Documentation for Confluence 5.7.
Documentation for Confluence Cloud and earlier versions of Confluence is available too.

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Using the Tip macro, you can highlight a helpful tip on a Confluence page. The macro creates a green-coloured box surrounding your text as shown below.

Tip Macro Example

This text is displayed inside the tip macro.

Using the Tip macro

To add the Tip macro to a page:

  1. In the Confluence editor, choose Insert > Other Macros.
  2. Find and select the required macro.

Speeding up macro entry with autocomplete: Type { and the beginning of the macro name, to see a list of suggested macros. Details are in Using Autocomplete.

To edit an existing macro: Click the macro placeholder and choose Edit. A macro dialog window will open, where you can edit the parameters of the macro.


Parameters are options that you can set to control the content or format of the macro output. Where the parameter name used in Confluence storage format or wikimarkup is different to the label used in the macro browser, it will be listed below in brackets (example).




Optional Title


The title of the tip. If specified, it will be displayed in bold next to the icon.

Show Tip Icon


If cleared, the icon will not be displayed.

Code examples

The following examples are provided for advanced users who want to inspect or edit the underlying markup for a Confluence page. 

Macro name: tip

Macro body: Accepts rich text.

Storage Format example

Wiki markup example




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  1. Anonymous

    What about Length of tip macro box can that be adjusted? and can the box be centered?

    1. Hi,

      There is no direct way of doing this. However, you can change the stylesheet for the tip macro to achieve what you wanted. In order to do this, add the following to the Dashboard > Administration > Look and Feel >Global Stylesheet:

      Feel free to change the width. Hope this helps.


  2. Anonymous

    Is there anyway to keep the size of the tip box rigid and add a scroll feature?  I would like to display a bunch of information in the tip box but not have it take up most of most of the screen. 



    1. Anonymous

      While not scroll bars, you can include the expand macro in any panel-type macro, including tip.

  3. This macro does not render correctly if embedded inside of another user macro. To re-create the problem simply create a new user macro with no params, "rendered" body, and the following template:

    ## @noparams

    it looks like the rendering engine gets confused by a span tag 

    it converts from:


  4. Anonymous

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