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Your personal space is a place where you can publish your own pages and blog posts. Once you have set up your personal space, Confluence users can reach it by clicking your name in the People Directory. You can get to your personal space by clicking your name at the top of the page and choosing 'Personal Space'.

Creating your personal space

To set up your personal space, you need the 'Personal Space' permission which is assigned by a Confluence administrator. See Giving People Access to Content and Global Permissions Overview.

To create your personal space:

  1. Choose your profile picture at top right of the screen, then choose Add Personal Space.
  2. Indicate whether your space should be private or not. A private space will be visible only to you. If you do not make it private, the space will have the default space permissions. Note that you can change these settings again later. You will have space administrator permissions on your space.
  3. Choose Create.
  4. The home page of your new space will appear. Your home page will contain any default space content as defined by your Confluence administrator. You can change this content at any time.

On this page:

Related pages:

Screenshot: Adding a personal space

Adding and changing content in your space

Now you can start adding pages to your personal space. You may also want to upload your photo.

Changing the look and feel of your space

Granting access to your space

When you created the space, you set the option to make your space private, or to allow other people to view and contribute content to your space. You can change the permissions on your space at any time.

Watching updates made in your space

By default, Confluence assigns you as a watcher of your space. This means that you will receive an email notification each time someone adds or updates content in your space. You can stop watching the space (see Watching Pages, Spaces and Blog Posts) and change your notification settings at any time.

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  1. Anonymous

    This page claims: "You can change the permissions on your space at any time." But the page that it links to tells that you need to have space administrator permissions to do that, so is not very helpful. For personal pages:

    1. Browse to pages in your personal space... seems like any will do.
    2. Under the Browse menu in the top menu bar there's a link called "Space Admin", use that...
    3. In the left pane, see the Security section, use the Permissions link.

    Hope that helps.

  2. You can also apply page-level restrictions to your Personal Space. You don't need space administrator permissions to do this.

    Also see/vote for my issue to Restrict access to Personal Spaces based on Group membership.

    Restricting access to your Personal Space

    This will restrict access to your entire Personal Space.


    You must have Space Admin access to do this.
    If you created your Personal Space, you will have Space Admin.

    To restrict viewing access to a group:

    1. Click your name in the top right corner.
    2. Select Personal Space.
    3. Click Browse (or Browse Space), then select Space Admin.
    4. Click Permissions, then under Groups, click Edit Permissions.
    5. At confluence-users, un-select View.
    6. At Grant permissions to, search for and select the group, and then click Add.
    7. Click Save All.

    Restricting access to a page in your Personal Space

    This will only restrict access to the page you have edited - not the entire space.

    To restrict viewing access to a Group:

    1. Edit the page, at Restrictions click Edit.
    2. Select Restrict viewing of this page, click Choose groups.
    3. Search for and select the group, click Select Group(s).
    4. Click Save.
  3. If we want ALL personal spaces to have more than just confluence-users as default Viewers and Commenters, how do I do that as an administrator?

    For example, we have four main groups in our Global Permissions that can view, edit, create, etc. How can we apply these same groups to all Personal Spaces that get created so that by default anyone who can log in can also view personal spaces?


  4. Is there any way to change your personal space so that you retain the content but are free to setup another personal space with new content. My scenario is that on my test installation I have created a personal space and added some pages, but now I want to create a new personal space without losing the content I already added. I know this probably doesn't have any real world implications but from a test installation point of view, where there are many ongoing changes to a sites structure, I'd be interested in any solutions.


    1. Hi Sharon,

      You can simply do it by exporting the Personal Space to XML, then restore the Space XML backup file to your new Confluence instance. Please take note that you need to have the same username in your new Confluence instance as the username that owns the Personal Space in your test installation. So if your Personal Space owner's username in test instance is adminconf, then you should have the adminconf user as well in your new Confluence instance. Otherwise, the restored space will not be your personal space in your new Confluence instance as the spacekey (eg. ~adminconf) does not match your username.

      Hope that helps


  5. Is there a way to restrict the user profile infobox from displaying on every page inside a personal space? For example, making it so that this infobox only appears on the Home page but not any of the interior pages of the personal space.

    1. Hi Aaron,

      There's no direct way of doing this. However, you can customise your Personal Space's Main Layout to achieve this. Here are the instructions:

      1. Go to the personal space layout at Dashboard > People > <username> > Space Administration > Layout > Main Layout > Create custom
      2. Find for the following line of code:
      3. Edit the code so that it will be like the following:
      4. Save the layout
      5. You can see the changes now. Only the Home page will have the Profile infobox now.

      Hope this helps.


      1. I can get to this, but I am a confluence-admin. How can ordinary users edit the Layout in their Personal Space?

        1. Hi Justin,

          All ordinary users that has a Personal Space will be able to access their own Personal Space's Main Layout. Hope this helps.


          1. I created a new user and logged in as that user. I then created a Personal Space for that user and navigated to Space Admin. There is no option for Layout in there:

            Is there an global setting that has to be set in Confluence Admin for the user(s) to have Layout available to them for their Personal Space?

            1. Sorry Justin, you do need to be a Confluence administrator to customise the layout for a space - for more details see Customising Space Layouts

              There is an open issue with some discussion on this behaviour - feel free to add your own comments on it.

              However, if you want to make a change to apply to all spaces across the board, then you can do that (as a Confluence administrator) in just one place - see Customising Site and Space Layouts


            2. Sorry for my mistake, Justin. Please follow Mark's advice on customising the layout globally if you want the changes to reflect to all users.


      2. Is there a way to achieve this while using the documentation theme (which I really like)? I have tried the following code in the header field, and it sort of works, but makes the right hand third of the screen (mostly) unaccesible (which sort of defies the purpose):

        1. To answer my own question, with help from one of our web developers, the following code in the header "field" of the documentation theme removes the personal info sidebar:

          Enjoy (smile)

          1. Anonymous

            This looks very helpful. I will try this. Does anyone know if it's possible to replace the personal sidebar with just a simple PANEL macro (like the one at the top-right of this page)? It would save me from having to insert this macro into every page.

  6. Anonymous

    Is there a way to prevent certain users from accessing the user profiles at all ?

  7. I want to disable personal spaces on my confluence instance.  How do I do this?

    1. Hi Steve,

      You can remove the 'Create Personal Space' permission for all users/groups on your instance. See Global Permissions Overview for more information on how to do this.


  8. How do I delete personal spaces for staff that are no longer with my company?  I'd also like their names to no longer show as editors/commenters/contributors as it can be very confusing to new staff.

    1. Hi Corey,

      To delete a personal space, follow the instructions at Deleting a Space.

      To disable a user, follow the instructions at Deleting or Deactivating Users.


  9. If you restrict a personal space to just yourself, can you give page-level access to other users on individual pages? I'm having some trouble with this---I give access and those users can't see the page.


    1. Hi Emily,

      If a space is restricted to yourself, then you cannot grant other users access to view individual pages. You would need instead to grant view access to the space, then restrict the pages that you do not want to be accessed.

      One way you could organise this is to have two 'root' pages in the space:

      • One called 'Public' - all pages under this can be viewed by anyone who has access to the space.
      • One called 'Private' which is restricted to you only - as view restrictions are inherited you can then put any content you want to remain private in a hierarchy under this page.

      Hope that helps,

  10. Is there a way to set default permissions for all personal spaces? Our wiki has external, customer-facing documentation, plus our intranet. We want viewing of personal spaces to restricted to internal users by default, and then users can go in and loosen the permissions themselves later.

    Is that possible? I know, kind of goes against the idea of a personal space, but HR wants users to have a page with their resume, etc. and I feel like the personal spaces are the best place to put this, but they shouldn't be viewable by customers.

  11. Anonymous

    Hi, If I only wanted to give permission to only one user to be able to add a personal label, how can I do that? I'm an administrator trying to give a regular user access to that. Would I have to give them Global Permission?

  12. Anonymous

    I have 12 users who created new profile spaces.

    3,4 of those are not visible to all team members.

    Users have been instructed to enable viewing/editing to all.

    There are no restrictions applied.

    Permissions are set to all users as a standard

    No caps lock in any of the 4 users names.

    Can you help? We are using profile spaces as communication channel for FAQ navigation for all employees when contacting HR, so its rather important it works for these 12 users/


  13. Anonymous

    Is it possible to restrict system administrators from being able to access pages in a personal wiki space?  We have executive staff that want to be able to have pages secure to their personal spaces but they also don't want to allow the other administrators access to those pages.  Is that possible?

  14. Anonymous

    Is it possible to change the default view of a personal space to one of the other three layouts? I selected a layout I don't like and would like to switch it to the Documentation view.

  15. Anonymous

    In addition to personal space pages having the sidebar, they don't appear to entirely respect either the global stylesheet, or the space stylesheet. Is this a bug?

  16. We recently started to use Confluence. Because I was making a manual in my own language for other users I deleted my own personal space with the idea to make some screenshots for the manual how to set up a personal space. However, I can't set up a personal space after I deleted the old one. I don't have the possibility to add pages or news to my profile anymore. Any idea how I can restore things?

    1. Same here.   Deleted a personal space and can't recreate it.   When you look as the site admin there is no personal space entry.   If you try and execute "http://<host>/spaces/createpersonalspace.action" you get a notification that the personal space already exists.

    2. Hi Lieke, this bug has been resolved in 4.3.1, but a workaround is available for prior versions:

      Workaround/Steps to resolve once a space has been semi-deleted

      1. Upgrade to Confluence 4.3.1 or above
      2. If you cannot upgrade to Confluence 4.3.1, disable these plugins if they are installed:
        • Confluence Bubbles Plugin (Adaptavist)
        • Descendant Notifications Plugin (Adaptavist)
      3. Go to <your-Confluence-url>/spaces/editspace.action?key=~username
      4. Click on Remove Space to remove the space entirely
      5. Recreate the space
      6. Re-enable the plugins if you had to disable them in Step 2
      1. Anonymous

        Hi Lachlan,

        How exactly do we recreate the space?



        1. Hi Tim, by recreate I simply mean to make a new personal space by clicking on your username in the top right next to the search box, and choosing "Add Personal Space...".

  17. Anonymous

    I want to add a link to the main Dashboard, similar to the "Choose your profile picture" link, except that it would be "Create my personal space."  Can you show me the code?  I imagine it would be similar to this:

    # *[Choose your profile picture|///users/editmyprofilepicture.action]* 

    1. Sure, just use something like:

      # *[Add your personal space|///spaces/createpersonalspace.action]* 
  18. Query.


    I have a personal space, and have added some detail to the home page. The detail uses sections and columns so that the text on the page is nicely formatted. When I preview the page, it looks really nice, exactly how I want it. I hit save, go to the space, and the space template has added extra stuff from the default personal space template. This means that I have an unwanted "recently updated" area at the top left, and two layers overlapping each other towards the bottom of the page. Is there any way I can remove the default stuff just for my page (other users in the system want to keep the default content and not have to worry about creating a new page for their personal space)?

  19. Anonymous

    Hi there, 

    When I created my personal space I made it public but now I want to make it private. The help above says I can change this but how do I do it? Your help would be much appreciated.


    1. Go to your space, click Browse --> Space Admin. Then click the Permissions link on the left hand side. Remove everyone other than you. People will still be able to see your profile, but not your space

  20. Anonymous

    Thank you Darren (smile)

  21. Anonymous


    I updated from the 4.1 confluence to the 4.2.3 version.
    Now I have the problem, all private spaces and their subspaces will shown in the dashboard (sad)

    Any ideas how I can hide only the "private spaces" in 4.2.3?
    Thank you very much for help.

    1. Hi anonymous, I'm not exactly sure what you mean by private spaces and subspaces - please file a ticket with support for this if you think your permissions have been changed during upgrade.

  22. We have just discovered that all personal spaces are set up with Anonymous access - by default!!

    As a result, our network & security admins have requested that we move all content that's in personal spaces to elsewhere. Obviously, we could just go and change the permissions, but understandably our security folks don't think that's enough.

    I'd expect lots of companies to have an issue with this and don't understand why this was done - it may be something new, another 'improvement' but doesn't make any sense. 

    Anyone else discovered this, or having issues?

    Also, whatever you're using for the word recognition really doesn't work well - I have to try many times, I've not seen this elsewhere, and often just give up.

    1. Can you please confirm that your default space permissions weren't changed to give anonymous users access to personal spaces?

      1. no, we did not 1) change or 2) ever set anonymous as a default or any permissions on any space

        Apparently there are issue with the latest confluence in that it displays activity stream info without respecting the permissions of the pages it displays. This may just be for personal spaces, but is still pretty bad.

        In addition, customers were sent an email with details of someone's personal space, which caused some issues as they wanted to know what was coming when product dev was just beginning to think about it.

        We have logged an issue but this is radical, and we all have to stop using our personal spaces immediately. Which means having to bookmark or find something else on the wiki, which is already a big challenge.

        In addition, it takes me an average of 3-5 tries to get the pic/word correct, so if I don't respond that's why. I don't have this experience anywhere else so not sure what's happening.

        1. Okay. It sounds like you filed a support ticket which the the correct thing to do.

  23. Anonymous

    I cant see the link add personal space, i am in the group confluence-users, but not the member of confluence-reader.

    Is that the problem?


    1. It's possible that your administrator has not given you the permission to do this. I suggest you check with him/her to see if that's the case.


  24. Searching

    It's worth noting that the search box in the top right that normally searches the whole of your wiki, is limited to searching only the personal space when you're in a one.

    If you don't realise this, and then run a search thinking that you're searching the whole wiki, you're in for a surprise. I've been using Confluence for well over a year and have only just noticed this. It's a handy thing to have, but confusing if you don't know that's how it works.


    1. Mick Davidson, that is not the default behaviour of Confluence. The search box works in the same way whether you are in a personal space or not.

      Is it possible that you are using a specific theme in your personal spaces, or have some other site-level customisation? The 'Documentation Theme' allows you to configure space-only searches, for example.

  25. Mark,

    thanks for the info, I'll get it checked. We're using the documentation theme, but there's been other minor customisation as well. The wiki was here before I joined so I'm just discovering it's foibles. I'm glad I'm not going mad though, I didn't believe that this behaviour was normal, and now I know it isn't. (smile) Cheers.

  26. Anonymous

    I created a personal space and then I removed it by mistake.

    Now clicking my name gives a "404 Error"

    I can not create a new space since that option is removed from the menu and replaced by "Personal Space" option. Which also gives a 404 Error.

    How can i fix this?



  27. After setting up confluence I asked our users to create personal spaces. Two of our employees have done this. But, lo and behold: Both of them created a global space. Reason was that by default everyone could create a space (I don't recall specifically requesting this during setup though), and the [Create Space] button is very visible to all users. Also, when clicking it, it gives the option of making it private, so they both assumed that this was the right thing to do.

    I have just now changed the permissions and I am now disallowing regular users in creating global spaces. This should force the other employees to create personal spaces instead of global ones. 

    However, for the two spaces that has already been created:

    How do I convert these falsely created global spaces to personal spaces?

    • Can I do it (being confluence-admin) or do the users themselves have to do it? 
    • Export and import of content, or is there a simpler way?
    1. Hi Ronny, 

      Export / Import will not solve your problem I'm afraid (as the spaces would be re-imported as global spaces still). The easiest way to solve this would be to get each employee to create their personal space (if they have not already done so) and then get them to move all the pages that have been created in their global space to their personal space - you can find out how to do this here Moving a Page. They can then remove the global space (Space Tools > Overview > Delete Space).

      If you wanted to perform these steps for the users, you would need to grant yourself space admin permissions for their global spaces - you can do this in Confluence Admin > Space Permissions. Once you have space admin permissions for the global spaces they created you can move the pages and then remove the space. 

      If you want to be able to administer spaces, you might also find it useful to grant the confluence-users (or other super user group you might create) 'space admin' permissions for default spaces (that is all global spaces that are created in future). This will prevent spaces from being created and restricted to just one user. You can do this in Confluence Admin > Space Permissions > Default Spaces. See Assigning Space Permissions

      I'll pass on your feedback to our product managers about the create experience - they are working on improving the create space experience at the moment.  Would you expect, when you clicked Create Space to be able to choose to create a global or personal space at that point? 

      Hope this helps you out!