Documentation for Confluence 5.4.
Documentation for Confluence OnDemand and earlier versions of Confluence is available too.

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Confluence tracks the history of changes to each page by creating a new version of the page each time it is modified. You can view the changes between different versions, and roll back to a previous version if required.

Accessing the page history

To view the history of a page:

Go to the page and choose Tools > Page History.

You can choose a version number to view the content of that version.

On this page:

Related pages:

Screenshot: Page history

Viewing an older version of a page

To view a specific version of a page:

  1. Go to the page and choose Tools > Page History.

  2. Choose a version number to view the contents of that version of the page. You will see a header like this, at the top of the old version of the page:

If you want to send this page version to someone, copy and paste the URL from your browser. The link will look something like this:

When you are viewing a specific version of the page, the following functions are available:



current version

View the latest version of the page.

Compare with Current

Compare the differences between the version of the page you are viewing and the current version.

Restore this Version

Roll back the content of the page to the previous version that you are viewing.

View Page History

Return to the list of page versions.

<< Previous and Next >>

View the previous or next version of the page.


Restoring an older version of a page

You can roll back the content of the page to a specific version.

To restore an older version of a page:

  1. Go to the page and choose Tools > Page History.

  2. Choose Restore this version beside the version you want to restore.
  3. Change the default comment if necessary, and choose OK.
  • All page history is retained. Restoring an older version creates a copy of that version. For example, if you restore version 39, Confluence will create a copy of version 39. This copy will become the new, current version.
  • If you are viewing a specific version of a page, you can restore that version of the page by choosing Restore this Version at the top of the page.

Deleting a specific version of a page

Choose Delete next to a version, to remove that version. See Deleting a Page.

Viewing the changes made to a page

Using the page history view or the page information view, you can see the recent changes made to a page.

To view recent changes made to a page:

  1. Choose Tools > Info to go to the 'Information' view for the page.

  2. In the section titled 'Recent Changes' you will see the most recent versions of the page, along with the date of their modification and the name of the modifying author.
  3. Choose View Changes beside the required version. The page comparison view is displayed, showing the differences between the selected and previous versions.

Comparing two versions of a page

To compare two versions of a page:

  1. Go to the page and choose Tools > Page History.

  2. Choose the versions you want to compare by selecting the check boxes beside them.
  3. Choose Compare selected versions. The page comparison view is displayed, showing the differences between the selected versions.

Changes are highlighted in different colours, as shown in this table:

Highlighted colour



Added content


Deleted content


Changed formatting

Screenshot: Comparing changes

More options on the comparison view

When a page comparison view is first displayed, all large sections of unchanged text are hidden and reduced to an ellipsis, like this: . . .

You can view page changes between versions which are adjacent to your current page comparison view. Click the link containing:

  • << to view the page comparison with the earlier adjacent version
  • >> to view the page comparison with the more recent adjacent version.

For example, if your page comparison view is between v. 30 and v. 34 of a page, you can view changes between:

  • v. 29 and v. 30 by clicking << Changes from 29 to 30
  • v. 34 and v. 35 by clicking Changes from 34 to 35 >>


  1. If someone deletes a page, is there an audit trail? I was expecting something like a space history which will capture which page was deleted, when and by whom?

  2. When I add or remove a comment on a page why doesn't this get versioned? We would really like to have this this possible with Confluence?

  3. Besides deleting a page, what about moving a page from one space to another space as well as renaming the page.

  4. Hi,

    Is it possible to delete the old versions of the page? While working on wiki pages, we create many versions of a page and later only latest 10 versions makes sense to have. In this case is it possible to delete all old versions of a page.


    1. I would also be interested in deleting some page history of a page. There are time when information is entered and then deleted that should not remain in the audit trail due to confidentiality issues.

      Apparently this has been discussed for six years here:

      1. We have written a plugin for our internal usage. Perhaps we could arrange something? The plugin needs some polising, though.
        Write to Gerhard dot Mueller at tngtech dot com (wink)

        1. I'm wondering how your plugin works and what, if any, issues you have had with it.


    2. Anonymous

      Yes, I would like to delete history sometimes too due to confidentiality. You can delete and recreate the page but then you have to re attach graphics, etc.

      1. Anonymous

        Oh, but I think it DOES work to make a copy of the page, delete the old page, and then replace it with the copy. That brings attachments along.

        1. well…the copied page does still contain all original content, but using this procedure could mess up links.

          There is no doubt that a function to delete former versions is more convenient and secure than any other workaround.

          On the other hand Confluence as an system used to keep track of the communication that took place, such a function must be restricted to be used only by space administrators.

  5. Is it possible to retain the Author and history of the page, if we want to copy the page to a different space? There is too much information in one space, so we want to move few pages to a seperate space, but maintain the author and history information.

  6. Anonymous

    Hello, Is is possible to have versions 1.00.001 and  1.00.002 instead of 1 and 2 ?



  7. Anonymous


    When i am doing comparison of version and i am not able to see the changes and getting the followiinf error-

     Changes ($action.diffResult.numChanges)


    Can you please help me in this issue?


    Saurabh Malik

  8. Interactive views

    When a page comparison view is first displayed, all large sections of unchanged text are hidden and reduced to an ellipsis . . ..

    Is there a way to see the whole page with a diff - so that unchanged text is not hidden? sometime it's way too complicated to understand the changes without seeing the whole context. and if u go to see the context (viewing the last version) u loose the diff... 

    1. Anonymous

      We are looking for the same feature :-/

  9. We use Confluence for documentation and some of our pages are quite long (about 200 pages if exported to PDF). With increasing size it gets really cumbersome to manuall scroll and find changes. Is there a feature to jump between changes in a convenient way ?

  10. Anonymous

    We also use Confluence for documentation, we store Versioninformations automatically in a page. So we have 500 Versions after some weeks for this Page. Is there a way to disable versioning for Pages?




  11. When is confluence going to implement this feature please? It will be VERY useful to have the capability to remove history of a page and I think the capability has been requested for so long by users. (smile)

  12. Anonymous

    Tracking of a deleted page issue is here -> everyone go vote this up.

    Removing old version of a page issue is here ->  as of November 22, 2011 Atlassians status is: "Thanks for your suggestions and feedback on this issue. We do agree that the removal of page history would be valuable for users. However, we currently don't have it planned on the Confluence roadmap. We would like to make the removal of a specific page versions part of the core product, hopefully in the next year. We will update this issue when we make progress on it." 

  13. Anonymous

    dont think the proposal (or is it a done deal?) for Confluence 5 is going to help all of us that want etter control of history - I for one jusst cannot see anyway to get rid of the myriad of versions our guys are creating (most of which are just old and unwanted)

    1. Anonymous

      We would also appreciate such a feature!

  14. Is there a way to configure the colors for the highlighted differences?

    For instance, I would like to change the "added" green for yellow, or at least increase the color intensity to make it more visible...


    1. I found it myself:  I edited the file /opt/atlassian/confluence/confluence/styles/diffs-css.vm

      #set($diffAddedBackgroundColor = '#70ff70')
      #set($diffRemovedBackgroundColor = '#ffa1a1')
      #set($diffChangedBackgroundColor = '#91d7ff')

  15. Is there a limit on how many versions can any given page have?

    1. Hi Zuzana, not that I am aware of. Some of our pages have many hundreds of versions. 

      1. Rachel, Thanks.

        Should I assume that is also true about attachment versions?  Some of our folks are planning on using confluence for things that will have many many many versions and don't want to run into a road block down the road et version 999 or something like that.  it may seem as a high number for versions but in some cases you may get there quicker than you think so I wanted to double check but I couldn't find anything about it.  maybe adding "there is no limit..." or "limit is set to..." to the appropriate documentation for page versions and attachments versions wouldn't hurt?

        1. I'm not aware of a physical limit to the number of attachments versions either.  This is something that Support would be able to give you some guidance on if you are concerned, based on their experiences working with customers with lots of attachments and many versions. 

          1. Thanks Rachel.  I created a support ticket.