Documentation for Confluence 5.4.
Documentation for Confluence OnDemand and earlier versions of Confluence is available too.

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For guidelines on using the macro, see Gallery Macro.


If you encounter the following error message: System does not support thumbnails: no JDK image support then ensure that you have following system property available for your JVM:

Also see CONF-1737


Please note that gallery-ext.jar is available at CONF-6620

(warning) The information on this page does not apply to Confluence OnDemand.

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  1. If you are encountering problems resulting in a parse error "(...) Encountered "=" at line 64, column 37 of /templates/gallery-dynamic-slideshow.vm (...)", here is a quick summary of the fix outlined in CONF-11528:

    1. Look in your Plugin Repository for the outdated "Gallery" plugin (from Atlassian). Disable or uninstall.
    2. Find "Confluence Advanced Macros" (also fram Atlassian). Disable and enable again.

    This should fix a conflict with an outdated version, also using the {gallery} syntax.