Documentation for Confluence 5.7.
Documentation for Confluence Cloud and earlier versions of Confluence is available too.

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You can 'watch' a page, blog post or space. Confluence will then send you a notification by email whenever anyone adds or updates content on that page or space. You can also subscribe to daily email reports and other notifications of various updates, as described below.

You will only receive notifications for content that you have permission to view. Users that have been disabled by an administrator will not receive email notifications.

Subscribing to email notifications

You can subscribe to the following email summary reports:

  • A daily report of updates to all spaces that you have permission to view.
  • An immediate report of all blog posts added or changed, in all spaces that you have permission to view.
  • An immediate report of all updates made by the people you are following, in all spaces that you have permission to view.
  • An immediate report when someone follows you.
  • A daily or weekly report of recommended updates, in all spaces that you have permission to view.

To edit your email notification settings:

  1. Choose your profile picture at top right of the screen, then choose Settings.
  2. Click Email in the left-hand panel.
  3. Click Edit.
Below is an explanation of all the email settings is explained below.






Option: Do you want Confluence to automatically add you as a watcher on each page or blog post that you add or update? If you are a watcher of a page or a post, you will receive notification of future changes.

  • Pages and blog posts that you create, edit or comment on.

(Not applicable)

Subscribe to daily updates

Receive email reports showing changes to content in all spaces that you have permission to view.

Note: Daily email reports do not include information about attachments on a page or blog post that are added, edited or deleted.

  • Pages and blog posts that are added, edited or deleted.
  • Comments on a page or blog post that are added, edited or deleted.
  • Updates by users who have changed their personal profile.


Subscribe to all blog posts

Receive email notifications for changes to blogs in your Confluence installation that you have permission to view.

  • Blog posts added, edited or deleted.


Subscribe to network

Receive email notifications for changes to content by all users that you are following, which you have permission to view.

  • Pages being added, edited or deleted.
  • Blog posts being added, edited or deleted.
  • Comments being added, edited or deleted.
  • Status updates by the user.


Subscribe to new follower notifications

Receive an email message when anyone chooses to follow you.



Notify on my actions

Option: Do you want to receive email notifications for your own changes?

Note: If you have not subscribed to any email notifications and are not watching any pages/spaces, then selecting 'Notify on my actions' will not do anything.

  • All pages and spaces that you are watching.
  • This affects all subscriptions set.

(Not applicable)

Show changed content

Option: Do you want your notifications to include details of the changes made to the content?

  • If you do not select this option, your notifications will include only the title of the page, and any comment the author made when updating the page.
  • If you do select this option, your notifications will show the differences between the current and previous versions of the page. See Page History and Page Comparison Views.
  • Edits to pages and blog posts.

(Not applicable)

Subscribe to recommended updates

Receive an email message showing the top content that is relevant to you from spaces that you have permission to view.

How do you set the frequency of the mail message? A link in the email message allows you to choose daily or weekly notifications.

How do you enable and disable the notification? You can turn off the notification by clicking a link in the email message. You can also turn the notification on or off by setting the 'Subscribe to recommended updates' option in your user profile.

Confluence chooses the content to display, based on:

  • Pages and blog posts that people have recently liked.
  • Pages and blog posts that people have recently commented on.
  • Pages and blog posts that have recently been created.

'Recent' means any activity that occurred since the last recommended updates message was sent to you.

The activities are listed in order of popularity, with the most popular at the top. Likes, comments and content creations are scored equally. Activity that involves people in your network ranks higher than activity not involving your network. Content in your favourite spaces also ranks higher than content in other spaces. The recommended updates summary does not include any content that you created yourself, and it gives a lower ranking to content that you have participated in, for example by adding a comment or updating the page.

If there is no activity to report, Confluence will not send the email message.

Daily (weekdays at 1pm) or weekly

Notes for administrators



  1. Anonymous

    It would be great to limit the summary report only to your favourite spaces instead of all spaces. A drop-down box, which provides a selection option between <All> and <Favourites> would be ideal.

  2. Hi,

    Is there a simple way to add any standard text to the daily email content? For example, we would like to add something like "To manage your wiki subscriptions settings please follow the instructions here: http:www.wikilink...."



    1. Hi Rupert,
      It is possible to change the daily email template by editing the following file:

      • templates/email/text/changedigest-notification.vm

      The changedigest-notification.vm exists in \confluence\WEB-INF\lib\confluence-2.x.jar (where the 2.x is your confluence version). Please refer to Modify Confluence Interface Text for more information on how to modify a file in .jar file.

      Hope it helps.

      Thanks & regards,

  3. I'd like to be able to subscribe people to email by default. Is there a setting somewhere that I can create the notifications row automatically? It doesn't seem that a site administrator can enable notifications on behalf of specific users.

    Note that with "temporary access to administrative functions", it might be useful to allow a site admin complete editing to user profiles for this kind of thing.

    Alternatively, I could add them to the notifications table, but it would be helpful to know where the primary keys come from, or whether I can just use any unused value.


    1. I found the answer to this, somewhere along the way, people could be added to "space watchers". So I just add new people to that.

  4. Anonymous

    The email updates are a great feature and especially the "daily digest" of all space changes.

    But on an active wiki, the updates for each change made by people you are following can produce quite a bit of email traffic. It would be nice to allow settings to configure:

    1. instant notification of changes made by people you follow (as it is now)
    2. or a daily digest of changes made by people you follow
    3. or (as other wiki's like pmwiki allow) a configurable "window" for sending updates 

    For #3,  I mean -- don't send ever single update as the author is in the midst of editing, but rather send an update no more often than "X" minutes where X could be site-wide configurable.

    I don't think this is currently possible either natively in confluence or via a plug-in -- but it would be a nice feature and to minimize email traffic on pages, esp. while they are "churning" during initial authoring.

    1. Sorry, that previous posting was from me. 


      The email updates are a great feature and especially the "daily digest" of all space changes.

      But on an active wiki, the updates for each change made by people you are following can produce quite a bit of email traffic. It would be nice to allow settings to configure:

      1. instant notification of changes made by people you follow (as it is now)
      2. or a daily digest of changes made by people you follow
      3. or (as other wiki's like pmwiki allow) a configurable "window" for sending updates 

      For #3,  I mean -- don't send ever single update as the author is in the midst of editing, but rather send an update no more often than "X" minutes where X could be site-wide configurable.

      I don't think this is currently possible either natively in confluence or via a plug-in -- but it would be a nice feature and to minimize email traffic on pages, esp. while they are "churning" during initial authoring.

  5. Hello, 

    How can I change the time that this email is sent out, to 08:00, instead of 00:01?  Since we are on call, we keep our phones on, and any emails make the phone ring/vibrate.  I know we could do a work-around on our phones, but we would like to see the email come in when the office opens.   Many Thanks,


    1. Hi Bruce,

      See the Scheduled Jobs page for details on how to change the time that the daily email report is sent.


      1. Anonymous

         I posted this in the wrong version..  Sorry.  I'm running 3.4.7.  I didn't see that option for Scheduled Jobs in 3.4.7 - Is this possible in 3.4.7?  I'll post my question in that area.

        1. I found it, and was able to successfully change the scheduled time that the dailyReportJob runs at this link:

  6. Hi, I was redirected to this page when trying to find out more about the new "autowatch by default" implemented in Confluence 3.5. In our user database we have a number of inactive users (e.g. ex-employees, or ppl who have moved on from our department). However these users may have authored content. We can't delete them from our database because it is not allowed in Confluence. They have merely had all access rights removed. So will they be automatically sent the updates? If so, how can we prevent this happening?

    It is inappropriate to send these inactive users any emails at all from the system. Most importantly we don't want to send email then receive "unable to deliver" message from our own mail servers, resend another one, get another "unable to deliver" and so on. And on a minor note we don't want to spam people who are no longer in the department (but still in the organisation).

    1. Hi Diane,

      Confluence should not send out notification emails to users that have been disabled. If you find that this is happening in your instance, then this is a bug and you should raise a support ticket so that we can investigate the root cause.


      1. Hi Mark,

        That is good to know. We will keep an eye on it when we upgrade.



  7. Is there any way to track only major changes to a page or space.....I dont want to get an email every time a user corrects a typo but I want to be notified when they do a major content change. 

  8. When I get an email notification of updates to content, I should be able to hit "reply" and have my reply create a comment on the page. This is similar to the functionality already provided in Jira. It's actually a little more weird that it doesn't exist already than anything else!

  9. How about a way to disable all notifcations of any kind temporarily?  Hasn't anyone else ever had the need for this?

    Say there are a ton of changes scheduled to some pages and those are pages that a user would normally want to get notifications about, but when it's known that changes are being made in bulk to a bunch of pages then it would be nice to be able to flip a switch to say, "I don't want to be notified about anything until I come back and turn this switch back to on."

    Is there already a request for improvement for this that I can vote for?  I searched and couldn't find anything on this.

    1. Hallo Michael

      One way to do this, is to temporarily hide the entire space – use the space permissions to make the space invisible to everyone except the people who are making the changes. No notifications will be sent to watchers who don't have permissions to view the pages.

      Cheers, Sarah

      1. I'd wish Atlassian would do so when preparing the DOC space for a new release.

        Currently, when you or Rachel work on this, your customers usually gets some hundred emails due to moving activities and file upload activites (screenshots etc); I don't really want or need them, even when I monitor specific pages. Therefore, I'd welcome if you could turn notifications off on your server for a few hours when this kind of activities take place.

        1. Hi Hans-Peter, We are working on reducing some of these noisy notifications. You should no longer receive emails when we move pages or attach files via the editor now (other methods for attaching files will still send a notification), and there are other improvements on the way over the next few Confluence releases. 

          1. thanks for starting this effort. Yesterday I got about 150 email notifications triggered by your authoring work, most of them related to your preparation of 5.6 documentation

            1. Like to vote for CONF-7842 - Notifications are sent ad-nausium, rather than queued. User cannot specify a sane notification scheme on large installations. Open

  10. Anonymous

    We are using confluence 3.5. It just happened to me that I received a lot of notification emails, even if the author claimed he had ticked the "minor change" check-box. But he added some attachments to the page. Is this a know issue, that notification emails are sent (due to attachment fo files to the watched page) even if "minor change" is selected?



    1. Same here, when I'm in confluence and I make an edit, I have the toolbar at the bottom right of the page with "Notify watchers" selected by default, so if I make a change that I don’t want to notify others of, I uncheck it.

      However, when I’m in the page, and uploading images, or changing images, it also sends out a notification too. 

      Do you know how we could make that stop happening?



  11. Here is a quick solution I put together to disable autowatch on particular pages. It is done by adding a macro to the content of a wiki page.

    1. Broken link (sad). Could somebody who adopted the solution post it somewhere please?

  12. Is there a way to change the default setting on Notify Watchers? The reason being that most edits are minor. The unintended consequence is spamming watchers unnecessarily with unintended updates. A default setting consistent with the main use case (most edits are minor and not worth a notification) is to have users opt-in when they want to notify someone instead of opting out when they don't. Suggestions?

  13. Would it be possible to modify the e-mail used to send notifications ? 

    Justification: e-mails are sent with the name of the person who modified the page, but the e-mail address is the  generic one. The problem is that some people reply and comment on the notification, and these replies are not sent to the person who modified the page but to this generic e-mail address.

    Best regards,


    1. Well...

      According to  CONF-24971 - Allow a configuration option to send out "page update" notifications using the authors email address Resolved  it won't be implemented (sad)

      John Masson said:

      I can see the reasoning behind your proposal, but it's not something we plan to implement. You'll see in Confluence 4.3 we are trying to help people Collaborate faster, and bouncing back and forwards from email doesn't really help this, and also ends up siloing useful conversations.
      Right now, we have no plans to do this so I think it's to everyone's benefit that we are just open about that.

      So a workaround would be to add a "DO NOT REPLY" info in the e-mail FROM to notify users they should not reply to a notification (see Configuring a Server for Outgoing Mail )

      Best regards,

      Alexboss 8)

      1. There might be a rule in some spam-filters, blocking mails where "from" domain doesn't match the "reply to", as there is one in ours. In this case the notification never gets delivered.

  14. Could anyone please confirm the criteria for sorting/listing the spaces in the "Daily Updates"-Mail?

    From my observations it seems that the Space Key is used for sorting. Yet I cannot find anything in the documentation above. Thus, the contents will apparently not be sorted alphabetically after a space was renamed. Since users are very unlikely to be aware of the Space Keys, IMHO this is a potential source of confusion.

    Also, a quick search in the respective JIRA project did not bring up any ticket relates to any sorting issues with regards to the Daily Updates:

    Thanks for any hint in this regard.


  15. We had an incident where our UAT environment sent out a recommended email digest and a number of people received it accidentally. Is there any to track who got it if the protocol-level debugging wasn't already enabled in the logs??

    Thanks in advance!

  16. Anonymous

    I have a private page (regular users cannot view) called Drafts which contains all pages I am currently editing and not quite ready for publishing. This draft page/folder allows me to have multiple users work on the same draft. After the editing is complete, editors move  the page into a public page/folder and all users are then able to see the page in confluence.  The problem I run into however, is all subpages of my private Draft page will not trigger a notification to space watchers when they are moved to a publicly viewable area.  

    I'm guessing this is because we cannot disclose the private "moved from" page in a move notification.  To work around this we currently have to make a copy of our soon to be published page and save it to the public area. We then have to go back and delete the old copy. But this is cumbersome and not a permanent solution.  Does anyone know how to make notifications trigger when moving a page from a public to private space?

    It would be nice if the move from a Private page area would be treated similarly to a newly created page, so users who now have access will know the page is available.  A notification such as "recently published page " or "page made available"  

    For those with permission to both public and private areas the notification should be treated a regular page move notification.

  17. Anonymous

    Is there a way to stop the flood of e-mails caused by notifications for changes on watched pages and spaces?

    I think it would be a very very great improvement not to send an e-mail after every change but a daily mail to informs about all changes on watched pages or news in watched spaces. Like the daily mail for all updates but only for my watched pages and spaces.

    Do you know what I mean? I agree that it's important to get informed about these changes but an e-mail every time is too much and really more confusing than helping.

    My colleagues and I would be very happy about the solution of a daily e-mail.

    Thanks in advance!!

  18. Anonymous

    Hi, is it possible to configure only getting one daily e-mail for the news of my watched pages/spaces?

    Thanks for any hint! (smile)

    1. Hi Anonymous, you might want to watch / vote on this issue  CONF-5566 - Personalized daily notifications Open .  At the moment only the emails described above are available. 

  19. Anonymous

    When I get the email notification (daily updates) and click on one page then the log-in menu opens two times, in two seperate windows. Is this a bug? How can I change?


      1. Anonymous

        Found out that it is no Confluence-problem, but an individual one. No matter which link I open first in the morning gets opened twice..

  20. "Show changed content" does not work in a daily digest email with Confluence 5.2.5

    Hi all,
    I am watching an entire space and would like to get a single (not more) email every day (daily digest) that lists

    1. which pages have been edited by whom
    2. what the changes are

    To this end, I have selected "subscribe to daily digest" and "show changed content" in Settings -> Email.
    However, the digest email just shows (1) but not (2).

    This seems like a bug to me and the does not match the description of "show changed content" above. I had the same issue with confluence 5.1.4 as well.

    Could anybody help?
    Thanks a bunch

    1. Nobody?

      Am I really the only one where show changed content simply does not work?

  21. Anonymous

    Hello all!

    Is there a way that for every change in a space, all members of the space will be "Watchers" and will get mail for each page that was updated or created?...


    1. Sorry, there is no way to manually add watchers.It is very simple however for a user to watch a space - click the Watch button on any page in the space and choose Watch all content in this space. 

       If you are creating a brand new space, the team space blueprint does set all the team members (that are specified when the space is created) as watchers of the space, but that is the only example I am aware of.  


      1. Is there a way to remove Watchers from a Space after they are added when creating a new Team Space using the blueprint in version 5.6.3? Do all Watchers receive notifications for EVERY change made within the space - including new items added or modifications made to existing items?

        1. Hi Leroy, you're correct, any people who are added as team members when creating a Team space are automatically set to watch all content in the space. 

          To change this, users need to click the Watch button (anywhere in the space) and then deselect the Watch all content in this space option.  The space admin can't do this for them I'm afraid. 

          1. Thanks Rachel. Can users be deleted from a Team Space?

            1. Not really (well not in the way they were added to the team space).  You can remove their names from the homepage, and remove their permissions from the space, but I don't think that will solve your watch problem (unless you completely remove their permission to use the space).

              1. Is there any request or development in the works to allow for easier Team member addition or deletion from a Team Space when using the blueprint? This would be very helpful functionality and should be inherent in having a Team Space with Team members that may change periodically.


                1. Here's a couple of issues relating to the issues you're experiencing with Team Spaces that you can vote or comment on. 

                  CONF-32667 - Home Page of Team Space not updating members information New

                  CONF-22313 - Allow for adding or removing a Space Watch on behalf on another user Open


                  1. Thanks for the information. I commented on both of these items. I was disheartened to see that the Space Watchers issue has been around for a long time and has not yet been addressed even though many users have expressed their interest and one has had to write their own work-around code.

  22. Hi,

    Could someone provide me a sample of email notification with the latest version? We are currently on 3.4.9, we will be upgrading shortly. I'm curious about the email notifications if they still are Wiki markups or more user friendly.



    1. Hi François, below is a screenshot of a 'Recommended Updates' email from around 5.5 (nothing has changed between this version and the latest (5.6.1 as of this comment)).

      Hope that helps!

  23. So the "digest" does not collect all the Hundreds of emails from unwanted "watcher" spam, right? Instead it just adds more spam by reporting on every single change that the user is allowed to see?

    Is there any way to change Confluence from "Verbosity level: ridiculous" down to a less chatty notification scheme? Our current hotfix was to yank Confluence off the mail server.

    1. David Skreiner apparently too many checkboxes are checked in your users' profile, email settings.

      Make sure that "Autowatch" is unchecked.


      1. Thank you (smile) Unfortunately user settings are not currently changeable here (if our users open their profile, notification settings are grayed out with "no parking" cursor, presumably because we did not attach the mail server.)

        ... anyway, the only way to disable Autowatch for all users appears to be via editing a config XML inside one of the Confluence jar files - which sounds risky, and we'd have to repeat the process whenever we upgrade Confluence.

        So, while the notification system could be excellent, we won't be using it (sad) because we do not think the current design of Confluence Notifications allows us to utilize them without annoying most colleagues. (google "confluence notification storm").

  24. Email notifications are great for informing colleagues that something has happened - that is what Knowledge Management is all about (smile).

    .... but if I load say 100 attachments to a page using drag and drop, each one triggers an individual instantaneous email alert (sad)

    Is there some way to set the system so it doesn't send instantaneous alerts when I load lots of attachments?

    Is there some way the User can select not to receive instantaneous alerts and only a daily summary?

    1. Hi Rodney, we know that email storms are a problem and are working on notifications. 

      If you're using Confluence 5.5 or later (or Confluence Cloud), and you attach files while editing the page, a notification is not sent (I'm pretty sure this includes drag and drop into the Insert > Attachments dialog, which you can then cancel if for example you're just uploading new versions of existing attachments).   This might help if you have a lot of attachments to update.  

      1. Thanks Rachel

        Our industry association uses their own Confluence instance which is about to be upgraded from v4.2.12 to I think our host is doing v5.1

        However I also have a Confluence On Demand instance for my own company use but I can't see any notification tick box on the Tools>Attachments page where I can drag and drop

        So it would be really good to have as soon as we can a "Notify Users" tick box for attachment loading like on the main page Edit facility. 

        Note in the case of multiple drag and drop uploads, it should in any case just send out one email for all attachments loaded in say the last 1-hour

        1. Hi Rodney, I've passed your comments and suggestions on to the team who look after notifications.  

          There is no 'notify' tickbox, in your OnDemand instance, which will be running Confluence 5.6, but if you edit a page, go to Insert > Attachment and drop your attachments onto that dialog - notifications will not be sent.   

          If you add the attachments via Tools > Attachments, notifications will still be sent.  

      2. Rachel, we are using Confluence 5.5.4 and we noticed some moments notifications were not being sent and I could not understand why. With your comment I think I just found a bug. If you edit a page and while doing that you attach a file, notifications are not sent, not even for the page modification. I guess the improvement was to not receive an email for each attach while editing a page, but it looks like that broke the page edit notification. Can you please confirm? Should I open a ticket?

        1. Thanks for raising the ticket Danilo, I'm currently working into your case and when we root cause what is going on I will share in here (smile).