Documentation for Confluence 5.8 (Server).
Documentation for Confluence Cloud and earlier versions of Confluence is available too.

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This page describes the supported platforms for Confluence. Please review them before installing Confluence. The information on this page applies to Confluence 5.8.

Further information:

  • End of support for various platforms and browsers when used with Confluence: End of Support Announcements for Confluence.
  • More information about these supported platforms and hardware requirements: System Requirements.
  • Go to  > General Configuration > Atlassian Support Tools > Health Check to run the health check, which looks at things like your licence validity, Tomcat version, basic database setup and more. 

Key : (tick) = Supported. (error) = Not Supported

Java version


Oracle JRE / JDK

(tick) 1.8

(warning) There's a known issue with Java 1.8.0_25 and 1.8.0_31, We don't recommend running Confluence on these versions.

Operating systems for Confluence server installation


Microsoft Windows (including 64-bit)( 1 )

(tick) (Microsoft Supported Versions only)

Linux / Solaris ( 1 , 2, 10 )


Apple Mac OS X

(error) Not supported as server. (tick) Supported as client platform.

Application servers


Apache Tomcat

(tick) 8.0.x 12




(tick) 9.2, 9.3

MySQL ( 3 )(11)

(tick) 5.5, 5.6 (5.6.16 and later only - more info)
(error) MariaDB and Percona Server are not supported.


(tick) 11.1, 11.2, 12c

Microsoft SQL Server

(tick) 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2014

H2 ( 4 )

(tick) (this embedded database is provided for evaluating Confluence only)

Web browsers – desktop


Microsoft Internet Explorer (Windows) ( 5 , 6, 13)

(tick) 9,10, 11

Mozilla Firefox (all platforms)

(tick) Latest stable version supported

Google Chrome (Windows and Mac) (7 )

(tick) Latest stable version supported

Safari (Mac) 

(tick) Latest stable version supported

Web browsers – mobile


Mobile Safari (iOS) (8 )

(tick) Latest stable version supported

Android (Android) (9 )

(tick) The default browser on Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

Chrome (Android and iOS) (8, 9 ) (tick) Latest stable version supported
  1. Confluence is a pure Java application and should run on this platform provided the JRE or JDK requirement is satisfied. 
  2. While some of our customers run Confluence on SPARC-based hardware, Atlassian only officially supports Confluence running on x86 hardware and 64-bit derivatives of x86 hardware.
  3. Ensure that you configure your Confluence MySQL database to use the InnoDB storage engine as the MyISAM storage engine could lead to data corruption. 
  4. Confluence includes an embedded H2 database. This database is fine for evaluation purposes, but for production environments, we only support running Confluence with one of the supported external database listed on this page. 
  5. Internet Explorer 9 does not support the drag-and-drop functionality of HTML5. As Confluence relies on this functionality, the drag-and-drop experience in Internet Explorer 9 is not complete. Internet Explorer 10 in 'desktop' mode does support the drag-and-drop functionality, and the implementation of drag-and-drop in Confluence works as expected with Internet Explorer 10 'desktop' mode. The 'modern' mode of Internet Explorer 10 does not support drag-and-drop.
  6. Confluence is tested with these versions of Internet Explorer in standards-compliant rendering mode, not compatibility mode. Enabling compatibility mode may cause problems because it emulates older, unsupported rendering modes.
  7. Chrome does not have WEBDAV / plugin support so features such as Edit in Word for attachments will not work. Please refer to CONF-23322 for information on the progress of the issue.
  8. Confluence does not support editing in Mobile Safari on iOS devices (such as iPhone and iPad). Please refer to CONF-19523 for information on the progress of this issue.
  9. Confluence does not support editing on Android devices.
  10.  NFS mounts are not supported on Linux operating systems due to Lucene requirements.
  11.  We do not currently support MariaDB or Percona Server.  See  CONF-36471 New  and  CONF-29060 Open  for more information. 
  12.  We only support the Tomcat version that is bundled with your specific Confluence version.
  13.  Internet Explorer 9 does not support previewing PDF files. You'll be given an option to download the PDF instead when you try to preview a PDF attached to a Confluence page.


  1. I am using Firefox 11 in Windows 7.

    After adding an Excel document through office connector I have found that the button 'Edit Document' isn't working in Firefox 11.

    Is 11 not supported?





    1. Anonymous

      I've experienced the same issue with Firefox 11 on Linux.  When
      editing a page, the javascript editor's formatting controls are
      As far as attaching documents, I used the following workaround:
       * View (do not Edit) the page that you'd like to attach the document
       * Click Add > Attachment
       * add your attachment there.
      In my experience with Firefox 11.0 and Confluence 4.1.9, the edit
      controls are usable when you are creating a comment, but not when you
      are editing a page or blog post.




  2. Java from Oracle for MacOSX

    jdk-7u4-macosx-x64 is released from Oracle. I hope Confluence will support MacOSX soon.

  3. Anonymous

    iPad users seems to have major problems with using confluence, as the left navigation frame is missing completely :-/ Is there any changes getting support for mobile platforms too in the future??


  4. Anonymous

    Will Firefox ESR editions be supported for their complete lifecycles?


    1. that's a good question - I would also like to know if the ESR Releases of FF are going to be supported

  5. Anonymous

    When will Tomcat 7 be supported? It's been out for quite a while now.

    1. We don't have a timeline for supporting Tomcat 7 currently. I've created an issue to track it: CONF-25425 - Support Tomcat 7 Resolved

      There is at least one known problem with Tomcat 7, which you can find linked from that issue.

  6. A late update but should be still useful to someone, feel safe to upgrade.

    Confluence 4.x works fine on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with the following:

    • Linux 3.2.0 kernel
    • Apache 2.2.22
    • Tomcat 6.0.x with Sun JDK 1.6.0_33
    • MySQL 5.5.22

    Attach files by drag & drop sometimes does NOT work in latest Chrome dev (20.0.x)

    Confluence 4.2.5 has some weird display problems with JDK 1.7.0_05, switched back to 1.6.0_33 fixed the problem.

    1. Do you have any further directions on this Terry?  I still have not gotten this working on ubuntu 12.04.

      Any special steps you had to take, or any "Gotchas"?

  7. You claim, that Confluence supports IE8/IE9. Then please start fixing the over 300 bugs that are related to Internet Explorer: and for God's sake test your new releases in Internet Explorer. "Enterprise ready!" Well, most enterprises that I know still use IE as their standard browser and with every release you make something new breaks for IE, because all your developers are using Chrome/Firefox and your IE quality testing is apparently non-existent. IMHO, you should be so honest and just remove IE8/IE9 from the list of supported browsers, since Confluence runs terribly slow and is full of bugs, that won't be fixed since you focus more on new features than getting the current release stable across all browsers.

    1. Hi Tim,

      I want to make it clear that we do support both IE8 and IE9. We know from OnDemand usage statistics that almost half our users are using IE, and so we do test all new features with it. It is true that Confluence is slower in IE browsers, unfortunately this is due to the IE rendering engine, which is outside of our control. 
      As David Corley mentions, your search brings back many results which do not mention IE. For David's suggested search, click here. Of these 65 issues:

          •    8 are raised in the past year - most are older than that, going back to 2006
          •    11 are reported against 4.x - most are against older versions, plus some with no "affects version"
          •    49 are reported by an Atlassian

      I hope this helps to show that we do care about problems you see in IE, many of which are found and reported by Atlassians using IE themselves. In an ideal world one bug is too many, but I think these numbers show that we have a relatively small number of open IE-specific bugs against recent releases of our software, and have been fixing the bugs that are reported to us.

      Many of the older issues I suspect are actually either now fixed, or are obsolete. An action for us is to go through this list, and either close or downgrade as appropriate.

      If there are specific bugs you are facing that aren't yet reported, please do raise them at


  8. Tim, I think you're being liberal with your search expressions. The search above will find any issues with the string "ie" in the summary or description. This not only includes references to IE but words like "field" and "summaries", "replies", etc.
    A better search is to just look for where the summary contains "ie" (and even that's not perfect). You'll see there's 62 such issues.

    Then again, if you look for "chrome" or "firefox" instead of "ie", you'll see they've got something like 40 and 60 issues apiece, so they're not exactly perfectly supported either. 

  9. Anonymous

    When will PostgreSQL 9.1 be supported? It's been out for quite a while now.

    1. Anonymous

      1. Anonymous

        Any progress on supporting new versions of PostgreSQL?

  10. Hi,

    You've now announced the end of support for Tomcat 5.5.x so Confluence is only supported on Tomcat 6. Given how long Tomcat 7 has been out can we expect Tomcat 7 support soon?


  11. Anonymous

    Come on guys where is Internet Explorer 10 support - should be done by now!

    1. Anonymous

      Agreed! The workbox dropdown doesn't display properly, and I tried editing a page and it crashed the browser :-/

      1. We'll be working on IE10 support in the near future, but don't have a firm version to give you that will have support yet.

        There's a ticket for this in JIRA that you might want to put a watch on -  CONF-27181 - Support Internet Explorer 10 Resolved

        1. Anonymous

          It's interesting that this "resolved" issue wont even load in IE10.

          1. Hi Anonymous - JIRA 6.0 (which is on) does support IE10. When you say it won't load, can you advise what you are seeing or perhaps attach a screenshot?



            1. Joey Corea [Atlassian] - Are you even aware of this issue?

              JRA-32735 - JIRA is not loading properly in IE8 and IE9 Resolved

              1. Vignesh S - this issue was resolved in May. Is there something in particular you want to draw my attention to?

  12. Anonymous

    The editor is broken in Safari 6.0.2 after the last update on the on demand solution. Is 6.0.2 considered the latest stable version?

    1. Thanks for reporting this; yes, 6.0.2 is latest stable version and supposed to be working. I have quickly checked and the editor seems to be working as expected in on demand instance in Safari 6.0.2 . Do you have a specific problem? Any steps that would help us to reproduce it? Can you please contact support and we will help you out.

      1. Anonymous

        it seems to work again. thank you.

  13. We currently ramping up all new servers with Centos 6.3 and we planning on using Postgres 9.2.3 for our JIRA install. I see that only 8.3, 8.4, 9.0 is listed. Is the list not caught up or will JIRA not work in Postgres 9.2.3?

    1. Hallo Brian

      The supported platforms page for JIRA is here: Supported Platforms

      It says that JIRA supports versions 8.3 and 8.4 of PostgreSQL. "Supported" means that we regularly test JIRA (or Confluence) with the version mentioned. If you'd like more information, please would you raise a support ticket at, so that our support engineers can give a fuller answer.

      Cheers, Sarah


    Couple of things I noticed with I.E. 9, doesn't seem to matter if compatability is enabled or not, 1. Confluence 5.0.1 - If you do a manual update of a plugin, click Upload Add-on, slect the file, then when you click on Upload the entire Upload add-on box doubles in width to the right, pushing the Upload & Cancel buttons to the right. 2. Confluence 4.3.7 & 5.0.1 - In Scheduled Jobs The Help Tips box covers some (in view compat) of the Edit Enable/Disable columns or all of them (view compat on for site), making it impossible to edit or enable/disable some jobs.

    1. jjak thanks for highlighting these, I've raised two bug reports for you:

      1. UPM-3438
      2. CONF-28419
  15. I have an issue trying to edit my Confluence page from my iPad. The issue is one can still navigate to a Confluence page, click the edit link, and get to the editing view.  However, no matter what one clicks in that view, nothing can be edited and no keyboard ever comes up.  If one switches to the mark-up view and clicks in the body of the text, a blinking cursor appears at the selected point, but no keyboard comes up. I am on Confluence 4.3.6

    1. Hallo Miles

      Are you using Safari (the default browser) on your iPad? Confluence does not support editing in Mobile Safari on iOS devices (such as iPhone and iPad). Please refer to CONF-19523 for information on the progress of this issue.

      I hope this answers the question.

      Cheers, Sarah

  16. For supporting Mac OS X, Please VOTE this,

    CONF-26319 - Support Mac OSX Server Resolved

  17. Anonymous

    HSQLDB is a multi platform RBDMS database engine. It is considered very safe with NO data loss when

    used in file/server mode. Check out the webpage for full details.

    It is comparable to MySQL, PostgreSQL, Derby, DB2, H2, MS SQL etc....


  18. Hi,

    Is there any way to view Confluence on a mobile device yet? Our users simply need the ability to view this through an iPad, there is no editing needed or anything along those lines.

    1. Hi Rob,

      Which version are you using? If you are using Confluence 4.3 onwards, you will be able to view pages on iPhone or iPad.



  19. PM

    Are SQL express versions supported, or unsupported like JIRA?

  20. Hi, just for the info, it runs fine with PostgreSQL 9.2 (version that is not on the list above).

    1. Thanks for the feedback! Whilst Confluence may run fine on PostgreSQL 9.2, it's not a tested or supported platform at this stage, so you are running at your own risk when using this version until we support it.

  21. Can you please clarify the meaning of "Latest version supported" when it comes to browser support?

    Is it the latest stable when the software version was released, or the latest stable any time?

    If the second: I am curious to know how you can support browsers that are not yet released when you develop the software (smile)

    Thanks in advance for your clarification,


  22. Anonymous


    We're using Confluence internally and one of my coworkers cannot use the Edit in Office feature while I can. Our equipment is similar except he's using IE 10 while I'm on 8. Are there any ways to verify IE10 is the culprit  and if yes, is there a solution? 

    1. Hi, 

      Can you please contact support and we will help you out.

  23. why i can't switch to mobile view when opening confluence pages with my blackberry Z10?

    1. Hi neil sun, we don't currently support any Blackberry devices in Confluence Mobile sorry.

      1. Hello John, what about windows 8 mobile browser support? Regards Alex

      2. Anonymous

  24. Hello,

    We want to display the confluence information on the Tablet Windows 8, IE 10.

    I see on this page that the "Web browser-mobile" windows is not (yet) supported.

    Does anywone know if and when it becomes available?



  25. Anonymous


    Supported mysql 5.5.31? (with mysql-connector-java-5.1.26)

  26. Anonymous

    iOS7 iPod touch is not recognized as a supported mobile device.
    Please include this as supported.
    Mozilla/5.0 (iPod touch; CPU iPhone OS 7_0 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/537.51.1 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/7.0 Mobile/11A465 Safari/9537.53
    Note: "iPod touch;" instead of "iPod;" in previous versions.

    1. Thanks I've raised a ticket for this:  CONF-31454 - iPod Touch doesn't show Confluence Mobile view by default with iOS7 Open

  27. is sql server 2005 supported for confluence 5 installation?

    1. SQL Server 2005 is no longer supported as of Confluence 5.3.  You can still run Confluence 5.2 or earlier on SQL Server 2005.

  28. Any plans to officially support MariaDB?

    1. We don't have immediate plans to add support Ryan, but we are assessing the demand for it. You might like to vote/comment on this ticket:  CONF-29060 - Support for MariaDB Open

  29. Anonymous

    Hi There,

    Could you please let me know if the following browser/OS combination is supported for Jira? 


    Linux Mint 15 "olivia"
    Edition: Cinnamon 64-bit



    1. Hi Cihat,

      Both those choices are supported, provided Chrome is kept up to date.

      One caveat, from Jira's Supported Platforms guide, is:

      Although the JIRA Linux Installer is designed to install successfully on all 'flavours' of Linux, we only test the JIRA Linux Installer on CentOS Linux. If you encounter problems with the JIRA Linux Installer on your particular flavour of Linux, we recommend installing JIRA on Linux from an archive file.


    2. Yes, They are supported.

  30. Hi,

    when will Internet Explorer 11 be supported? I have a Problem with the text editor for comments. I always run into a timeout when the editor should be loaded.

    There is also a Problem with the editor for pages. I can't use any punctuation marks at the end of the text. If I use them in the middle of a text it's no problem.

    Thanks, Markus 

    1. Hi Markus, 

      We are aiming to announce support for IE11 soon.  You can follow the progress on this ticket  CONF-31202 - Support Internet Explorer 11 (ie11) Resolved

  31. Anonymous


    Reading the Server Operating system compatibility grid above does not provide useful information:

    Operating systems for Confluence server installation


    Microsoft Windows (including 64-bit)(1)

    (tick) (Microsoft Supported Versions only)

    Application/Webserver Server (Windows) OS :   ?????        The link provides NO useful information on the topic

    Database (SQL) Windows OS: is answered adequately, why is the same format not used above ?



    Microsoft SQL Server

    (tick) 2008, 2008 R2, 2012

    1. Hi, sorry the link above was not clear - I think the Microsoft website may have changed.  I have updated the link.  

      We support running Confluence on any version of Windows / Windows Server that is currently supported by Microsoft.  If you have difficulty determining from the Microsoft website whether your OS is supported, you can also contact Atlassian Support to check. 

      The reason we don't have a simple list like for SQL is the sheer number of versions. This table on the microsoft website is a good example. 

  32. Office Connector (WebDAV Launcher) is not working with current official release 29.0 of Firefox. We are now running into a problem:

    • Internet Explorer is not secure right now. therefore disabled in our company
    • Chrome does not work with Office Connector
    • Firefox does not work with Office Connector

    Any statements & suggestions when the issue will be fixed as the beta of Firefox is around for several month?

  33. Hi - Same issue here with WebDAV Launcher and FF 29 - official release.  Please advise if there is any active development work to resolve this issue.



    1. Please watch the related bug report,  CONF-33469 - Office Connector not working in Firefox 29 and Firefox 30 Resolved , for updates on active development and fixing the bug.

  34. Hi,

    Can someone please tell me why I can't see the 'Shoe or Hide Sidebar' icon on a HTC android phone operating the latest version of Safari and Firefox? Thankyou.

    1. Hi Debbie,  is the space you are viewing using the Documentation theme?  If so there is an issue here about the sidebar not appearing on mobile devices in the doc theme  CONF-26916 - Documentation Theme doesn't display page tree sidebar for mobile browsers Closed

      If the space is using the default theme (you see Space Tools at the bottom of the sidebar), then there might be a bug. You can raise an issue here

  35. By Linux/Solaris is supported is that all version of Linux, specifically Debian 7?

  36. Hi Rachel Robins [Atlassian Tech Writer].

    I have noticed that we specifically support MySQL 5.6.16. Are we supporting newer minor versions of MySQL (e.g. 5.6.17)? Should we specify MySQL 5.6.16+ instead or is there any reasons why we list only 5.6.16?

    1. Hi Alex, MySQL 5.6 had a bug with utf8_bin support that was fixed in 5.6.16.  I'll update the above to indicate we support 5.6.16+.

  37. what's about Java 1.8 ? (esp. 1.8.0_05-b13)

    maybe my installation failed due to this version!?


    1. Hi Michael, Java 1.8 is not yet supported.  You'll need to use Java 1.7. 

      1. Any link to the bug / feature request regarding JDK 1.8 compatibility? Crowd is already supporting it, JIRA also, only Confluence doesn't and this is a real problem, especially when hosting all of them on the same OS.

        1. Hi Sorin,

          Here is the improvement request regarding to this issue:

          CONF-33772 - JDK 1.8 support for confluence Resolved

  38. what about tomcat 8 and/or mariadb?

    1. Hi Dominik, I don't have any info on when / if these will be supported. However keep an eye on the release notes for major versions of Confluence, as this is where we announce the new platforms that support have been added for (You can watch this page also). 

    2. Adding to what Rachel said, you can watch and vote for CONF-29060 - Support for MariaDB Open for MariaDB support, and CONF-34349 - Support Tomcat 8 Resolved for Tomcat 8 support.

  39. Hi team,

    I' getting  this error when upgrading from 3.5 to 3.0.5.

    any assistance please.


    com.install4j.api.beans.UndefinedVariableException: installer:installationID

    1. Hi Richard,

      The upgrade past for 3.5 is: 3.5 > 5.0.3 > Latest. For more information, please see Upgrading Confluence.

      It's hard to tell exactly what problem you're encountering from that exception. I'd recommend raising a ticket with Atlassian Support and we'll help you get upgraded (smile)


  40. PostgreSQL

    (tick) => (error) 8.4, 9.0, 9.1

    MySQL(tick) => (error) 5.1



    I think that has to be updated. support is being killed with confluence 5.6 (see Confluence 5.6 Upgrade Notes)


    and Apache Tomcat should be noted that it is no longer supported to be self-installed to match the "no WAR/EAR Support" anymore warning!

    1. Hi Marcel,  Postgres 8.4 - 9.1 and MySQL 5.1 are still supported in Confluence 5.6 (the current version).  In the upgrade notes for 5.6 we included some advance warning that we would be removing support for these database version in the next release (5.7).  The same is true for the EAR/WAR edition. 

      Sorry if it caused confusion. 

      1. yes, it somehow confuses

        • warning is in 5.6 but not (too) in 5.7 release notes
        • this page isn't updated

        Tip: if it doesn't have any effect to 5.6 to run on an "old platform" you intend to kick out in the future release, I think it's little to no important for most users that you will straighten your requirements, just have a single point of truth (this page) for each version and if you changed something, inform in the releasenotes too.


        1. 5.7 hasn't been released yet.  We'll update this page as soon as it is available (smile)

          1. Sorry, but you missed the point.

            • you have two pages for the same / current release, this one in DOC and a "copy" in CONF56
              If THIS is your page for 5.6, then why do you have a second page for it and why are on this page different informations than on the page (e.g. Note number 10 missing on the copy)
            • None of the 5.7 notes tell me (as far as I've seen them) that there are changes, neither does this page note out any upcoming changes / plans.
            • Only a 5.6 Upgrade note has this information where it is absolutely misplaced from my view!

            That's really bad communication, sorry to say that! c'mon, you're the guys for "information business" and "documentation platform" ... go ahead and make it better than your customers!

  41. Hi Everyone,

    I am currently using Confluence 5.4.3 and I am about to upgrade it to 5.6, but the compatible version of tomcat for Confluence 5.6 shows as Version 7.0 in the supported platform document for Confluence 5.6. Would it be a problem because my current version of Confluence is deployed on Apache Tomcat version 6.0.35? Kindly advise.


    Not only Java 1.8.0_25 but also 1.8.0_31 has the bug. 1.8.0_40 is planned to solve the issue.

    1. Yes, that's correct. I have updated the page now. 

      1. just for interest: why is the new Confluence commenting system not activated on this doc platform? Then we would be able:

        • to mark text blocks better
        • close "discussions" as like this
  43. so JIRA has a wide variety of database versions supported. e.g. PostgresSQL 8.4 to 9.3 (what is good, because Debian stable still uses 9.1 (wheezy)). So why Confluence demands more?

    Same for MS SQL: Confluence 2008-2014 and JIRA 2005-2012

    For MySQL you exclude (5.6,5.6.16] , why not on JIRA?


    can you PLEASE have a look at it / talk to your different product manager, then update the both pages because THIS is a pain to find ONE matching System and evenit is impossible to make a quick product upgrade while there are both "cutting edge". I'm NOT willing to set up a different database server and instance for each product. Thank you!


    P.S: it would be nice to have a unified format for this too! because you might use a page {pageproperty} and provide an all-products {pagepropertyReport} ?! (wink)

  44. Maybe it would be a good idea to include some information regarding where to take the database from. Here at Citrix we are gladly using PostgreSQL for years and using the official PostgreSQL repositories from – we do use Debian or Ubuntu but with the official postgresql distro, as it is updated faster, and clearly not bleading edge (using 9.3).

    I would advise any Atlassian customer to use PostgreSQL instead of the other two options, that's because is the default databased used internally by Atlassian, so it has the best Q&A did on it. And also is free, and clearly not slower than the others.

    Also if you are not yet accustomized with PostgreSQL, you may benefit from using pgtune.

    BTW, I see this is running 5.7 but the inline comments are disabled! why?

    1. Just wondering what the other two db options are, as I count three (wink) I guess the choice of a database server is always derived from what a company is already using and where backup solutions, etc. are already in place. On our site we are happy with MySQL 5.6.21.

    2. Hi Sorin, yes inline comments and file comments are disabled on We in the tech writing team had a tough decision to make, but in the end we decided to stick with just page comments for now, as newer visitors to our documentation might find seeing existing inline comments very confusing (with orange highlights all over the place).

      1. sounds like an admission that

        • the workflow for solving comments is not good
        • the new comment system is technically and visually not prepared for big teams

        Sorry to be rough, but without eating your own dogfood, how do you think you understand the problems your customers have with many (non-wiki-affilated) users?!

        And sorry, no I really doesn't understand that because lettin the old comment system open, you admit that users understand this as a "discussion platform" what it isn't because you have

        Perhaps have a talk to your collueges again (wink)

        1. It depends on how to define a "BIG TEAM". On a public documentation site, like this one, I agree with Rachel that having inline comments activated makes no sense & hinders the readability of a page.

          On a narrower scope, teams, who know how to use Confluence will receive a great benefit using inline comments.

          As this is the first release providing this new feature some evolution can be expected. A space-based configuration using the permissions would be nice, eg. "Create inline comments" "Delete inline comments". Only users with "Create" permission should see the inline comments. A page based restriction would be nice but makes administration more complex.

          We are just in the process of rolling out confluence to our users, combined with training on different levels & decided to make an instant jump to 5.7 because of this feature: The users really love it!

      2. that's interesting ... 

        Like Marcel pointed out, your team seem to find out that there are pros and cons of using inline comments, depending on the purpose of a page or space.

        I do imagine that inline comments are great for a (limited sized) team to discuss a document while it is under construction. (drafts), so anyone reviewing it can place his/her 2 cents right at the places where they belong to. (like in MsWord).

        In contrast, when the document is finalized and provided to wide audience, inline comments absolutely do not make any sense; the old way of commenting is still the better way to keep the readability of the page and avoid confusion.

        This raises the question, how can the space administrator or even page owner control the behavior of the comments style?

        I believe it should be both, a page- and space-scope definition (configuration or setting) which of the two comment methods should be applied.

        There should be also an easy way to delete all inline comments by one mouse click, e.g. when finalizing a drafted document.  Or, instead of deleting them, just make them invisible to e.g. people which have no edit access to the page, or to anyone but the author.


        Is there any such feature in 5.7?  If they don't exist, please treat this as an enhancement request.

        1. Let me emphasize my view on this: inline comments are not only good, are brilliant and will help improving the documentation very well. 

          As part of my Phd, I've been studying online communities of practice and how does a community creates, develop and maintain a shared knowledge base. Any barrier that would be added to a system must be very well weighted in order to do deter contributors, those 1% that are more valuable than gold. The StackExchange model is probable the best one and I am glad that Atlassian replicated the model with Answers. Still, Answers is part of confluence and there is no reason for documentation not to be something fluid that is adapted (fast!) based on the feedback from the users. A really success example here is the PHP(yuch!) documentation site, which beats all other languages documentations, just because each page contains a lot of useful additional content that was added by the community. It seems that Atlassian does still prevents us from commenting on this confluence site, one example is the developer documentation pages.

          The Doc team should not be afraid about letting community annotate the connect and allowing footer comments, inline comments and maybe even page edit for some power contributors. The team has only to adapt its working style and become more like a moderator, one that would address reported issues, and remove the comments immediately, ... this is more like a curating job.

          Regarding access, think about giving permissions to additional features based on experience, similarly with Answers. The more someone already invested in, the less likely is for this person to abuse the system.

          As implementing a point based system inside confluence would clearly take ages, you could for start create a power-users group and add people to it based on request. Trial this model, and see how it works! Minimal investment, minimal risk.

          If inline comments look weird for occasional users, why not making them less visible. Most people are already used to the Google Docs inline comments, and seeing them here would only promote the product.

          BTW, I do really hate the captcha!

          1. Hi there,

            Wow, great discussion here! We've just put together a blogpost on this topic. It wraps up best practices for using inline comments or choosing (threaded) page comments in Confluence 5.7:

            Confluence 5.7: Inline Comments vs. Page Comments


            Consultant for Wiki-based documentation, K15t Software 

  45. For those wondering why MySQL 5.6.16 specifically is the only 5.6.x version supported, see

    cc Rachel Robins [Atlassian Tech Writer]- should we put this link on the page?

    1. Hi Kenny,

      as I read the table: MySQL 5.6.16 AND LATER is supported. I made a retest of bug #69005 with 5.6.21. It seems to be fixed there...


  46. Just a little unsolicited advice.  Many of us work in shops where we don't have a lot of flexibility in modifying our base OS install.  For example, RHEL/Cent 6.6 ships Postgres 8.4.  Due to a variety of restrictions (that i don't necessarily agree with but have to comply with), we can't just grab the latest rpms from the vendor.

    It'd be nice for Atlassian to support the (albiet old) database versions that the Supported OSs ship as stock.  Support means sometimes doing what's best for the client, not what's easiest for the vendor.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, John.

      PostgreSQL is great about maintaining backwards compatibility with their JDBC drivers, and Confluence doesn't really use many database-specific features, so using old versions of Postgres with Confluence (as far back as supported by our JDBC drivers anyway – usually 8.x, I think) is usually fine.

      While it would be nice to support a wider variety of platforms, we do extensive testing on all the databases and browsers listed in our supported platforms, so we unfortunately have to limit the number we officially support. This lets us focus on improving the product in many of the ways our customers request, rather than spending a whole heap more time on testing and automated builds.

      The practical upshot of using an unsupported database is that if you have problems and need to raise a support request, if there's any chance it is caused by the database, we'll ask you to run with a supported version before investigating the problem further. If you're not worried about this, feel free to use Postgres 8.4. It was supported with Confluence until quite recently, and will almost certainly still work without issue.