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You can move an attachment from its current location to any page within the site.

To move an attachment, you need the following permissions (see Space Permissions):

  • 'Add Page' permissions on the page where the attachment currently exists.
  • 'Remove Attachment' permissions for the space where the attachment currently exists.
  • 'Add Attachment' permission on the space into which you are moving the attachment.

To move an attachment:

  1. Go to the page that contains the attachment.
  2. Choose Tools > Attachments.
  3. Choose Properties next to the attachment.
  4. Enter the name of the page where you want to move the attachment into the Page field, for example, My Destination Page.
  5. Choose Save.

If you wish to move the attachment to a page in a different space, add the space key before the page name, for example, DOC:My Destination Page.

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  1. Hi,

    is there a way to move multiple attachments at once to a new page? Moving each single attachment on its own to a new page does not work very well for many attachments.


    1. As far as I know this feature is not available in Confluence yet. However, I have found a similar feature request. Please add yourself as a watcher, vote for this feature and add your own comments to this feature request. For further details on how we include new features and improvements, you might want to read this page


  2. Anonymous

    How do you move an attachment between different spaces? Currently the "Page" text input is just a blank input.

  3. It is a text field input and I've not figured out what to put in here that works. An example would be beneficial. I've tried the page title/name, tiny URL, full URL - none of them work.  On save, you get a red bar with an exclamation point above the field, with no text.  Can you provide more details as to what you input here?  It would be helpful if it was like the page move where you could search for it/recently viewed.

    1. Hi Karie and Anonymous, 

      The Page field wants the name of the destination page, for example, My Destination Page.

      To move an attachment to a page in a different space space add the space key before the page name, for example DOC:My Destination Page. 

      I have updated the instructions above, and created an issue for the Confluence team suggesting adding autocomplete to this field. You can watch it or vote for it here  CONF-29155 - Autocomplete on Page field when moving attachment New .

      Hope this helps, Rachel.

  4. Can I ask why the search field was done away with? This function/feature used to have the search field so you could search for the space and/or page where you wanted to move the attachment to; however, your company decided it was not important anymore. I beg to differ. What would it hurt to put it back in your next version/upgrade? (smile)

    1. This is a major issue for us as well. Will this be fixed? 

    2. Yes - the search pop-up is critical - we have over 500 spaces and it's silly to have removed this.  Please restore!  I've voted for that CONF-29155 - Autocomplete on Page field when moving attachment New

  5. Anonymous

    I really need a way to move a large set of attachments from a page in the Trash to a new page. It would also be nice if copy/paste of the body text would clone the attachments to the new page.

    1. If you are wanting the attachments on a new page, not an existing page, one way to do this would be to restore the page from the trash, and then copy it. The copied page will have all the attachments in place, and you can then remove any body content from the page that you no longer need, and then delete the original page again.   I haven't tested this, but in theory this should do what you are looking for.  

  6. How to move an attachment to a page which contains a colon ":" in its title?

    Even moving the attachment to page in same space does not work as Confluence assumes the ":" being the Space:Title separator instead on being part of the pagetitle.


    1. I would rename the page to get rid of the colon, then move.

      (and I would not rename it back (wink) )

      1. Hi Hans-Peter,

        that was what I did! (big grin) And I rephrased the tittle to avoid ":".

        But still, does this somehow work or it is worth being filed as bug (and unfixed closed 10 years later (wink))?

        1. I'm not in Atlassian. Please contact Confluence support with your question (or assistance to enter a request), and/or Confluence product management with your general complain (I'll second!)

          But actually I think it would be better if Confluence rejects to embed those special characters in a page name which cause errors down the road.

          1. I knew/know, Hans-Peter!!

            There are other much more important issues so I do not bother Atlassian developers with this small issue.

            Yes, an input check shall avoid these special characters in page titles or attachment names.

            1. Hi Markus, please do raise a bug for this. There is a resolved issue here that appears to be similar, so it may be that the issue has re-emerged.  CONF-13766 - Cannot Move or delete attachments with special characters in their filename Resolved .

      2. Thanks, this workaround also works for me. 

        Does anyone know if using the pageid would work?