Documentation for Confluence 5.8 (Server).
Documentation for Confluence Cloud and earlier versions of Confluence is available too.

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Email messages waiting to be sent are queued in a mail queue and periodically flushed from Confluence once a minute. A Confluence administrator can also manually flush messages from the mail queue.

If there is an error sending messages, the failed email messages are sent to an error queue from which you can either try to resend them or delete them.

To view the mail queue:

  1. Choose the cog icon , then choose General Configuration under Confluence Administration
  2. Choose Mail Queue in the left-hand panel. This will display the email messages currently in the queue.
  3. Choose Flush Mail Queue to send all email messages immediately.
  4. Choose Error Queue to view failed email messages. You can try to Resend the messages, which will flush the mails back to the mail queue, or you can Delete them from here.


  1. Is there a way to log all emails that were submitted to the Mail Queue? 

    1. Hi Krzystof.

      You can add the following class with debug level (Administration >> Logging and Profiling): com.atlassian.confluence.mail

      This should log all emails sent by Confluence. It does not log when an email is in the mail queue but when it is sent (whether it is successful or not).

      For this kind of question, I recommend you to use Atlassian Answers instead.

  2. Confirmed by Support that the Error Queue is lost between restarts.

    1. Clarifying to this, Confluence cleared the mails and error queues after a restart because the mails are stored in memory. Once the application is restarted, the memory is cleared hence, the mails are flushed. 

      1. W H

        Why is that?  That's pretty bad...from a memory usage aspect and from a troubleshooting aspect.  If I'm having trouble with one message, and it gets stuck in the queue, that means it now stuck in memory holding the rest of the messages up, so the queue is now building in RAM, i.e. it is queuing in volatile place and a restart will delete any queued messages.  It should be queuing on disk, which is non-volatile, and deleting from the queue once sent.

        1. I agree with WH. We have messages that get stuck in the queue and flushing the queue doesn't resolve this. The stuck mail queue continues to consume memory until the performance of Confluence is so poor we have to restart the service which deletes the problem message that is blocking the queue (why it isn't moved to the Error Queue is a mystery to me) as well as all the other queued messages.  

  3.  To me it looks like this bug is not fixed,     CONF-29033 - Email sending stops due to mail job hanging in sendMessage() Resolved ,  as I am using version 5.5.4 of confluence and the timeout value it set to 0.  There should be an administrative setting to set the timeout value without having to shutdown confluence and hack the database.    Also if there is just a stuck mail, there should be a way to remove items from the queue.   Here's to hoping a reboot solves the problem and this does not become a frequent problem in the future.

    1. Hi Robert, if you do continue to have issues with mail, could you please contact Support. They'll help you troubleshoot, and re-open the issue if it turns out it is not working as expected. 

    2. We are also still having this issue.  If you create a new issue with support please post it here so I can monitor the progress and up vote it.


      Related question:  where is the mail queue stored?  I can't find it in any obvious place on the file system or in the database but i imagine it survives an application restart, so it must be stored somewhere.  Any ideas?

      1. W H

        Aaron, that's one of the issues actually...the mail queue isn't stored on any file system, it is stored in memory.  It does not survive a reboot.  See the post from Hanis Suhailah [Atlassian] a few posts up.

        1. Sorry about that.  I blame my reading deficiency on twitter.


          Good to know regarding queue stored in memory.  Certainly makes it hard to monitor the thing.

    3. Hi Robert Nadon,

      An improvement has been submitted recently for the administrative setting of the timeout value.  You can review the improvement request here:  CONF-34844 - Set the Confluence SMTP Timeout Through the UI New .  

      If you would like to vote for this issue, please feel free to do so.  Also, you can 'watch' it and be updated when any updates or changes are made.


      Brian Boyle [Atlassian]