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Documentation for Confluence Cloud and earlier versions of Confluence is available too.

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Status Updates are going away in Confluence 5.9.
Read more about this change.

The User Status List macro displays a history of a given Confluence user's status updates. This is the same history that appears in the user's Status Updates view.

Screenshot: Example output of the User Status List macro

Using the User Status List macro

To add the User Status List macro to a page:

  1. In the Confluence editor, choose Insert > Other Macros
  2. Find and select the required macro

Speeding up macro entry with autocomplete: Type { and the beginning of the macro name, to see a list of suggested macros. Details are in Using Autocomplete.

To edit an existing macro: Click the macro placeholder and choose Edit. A macro dialog window will open, where you can edit the parameters of the macro.


Parameters are options that you can set to control the content or format of the macro output. Where the parameter name used in Confluence storage format or wikimarkup is different to the label used in the macro browser, it will be listed below in brackets (example).






The username of the Confluence user whose history of status updates you wish to show.


Hint: If you wish to list status updates made by more than one user, you can use the Recently Updated macro with the following parameter values:

  • Include these Content Types Only: status
  • Author(s) by username: The user(s) whose status updates you want to include in the list. If you leave this field blank, the status updates of all users will be included.


Code examples

The following examples are provided for advanced users who want to inspect or edit the underlying markup for a Confluence page. 

Macro name: status-list

Macro body: None.

Storage format example

Wiki markup example

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  1. Is there a way to control the number of status updates shown?  It would be useful in many cases to be able to limit to the most recent update.

    1. Hi Jamiep77,

      As far as I know, the feature requested is not available yet. You might want to try to raise an improvement request in JIRA:

      Hope that helps
      Best rgds,

      1. Thanks, I just created an improvement request for it:

  2. Anonymous

    We would like to add a status-list macro to the dashboard so that all user status changes are shown. This would be a great feature for giving a status page on what everybody is doing now.

    We would also like to limit how many status updates we would show for each user. This is a bit different from the other request made above. Something like this:

    1. Hi

      I think that will be a great feature. You might want to add your comment in this improvement request:

      Please vote on it and add yourself as a watcher for future updates. Also, please bare in mind the following document on how we schedule features for inclusion in our products: Implementation of New Features and Improvements.

      Hope that helps.
      Best rgds,

    2. You can achieve this by using the recently-updated macro instead.

      Something like:

      This will show the 30 most recent status updates. You could also restrict this to show them from specified users only.

      1. Thanks Mark - that's exactly what I was looking to do.  Now the final touch: do you have any way that I can update the text "recently updated" above the status list?  I'm building an intranet design and every macro that I've created has "recently updated" above it - it would nice for the titles to be more specific to what types of updates people are looking at...

        1. This is not possible in the current version. There is a similar existing improvement request - add your comment/vote to CONF-12430.

        2. You can hide the title text by adding the parameter showHeading=false to your macro.

          For example:

      2. Anonymous

        Can you clarify how to narrow it by user?  I don't see that as an option in the recently-updated macro.  Thanks.

        1. Hello there,

          The content in the recently updated macro documentation has been updated.

          Adding the author parameter to your {recently-updated:types=status} macro makes it show only specific users whose status updates you wish to view. This is done by adding each user's username for the value of this parameter. To list the status updates of more than one user, separate each relevant user's username with a comma.

          A tip's been added to the documentation above regarding this information.

          Kind regards,

          Giles Gaskell
          Technical Writer

          ATLASSIAN -

      3. That's a good tip, I used this type=status to display recently updated status of wiki users.

        Now I have a question: is it possible to limit this status list to a specific Wiki Space ? Because if I set for example "spaces=@personal" I get nothing. Alternatively, is it possible to limit these status updates to a specific user group ?

      4. For some reason this is not working for me... the list remains blank...

  3. Is there any way to associate a label with a user status update, much like a hashtag in Twitter? This would allow you to slide and dice status updates in numerouls different ways. thanks!

    1. In the current version, no. A feature request has been raised as CONF-16223.

  4. Anonymous

    Hi Guys,

    I would like to display the most recent update for the user currently logged in, just like with Facebook or Twitter.

    I understand how to do this by using the recently updated macro and giving a particular username, but I wwant it to dynamically change depending on who is logged in.  Is there a simple macro command I need for the username?



    1. I'll second that - as I am currently trying to find a way to do just that.

      In an effort to make a more personalized start-page (and to nudge users to update their outdated statuses).

      Something like author=current would solve this.

      1. You can use the following:


        1. This worked great as long as I am logged in. When I am not logged in, it displays an error saying that it cannot find a user logged in. I thought it would be smart enough not to display a user status, if a user was not logged in.

  5. Anonymous

    Hi, just a quick one, for the note on having multiple users status updates using recently-updates, you do also need to add space=* or space=all for that to work.  Hope that's helpful to other people - took me a while to work that out myself!

  6. Anonymous

    I have this but its not showing anything. Please help.

    Recently Updated

    As you and your team create content this area will fill up and display the latest updates.

    1. i have this but its not working. please help



  7. The link to Status Updates view doesn't go anywere. Where is the documentation for this view? What I'd like is a Twitter-like list of all updates from all users.

    OK, found it: All Updates tab on the dashboard.