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To rename an existing page, you require 'Edit Pages' permission which is assigned by a space administrator from the Space Administration screens. See Space permissions or contact a space administrator for more information.

To rename a page:

  1. Go to a page in the space, and click Edit at the top to view the page in 'Edit' mode.

  2. Change the page title as required.
  3. Click Save.
  • Confluence will automatically update all internal links to point to your new page title. This only works for relative links that use the relative link syntax, for example [Renaming a Page].
  • In macros, page links will not be updated. You need to update these manually.
  • Links from external sites will be broken, unless they use the permanent URL - see Working with Links.
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  1. Please clarify:

    1. Confluence will automatically change all internal links to point to your new page title.

      I read that to mean any page reference using page linking syntax like [page] will be renamed. And the rename will occur whether or not the reference is inside a macro body or not.
    2. Explicit references to your page title in macros will not be changed. You need to change these manually.

      I read that to mean that macro parameters that refer to pages like the {include-page} macro will need to be changed manually.
    1. Hi Bob,

      You clarification is right on both accounts.


      1. It is more than just macro parameters that need to be changed manually. Pages do not appear to be renamed in any macro body. For example if I use the table-plus macro as follows and rename Page A to Page B, the reference to Page A will not be updated.

        || Page Name || Link    ||
         | Page A     | [Page A] |
        1. Hi Jeff,

          Thanks for reporting this. I have found a similar bug which is currently being tracked at the following:

          The bug report above stated that links exists within some macros do not get changed when a page is renamed. Feel free to add comments on the bug report above to truly reflect the problem that you are having as well as add yourself as a watcher for future updates.

          Choy Li

  2. Anonymous

    I am finding that when i have something like [my page|space:my space|tooltip for space] the link breaks when the page is renamed. Why is this happening? Does this mean that all my links should be name like this: [pagename]. That means that any page that isn't a child page breaks?!?!!? Thanks for clarifying

    1. Anonymous

      Me again. I have noticed that if I do not specify a tooltip and keep it at: [my page|space:this page] then the link doesn't break when renamed. Is this a bug or should I be doing it differently?

      1. Hi,

        Thanks for reporting this. I believe you have encountered a similar bug that is currently being tracked at:

        The bug report above stated that a link with a tooltip broke when the linked page is renamed. Please add yourself as a watcher to get its notifications and feel free to add a comment on the bug report above to truly reflect the problem that you are having.

        Choy Li

        1. Anonymous

          Is anyone else experience this problem? If you are could you see the above bug tracking and vote for this topic? Thanks

  3. Anonymous

    Is it possible to rename a page title without changing the file/URL name of the page. We need to change the title of a page, but have external links pointing to it that we cannot update.

    1. Hi,

      It's best to use the permanent link (Tiny Link) for your case. The Tiny Link will always stay the same for each Page, regardless the Page Title. Please refer to this page:Linking to Confluence Pages from Outside Confluence for more details.

      Alternatively, you can point the link using the Page ID. For example, this current page: Renaming a Page would become like this:

      Hope this helps (smile).


  4. Links in comments are not automatically changed like on pages. Renaming a page breaks the links to that page in comments (generated via [ ] or insert link).

    1. Sounds like it might be related to this issue  CONF-20258 - Problem with Page Links in comments after renaming this page Resolved .  Feel free to comment on the issue.