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The Tasklist macro adds a list of tasks to the wiki page. Users viewing the page can modify the tasks without having to edit the page, provided they have the required permissions to modify the page.

You may also be interested in the lightweight task list that you can add directly onto your page, via the editor insert menu. This method also allows you to notify users that tasks have been assigned to them. See Managing Tasks in Confluence.

Using the Tasklist macro

To add the Tasklist macro to a page:

  1. In the Confluence editor, choose Insert > Other Macros.
  2. Find and select the required macro.

Speeding up macro entry with autocomplete: Type { and the beginning of the macro name, to see a list of suggested macros. Details are in Using Autocomplete.

To edit an existing macro: Click the macro placeholder and choose Edit. A macro dialog window will open, where you can edit the parameters of the macro.


Parameters are options that you can set to control the content or format of the macro output. Where the parameter name used in Confluence storage format or wikimarkup is different to the label used in the macro browser, it will be listed below in brackets (example).





'Task List'

The name of the task list. This is displayed as the title above the list of tasks.

Width of List


The width of the task list.

Enable Locking


When selected (true), you can lock individual tasks so that they cannot be changed. See instructions below on editing the task list.

Prompt on Delete


When selected (true), the user must confirm the deletion of a task in the list.

Editing the task list while viewing a page

While viewing a page, you can change the tasks in a task list as follows:



Adding a task

Type the task description in the box under the list title, and click Add.

Completing/uncompleting a task

Click the check box next to a task to mark the task as complete. The task name will become a lighter color and the progress bar will be updated. Clear the check box to mark the task as uncompleted. You can also click Uncheck all to mark all tasks as uncompleted.

Editing a task

Move your cursor over the task and click the edit icon (pencil) that appears to the right of the task. The task name will become editable and the edit icon will be replaced with a save icon. Make your change and press the 'Enter' key to save or click the save icon.

Deleting a task

Move your cursor over the task and click the delete icon (trash can) that appears to the right of the task.

Viewing details of a task

Click the arrow icon to the left of the task name. The task details will open in an expanded view.

Locking a task

Provided that the Enable Locking parameter has been selected, you can click the lock icon to prevent the task from being edited, deleted, or otherwise changed.

Changing the priority

When the task details are visible, click the appropriate option — High, Medium or Low.

Assigning the task

When the task details are visible, change the assignee of the task by typing in or searching for a username.

Screenshot: Task list showing task details

Sorting the tasks

There are two ways to sort the tasks in the list:

  • Using the Sort by list.
  • Using drag and drop.

Select one of the sort options from the 'Sort by' list:





This is the default option.


Sort the list in order of the priority you have allocated to each task.

Date Created

Sort the list in order of the dates upon which the tasks were created.


Move all completed tasks to the bottom or top of the list.


Sort the list in order of the task names.


Sort the list in order of the usernames assigned to the tasks.

Once you have selected a sort option, use the icon beside the Sort by box to reverse the sort order.

Dragging and dropping a task into a new position:

Drag a task up or down the list using the 'drag me' handle to the right of the task name. Make sure the task is positioned to the left of the existing tasks. A space will open and you will be able to drop the task into its new position.

Viewing the progress on tasks completed

The bar at the top of the task list displays two different colours, indicating the percentage of tasks completed.

Screenshot: Progress Bar on Task List

  • It is not possible to add a due date to the task list. If you interested in this improvement request, you can comment on or vote for this issue: CONF-7371 - Dynamic Tasklist macro - add due date for tasks Resolved
  • The Tasklist macro does not notify users that a task has been assigned to them. But you can do that using the lightweight task list accessible from the editor tool bar. See Managing Tasks in Confluence.


Code examples

The following examples are provided for advanced users who want to inspect or edit the underlying markup for a Confluence page. 

Macro name: tasklist

Macro body: Accepts wiki markup, for defining the tasks.

Storage format example

Note: The CDATA content inside the macro body defines the tasks in the list. This content is coded in wiki markup, as a table.The first row in the table defines the column headings for the task list. Each subsequent row defines a task.

Wiki markup example

Note: The content inside the macro body (between the {tasklist} tags) defines the tasks in the list. This content is coded in wiki markup, as a table.The first row in the table defines the column headings for the task list. Each subsequent row defines a task.

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  1. Anonymous

    I noticed that tasklist macro is conflicting with toc (table of content) macro when placed on the same page

    1. Hi,

      As far as I am concerned, this is a known issue for Confluence. Please refer to the bug report below and the fix version of Confluence TOC plugin mention in the report:

      Hope that helps.


      1. Anonymous

        This bug is quite annoying. Brownsing through all the existing issues in JIRA and in Studio about this, I finally got to, which seems to be resolved and the fix will be released as part of 2.5.12

        Question: when will the version 2.5.12 of the TOC plugin be available for download?

      2. This bug is quite annoying. Brownsing through all the existing issues in JIRA and in Studio about this, I finally got to, which seems to be resolved and the fix will be released as part of 2.5.12

        Question: when will the version 2.5.12 of the TOC plugin be available for download?

    2. The workaround I had was to make use of the "exclude" parameter of toc macro. In my page, I did:


      My Task Lists had a default title of "Task List". Using exclude parameter this way, my TOC looks better.

  2. Anonymous

    Is there a way to see a list of tasks assigned to a given person using a different Macro?  Or is this just contained within the task list?

    1. There is an existing feature request in regards to this issue at Remember to cast your vote, 'watch' the issue and add your comments to truly reflect your requirements. Hope that helps!

      1. You can use Tasklist Suppliers Plugin with Reporting Plugin to get a table report of assigned task`s per user. You can create reports of open and/or completed task`s per user`s or group`s.

  3. Anonymous

    Any chance of a recurring tasklist? My work consists of a bunch of clients with more or less identical weekly task lists and it seems like this would be a great scheduling solution for us if it didn't require babysitting to duplicate the tasks week-to-week.

    1. You may want to use template feature, so that when ever you create a page you can just choose the template and Confluence will put it in the page.


  4. I have a few questions.

    1. Is there a way to display the date and time (not just date) of when the task was closed?
    2. Can you display the closed date if the open date is blank?
    3. Can you display who closed the task, because it may be different than assignee?



    1. Hi Rene,

      As far as I know, the tasklist macro does not have the feature you requested. Alternatively, you might want to try the
      Enhance tasklist plugin. Where this plugin might fullfill some of your requirements.

      Hope that helps.

      Best rgds,

      1. Enhanced Tasklist link is outdated and I could not find that plugin.

  5. Anonymous

    When I check a task and "lock" it.  it does not allow me to uncheck that specific task, but the uncheck all button at the bottom will remove it.  I would think that a task that is locked shouldn't be editable (or uncheckable) even by using the that button.

    1. Hi,

      Sorry that you have to experience such problem. However, I have created a bug report on your behalf:

      Please add your comments to the discussion and add yourself as a watcher for future updates. Also, please bear in mind the following document on how we schedule features for inclusion in our products: How we approach fixing bugs.

      Hope that helps,
      Best rgds,

  6. Anonymous


    When I assign a task to an assignee, it is his "User Name" that is displayed and not his "Full Name".

    Is there, by any chance, a way to avoid that ?



    1. Hi,

      When I assign a task to an assignee, it is his "User Name" that is displayed and not his "Full Name". Is there, by any chance, a way to avoid that ?

      As far as I know, the "User Name" is used in the assignee text filed. I am afraid that the feature requested is not available yet, you might want to raise an improvement request on this in JIRA:

      Hope that helps.
      Best rgds,

  7. Anonymous

    In 2.10.3 we were able to drag tasks between tasklists so you could have a inprogress task list, done list ect. After upgrading to 3.0 that feature looks to be gone. Any way to re-enable it?

    1. Hi there,

      According to my tests, this feature seems to be still available in Confluence 3.0. I used the Confluence Default Theme with Dynamic Task List 2 Plugin version 3.1.1.


      1. Anonymous

        This feature works as long as 1 task has been added to the tasklist first.  If the tasklist is empty, drag and drop does not work.  

  8. Anonymous

    I am really disappointed with this new tasklist macro. Why could you not have just created it as a totally new and different macro? We have now lost all the functionality that the old macro provided us for review of our wikis.

    I want it back! Can't you ressurect the old

    Error rendering macro 'tasklist' : Task lists can not be used in comments.
    macro and call it something else?

    1. Hi there,

      I truly understand your current situation. Perhaps, you would like to add your comments in these feature requests which address the same requirements as yours:

      Also, remember to watch the issues and vote on them. Hope that helps!


  9. Anonymous

    Whenever I attempt to change the name of an existing tasklist via the Wiki Markup editor that tasklist is displayed as empty, even though there are still tasks in the list when viewed via the Wiki Markup editor. The only way I have found to bring the tasks back into the list is to remove all of the tasklist markup which loses all of the task metadata and requires a lot of effort. Is this a bug that is being addressed? Is there a better workaround in the meantime?


    1. Thats true but no problem. If someone edits the title of a tasklist and switches afterwards between RichText, WikiMarkup or Preview it might happen that the tasks disappear and an empty list will be displayed. If this happens just save the page and you will see that the tasklist will be displayed with full content.


  10. A question.  Is there a way to add a notes field to each task in the task list?

    1. Hi James,
      The Tasklist macro is not able to do that. Please feel free to make a feature request at You may cast your vote, share your thoughts over there so that our developers are aware of your needs, and add yourself as a watcher for future updates. Please also take note on how we implement new features and improvements.


      1. there are already feature request to add comment field but that got not enough votes so far.

        As a workaround I use tasklist just for the name of task that point via a link to a page where I add all data, reports, schedule etc.

        on that page I crate a new tasklist for subtasks with links to their data page and so on.

        This is not the best possible way but a tasklist macro which would meet the common requirement of managing task is not available jet.

        The only problem with this workaround is that currently links in tasks break if pages are renamed. I created an issue in Jira to get this solved.

  11. Is it possible to to make changes to the tasklist a "Minor change"? (Like with normal pages)
    Our Recently-changed macro is getting spammed when people make small changed to the tasklist.

    Never mind - Even with the minor edit box checked a page shows in the recently-updated list...
    I guess it's used to hide changes from the rss-feed?

    1. Hi Jonny,
      For your information, the 'Minor change' check-box for normal page is meant to hide the changes from being populated in the 'Recently Updated' list in Dashboard, but rss-feed.

      You brought up a good point here, if you would like to, please feel free to make a feature request at to implement a 'Minor Change' check-box, which would hide the changes from Recently-changed macro.


      1. submitted.

        Question: I would like this feature for pages aswell, where would be the correct place to place a suggestion?

        1. Hi Jonny,
          If it is for normal Confluence page, is the right place to raise your improvement request.


  12. Hello,

    I am using Confluence V. 3.0.2.  Is it possible to get the tasklist to show the assignee next to the name of each task, so that you don't need to drop it out to see the assignee?  Have seen this in screenshots of the old version of the tasklist, but am unable to find out how to get the tasklist to show it.  Any help would be appreciated. This is the issue I am using for reference TASK-140

  13. Anonymous

    I'm curious whether there is a way to set the default view to "expanded" so that assignee / start date / etc. is always visible. Otherwise is there any way to add an "expand all" option?

    1. Hi

      As far as I know the feature request is not available yet. Feel free to raise an improvement request in JIRA:

      Hope that helps.
      Best rgds,

  14. I've created two task lists in the same page, both show the correct title in both the wiki markup and the rich text editor, but the preview and the saved page show only "Task List" in the title bar.

  15. Anonymous

    I have the same problem as Melissa. Title is always "Task List", regardless of what I type in as the title. In fact, this is the wiki markup:

    Error rendering macro 'tasklist' : Task lists can not be used in comments.
    But the title displays as "Task List"

    Also, is there a way to notify users about their tasks, i.e. when a task is assigned to a person, that person should be notified, is that possible? If not, are there any third party plugins with such option?


    Jack G.

    1. Hi,

      If you include the title= in your macro, please remove it, make it like the example below:

      Apparently the parameter title= is not needed in the macro.

      For your information, this has been fixed in the plugin version 3.3, but it's not released yet. You may check this bug report for more information.


  16. Anonymous

    I've created some task lists and opened up restrictions to the whole company.  Unfortunately, nobody is able to add to this task list, when they click in the white box and type text, all is OK, then they click add and nothing happens.

    anyone know what is going on?

    1. Hi,

      May I know which Confluence version that you are using currently? Does it happen when you used a different web browser?

      I am suspecting that this could be caused by a third-party plugin. So, could you please enable Plugin Support Mode in order to temporarily disable all unsupported plugins. Then, try to reproduce your problem again and see if your task lists is working fine or not.

      If you are still experiencing the same thing, I would advise you to raise a support ticket in:

      This is because a further investigation could be done by looking deeper into your case.


  17. Is it possible to integrate a (hyper)link in a task? For example, adding a task called "First project task"? I tried adding a hyperlink to an existing task name in the Wiki Markup, but it did not work.

    Many thanks,


    1. FYI: I seem to have found a (partial) workaround. Just paste the URL in plain text, it works.

      1. Links pasted into a tasklist macro are not been updated automatically if page name changed.

        So if you use links inside a task you always have to watch out to not loose connection.

        1. Many thanks for the heads up. I will be careful w/ renaming then.

          1. see this Issue in Jira


            1. Would you mind checking the link - it does not seem to lead to JIRA. Thanks.

              1. my issue seems to be added, deleted or correspond with this link:  Dynamic Tasklist links does not get updated

                1. The link works now thanks. Voted and added to watchlist.

  18. Hello,

    I am running Confluence 3.2.1 and I update the plugin to the latest version  When I enter an task and hit the add button, it just remains gray and nothing happens.

    1. with 3.3 it works fine, you might want to update your system.

  19. Anonymous

    I noticed that using the "Sort By" adds the following to the wiki markup

    Error rendering macro 'tasklist' : Task lists can not be used in comments.
    .  Is there any way to access the other variables in macro?   Currently, I would like all the tasks to be expanded by default, and the current implementation is somewhat useless without this (I can sort by assignee, but there is no way to see the assignee without manually expanding them all - I currently have ~30 tasks).

    1. Anonymous

      clarification:    tasklist:My Name | sortBy:Assignee

      1. Why not creating an account to get some kind of a face that I know a little to whom I am replying but the following might hepl you.

        I use the tasklist macro just to create and complete a task.

        I than create two pages in addition. One is used to show up all open task per user or group and the other page does show all completed tasks per user. See this comment reporting plug in. That is the plugin I use to get this missing features applied. You are able to set up the reporting plugin in that manner that it reports tasks from one user, groups on a single space or all spaces. It also reports a link in the table that lets you call up the page where the corresponding tasklist is included.

        This is just a workaround because Confluence is no project-management system, it is still a Wiki. 

  20. I am running Confluence 2.10 with Dynamic Tasklist 2

    Installed Version: 3.1.1 - Stable
    License: BSD
    Plugin Flags: System Plugin, Bundled Plugin, Uninstallable, Deletable, Dynamically Loaded, Enabled by Default
    Plugin Macros: {dynamictasklist}, {tasklist}

    However, in the wiki notation guide, I only see {dynamictasklist:thingsToDo} and NO {tasklist} macro.
    But when I add {tasklist} in a page, a task list would show up. Why?

    In addition, if I upgrade to Confluence 3.x with and upgrade Dynamic Tasklist 2, will {dynamictasklist} still available? My concern is telling our users to replace all their pages with dynamictasklist with tasklist.

    FYI. Broken link to Dynamic Tasklist 2 plugin

    1. You question is your answer – that what you mentioned is that what you need to do.

      But you have a little luck that you get the pages by searching for "dynamictasklist" and you might want to edit them manually to keep your data.

      Take care of the fact that this plugins are not quite the same - they have different functionality and quite a lot guys have not been happy with tasklist.

      Dont miss to check related  issues to define a transfer process before execution since changing from 2.1 to 3.4 is quite a bit more than just one plugin to change.


    2. I did a short test today Oct. 22, 2010:

      1. Notationguide still talks about dynamictasklist, but if you type dynamictasklist inside the macro browser in 3.3 ist locates the tasklist macro and does it save as tasklist and not as dynamictasklist.

      2. I did inserted in one page two lists for tasks one using the macro "tasklist" and one i wrote manually "dynamictasklist". Both macros created a tasklist with same style and did appear correct in 3.3. So I would assume that you don’t need to reedit all pages due to the fact that the usage of "dynamictasklist" as the macro name is depreciated, but still works the same as the shortened "tasklist".

      3. I could not check the body of the macro, because I dont have an old system running so I dont know what is inside the body of the version you use. But I assume also that it is the same the new tasklist row of a table looks something like this: |F|M|F|1287727804755| |user|task|

      4. What I cant check is special settings used by dynamictasklist which might be no more available etc. My experience is that they would be just omitted by the new version if not needed.

      It seems to be that you might not need to do anything with your old tasklists after upgrading to 3.4 but you have to do a test on your own to be save.


  21. Anonymous

    I'm trying to use this with predefined tasks already in the page as:

    The list shows up fine. However, when i check a task, it remains checked for a few seconds and then unchecks itself.  the progress bar does not update during this time

    if i start a task as Completed in the page, then it shows up checked but cannot be unchecked.

    very odd behavior - any ideas?

    1. Anonymous

      cut and paste error. my page doesn't have the dupe header rows and macro

      1. Anonymous

        What browser are you using? I just realized that you can't have two tasklists on the same page anymore when using IE (I don't know if it's been a problem the entire time, though. If you're having the same problem, it may be an unrelated issue, but still an IE issue.

  22. Anonymous

    What browser are you using? I just realized that you can't have two tasklists on the same page with IE, you have to use another browser like Firefox. I was seeing the same issue as a result, so the two may be related.

  23. You cannot have two or more task lists on the same page? And if you do, there are problems in IE? We are experiencing problems that might be explained by this. We have several task lists on the same page, but it is only in the first list on the page that we are able to do anything with the tasks (drag, edit or delete). The rest of the task lists on the page are "read only". We also have the behaviour described above by Anonymous. But only in IE! Not in Chrome or FireFox. Can someone at Atlassian please confirm that this is a known limitation in when using IE!!!



    1. Anonymous

      Hello Lars,

      I was able to add two task lists on the same page by doing the following. Note, you have to edit the task lists in Wiki markup otherwise you get strange problems with items from your task lists getting mixed together.

      || Completed || Priority || Locked || CreatedDate || CompletedDate || Assignee || Name ||
      | F | M | F | 1258476977631 | | User | Task|
      || Completed || Priority || Locked || CreatedDate || CompletedDate || Assignee || Name ||
      | F | M | F | 1258476977631 | | User | Task |
      1. I was also having issues with the tasklist macro as @anonymous reported above and wondered if this may be a clue to what happened. In the example @naonymous posted on November 1, there was not a 'unique ID/task numbers' (I don't know what the official term for them might be) associated with each task, as @anonymous DID have in the above example. These numbers can only be seen in wiki markup by the way. I had also experienced some unusual behavior, and found it occurred when these ID values were not present. 

        I could consistently reproduce the creation of tasklsts without these ID numbers when using the Macro Browser.  However, if done the 'traditional way' (e.g. entering the word 'tasklist' in curly brackets), and then creating each task on the Rich Text page, the IDs are automatically and consistently created.  Possibly a bug in the Macro Browser creation of tasklists?

        Those IDs apparently have something to do with the tasklist macro behaving correctly, so I'd be curious to know if the above behavior can be replicated by others.  Thanks.

        1. Anonymous

          I am having the same problems with the tasklist as Tom and Lars. I have 3 lists on one page and I would like to drag tasks between them. Oddly, the dragging works sometimes, but not other times. I have scoured the code and can't find anything different. Additionally, when I try to drag from the second to the third list, the task automatically pops up to the first list. Any suggestions? Thanks.


  24. Anonymous

    I can't get drag and drop to work.  My tasklist has content, and I can drag the existing line, but I can't drop it - a new line doesn't open up, and the dragged line simply returns to the original location when I release the mouse.

    I did drag the mouse to the left slightly to ensure that the line was "to the left" of the other tasks as indicated in the instructions.

    Using Firefox 3.6.17 on a MAC.

    Julia Bell

  25. Anonymous

    to support team: 

    could u please add the collapse all tasks functionality? this could be a simple toggled icon down the 'add task' input field. clicking this icon will allow to expand/collapse all tasks

    Thanks, Liliya

  26. Anonymous

    I would like to know how a user sees the fact that a task has been assigned to him. If you have multiple tasklists on multiple pages, I think it is hard to keep track of all tasks assigned to you. I would like a way to have all tasks assigned to you displayed in a quick and easy way (for instance a macro on the frontpage displaying all tasks assigned to you).

    1. Anonymous

      I would love an answer to this inquiry as well!

  27. Anonymous

    With Confluence 4.0, it now appears that I can no longer edit the text in the "Assign To" field by expanding the task and editing the field. Instead, I have to go into page edit mode. Is there anyway around this? It's now horribly slow to change tasks.

    1. I am having the same exact same issue. Have you found any workarounds or solutions? 

      1. Hello Zhenya, I have answered to your query in the support ticket. That is actually a bug that has been documented in this bug ticket. Please bear in mind that the quickest way to get support in know issues is to contact us directly through



  28. Anonymous

    Hello from Russia!

    Bears used our products too(smile)

    In previous version of Confluence i can editing tasklist in page-edit-mode, but in present version i can't do it (looking at screenshot).

    Also, if i open page, that created in old version, i can see that content of my tasklist is empty(sad), but in page-edit-mode content is all (looking at screenshot).

    Note: it's not a trouble of our language, i try it in english too(sad)

    And the end of my questions, in different browsers(for example, Google Chrome) i cannot adding task in tasklist in page-edit-mode.


    Can you help to us?

    We can sent to you a pot of honey or bottle of Vodka(smile)


    P.S.: sorry for my bearish english(smile)

    1. Hello there (smile),

      Can you please open a support ticket at  ttps:// as such we can give you better assistance on your issue?


      Thanks in advance,


    2. Anonymous

      Same problem over here! Can anybody help?


      I'll feature a bottle of nice German beer in addition to the vodka (wink)

    3. Same problem here, running Confluence 4.0.4. Was a ticket ever opened?

  29. Anonymous

    i have the issue that the assign to icons in the task are not visible but still available. can anyone confirm this?


    i tried it on a fresh 4.0.3 installation.

    1. Hello there,

      Yes that is a known issue, reported in this bug ticket, you are welcome to cast your vote in it and post your concerns. Just a friendly reminder, you can reach us quickly by creating a support case ticket at



  30. Does the tasklist not work on the dashboard?

    I tried adding the tasklist macro in my dashboard but anything I try always gives me this error: "tasklist: com.atlassian.confluence.macro.MacroExecutionException: Cannot display tasklist because containing content does not yet exist."

    Currently my macro code is only 

    which looks like it should work.

    Has anybody encountered the same problem or have have any insight?

  31. is it possible to add a comment field to a specific task for additional information/links


    1. a task which is just a title without being able to include a link at least to a task page is simply not helpful.

      Can we get this???


  32. We just upgraded to Confluence 4.2.6 and a user noticed that done items in the tasklist are no longer dimmed. Is there a way to enable this?

  33. we are using v4.2.12

    Is anyone else having trouble assigning a task to someone else?

    I create a task, delete my name, click the single man icon, select the other user - his name appears.

    There is no Save button that I can see.

    If I close the browser completely and reopen it reverts back to my name !!!!!!


    1. I am having the same problem. There's no way to save it. I would also like it to email the person to whom the task is assigned. I saw above that there is a way to do that but I'm wondering if there is a more simple way than that. 

      1. Anonymous

        I'm having the same issue myself. Anyone found a workaround that doesn't involve having to edit the wiki markup?

        1. To save the assignee, you just need to press Enter in the text field. The change will then be persisted.

  34. Anonymous


    is it possible to link the corresponding K`JIRA Issue in a task list, and if yes, which plugin will enable this?


    Best Regards

    Anika Theebusch

  35. Why is changing the sorting of the tasklist considered a change to the page in Page History?

    Can that be disabled? - versions are increasing exponentially as various users look at things in different ways but don't actually edit anything!!



  36. I would like to assign a Due Date to a Task.  It is stated in the "Notes" at the top of this page that it is not possible at this stage.

    The Notes invites you to Vote for it here - please!!!:  CONF-7371 - Dynamic Tasklist macro - add due date for tasks Resolved

    The request was first logged in 2006!!!  It has only 7 votes. 

    Anyone else need this too?  It seems to be an obvious requirement for any task list


  37. Is it possible to add a free text field in each task which can be used to add extra information and links to other pages etc for additional information to do the task

  38. Anonymous

    I cannot add a task to the list clicking the Add button does not do anything

  39. Anonymous

    Also have an add button that does nothing - known bug or am I doing something wrong?oony

  40. The Add button is not working anymore. Please Fix!

  41. Anonymous

    add button seemed broken, after page refresh my typed in taks was still there AND I could finally add it. since then the taks list functions as expected

  42. Anonymous

    Is there a way to throw the output in separate table? 

  43. Anonymous

    Any changes I make to the list seem to be deleted once I leave the page.

    I tried to select items on my list, then refreshed the page -> I could see that the items are selected (check mark near them). But once I left the page and came back, the list was once again empty. Any idea why this is happening?

  44. I am not able to add tasks. We are using confluence 4.1.6

  45. Anonymous

    Is there a way to add due dates to an item you assigned to a team member using task list?


    1. Anonymous

      It is EXTREMELY annoying that Confluence management continually refuse to address this request.(thumbs down)

      This has been a perpetual request - as far as I can see it goes back to as far as 2006!!

      I even wrote a letter  to the CEO - yes a paper thing so it would land on his desk a few months ago BUT NO RESPONSE.  (sad)

      Hundreds of posts on different versions of Confluence have all requested this be added.  I dare say that therefore there are THOUSANDS who actually want it but haven't spoken up.

      - refer my note above of Sep 30 LAST YEAR!!! 

      please go here and click to vote  CONF-7371 - Dynamic Tasklist macro - add due date for tasks ( Open)


  46. Anonymous

    Hi Guys,

    Could you please advice how to change fields are defined by default (for example, Priority, Assign To, Created) to other ones?

    Is it possible to delete these fields at all?




  47. Is it possible to compile tasks from children of a page or pages with specific label(s)?  It's great to be able to track one's own tasks using the workbox drop-down, but it would be even greater to track all tasks within a space or collection of pages.

    1. Anonymous

      This would be very helpful for my team as well. We have a standing meeting, which compiles agenda items. Being able to pull all incomplete tasks for the rolling agenda into a single list (without duplicating the tasks) would be beneficial.

  48. When assigning a task to another user, the 'Assigned To' field always reverts back to my user (for which i'm logged in as). Is this a known issue?

    1. This is a good question and would be very nice to get an answer on this

      BR, Jürgen

  49. Anonymous

    Hey I wanted if there's a way to show the assignee on the standard layout?

  50. How do you upload the same tasklist created in one space into another space?

    1. Hi Candace, 

      You can copy the entire macro from one page to another. Edit the page, click on the macro body and copy it.  You can then paste it onto a new page in a different space.   All tasks created within the macro will be copied over also. 

  51. I am trying to use the Tasklist macro to register names since your team got rid of the RSVP macro. Its seems there is a maximum number of entries, is that true?  After 5 names users don't get a blank field; can that be controlled? I have asked several times and I haven't gotten a response, why did you get rid of the RSVP macro?

    1. Hi Martrice, I'm afraid I don't know when the RSVP macro you mention was removed from Confluence (or if it was ever officially bundled with Confluence - I've only worked on Confluence since 5.0). There is an Atlassian labs RSVP macro on marketplace that is available up to Confluence 4 - this might be the macro you were previously using?   

      As for the tasklist macro, I can't find any issues specifically relating to a maximum number of tasks in the tasklist macro, but there may well be a limitation to the number of tasks.  This macro is planned to be removed in a future release of Confluence - as it is being replaced by some exciting new tasks functionality in Confluence 5.5. Existing tasklist macros will still work, but you'll be unable to create new tasks lists using this macro - so this might not be a good long term solution to your RSVP requirements. 

      If you have the Team Calendars add-on for Confluence you can use the the Event macro, that is specifically designed to let you manage RSVPs for events. 

      Sorry I don't have a better solution for you.