Documentation for Confluence 5.4.
Documentation for Confluence OnDemand and earlier versions of Confluence is available too.

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Confluence provides a number of ways for you to notify other people about content that may be of interest to them:

  • You can share a page link with them.
  • You can mention a user when you write a page, blog post or comment. Mentioning a user automatically emails a notification to them about that content.
  • You can broadcast a message that appears in Confluence activity streams.
  • You can like a page, blog post or comment. The author will receive a notification. If enough people like the content, it will appear in the list of popular content on the dashboard and in the recommended updates email message.

Other users can also find out about changes to content in Confluence by watching pages and spaces.

You may also be interested in exporting Confluence content to other formats such as XML, HTML, Microsoft Word and PDF.

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  1. I can't see any way of finding out who I have already shared a page with.  Is this possible?

    1. I'm currently to see if this feature exists? Have you found anything or heard of any updates?

      1. Sorry for the late reply.  I'm not aware of a way to see who a page has been shared with. Sorry. 

        You can follow the progress on this issue here  CONF-22396 - Track sharing page history Open

  2. Anonymous

    Nick did you ever get your question answered? I'm looking for same answer. I can't believe Confluence would not show me who I previously shared it with. I'm looking everywhere for this type of activity log. I'd like to also know if someone shared the page with someone so I don't end up sharing to the same users they already shared it with.

    1. Anonymous

      Hi Nick and anonymous,

      I am looking for the same answer for a while. Maybe someone will give one in this comments.


  3. Anonymous

    I'm also looking for something like a "share history" that includes the group/users, page and additional notes I've shared with someone.

  4. For those interested in share page history I recommend voting for and watching this feature request -  CONF-22396 - Track sharing page history Open

  5. Anonymous

    I'm having a small problem with the share button.
    When I click on it, the little window opens correctly, but when I select the user that I want to share with the page, the window closes and I am forced to click on the Tools button (or another button) and then back on share button to open the window, and write the message to the other user.

    Is it normal ? because before, I was able to do the selection of the user and the writing of the message in one shot.  


    PS : our version of Confluence is 5.3.4

  6. I sometimes share pages with colleagues, only to later receive an e-mail from them that when they tried to open the link they received via e-mail it gave them a message "page not found".  This is usually when the don't have permission to view pages within the space the content is in.

    Is it possible to have some form of feedback when sharing content that warns you that the person you are sharing the content with does not have permission to access the space and then optionally give that person permission to only view that page within the space ?

    1. Hi Sam,  I can see how this would be frustrating, especially if you have a very large Confluence site with lots of users.  

      There is an issue here  CONF-25471 - Share Page plugin should handle page view restrictions Open  that you can follow.  I'm assuming your use case is not just limited to page restrictions, but possibly also to whole space permissions ?  Feel free to add a comment to the issue to tell us more about your particular use case.