user can go to Watches in their profile to see a list of all pages and spaces they are watching, but there is no way to see that for another user.   If you're an admin you can go to a page and select Watch > Manage Watchers to see who is watching that page or space, but that is about it i'm afraid. 

  22. For Confluence Questions, is it possible to set who's Notified or Watching a Question as it is answered? We need to find a way to alert everybody that a new Question has been asked, else we risk that it never gets answered!

    As a sys-admin, can we set the default so that all users automatically watch all Questions until they opt out?