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Confluence 2.0.1 is a maintenance release that resolves some issues users may have encountered using Confluence 2.0. In particular, this includes issues relating to failures to upgrade and javascript problems.

2.0.1 is a free upgrade for all customers who purchased their Confluence license after November 28th, 2004.

Who should upgrade?

Confluence 2.0.1 is a recommended upgrade for all users who have not yet upgraded to 2.x and for those users of 2.0 that are encountering issues fixed in this release.

Upgrade Procedure

Upgrading Confluence should be pretty easy. If you are upgrading from Confluence 1.4, you can find instructions here. We strongly recommend that you backup your confluence.home directory and database before upgrading!

If you are upgrading from Confluence 1.4.4 or earlier of Confluence, please check the release-notes of the other major Confluence releases:

Changes in 2.0.1

See also: Issues resolved for 2.0.1

  • Javascript failing with a class not found. (CONF-4643)
  • Confluence 2.0 hangs on weblogic. (CONF-4634)
  • Disabling WYSIWYG editor causes AJAX error in Preview mode. (CONF-4745)
  • Ancestors table hangs on to foreign key relationships if it can't be deleted. (CONF-4700)